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The Farrelly Bros 1996 film Kingpin is "The Wizard"...for adults.
  • Two guys travel cross-country to win a tournament.
    • One of the guys is an idiot savant who can win at the competition with minimal effort.
  • The two guys meet (and team up with) an attractive red-haired girl while the savant is engaged in his specialty.
  • Slimy villains are following them with the intent to harm.
  • The trio find themselves low on cash, and stay at multiple run-down locations.
  • Different groups help the three of them make the money needed for the tournament.
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  • The trio have to beat a total jerk to win the tournament.
  • Reno, Nevada features prominently in the film.
  • One of the protagonists visits their run-down home and realizes what matters in life.
  • 80s music helps narrate the plot.
  • The older guy and the girl hook up in the end.

If it had been released by other companies...
  • Disney would be too easy (as well as too obvious), so here are the mostly likely places the Video Armageddon finale would have taken place in if other companies had released this movie:
    • Paramount Pictures: Great America (likely would have been a coincidence, since this was before Paramount bought out the park's owners at the time)
    • Warner Bros.: Magic Mountain (there was an agreement between them at the time to use the latter company's classic characters)

Jimmy is already familiar with Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Jimmy has connections with someone involved in the development team such as a beta tester and has been practicing on a pre-release copy from during the game's localization process.
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  • Jimmy has been playing an imported Japanese version because of friends, family, or someone familiar with Famicom games, and has been playing on an imported Famicom or an NES with a Famicom adapter.
  • Someone who had already played the Japanese version of the game told Jimmy about the warp whistle.
  • Jimmy knew Super Mario Bros. 3 was an upcoming game from coversations with game counselors and heard a rumor about the warp whistle from a counselor who had played the game.
  • Corey and Haley had been asking people in Vegas about video game tips and came across someone involved in video game trade shows who told them about the game, explaining why they are shouting advice to Jimmy at the tournament. Their surprise at the game not being released is an elaborate act so no one accuses them of knowing about the game beforehand.
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  • Jimmy is a precog and knows video game tricks before everyone else.

Double Dragon
  • Jimmy is playing a hacked version that gives extra points when starting the game.

The Wizard is set in the same world as Over the Top

The Hawk Hauling truck is from Lincoln Hawk's trucking company, establishing a Shared Universe with Over the Top.


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