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The final frames are...
  • Randy leaping to his death. The entire movie is about him losing everything but wrestling. His heart is then trying to take that away from him, too. The final match is even with his rival from his peak. His heart starts failing near the end of the match, but he does his big finishing move anyway. From a medical perspective, it's inevitable. From a storytelling perspective, it's poetic.
    • That's not really a guess so much as heavily implied.

There will be a sequel.
And it will involve Randy 'The Ram' fighting through the river Styx to find his way to Valhalla, where a badass like him belongs. 'Ramjam' will become an anthromorphic ram companion, and it will be voiced by Chris Tucker. It will have a soundtrack with Quiet Riot, Motorhead and Manowar. And it will be the worst and greatest thing to ever exist. Fo' sho', mang.
  • And its end will have a CGI-recreated Shinya Hashimoto brainbusting a giant humanoid brain before welcoming them to the hall.

And in the third installment
Randy will meet Nina from Black Swan in a pure Darren Aronofscataclysm of dance and wrestling that will destroy our conceptions of "high" and "low" art forms and leave only art at art's own terms.

If Randy did died performing his signature move.
It will be a Forgiveness Requires Death

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