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Doc has several latent mutant powers. Such as a healing factor, enhanced durability and strength
...which he activated with caffeine. Trouble is he needs to drink it in abusive amounts to keep them working, but considering they are the only reason he is still alive he considers it worth it.

Doc will eventually tire of Pirta's violent behaviour and threaten to fire her
He will quietly remind her that.a) He is her boss and paying her quite wellb) He probably has enough evidence to get her arrested, never mind fired.c)That he is a weapon carrying polar bear who might respond 'badly' to her next attack.
  • I find this extremely doubtful. Pirta's customer service is much, much better than Doc's, and he seems like the kind of boss who's willing to let the occasional slip go if the customer was being a jerk (especially since Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male is strongly in effect in this world). And what has she done that's illegal?
    • Assault, she's knocked Doc unconscious two/three times, she rammed someone inside a mail box, she left deep gouges in Doc, that without mountain dew based healing would be quite serious, knocked out a customer over a misunderstanding and knocked Swappy out over having a bad day. I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that spring to mind.

The marker that Robin won is meant for Doc and Roger alone

It's so ridiculously high-tech that ONLY the likes of Doc and Roger would have the means to set it up.

The reason that people put up with Roger and Doc's antics... because they have revolutionised and independently invent several world changing technologies. Even if it was just one thing like the pizza teleporter they would probably have a lot of legal leeway, but they are probably producing/refining new inventions on a weekly basis. Because of this the government is willing to overlook many, many less than legal activities.
  • At least, the pizza teleporter is confirmed to be famous. Although, the technology is currently limited to select few foodstuffs and hardly any laymen know Doc created it.

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