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This page is for Wheel of Time loony theories that are just plain daft. Beware of spoilers!

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     Secret identities 
Bela is the Creator
How else could she keep turning up, again and again, without supernatural powers?
  • I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she is Egwene's horse and so would usually be in her general vicinity.
  • The same way Bayle Domon, Egeanin, Aludra, Valan Luca, and probably some others I'm forgetting each become very important in unrelated plotlines. Robert Jordan the Pattern says so.
    • Egeanin and Valan Luca are also notable in the fact that they become recurrent before having been ta'verened (which is the standard excuse for bringing back characters).
    • Bela will win TG when her Great Serpent cutie mark is revealed, and she spews love and tolerance aka balefire out of her mouth.
      • Then she'll turn into an alicorn so Hasbro can sell toys of her.


Battlestar Galactica, Dune, Star Wars, The Terminator, and The Wheel of Time all take place in the same universe.
The Start:

Battlestar Galactica:

  • The battle between Humans and Machines is a cycle that repeats itself over and over again in time.
  • At the end of the series, the Humans land on our Earth and choose to forsake all technology. This is 150,000 before our present. Eventually humans rise in technology and create a sentient machine.

The Terminator:

  • The entire Machine War is just another repetition of the BSG Cycle.
  • John Connor leads the Resistance to victory over Skynet. However, the decades of radiation-induced genetic drift leads to humans developing the ability to access the One Power.

The Wheel of Time:

  • Time exists as seven Ages. In each Age a specific set of events always occur, even if other details vary. There are certain people, souls, who always appear to drive these events. One of these is basically the Messiah who comes about whenever humanity is in dire need, and usually heralds the end of an Age- this soul is known as the Dragon.
  • The First Age, our age, is implied to have ended in brutal warfare (the Machine War). John Connor was the Dragon for the First Age, and saved the human race while ushering in the Second Age.

Star Wars:

  • We know from Terminator Salvation that there are humans who don’t believe the Resistance can defeat Skynet. A group of these people conspire to go back in time in order to escape the machines. They succeed, but mess up the space-time coordinates and end up on the planet that eventually becomes Coruscant.


  • During the Yuuzhan Vong War, a group of humans flees the galaxy. They end up in another galaxy utterly devoid of sentient life. They eventually build sentient machines. These machines enslave humanity (another repetition of the BSG Cycle). The humans rise up and annihilate the machines in a two-generation galactic war called the Butlerian Jihad. This causes the humans to forsake all powerful computers- including ones that could calculate FTL jumps. This leads to the Dune universe relying on spice that allows them to go faster-than-light.

Back to The Start:

There are two ways to end up back at BSG, one from Star Wars and one from Dune

Star Wars Path:

  • Sometime in the millennia after the Yuuzhan Vong War, some great cataclysm utterly devastates the galaxy beyond all repair. Survivors flee to another galaxy and settle on a large habitable world. They call this world Kobol and the Thirteen Lords of it are the last members of the Jedi Order or other Force-using faction.

Dune Path:

  • During the Butlerian Jihad, some humans flee the galaxy and end up on a planet called Kobol. It’s Thirteen Lords are the last Spacing Guild Navigators.

All Fiction exists in the same universe as Wheel of Time
  • The Seven Basic Plots, The Hero's Journey: Time exists as a cycle of ages, where the same events will repeat themselves with variations. All variations are possible.

  • Stock Characters: Characters are reborn to the Wheel, with different names and faces but the same person underneath.

  • Heroes: There is a group of Heroes bound to the Wheel, who are reborn in times of need to do legendary deeds. This includes The Chosen One, of course.

Cadsuane is the Doctor.
No, for once it's not just because someone HAS to be. Cadsuane IS the Wo T universe equivalent of The Doctor, at the start of his/her career. She will find, probably immediately following the Last Battle, that one of her hair trinkets is a compressed TARDIS; remember, there are some of them that even SHE doesn't know what they do.
  • Or so she says... There is reason to believe she can lie. Okay, she is not Black Ajah, but we saw her lie in The Gathering Storm (more precisely, use irony to say that she hadn't notice Aiel in the city). Maybe she un-oathed herself long ago. That would fit with her character.
    • Her having removed the Oaths would also help explain how she is still alive. Her advanced age for an Aes Sedai is noted multiple times throughout the books. Maybe she's still alive because she isn't Bound.
      • If she had removed the Oaths, somebody would have noticed she doesn't have the ageless look.

The Dark One is really a member of the Dai Gurren Brigade of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Think about it, the wheel is essentially a set pattern that forces peoples lives to conform to it. Meanwhile the dai gurren dan FORCE themselves down a path THEY choose.

Alternatively The wheel of time is a part of the Lotus-Eater Machine created by the anti spiral king.

Wo T as an Exalted alternative setting
You know, I get more and more of a feeling that Rand and Co. are Exalted characters, Rand being a Solar- major sanity issues included (which explains his unreasonably quick mastery of several, seemingly unrelated abilities and overall powerhouseness), Mat being a Sidereal (incredible, fate- twisting luck galore, plus awesome martial arts prowess) with the "Strategist" Merit and a healthy dosage of "Past Lives" background, and Perrin being a Lunar who has no inherent shapeshifting ability (either that, or an incredibly human- looking beastman). I'm also basing this on the fact that a lot of the setting (besides ripping off almost all of the original plotline + characters from King Arthur) has suspicious similarities to Exalted setting (I could detail corresponding pairs of the Forsaken vs. Deathlords, but I'll just use these examples: The Lanfear- Rand- Lews Therin/ Lilith- Swan- Desus pairings. Ninayeve= Ariana with different hair color and minus the scar. Also, the whole Age- of- legends- masters- of- world- turned- crasy- by- curse- of- sealed- off- villain- followed- by- apocalypse- Heroes- returning- from- ages- past- to former- glory- viewed- as- Anathema plotline, and the Loom of Fate equivalent. Further similarities abound.
  • There are certainly a lot of similarities there, yeah. Though channelers in general strike me as being more like the Dragon-blooded (though I'd imagine the Aes Sedai wouldn't like being called that), what with it being an inherited thing based around Elemental Powers. Presumably the Aelfinn & Eelfinn are Raksha of some sort - the Alien Geometries in their dimension wouldn't be too unusual in the Wyld. And maybe the Dark One is what you get if the Ebon Dragon dies and becomes a Neverborn.
  • Desus would make an excellent Forsaken.
    • Are you joking? Desus *is* Rahvin, just read the part where he uses mind control to overpower and abuse Morgase.

Mat is actually a young Rincewind
They both hear dice in their heads, they both want nothing more than to stay out of danger. Rincewind's more blatant cowardice is a direct result of all the battles that he got into when he was known as Mat.
  • Insanely, hilariously brilliant. Inspired. It made me laugh so hard I spilled my tea. Somone needs to combine this with the "Everything ever is Randland" theory above.

The Age of Legends begins
When Princess Zelda uses the Triforce. Also, if Rand really tried hard enough he'd remember how to play an Ocarina.
  • Rand's three women represent the three parts of the Triforce - Elayne represents Wisdom, Min represents Courage, and Aviendha represents Power. Note that Min is always wearing tunics and comes from a backwater place, Elayne is fair and blonde and wears dresses and is a Princess when we first meet her, and Aviendha has red hair, comes from the desert, and wears battle-suitable clothing. That's right, Min is Link, Elayne is Zelda, and Aviendha is Ganondorf, it's a perfect fit.

The end of the First Age was Third Impact from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
It's not just that there are strong implications that the First Age was (is? will be?) our own, and that Third Impact was a suitably apocalyptic cataclysm in this time period that broke and remade the world. Nor is it simply the fact that Shinji, like any other incarnation of the Dragon, had to make a difficult and painful choice in order to keep the Pattern from collapsing. What seals the deal is that the only surviving female, from whom all future generations would descend, was... Asuka. Which explains a *lot* about women in Jordan's world.

Let's see, pure, bright, white light, unstoppable, incredibly dangerous, feared by everyone, causes/caused by damage to the fabric of time, and erases the past of everything it touches. The similarities are uncanny.

The Slender Man is a Myrrdraal.
Eyeless? Check. Fear inducing by looking at one? Check. Incredibly tall? Check. And can walk through walls and teleport. Here, too, the similarities are uncanny.

Katniss Evadeen is Birgitte Silverbow
Intricately braided hair, amazing bow and arrow skills, heroic deeds, etc. I suppose this would make Peeta an iteration of Gaidal Cain, but who knows? Gaidal always finds an affinity for dual-wielding swords (whereas Peeta did not), so perhaps some Ta'veren screwed up their meet-cute, and in this turn of the Wheel he ended up in District 2.

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