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Jossed or confirmed guesses are in their own folder at the end of the list (spoilers are unavoidable there, so open it at your own risk).

More Goddesses will appear later on

Of the 12 Dii Consentes, we've only seen six of them (Diana, Minerva, Mars, Mercury, Vulcan and Apollo). Jupiter has been referenced a few times, as has Ceres (under the Greek name Demeter), but Juno, Vesta, Venus and Neptune are still complete no-shows. Bonus points goes to the fact that it's not following the 6 male, 6 female ratio where the male gods (Mars, Mercury, Vulcan and Apollo) ended up female in the manga.

Add in the fact that Chihiro being depressed about not having a Goddess within her could easily act as forshadowing for her receiving her own Goddess at some point.

The latest arc being called The Heart of Jupiter could mean that Keima is going to come across a new Goddess, Jupiter, at some point.

  • OR It may turn out that Keima will become the host of Jupiter. Do remember that Diana referred to her and her fellow goddesses as "Jupiter Sisters", taking the name of the aforementioned Deity as a part of their own...
  • Actually, the Jupiter sisters were stated to be the daughters of Jupiter. In Roman Mythology, Diana, Apollo, Vulcan, Mars, Minerva, and Mercury were considered the children of Jupiter. Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Neptune were siblings of Jupiter, and while Venus is not a sibling, the myth is that she was actually born from the genitalia of Uranus after Saturn castrated him and threw them into the sea.

The ending involves the whole universe being reset
As of the recent chapters it has been confirmed that Keima's mission involves changing the past according to the goddessesby capturing the girl who keeps appearing in Keima's dreams and thus preventing the the runaway spirit breakaway from 10 years ago ensuring he met none of the goddesses or Elsie and never got involved with Hell at all. How has this troper come to this conclusion? It happens in games. Safe to say the author can pull a trick like that. Because it happens in games.
  • Jossed, for now. He goes back in time in order to ensure the future happens as it did, not to prevent it from happening. Although, that's not to say that there won't be a universe-reset later in the series.
  • It's basically already happened. Keima's journey to the past involves creating the events that lead to the future he comes from, and he possesses an artifact (the orb) that has the power to reset the timeline whenever it strays too far off-course. It only allows a few resets, but has the ability to mark a "checkpoint" once a hurdle of some sort has been overcome.

Kaminomi's possible Bittersweet Endings:

  • Bittersweet Ending 1: Keima manages to find Diana's sisters, and together they kick whoever released the seal's ass. Then the goddesses can return to Zeus, wherever he is. The contract between Keima and Elsee is finally lifted... And then Hell decides to erase Keima's memory, making him think everything happened in his games.
    We have seen it happen elsewhere, don't underestimate the author's cruelty. But then, there are a couple of devils who would not take it well. Elsee will not leave his nii-san, so her chief manages to alter Keima's father memory. Elsee continues to live with Keima as his step sister.
    • Then one day some scythe-wielding tsundere manages to draw up enough courage to corner Keima and confess to him.
    • Well, I think aforementioned Bitter Sweet Ending applies to KeimaXElsee fans only. In fact, it's a thing to cheer for for KeimaXTenri fans.
    • What's not bittersweet about the guy losing all of his memories? I personally find that to be rather reprehensible.
      • He might lose his memories but still retain whatever Character Development he had, hence becoming a generally more likable person. I don't think it's that bad. :3 But, yeah, the ending would be better, in my opinion, if he retains his memories.
      • Given that every other victim of a memory wipe in the series has had their Character Development remain (Including the capture that doesn't even remember Keima at all), it's pretty much ensured that if Keima did lose his memories, he'd retain any changes to his personality.
    • Or maybe the goddesses are the ones responsible for removing his memories, not hell. If the girls were to learn exactly what Keima has gone through for their sakes, I imagine they'd feel pretty damn sorry for him. In order to avoid him going through the agony of dealing with the harem, and so their hearts aren't completely shattered when it's broken up, they get the goddesses to remove his memories of the whole ordeal.
      • And then, once the main plot of the series is finished, the whole situation is reversed into an Unwanted Harem as the girls try to woo Keima.

  • Bittersweet "Earn Your Happy Ending" 2: One of the Jupiter Sisters (possibly Diana) would perform a Heroic Sacrifice during a final stand-off involving Keima and the masterminds of Satyr, while protecting him, Elsea, or someone else involved. As a result, in order to maintain balance after the Final Battle, the current hosts of the Goddesses would eventually ascend to a higher plane of existence as the new Jupiter Sisters.
    • And apparently the last scene would be a Distant Finale where Keima officially quits his Dating Sims via a live video feed from his website, then someone will approach him and invite him for lunch. As to the identity of that person, it may either be:
      • Elsea, who has now fully embraced her role as his ditzy younger sister; OR
      • Chihiro, who after finally realizing the situation Keima entered himself into, ends up with him (possibly as fulfillment of a parting wish from the new Goddesses, particularly Ayumi.)
    • Final portrait: A picture of Keima with either or both of the two aforementioned persons, His PFP displaying the statement: "You hold the key to your World that God only knows", and Elsea's spirit sensor conveniently placed at center, beside the words "HAPPY END."

One of the girls that Keima will have to help will be a hardcore otaku of the Gal Girl genre
She will also be a huge fan of the Capturing God, and the hole in her heart will be caused by her loneliness. So he has to lead her away from Gal Games. The whole thing also makes him reevaluate himself as well, and character development ensues.

Keima's Mom will get possessed because of her worries about her husbands unfaithfulness.
Keima cannot or will not be able to save her. THEN his father shows up, does something incredible heart warming and poof. The day is saved.

Chihiro will become an enemy.
As a Woman Scorned, there is a large (enough) possibility that Vintage will manipulate Chihiro into working with them, using her broken heart to their favor. She's a major character who shows no signs of being Demoted to Extra. If that actually happens, she might house a strong Runaway Spirit and become really problematic. Remember the thing with Hinoki, the giant girl, Level 4 Runaway Spirit, Kusunoki's sister? It took all of the new devils from the surrounding districts to deal with her, and even then it took Nikaido, Keima's teacher, to deal with it. That was foreshadowing. There's no way they aren't going to use that again.
  • Confirmed, and immediately subverted. She used the cover of a normal conversation to show Ayumi that Keima wasn't being honest at all, and was playing her into getting whatever he wanted (her MacGuffin) from her. However, Keima didn't leave enough of an impact, and she got over him. She did it because she did not want to stand by and watch her friend get manipulated. Chihiro turned around and told Keima to be honest with her, and supported him from then on.

Nanaka will recognize Keima's playing style.
The next time the two meet again (maybe when Keima visits Tenri's school or vice versa) there will be a Shogi tournament in said school. Naturally Nanaka would be playing. In a nostalgic move Keima decides to join too, just to see how much Nanaka has improved. BAD MOVE. Nanaka may have forgotten Keima as a person, but its harder to erase stuff like instinct and playing style. She'll have the nagging feeling she recognizes him, and when Keima tries to lose on purpose she'll object, demanding why he did that, instinctively feeling he could have won if he wanted to.

Mio will recognize Keima based on his dancing style
Just like with the Nanaka example above, something important to her capture will help trigger a return of her memories.

The devil girl with the glasses that released the big Weiss will join the harem.
I took one look at her and thought "She's too cute NOT to join the main cast."
  • At this point, that's going to be very awkward.
    • She does look like the typical character who tries hard to get recognized in the evil organization, then realizes that they've been just using her as disposable goods and pulls a Heel–Face Turn.
      • At last, Keima even asked to keep her. Knowing the guy, it's fair enough to guess he'll somehow seduce her to squeeze out some more info. Or maybe she'll be moved by his dedication and how such a man can't be wrong...
    • This is looking VERY unlikely, being this short of being Jossed. The Goddess Arc has ended and no mention of her save for a single instance where she once again plays the Butt Moneky, not to mention that Vintage is essentially gone now.

Kanon will join the girls music band
There know each other and most of the girls in the band have been captured by Keima (except Elsee). I'll also dare to say the other girl in the band will have a runaway spirit.

Keima's dad is Austin Powers!
Think about it, that both wear the cravat suits, wear glasses and attract the ladies. Why do you think Keima's mother easily believe Elsee's story about she being Keima's half sister?

Keima's dad is also working for Hell
Keima's dad spends a ton of time away from home. It's entirely possible that he's travelling around looking for them. Also it's a good reveal to use later, being easily lampshade-able.

Chihiro does not have a goddess, but will become more involved in the plot anyway.
She'll find out about the mind-wipe, and after reading Keima the riot act, she'll find out about the Vintage thing. "What's that you say? Evil demons are threatening our way of life? I'm IN!"
  • She happens to be a Secret-Keeper for the main plot now; being one of the few people that actually knows about the whole New Hell/Vintage/Goddess ordeal existing.
  • This theory may also be a bit jossed judging from her reaction during the last chapter of the Festival Arc, where she got to see the Goddesses with their wings deployed...

Elsea is the last capture target.
The last "mission" will involve the organizer of the runaway spirits possessing Elsea and forcing Keima to try to romance her.
  • Considering FLAG 266, the likely result is one of two WMG's getting confirmed, one being this one, and the other being Elsie dying.
Keima is host of a goddess.
A runaway spirits targets only girls because they want to reincarnate as their first born child, but the goddess are just hiding, so they shouldn't have such limitation. There is very little evidence to support this theory, maybe just two things: Keima was next to Tenri when she became the host of Diana and it makes little sense to me that a demon's partner can see the supernatural (Haqua's partner didn't show any reaction to the runaway spirit possessing that girl in FLAG 49). Anyway, just think about it... wouldn't it be awesome to see how he capture himself?.
  • Vulcan / Hephaestus fits pretty nicely. He's Ugly Cute, quite the Chick Magnet despite it, technologically inclined, surrounds himself with Artificial Humans, and he's the father of Cupid / Eros.
    • The last point is Jossed as of Chapter 133. Tsukiyo/Luna is Vulcan.

Elsie has a Perverse Sexual Lust for Optimus Prime.
Or whatever the Bland-Name Product equivalent is. She watches cartoons, and Optimus Prime is the closest way to marry a fire truck.

There is another side effect for using love to draw out runaway spirits.
Keima's is the only person to use love, right? Since it's never been really documented, it's possible that there's some other effect it has on the girls beyond helping them with their issues.
  • The reason:
    'Haqua': No one tries it because it's so unstable. If they fail, the gap widens. And it's easy for the gap to reopen as well.
  • She then questions him how did he avoid all the problems associated with the method, to which he's unable to answer. In my opinion, the reason why it works so well for Keima is because he isn't just merely making them to fall in love with him, but also solves whatever emotional problems they're having in the process (which is why they fall in love with him anyhow). But that makes the process more difficult, and perhaps Keima's the only one who can really pull it off. That's why it's not an efficient method to use, comparing to Nora's or Yukie's method for example.
    • I'm afraid I'll have to disagree on his method being inefficient. They kind of made this whole big thing out of the fact that Keima and Elsee are absolutely crushing all the other demons at capturing spirits.
    • What I meant was that it was an inefficient method to others, not to our Keima.
  • Explained by the story: he was chosen to find the goddesses, who only respond to love and not other gap-filling measures.

Keima might be somehow related to Jupiter
This would explain his god-like status and why the goddesses are flocked towards him.
  • Jupiter is actually Keiichi Katsuragi, Keima's ever unfortunate father. Just like Jupiter was often accused of being unfaithful, so too is Keiichi accused of unfaithfulness. Jupiter also had many half-mortal children, in this case Keima.
    • Not to be a spoil-sport, but either theory would make the main plot one massive pile of incest.
    • Have you ever read Classical Mythology at all? It's nothing but that. Remember that this is where Freud got most of his ideas.
    • Or...

Keima is Jupiter, aka literally God
  • Hey, in Classical Mythology Jupiter had a massive reputation as a womanizing pimp who will conquer any woman he wants. Therefore, he is the God of Conquest, who is Keima. So logically...
  • The new arc is going to be called The Heart of Jupiter. It seems obvious that all the goddesses want their hosts to get Keima- and in the case of Diana, she wants Keima as well. So, maybe the new arc will be about the goddesses trying to get the 'heart' of Keima. Then again, that would be a pretty sucky arc...
    • So far, nothing of the sort has happened. Everything up until now has been solely about paving the road to the future Keima comes from.

Keima will be a professional gambler as an adult
  • What could be a better job for the God of Games? He's shown he's good at all games, not just video games. Including exams, which are likely to have Statistical Probability as a lessons.

Alternatively, Keima will also have a job as a psychologist
He's extremely adept in reading the thoughts of the girls he "conquers" and resolving their inner conflicts.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica spoilers: Dokuro Skull is an Incubator
In the kaminomi world, the Weiss are the Incubators' way of harvesting energy out of the despair in the girls. Capturing them when then the Weiss have possessed the girls is how the emotions of the girls are being collected, the higher level the Weiss, the more energy collected. The Runaway Spirit Squad can be compared to the Puella Magi.

However briefly, Elsie's curse turned Jupiter into a frog.
She cursed "kami-sama". Keima didn't end up becoming a frog, but why not the real god of the TWGOK universe? It seems that Jupiter is being referred to as the leader of Heaven, so that would make the most sense, although they'd need to explain how exactly Jupiter wasn't too strong to shrug it off. But it would be funny.

Chihiro will marry Keima.
Considering how much of the story seems to be getting alluded to in the omakes, I can't exactly let one slide.

  • As of chapter 166, this WMG just got a serious shot in the arm. As it turns out, Chihiro has been in love with Keima even before she was ever a conquest target.
    • And as of chapter 189, it basically got shot in both legs, so that the executioner could carry it to the guillotine.
    • AND as of FLAG 267, the ship has been raised from the bottom of the sea and given a brand new maiden voyage...Nay, it is already in the home stretch of its destination. KEIMA JUST CONFESSED TO CHIHIRO.

Keima really is a god, or something similar
Really it is a shonen show, who wouldn't see this coming? Plus you try playing 24 games at once and see what happens.

Maijima, specifically the school, is an area on Earth where Heaven and Hell intersect.
Even Keima thinks that there might be something special with the city in (manga) FLAG 131.
  • In FLAG 160, the Vintage members who were interrogating Haqua mentioned something about a "Singularity" when they are talking about her Vintage replacement.

Vintage caused the Great Runaway Spirit Escape that happened 10 years before the story began.
While they were undoing the seal, they inadvertently caused the earthquakes that destroyed the original Maijima Academy school buildings except for the theater.
  • Seems to be jossed as it appears that Keima, due to Time Travel and trying to make a Stable Time Loop, hijacked their original plan in order to implant the goddesses to their future hosts.

TWGOK and Seikesshou Albatross exists in the same universe.
Both protagonists of each has to deal with out-of-this-world events that threatens the world, but the settings are a few years apart and in different cities.
  • Seikesshou Albatross has the middle school martial artist protagonist, Yuki, deal with extraterrestrials (Monobiles/Monobails/Monobairus) and the search for their sacred stones.
  • TWGOK has the high school galge playing protagonist, Keima, deal with the supernatural (devils and goddesses) using his skills to fill girls' hearts with love, and exorcise and capture the Weiss.
  • Both are series made by Wakaki Tamiki.
  • Hiroko Matsumaya, A.K.A. "Mappy", and three of the delinquents that appeared in Seikesshou Albatross reappear in TWGOK but they are now in high school. Their families probably moved to Maijima City after a series of mysterious events happened in Kozue City.
    • Mappy's apperances: in Seikesshou Albatross, talking to Rika; in TWGOK, talking with Chihiro and Elsea.
    • The three delinquents appearances: in Seikesshou Albatross, bullying Asakura, and wielding their weapons against Yuki; in TWGOK, confronting Elsea and Keima, Ryou wielding a weapon against Kusunoki.
      • It should be noted that Ryou, the black-haired tall and thin delinquent, wielded two different weapons in his manga appearances. A Butterfly knife in the TWGOK manga, and a collapsible baton in Seikesshou Albatross manga and the TWGOK anime.
  • The observatory from Seikesshou Albatross is seen in a picture in the Shiratori house.
  • The Monobails of Seikesshou Albatross are mostly named after birds. The family name "Shiratori" means "White bird" or "swan" in Japanese. The Shiratori family could be Monobails.

Mars is gay.
Not only was she happy to support a relationship between Yui and Keima when she thought that Keima was a girl (which, granted, certainly doesn't require that she be a lesbian herself) but after cutting through Haqua's disguise and seeing that the 'Vintage agent' was a cute girl, she stopped completely in her tracks. Even letting her come back and beat on Keima for a bit before running off.

The Light Novels are canon but they happen after the events of finding all the goddesses and the Mai-High Dance Fest.

The third season will have 2 capture targets.
The primary girls will be Tsukiyo and Minami.
  • The season outlook would be roughly like this:
    • Episode 1 would be adapted from FLAG 42: A Demon That's Tiny = The Little Devil! It will also be a recap episode of the previous two seasons.
    • The Tsukiyo Arc will have 3 episodes.
    • Episode 5 would be adapted from FLAG 34 Demolishing The Bricks and FLAG 35 The Dawn of Something
    • The Haqua and Yukie arc will have 2 episodes.
    • The Minami arc will have 3 episodes.
    • The 2-B Pencils and Kanon studying arc will be the last 2 episodes.
  • You forgot to factor in the upcoming OVA. Besides, it doesn't look like a season 3's coming.
    • Yeah the guess is a long-shot, but it would be nice if a 3rd season would be made someday.
      • There is a third season but the number of capture targets are not yet confirmed. The Four People and an Idol arc is already in OVA form.
  • This theory just got debunked, as the third season immediately began with the Goddesses Arc (beginning with FLAG 114.)

Keima being a buddy is a result of a Gambit Pileup
Specifically someone in Vintage tried to sabotage the capture program by sending the invitations to woefully unsuitable people and who better than someone who has about the same level of social interaction as your average Hikikomori? But Heaven or a secret alliance between Heaven and New Hell who know about Keima's interactions with Tenri, host to a Goddess, arrange so that its Keima who is the particular otaku who comes to their attention, thereby sabotaging the attempted sabotage with no one in Vintage the wiser.

Other than the Power of Love, the Goddesses other Power Source is worship.
In a way worship is another type of love. Because nowadays no one worships the Roman pantheon as they did in the past their power is greatly diminished.

The girl who doesn't have a goddess will be the winning girl
  • According to chapter 165, that girl is Chihiro, which makes this WMG the same as another one further up.
    • Close to being confirmed as of FLAG 267.

Miyako will have either an unaccounted for goddess or a runaway spirit
Her interactions with Keima in Chapter 127 and his line about not saving her screams Tempting Fate.
  • She's also pretty much the only remaining member of the main cast who has never had any connection to the supernatural or New Hell. The only other exception being Kodama, and at this point Miyako has become far more prominent in the story.

The key Keima has in the first color page is the key to sealing away the Runaway Spirits for good

Elsie will be Keima's Big Damn Hero.
  • With the situation of dealing with Ayumi and Chihiro spiraling out of control, it'll take the help of their mutual friend Elsie to defuse the ticking bomb that's just waiting to blow up all of Keima's plans, and really drive home how much he actually needs her.

Haqua will be Keima's Big Damn Hero.
  • With Vintage gearing up for a Zerg Rush in FLAG 174, a free-to-do-as-she-pleases Haqua is going to thwart the rush, bailing out the non-combat orientated Keima BIG TIME.
    • After Chapter 175 we can only say: Here. Take the fucking trophy!
      • EeveeLord graciously accepts said trophy, until such time as the next WMG is confirmed.

Keima will die before the series end.
Keima will engineer a scenario where he will die in front of the goddess in a Heroic Sacrifice just after he gives a Dying Declaration of Love and being Defiant to the End because he's cool like that.

This, of course, raises all of their love points to the max which gives the goddess enough power to seal/defeat the Weiss and save the day incidentally they are also able to bring Keima Back from the Dead.

Afterwards someone asks Keima why he would do that and he will say something to the effect that he trusted the girls and goddess. Also, that's how that scenario works in games.

Cue glomp and shock

Chihiro is trying to capture Keima
Okay a friend pointed this out to me on the latest chapter last panel is that a collar!!!?!? around her neck!!! What the bloomin' hell is going on there! Could be an error, could be that Chihiro is contracted just like Keima to capture loose souls, perhaps the entire arc was her trying to capture Keima for this purpose! Though even if this is the case she most likely has legitimate feelings for Keima, as she's tearing up when he goes all jerk-ass on her. Perhaps she was offered this job because of how many guys she tried to confess her love to! Or perhaps the presence of the collar could simply symbolize the fact that Keima is perceiving her as trying to capture him!
  • The collar is not always there. And the uniform says "1B", when Chihiro is supposed to be on class 2B. Maybe those were mistakes of the artist?

Chihiro is Fiore or Lune's partner
All the new devils in Earth are members of Runaway Spirit Squad (at least on the paper), which means Fiore and Lune have human partners and considering the last panel of the picture posted in the above WMG, Chihiro could be one.

Chihiro will have a Superpowered Evil Side and become Vintage's agent
During her Heroic BSoD, Vintage's agent will approach her, telling her about Vintage and New Hell (their version, of course) and manipulates her so she accepts mission to eliminate Keima and sealing the Goddesses. Powered by despair (or jealousy) (or any other negative emotion she might had) she goes on rampage to destroy Keima and the Goddesses. Sakura Matou's rage will looks like a child tantrum compared to her....

Mari Katsuragi is the host of Demeter
Reflected in her very loving and motherly personality (when she isn't in Badass Biker mode). And as for that, the mythological Demeter was no stranger to the Berserk Button herself, best demonstrated when Hades took her daughter Persephone to the underworld.
  • There may be something to this as it could explain Keima's ability to capture ladies as changing as the seasons. Of course I wonder if she will go fully berserk for all the girlfriends her son has had.
    • Nah, she'd probably be amazed that he's actually been communicating with real people. Now, if Vintage tried to capture Keima, on the other hand, and this turned out to be true, it'd result in a Mama Bear rampage that'd have them begging to go five rounds with Izumi Curtis instead.

Diana will turn out to be the most powerful out of all the goddesses
Up until now she has been the weakest due to Tenri's shyness and Keima trying to capture the other goddesses as quickly as possible, thus giving Tenri less attention. According to Diana, Tenri's love should still be stronger than anyone else's since she's been in love with Keima for years, so if her powers are weak, it's because she herself has fallen in love with Keima, and her guilt is somehow countering Tenri's love. This doesn't mean that her being in love with Keima is bad, but rather her feeling of guilt is the real problem. At some point, Keima, or more likely, Tenri, will say something to convince her there's nothing wrong with her loving someone else's fiancè, and once she is freed of her guilt, she'll be powered by Tenri's love as well as her own, making her more powerful than ever.

The new girl appearing in Keima's visions is actually a repentant Weiss that has been living in a gap in his heart
A dark miasma of the Weiss is confirmed as exiting Keima's body, and the new girl has said something about having not wanted to be born again. Maybe she is actually a Weiss that chose to take shelter in a boy, Keima, specifically to avoid reincarnation. The Haqua arc essentially confirms that Weiss can feed off the negative energy in anyone's heart. They just need a girl to reach 3 dimensional form. Maybe Keima has felt so guilty about hurting Chihiro, that a gap formed in his heart. And even though he can't give a Weiss rebirth, his emotions are empowering her.

Thus far, none of the Weiss have had any real personality and have been little more than a Monster of the Week. Depicting a sympathetic Weiss as an actual character would make the Weiss more than simple monsters and give a great deal of insight into the nature of Old Hell. As we saw when Haqua got arrested, essentially good people like Sharia are willing to do bad things to survive. Dokuro responded to Haqua's feelings that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by saying that many are also feeling the same way and that there is little difference between New and Old Hell.

  • She's revealed to be essentially a younger clone of Dokurou Skull, minus the "Skull". This doesn't necesarily disprove the above theory though.

Urara Shiratori will reappear in the present day after The Heart of Jupiter Arc.

...And she will remember Keima since the Great Runaway Spirit Escape hadn't occurred by then, thus, there would be no reason to tamper with her memory, since I doubt Keima would be stupid enough to hand over the spirit by the hand of a devil who has no business with the Runaway Spirit Squad (yet).

The Kanon Spin-off OVA will be...
  • ... The story about how Kanon first meets Apollo.
  • ... A mockumentary on her rise to stardom.
    • Debunked. The spin-off OVA is more of Kanon being a Magical Girl.

During the Heart of Jupiter Arc, Elsie is the only one who physically traveled back in time.
This would explain why she does not remember the resets the orb does when Keima failed the first two iterations.

Keima will eventually be revealed to be the host of Demeter
, or become it, culminating in a Gender Bender situation again. Hilarity Ensues.

Keima is going to have to 'conquer' his own mother
Keima's mother has been expressing an increasing amount of doubt in how she's raised her son. This is something that could easily translate into becoming a gap in her heart, allowing a weiss to inhabit her.
  • Or he finally gets his father home to help and we finally get to see what the man looks like!

Ayumi will be the one to end up marrying Keima
Remember Keima's three conditions for marrying Ayumi?
  • 1. At the very least, it must be destined since childhood.
  • 2. A proposal in a dramatic situation is a minimum requirement.
  • 3. A kiss in a church with the words "Happy End" behind it.
Now, the second two are easy to accomplish, but Ayumi was hung up on the first. However, in a later arc, he goes back to when he was a child, and realizes that Ayumi went to his old school. So, maybe they have a destined childhood encounter, and therefore she meets all the requirements he gave her for marriage.
  • We now know thatKeima was the one who set it up so gaps would open in the Goddess Girls' hearts, so it was indeed destined from childhood, if you can call it that.

The final arc of the story will revolve around Almage Machina II.
  • Once the issue regarding Keima's history has been settled, either The Jupiter Sisters will decide to take the battle to the demons who want to exploit their powers for their own intentions, or the political conspiracy within New Hell's heirarchy will finally show and the true masterminds behind everything that had happened in the story will pull off a last-minute charge with their followers to settle the score.
    • And apparently, Keima and Elsie will get stuck in the middle of the war.
    • Also, one of the possible titles for one of the FLAGs of the said arc: "Libera Me" from Hell.

Keima will be possessed by a runaway spirit and become a conquest target himself...
For Elsie. Or any other girl.

Elsee will die.
Foreshadowing in chapter 255, even Keima said that she could be raising a Death Flag.
  • Even MORE foreshadowing thanks to FLAG 266. Geez, Elsie, stop tripping death flags!

Spoilers ahoy: God Only Knows Grand Unifying Guesses
  • Keima....
    • is a God.
    • Or rather, GOD. You know, Alpha and Omega, be all and end all.
    • Speaking of Alpha and Omega and be all and end all, Keima is the God Only Knows verse version of Galactus. Being the balance between Eternity and Death, Galactus needed to consume the energy of civilizations and planets so that he can use the energy they consumed to maintain universal order and protect this unverse from Omnicidal Maniac God of Entropy, Abraxas. Similarly, Keima needs to consume games everyday as the by product of civilzation energy, since the universe saps energy from him to protect itself from Abraxas and his agents the Weiss. His Mighty PFP which can do anything is the manifestation of his Power Cosmic.
    • is a Time Lord. His Mighty PFP is his TARDIS, and Elsie is his companion.
  • Keima's dad is not Keiichi but rather could be
    • Zeus, aka Jupiter, the original God of Harems
    • Yahweh from The Bible. it is right there in Keima's mom's name: Mari. Keima suffered under Tsunderes for our sins!
    • Kratos. God of War can also translate to God of Conquest so why not? Explains why Keima's Mighty PFP can do pretty much anything... because it's the modern day evolution of Kratos' Blades of Chaos.
    • Morgan Freeman. Just because.
  • Elsie....
    • is literally Keima's sister.
    • Had something traumatic happen to her with her true simblings in Hell, and thus saw the completely unrelated Keima to be her true onii-sama.
    • Or was hated by everyone in Hell because of her horrific cooking and was assigned to the Loose Souls Squad as a form of exile.
      • Perhaps because Hell used to have the best cuisine ever, thanks to Gordon Ramsay. The real reason for the loose souls epidemic was because Elsie fucked up so much that Gordon's Cluster F-Bomb devastated the barrier suppressing the Weiss.
  • The entire setting takes place....
    • in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
      • The Incubators harnessed the Weiss as a form of efficiently extracting grief from human souls for energy without the inefficiency of the Magical Girl System. However, the Weiss rebelled, forcing them to ask the help of the Goddesses to seal them in a planet now called Hell.
      • The Goddesses, on the other hand are daughters of Madoka Kaname, the Messianic Archetype and the first Moe Goddess.
      • Or perhaps, Madoka Kaname was in fact the only Goddess there was. When she, in her Messianic selflessness, sacrificed her own soul to seal the Weiss away, her soul was split into the Jupiter Sisters. Keima was created as a byproduct nexus to reassemble Madoka back, and his obssession with Moe was the echo of Madoka's selfless and extremely humble Nice Girl personality, the perfect submissive Moe that Keima always tried to find.
    • Or Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion
      • The ruler of Old Hell, and the mastermind behind Vintage, is the Archdaemon, Homura Akemi. When she enslaved Madoka as an amnesiac and annihilated Incubator civilization, the entropy rates in the Multiverse accelerated to critical levels eventually giving birth to chaotic lifeforms called Weiss. However, despite the devastation caused by the Weiss Homura was consumed by her love and obsession for Madoka and so she did not care and ruled as a tyrannical dictator. Eventually, however, through the help of other Magical Girls such as Sayaka Miki, Madoka regained her memories as Ultimate Madoka and forged an alliance with the Incubators, a new constitution that would refuse to harvest energy from human souls themselves but dedicated to capturing loose Weiss. In the climax of the Homura Heresy Madoka sacrificed her own soul to seal Homura and the Weiss away into an Isolation Field over an asylum planet, now called Hell. Thanks to their alliance with Madoka, the Incubators evolved emotions and became the foundation for New Hell, while Madoka's consciousness shattered into the Jupiter Sisters and Keima Katsuragi.
    • in The Matrix.
      • Keima is The One, and the setting was a recent reboot of the Matrix simulation. However, the Architect soon noticed that alien viruses invaded the mainframe corrupting everying around them till they became glitches. At first they reforged the Agents into the Goddesses to suppress the glitches but this proved to be a failure. In their second attempt, they reincarnated Neo as the One in the form of Keima Katsuragi, who would be the anomaly to combat the viruses in their own game. The Angents were reprogrammed as Demons to assist the One but the Architect retained the program that anyone who saw the glitches except for the One would have amnesia.
    • or Instrumentality
      • Keima is Shinji Ikari, but with the intellectual powers of Gendo Ikari. The absent dad Keiichi is Yui Ikari, delinquent Mari is Misato, the submissive Elsie is Rei, either of the Tsunderes Haqua or Chihiro is Asuka
  • Chihiro.....
    • is completely normal. No goddesses, no supernaturals whatsoever.
    • is a Goddess considering her ability to remember her relationships with Keima. Perhaps Jupiter.
    • The Eldritch Abomination to Keima's God, the Missingno to Keima's Arceus.
    • A completely normal girl from Real Life dragged into the wacky world of God Only Knows.
    • Haruhi Suzumiya.
    • Not just a Goddess, but a Time Lord. Now that is on another level altogether.
  • The Goddesses....
    • as said earlier, daughters of Madoka.
    • Or are just demons with massive power and big egos hence why they called themselves goddesses
    • Don't exist. It was just a conspiracy about multiple demons working together to reawaken the true God: Keima

This actually takes place in a world terraformed by Suka Suka's Visitors.
Elsie and the goddesses are the Visitors who lost their memories along wih some of their powers. This batch of Visitors took a somewhat different approach by partitioning the world into 3 realms, and took a more lenient stance toward human developments. Also ties neatly unto Seikesshou Albatross as suggested above with aliens existence.

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    Jossed and/or confirmed 

Shiori has a goddess.
She already had perfect memory when possessed. She probably hasn't talked to Keima because she's still kind of shy.
  • Chapter 118 confirms that one of the goddesses is Minerva. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom and music, in Shiori's arc, it was shown that she was (very) knowledgeable, and in the epilogue, that she reads music's lyrics sheets. Lastly, she was never shown to completely forget, and said that she still had vague memories.
    • Keima has narrowed her down to one of the most likely candidates.
    • Shiori still has her book-memorization ability. Whether or not it's just carried over from the capture is unknown.
      • Confirmed. Its Minerva.
Sumire has the goddess Vulcan
Loosely, fire is used to cook, cooking is a practice that takes time and effort to make a meal. Like smithing a sword, or thunderbolts.
  • Jossed. Tsukiyo got Vulcan.

Nagase has the goddess Mars
Nagase is a big fan of pro wrestling and always tries to break through to her students, and tries to inspire courage. Much like a certain suspected god(dess).
  • This will be the last goddess Keima finds, to win her over and awaken Mars he must give up galgames, once he does this, Mars will lead the other goddesses into battle against old Hell. Rage Against the Heavens / Apocalypse Wow ending.
    • Jossed as of 120, as she shows no reaction to Keima having a "girlfriend."
      • Jossed even further a few chapters later. Yui is the one who got Mars.

Kusunoki has the god(dess) Mars
C'mon. It fits like peanut butter with jelly. On toast. She's the Heir to the Dojo with a HiddenHeartOfGold. spoiler: Mars is one of the more worshiped gods in ancient Rome; he's the god of war, [[Heir to the Dojo second to only the Big Boss Jupiter. Mars was also the god of agriculture, and the HiddenHeartOfGold she shows matches the description well. Oh and, Mars acts before he thinks. Sounds like someone we know? Doesn't stop there: Kusunoki still has feelings for Keima.
  • Jossed. Yui got Mars.

Chihiro has the goddess Vulcan
Chihiro's not very pretty and Vulcan's the ugliest god on Olympus.

Luna is host to a goddess.
Based entirely on the doll's recent behavior. A doll would get a lot of love, and I don't remember anyone saying the host had to be human...
  • As of Chapter 132, Keima definitely seems to have come to that conclusion. Note that Tsukiyo's omake chapter is completely from Luna's point of view - and suddenly, what appeared to be a throwaway gag has taken on an eerie significance. To elaborate further...

Luna is host to Vulcan.
  • Vulcan created Robot Girl helpers to help out in his forge, providing a link to Tsukiyo's "doll" theme.
  • Also, at his birth, he was cast down from Olympus... and went lame as a result] Granted, Luna has both legs intact in this chapter, but the parallels remain valid.
    • Jossed! (Heh.) Tsukiyo has Vulcan, and it seems that Luna is sentient and animate as a result of Vulcan's powers.

Assuming the same amount of episodes, the second season of the anime will only have 3 captures.
If you check how many chapters were covered by season 1 (17), and assume the same amount is covered this time, season 2 will have Kusunoki's, Haqua's (though technically not a capture), and Chihiro's captures, finishing off at Chapter 34, 2 chapters before Jun's capture starts.
  • Jossed. The opening says that they squeezed Jun in somehow.

Chihiro has Venus
  • In the irony of ironies, the perfectly middling girl would have the most beautiful goddess in Roman mythology.
  • Also the chapter "Venus in Furs" is a reference to a novel wherein it is framed by the protagonist's talks with Venus in his dreams concerning the nature of love. Since that particular chapter has a focus on how Keima asked Chihiro whether or not they kissed, it is quite possible that she has Venus.
  • Jossed, Venus isn't even an option.
  • Not Jossed yet. Its possible that there is a "Venus" and is inside a girl.
  • Chapter 165 confirms that Chihiro doesn't have a goddess, so this remains jossed.

Ayumi has Venus

The girl out of the 4 remaining girls that Keima has narrowed them to that doesn't have a goddess is Yui.
Think about it. Yui has actually shown the weakest signs of having a goddess of all of the girls. Going over their general reactions after Kanon's confession, everyone has shown signs of anger except for her. Off the top of my head:
  • Ayumi started using a suffix on his name and gave him a Megaton Kick. Not to mention her reaction during the moment of said confession.
  • Shiori suddenly killed off Keima's counterpart in her story in a fashion that shows that she was suddenly angered.
  • Chihiro accidentally spilled coffee on him.
  • Yui, however, just seems to be trying to force cross-dressing on him in an attempt to stop his five-timing, but doesn't show much anger at all.
    • I think you're wrong. Her reflection has a different expression and hair style. I think she definitely has a goddess.
      • One could easily say that the design on her changed, or that she's simply becoming more man-like over time. That doesn't prove anything.
  • I also think Yui is likely to not have a Goddess. She knows about Keima's multi-capture yet isn't mad at all. My guess is even without a Goddess, she will stay in the main cast due to her Yandere tendencies.
  • As of chapter 140, Keima believes that there is definitely a goddess in Yui.
    • He said "there's a good chance", as he said about every other girl so far. That has simply made Yui a bit more likely, rather than the "let's throw her in to keep up the drama" vibe she's been giving off until now.
  • Jossed by the spoilers for Chapter 141.

Yui will have a goddess inside her

Think about it: if she doesn't have a goddess, then she has forgotten all about the capture, thus Keima is a stranger to her. Now, let's say she still has some lingering affection towards him, or she just thinks he's cute, and decides to talk to him. Why the confession? Why insisting on going after him even after finding out he's making a move on other girls(and multiple ones at the same time, at that) as well? This is Keima we're talking about. He's the capturing god, sure, but when he's not trying to capture a girl, he's just your average otaku. Why would a girl, any girl, go after an antisocial otaku playboy? But, if she does have a goddess, it all makes sense. She still loves him, and this explains her behavior; as for the details, I think she's still just starting to remember, since she didn't get much love to feed the goddess. Kanon too didn't remember everything right away, and Yui was captured much later. So what if she didn't get angry? If that was the only parameter to find a host, then Tenri would be out, too. She didn't get angry even after finding out exactly how Keima was capturing runaway spirits, and not because she knows he has no choice, but because she is just so shy, and happy enough to just being able to talk with him from time to time. Yui is, or at least became, much more assertive than Tenri, so she just decided to not care about the rumor about Keima and Kanon and instead is trying to get the guy. And if you add her reflection in the "Yui after" chapter, it takes away every possible doubt. Out of the four candidates, I'd say the one without a goddess is Chihiro, since she is the normal girl, furthermore the author expressly said he likes Ayumi's character, and the fandom seems to like Shiori. The only flaw in this reasoning is that it's far too obvious, so, if not Chihiro, it's either Ayumi or Shiori, but not Yui. Wall of Text.
  • The main point has been confirmed by the spoiler for Chapter 141. You'll have to wait up for the rest of the guesses, though.
  • It has all been confirmed as of chapter 165. I Knew It!.

Ayumi Takahara will have a goddess inside her.
  • To elaborate some more, she was the first captured girl and has showed some vague flags to Keima.
  • This effort is a little exaggerated.
  • It seems that goddesses have characteristics similar to their hosts (Apollo is the goddess of arts), so perhaps she'll have Mercury?
    • Chapter 118 confirm that one of the goddesses is Mercury.
    • Chapter 119: Keima's looking for girls angry with him, since those girls might still have memories of their capture and therefore have goddesses. What does Ayumi do when she bumps into Katsuragi-kun? She SENDS HIM CRASHING AGAINST A WALL.
    • It should be noted that the goddess does not have to have similar characteristics to the hosts. Example: Tenri.
      • Diana, in mythology, is a goddess of hunt. This trait is seen in Tenri and Diana playing shogi as one has to hunt to down the enemy.
      • iirc, Diana/Artemis is the goddess of young girls and virginity, and often associated with innocence and purity. YMMV, but I reckon Tenri's pretty innocent, and acts quite young (innocently, not immaturely). Also Diana is the goddess of childbirth -> childhood friend.
    • In addition to the above, note that Mercury was the god of trade, based off of the greek god Hermes. Now while this may be a bit of a stretch Hermes the messenger god whom Mercury's stories are adapted from was famous for his winged boots and fast speed. Now while Ayumi was naturally fast on her own before and after the capture, please note the amount of distance she puts between herself and the others in the race. But if we're just going on roman god(dess) theories here then then I believe as a god of trade that Mercury must be fast moving. Last point if Keima is right on his theory that all the goddess's were put near him so he could help them regain their strength though The Power of Love Ayumi is one of the closest girls to him, seeing as they normally get stuck sweeping together, and seem to have a history of doing the chore together even before the captures started
  • Confirmed as of chapter 165.

Mercury will have more than one host
Consider that Mercury was described as knowing many unusual spells and techniques, as well as the fact that the mythological Mercury was the god of speed and communication. Both Ayumi (speed) and Shiori (communication) are strong, appropriate candidates to be Mercury's vessel who've been shown to react to Kanon's love confession. What if, after getting Apollo's warning, Mercury used some technique the other goddesses don't know about to confuse any potential pursuers by hopping back and forth between the two?
  • Jossed as far as Ayumi/Shiori being the duel hosts, but Ayumi/Chihiro remains a possibility.
  • Ayumi and Chihiro sharing Mercury has been Jossed.
  • Debunked as of Chapter 165: Ayumi had Mercury all along.

Nothing in the story says a seventh goddess wasn't born during the time period that the six we know of spent keeping the runaway spirits sealed. Diana certainly wouldn't have had an opportunity to hear about it. This also neatly handles how all 4 girls seem to have some sort of evidence supporting them harboring a goddess. It also conveniently avoids pissing off the fans of certain girls who specifically wanted a goddess in their favorite one. It also helps Keima counteract the consequences of his current actions in relation to the leftover girl, unless their memory will be wiped (which probably won't happen). I could see it happening.
  • I agree, but for the reason that seven is a far more significant number symbolically and religiously than six.
  • If there was a seventh goddess, why would she be in a capture target? The reason these 6 are is because they were released along with the runaway spirits, but since this 7th goddess wasn't with them there, she wouldn't be there.
  • It seems this has been jossed.

One of the goddesses won't be joining Keima's harem.
The foreshadowing image from chapter 1 only shows 5. Whether this means Kanon dies or one of the goddesses just refuses to cooperate, we'll find out eventually. Though, admittedly, the author could have just originally planned for 5 and added one later.
  • Jossed

One of the Goddesses will be captured by Haqua

Nikaido is Elsee's older sister.
Elsee can't recognize her because of the 300 year separation, and Elsee is kinda dumb, or because Nikaido has changed her appearance. Nikaido either cannot recognize her, or is hiding her identity for Elsee's own safety.
  • Two pieces of evidence point against this: firstly, Nikaido was in the basketball team with Jun back when they were in school together and wasn't wearing a collar back then. If she was also in the Spirit Retrieval Squad and lived up to her reputation, it wouldn't make any sense for her not to have a partner at that time. Secondly, when Nikaido teased Akari/Rimuyel about Keima, Akari stated that she was the source of Nikaido's power. Unless this troper is completely mistaken, the buddy is there only for drawing out the spirit but doesn't actually provide any power behind the spirit capture.
    • Jossed

Rimyuel/Kurakawa Akari is Elsea's older sister
  • She's clearly not human; not stated to be a new devil, but most likely is one;
  • She didn't meet Elsea out of coincidence, this will lead to a "What, that is your sister?!?" moment for Keima later;
  • She's shorter than Elsee.
  • She likes Keima.
  • Both have a similar type of hair and they are two of the few left-handed characters in the series.
  • Elsea mentioned how her sister was an "outstanding devil." Akari wields a scythe, meaning she was valedictorian of her class
    • Dokuro stated that Haqua was the very first lower class devil in the whole history of New Hell to become a valedictorian. Judging by the massive difference in power level, it is safe to say that Rimyuel is older than she is, which in turn means that she must be from an upper class family. Elsie has specifically been referred to as a lower class devil. I suppose it's theoretically possible that her family is actually upper class and Elsie personally was demoted for her incompetence, but overall, I think this point actually decreases the chances of Rimyuel being Elsie's sister.
      • Of course, in New Hell, the upper class families all have horns. Rimyuel has no discernible horn, so one might argue that this is still possible.
      • Aside from the fact that her theoretical horns could be hidden, it should also be pointed that it doesn't sound like the horned devils are the only upper class family, just the most famous and recognizable. In the list of things Haqua doesn't have, Dokuro mentions money, horns, and connections.
    • Confirmed... Well, kinda. She is indeed the "sister" Elsie was referring to, though she's more of an honorary sister than anything. They are not related by blood.

Nikaido is Alternate!Dokuro
She stays in the past to ensure the events that lead to Keima being chosen as the protector of the Goddesses.
  • It became quite clear once chapter 250 was released that Dokuro is someone that Keima already knows from his present timeline. It suddenly became a major debate as to whether or not Dokuro is actually Nikaido due to a couple manga panels being dedicated solely to Dokuro putting on a neck choker. The evidence being that Nikaido aged, and that she also wears a choker (despite having a different design).
    • Confirmed in chapter 254.

Elsie's sister is a member of Vintage.
Would make for a neat twist, considering how Elsie fondly alludes to her.
  • Not just a member, but the leader. Or one of the higher-ups, at any rate. Since she's supposed to be really skilled and all.
    • Jossed, because Elsie's "sister" is Rimyuel, who is most empathically NOT on Vintage's side.

We will eventually meet Keima's Evil Counterpart, the Eldritch Abomination to his God.
  • By Flag 231, this seems to be filled by Kaori Yuuzaki.
    • Basically Confirmed. Kaori fits the bill for a lot of his counterpoints quite nicely, and this is acknowledged by both of them, except that Kaori insists that they are not so different. Despite all of this, Keima's mangificent bastardry is too much and he handily prevails in the end. She certainly was no Eldritch Abomination in the literal sense, but was creepy enough to fit for an entry in the Nightmare Fuel page.

Chief Dokuro is running a Batman Gambit on everybody
Knowing that members of Vintage have most likely infiltrated the ranks of the Runaway Spirit Squad, Dokuro figures that finding the goddesses and restoring their power is the most effective way to re-seal the Weiss. She can't play her hand too openly, however, because Vintage would certainly find out and sabotage the plan. After looking over the human buddy candidates, she finds out about the Capturing God, who has the skills needed to restore the goddess's power, but not the motivation. A skilled, studious demon partner would know how unreliable love can be in filling the gap in a target's heart, and would try to persuade Keima into taking a different route. Therefore, she sends the rather naive, but determined and honest Elsie to be his partner, making sure she believes that love is the best tool to use in capturing Weiss. This way, she's able to maintain a hands-off approach and not draw Vintage's attention while Keima gradually figures out the real situation on his own.
  • And Haqua trying to report on Vintage's infiltration of the Runaway Spirit Squad inadvertently threatens this goal.
    • The one who reported Haqua to the Public Safety Department was Sharia out of fear of Vintage.
  • Confirmed. It turns out the plan is a whole lot more complex than just that, though.

There will be a plot to get rid of Keima's collar.
Vintage appears to have considerable control in Hell. Also, the collar is an execution collar, so Keima is in serious risk of beheading.
  • after the events of FLAG 161, this guess's probability increased dramatically, as Haqua is freed from Vintage sans her collar.
  • Jossed, since Elsie (somehow) removed it from Keima in FLAG 266.