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WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Future Sanders Sides
At the end of "Accepting Anxiety" part 2, Roman lets it slip that there are other Sides inside Thomas' psyche. What could they be?
  • Thomas' ethics. In the behind-the-scenes video Thomas and Joan said that Logan and Patton are named after Logos and Pathos, two of Aristotle's ingredients for persuasion. They left out Ethos, though, the appeal to ethics. Possibly named Ethan, as it fits with the pattern.
  • Thomas' sexuality. As in, not that he's gay, but the part of himself that longs for physical attraction (as opposed to Roman, who is all about the romantic side of relationships). This is the side that makes Thomas talk about his butt a lot on tumblr. Possibly named Eric (derived from Eros, the Greek god of physical love).
  • Thomas' anger. A side that we usually don't see because Thomas tries not to get angry in public or online, but this is the aspect that holds all of Thomas' rage over injustices in the world and anger at cruel people.
    • Maybe part of Anger's arc would be Thomas learning he has to let him do his thing more in order to keep him in check.
    • Also, either Virgil will view Anger as a kindred spirit, being a fellow "negative" side that's often misunderstood or ignored, or even he'll be freaked out by him.
  • A side representing Thomas's depression, the exact opposite of Virgil who is just as dangerous to Thomas, if not more.

Future Dark Sides

  • Roman - Vanity, Arrogance, Procrastination
    • I'd also like to propose Envy. Roman already is vain and gaudy, but Envy leads one to ignoring what they have in favor of comparing themselves to others. As an intense form of desire, Envy's a natural counterpart to Ego; where Roman represents Thomas' hopes, dreams, and fantasies, Envy could embody the bitterness and rivalry towards others who have achieved the same dreams. Roman also strives towards originality as the personification of Thomas' creativity, whereas Envy could lead one to steal ideas, and spite or rip others off for personal benefit. Plus, green would provide symbolic color contrast to Roman's red.
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    • Procrastination would be almost identical to Sleep (or ‘Remy’ as some fans have dubbed him) from a couple of Thomas’ vines, always moving on to something else more exciting in order to not be doing what he’s supposed to be doing (i.e. Letting Thomas sleep). On the other hand, Procrastination could randomly and abruptly swing to being extremely lazy and not wanting to do anything. He would seem initially very trustworthy and promising to help doing stuff later while suggesting extremely fun things to do or trying to get Thomas and the other sides to take an unnecessary amount of “me time” and rest, but get very snappy and nervous when pestered. This could progress to a reaction almost similar to something Anxiety would induce, but instead leading to panic about ignoring responsibilities.
  • Logan - Rage, Confusion, Ignorance, Impulsiveness
    • Impulsiveness is the following of impulses, which often turn out to be illogical but can sometimes turn out to be instincts warning one of things. Impulsiveness would be constantly trying to convince Thomas to do self-destructive things via call of the void, like throwing his phone out of a high-story window or just sort of jumping out of a moving car for no reason. Impulsiveness would be extremely persuasive to the other sides especially, his influence making everyone more complacent to his "ideas".
  • Virgil - Apathy, Complacency, Mania
    • As mentioned in the above WMG, Depression also works. Depression and Anxiety tend to go hand in hand; as one goes up, the other often goes down. Apathy is also one symptom of Depression, as is hopelessness. The fatigue and lethargy governed by Depression would also oppose the sleeplessness and stress Anxiety exhibits. While Anxiety was initially seen as an antagonist holding Thomas back, his criticism and worrying over Thomas' safety are often taken constructively; Depression is often mistaken by the masses as "sadness" which itself is seen as natural, but Depression can be actively destructive, and can push people to self-harm or worse when paired with Anxiety. And of course, in contrast to the bright colors worn by all of the Sides, Depression leads one to seeing life as bleak and colorless, even gray.
    • Mania is defined as excessive enthusiasm and is characterized by euphoria, over-activity, and excitement which can lead to reckless actions as people caught in it can’t or won’t see the consequences of their actions. Where Anxiety is constantly keeping the other sides and even Thomas in check by fear of possibilities, Mania would be constantly pushing everyone to do all sorts of (possibly dangerous) things by inducing an almost hysterical over-happiness.

The ones mentioned above will have a green and orange theme colors, respectively

We know that Thomas is gay, and that there will be more Sides. He even once said he was a full rainbow all the time.

  • Something that could foreshadow this theory is one of the latest "Sanders Sides" official merch posters. It features cartoon portraits of Roman, Patton, Thomas, Logan and Virgil. While Thomas' portrait is framed with a full rainbow, the others are with different individual colors of the rainbow each, Roman in red, Patton in blue, Logan in indigo and Virgil in purple. These color codes had already been established, but what is new is that in the "Sanders Sides" logo in the poster each letter of the word "Sanders" has been colored with one of the colors of the rainbow, S in red, A in orange, N in yellow, D in green, E in blue, R in indigo and S in purple. If the seven colors are present in the official logo, that means that the Sides would sport the seven colors of the rainbow when they're all revealed. If Deceit is yellow as already established, only orange and green would be left to be assigned for the remaining Dark Sides.
    • The merch poster in question is here.

Dark Sides and Light Sides with complementary theme colors act as Foils to each other.
This is extending off both the "orange-green" theory above and this theory. This would explain why Virgil and Deceit appear to be effective foils to each other and treat each other the way they do, since Virgil has purple as a theme color and Deceit has yellow. This would also mean that the Dark Side acting as a foil to Roman (red) would have green as a theme color and the Dark Side acting as a foil to Patton (blue) would have orange. Since Logan has indigo, which is between blue and purple, one could argue that both Deceit and the orange Dark Side could act as foils to Logan. This may also give another reason why Logan and Virgil are less easily fooled by Deceit than Roman is - their theme colors are more opposite to yellow than Roman's!
  • Building on this, two out of the other three Dark Sides minus Deceit would each wear orange and green,
respectively. The strongest one, would wear black and gray, and during the finale Thomas will wear white. They would have all the rainbow colors, and Thomas did say that he has the color of the rainbow... And when white light meets a prism, guess what color it turns into. Also, the reason that the strongest one would wear black and gray is because not only would he contrast with Thomas and the rest, it is said by Patton before that "you always see rainbows best after a bit of rain".

Virgil is based off of the Misleading Comments guys from Thomas's vines
If Roman is based off the prince vines, Patton is based off the dad vines, and Logan is based off the teacher vines, then it makes sense that Virgil is also based off of one of Thomas's vines, the misleading comments vines making the most sense.
  • This theory is supported by the 2017 Christmas Special end credits scene; the Sides hold a Secret Santa for each other, and Virgil's gift to Patton is a card with a Misleading Compliment on it. ("You make me want to die...With laughter!")

Virgil was a Dark Side at one point.
  • He was the closest thing to an antagonist in the series for a good while, to the point where prolonged exposure to his room corrupts the other Sides.
  • He's the only side other than Deceit to wear noticeable makeup, and on both characters it's designed to amplify their respective aspects. Virgil wears eyeshadow to resemble dark eyebags, like he never sleeps due to being anxious. Deceit looks reptilian like a snake, an animal commonly associated with deception and lying.
  • His name doesn't match the other three, ending with the letter L instead of N. This could hint at the Dark Sides having names that end in L.
  • When Deceit finally reveals himself, he's staring right at Virgil, who returns the stare. The whole exchange has a very "hello, old friend" vibe.
  • Deceit almost gives Thomas a panic attack by claiming to have been his morality the entire time. Panic attacks are something that feed into anxiety (read: Virgil), which implies Deceit is capable of heightening Virgil's anxiety. This implies that Virgil may have a severely antagonistic relationship with Deceit, to the point of some kind of We Used to Be Friends situation between them...
    • A strike against this: Joan told that Deceit was originally the second one to be revealed, but that it made more sense to have him as the first.
    • And if Virgil is revealed to be a (former) dark side afterwards, Deceit is still the first one revealed.
  • Both he and Deceit appear suddenly instead of doing a Lead In.
  • His room corrupts the other three main sides, but Patton’s room only affects him. This implies only Dark Sides are affected by non-Dark Side rooms, and vise-versa.

Deceit's name
  • Lionel
  • Guile
  • Robert, Louis, Steven or Stevenson
  • Jekyll
  • Harvey
  • Russo or Russel (as in Ruse) or Webster/Web as in (Web of Lies)
  • Derek (similar sounding to direct and could be both a Meaningful Name and Ironic Name for him)
  • Lyle
  • Something that sounds like 'Patton'
  • Something tied to mythology, possibly derived from 'Apate' (which also sounds like Patton)
  • Possibly, also linked with mythology, Dolan (derived from the Greek God Dolos)
  • Lou (as in Illusion/Delusion or Lucifer)
    • Or derivates like Lucian, Lucius, Louis
  • Lars
  • Iago
  • Dennis. It sounds like "denies" or "denial", which plays into how he's mainly hiding things from Thomas himself, plus it would allow one of the sides to refer to him as a "menace"
  • Possibly Ethan, as derived from Ethos just as Logan and Patton's names are taken from Logos and Pathos. While Logos is an appeal to Logic and Pathos is an appeal to emotion, Ethos is an appeal to the credibility of the arguer, which fits his initial masquerade like a glove.
  • Ovid, for a Historical In-Joke tie-in with Virgil and for its similarity to "ophidian" (snake-like)
  • Lucifer, straight up Lucifer. Probs too on the nose since the namesake is considered the "Father of Lies". Also not likely since the series has avoided any direct mention to anything related to Christianity. But there is still a chance there.
  • Preston, since Deceit is said to be the side of self-preservation, his actual name might be more closely related to his overall function than the aspect of what he is.

Deceit will be extremely dangerous to Roman.
Roman has already said that Deceit is kind and seems to be taking Deceit's "compliments" at face value. Logan seems to know this as well. It looks like the series is setting itself up for an arc based around how lying and creativity don't mix without hurting people.

We're going to see Roman's room next.
In the first Sanders Sides video, the Sides appeared in the order of Logan first, Roman second and Patton third. And of course, Virgil appeared the latest out of them all. They followed this pattern when their names were revealed. We saw Virgil's room first and Patton's room second, so they may be using the reverse pattern for revealing their rooms.
  • Related to the above WMG, we may visit Roman's room as part of the Deceit vs. Creativity arc.
  • It might also be in a two-part video, as was the case with Virgil and Patton's rooms.

Virgil and Deceit weren’t friends
Rather, Virgil was working for Deceit. Let me explain. So, this theory is under the assumption that Virgil is a former ‘Dark Side’. Then, Deceit, on his own or on the orders of another Dark Side, ordered Virgil to infiltrate the videos and get in good with Thomas and the other three main sides for an unknown reason. This is why he seems so malicious in earlier vids he appears in. However, after being shown kindness by Patton, and seeing eye-to-eye with Logan, he had something of an identity crisis, which is part of the reason he decided to ‘tag out’ in Accepting Anxiety. After learning about Virgil’s potential upsides, he rejected his identity as a Dark Side and stopped following Deceit’s plan. Now, Deceit is here, and he wants to further the plan when Virgil couldn’t.

Virgil isn't a former Dark Side.
Joan has stated that Deceit was the first dark side. On top of this, this troper isn't sure the "dark sides" are even dark/evil because Thomas isn't dark or evil. It's possible they're dark in the sense of being rejected by the main sides (Roman, Logan and Patton) and therefore being out of the spotlight.

Depression won't be a Sanders Side
All of the Sanders side represent something Thomas possesses. Patton exists because Thomas has emotions and morality, Virgil exists because Thomas has higher than average anxiety, etc. Depression is less about something you have and more about what you don't have due to it. Thus, depression would probably not be a Dark Side, but instead would be expressed with issues with the current sides (such as Patton struggling and Roman suffering creatively) like we saw with nostalgia.

Deceit and Roman are way more related than what we would expect.
Lies are made up from fiction, and imagination and creativity are the source of fiction. So, in essence, Deceit and Roman would come from the same corner of Thomas' mind, Deceit being a corrupted and twisted version, or "son", it could be said, of Creativity that came out evil, which would explain how Deceit's influence is so strong on Roman that he could not identify his false compliments.

Virgil and Deceit's relationship is a darker, more sinister version of Logan and Roman's.
Because they are nearly the opposites of each other, like Roman and Logan; 1. Their colors (Virgil: Purple, Deceit: Yellow) contrast each other, and 2. Being anxious would normally be one of the biggest cause to stop lying while lying to oneself would stop a person from feeling anxious, much like how dreaming and understanding reality can cancel each other out. And finally, 3. Both are essential for survival, but their roles are the opposite; while Anxiety over-emphasizes on the negative, Deceit over-emphasizes on the positive. Let's not forget how they conflict during the first episode Deceit appears.

If Depression ever appears as a Dark Side, Virgil will suffer.
Since depression can normally hinder a person from doing anything, going through anxiety in such a state will be one of the worst combinations. Plus, Virgil had shown concern and panic when Thomas was feeling depressed at the start of Moving On. So if Depression does show up, Virgil will think that he'll lose the one thing he could do to help Thomas(Motivating him to take action), and break down in panic and guilt. Thomas and the other Sides will work together to beat depression, and snap Virgil out of his breakdown.

Deceit is gonna try to sow discord between Virgil and the other Sides to try to lure him back to the Dark Sides.
Deceit is gonna try to isolate Virgil from the other Sides using his impersonating powers, trying to sow discord between the Sides and trying to make them fight with each other and eventually making them reject Virgil so that he returns to the Dark Sides on his own volition.

Theories if Envy turns out to be a side.
  • He will be The Faceless ,constantly wearing a mask
  • He will be great at impersonating the other sides, maybe at the same level or better than Deceit
  • He is jealous of the other sides and wants to be like them
  • Rather than having his own body/voice, he simply appears as one of the other sides or imitates their voice as he is desperate to be like them

Deceit's name is... (1/2)
...Deceit. That's it. He only gave that name to himself so that others wouldn't question him about it- or get discovered by Patton or Logan, but he's actually representing something else. He's just keeping himself shut about what each of the Dark Sides represents, and that includes himself. And...

That includes Virgil, as well.
And Virgil knows about all this and whatever he is, keeps his mouth shut.

Deceit has a double personality
Deceit's persona is inspired on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Joan already let something go about how the meaning of the double head that appears on Deceit's logo is a spoiler of something to come. It could be that Deceit, like Jeckyll and Hyde, has a double personality, one made of full lies, which is the one that showed up earlier, and another one of brutal honesty, which is yet to be uncovered.
  • Or the other personality is the one focused on Thomas's self-care. Deceit is self-preservation and if you don't care for yourself and your own needs, you're failing at preserving yourself.

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