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     Season 1 & 2 

Vince from 400 days is Glenn's brother.
They're both from Macon and look a lot alike . Vince was helping out his brother when he killed the person you kill in the beginning and Glenn did say he was in debt before the walkers took over. It's possible that Vince killed the guy because his brother, Glenn , was in trouble with someone he owed money to.

Clementine will give Kenny and Lilly a What the Hell, Hero? for always trying to make Lee take sides
  • All but Jossed. Lilly's left the group as of episode 3.

Kenny's boat will be a huge Hope Spot.
They'll get to it, only to find that it's gone/covered with walkers/taken by the Governor's men.
  • Confirmed. When you get to the Savannah river front, there are no useable boats at all.
  • And when you finally do find a boat, it gets stolen in the next episode.

Lilly will sell the group out to the Governor.
The only difference is if she sets you all to hang, or makes a deal to spare Lee and Clementine. Which he doesn't honor, of course. Either way, Lee and Clem have to book it to freedom.
  • Jossed as of Episode 3. Lilly, in a fit of paranoia, kills Carley/Doug and is either left behind by the group or is taken with them as a prisoner and steals the RV they are using when they're trying to fix a train.

Lee will die at the end, but Clementine may be the one who kills him.
Lee will be a goner for one reason or another. If you hardened Clementine, and were a jerk, then she pops Lee in the head and walks away. If you kept her good, and was honest with her, then it's a Tear Jerker of a scene as they say goodbye, Clem heads off with whomever's left (If there is anyone), and Lee does the deed himself. Or, if you really REALLY screw up, they both end up as walkers together, shambling away...holding hands.
  • Jossed There will be a season two of the game
    • Not necessarily. Season two could easily replace Lee and Clementine with new characters.
  • Confirmed, sort of. By the end of the game, Lee is too weak to do much of anything other than help Clementine escape, so his last choice is to either ask Clem to kill him, or to leave him be

There will be a Sadistic Choice between Clementine and Duck.
Given Duck's current low popularity, his death will be a severe Alas, Poor Scrappy, and potentially be tied to the survival of other members — i.e., if he dies, his parents' reaction puts the lives of others in jeopardy. If the developers are feeling particularly cruel, the same will be true of Clem — or the choice will turn out to be "Clem dies" or "Duck and Clem die".
  • Jossed as of Episode 3. Duck is bitten while escaping the Motor Inn during a bandit attack and Kenny or Lee must put him out of his misery before he turns.

Katjaa will outlive Kenny.
Anyone Can Die — including The Leader. Instead of taking the obvious route of killing her off to further Kenny's spiraling out of control, he dies instead, sending her into a Heroic BSoD.
  • Jossed as of Episode 3. After Duck is bitten while escaping the Motor Inn, Katja commits suicide after being unable to deal with the grief that her son is turning into a Walker and they must kill him before that happens.

Doug's tech prowess will become useful later.
And Carly's lack of it may have negative consequences.
  • Jossed as of Episode 3. Doug and Carley both die without their skills having major changes to the game.

Christa and Omid are up to something...
Think about it, their subtitles are white, not color-coded. If you've been paying attention, you've noticed that they both have a rather odd connection to Clementine. Perhaps they had a daughter of their own once, and when she went away they looked for another girl to fill her place. It could also explain why they were alone when you met them.
  • Probably Jossed as of Episode 4 - they both get colored subtitles and see the WMG below.

Christa is pregnant...
Which is why Omid is relieved to see other people, thinking that they can help protect the baby once it comes.
  • More evidence: Omid's cut-off words when Lee shows up are refuting Christa's claim that they can take care of themselves.
    "Sure, for now. But what about when—"
    • Even more evidence: Nausea, knowing instantly what a sonogram looks like, weeping about the Crawford woman being forced to abort her child. There's pretty much no doubt.
    • Confirmed. In episode 5, Lee's figured it out, as he comments that Christa is 'walking for two'.

Chuck can't be trusted.
This mainly comes from the fact that a lot of attention was drawn to the train driver's non-zombified corpse. While it's never been explained exactly how the infection works, it could be that anyone who died after it began become a walker, meaning the driver may have been killed before the outbreak. And we don't know how long Chuck was staying on the train. His quiet demeanour also seems to indicate he may know something more about what is going on. For all we know, Chuck is a serial killer just waiting to strike...
  • He is voice of Ghostface after-all. If anything, Chuck could be a veteran of an unnamed war, though more then likely 'Nam, and would know the Plague is much like war itself.
  • The game made it pretty clear that the train driver hit his head against the glass window when the train crashed, which damaged his brain enough that he didn't come back.
    • Jossed: He saves Clementine, but gets separated from the group, gets cornered in the sewer and uses his last bullet on himself.
Kenny killed his wife, either accidentally or on purpose
  • He was so distraught by this point that he killed his wife and made it look like she did it.
  • Impossible. If Kenny doesn't go into the woods with Katjaa and Duck, she'll still shoot herself. And Kenny will be standing right next to Lee when they hear the shot.

Lilly will be back
And would bring the Dixon brothers with her, because why not?
  • Probably not. She does show up in the comics, after all, and can't do that if she's going after Lee's group.
    • Eh, Word of God says those are two different Lillys. Regardless, the WMG is Jossed.

The hoodie will get Clementine killed if she has it.
Note that Chuck draws especial attention to her hair being easily grabbed as it is. The hoodie, however, gives the dead (or anyone) something else to grab on to, and it's even lower than her hair.
  • Alternative hypothesis: The owner of the car will realise who it was who stole their goods by recognising the hoodie.
    • Confirmed. The owner of the car is the kidnapper, and the hoodie belonged to his dead son.

Ben will die in Episode 4.
Considering how his actions has caused disastrous events in Episode 3, chances are Ben will end up suffering from the consequences in Episode 4 that will ultimately claim his life.
  • Most likely by Heroic Sacrifice to try to make amends.
    • Both turn out to be correct, as Ben offers to be dropped to his death if it means that Lee can save himself. This can be subverted if the player decides to save Ben instead of letting him die.

The Voice on the Radio is the ex-ruler of Crawford.
First thing he wants Lee to do is find and kill Molly. As vengeance for his fallen kingdom. Which is also why he grabbed Vernon and his people as well.
  • Jossed: You can find him as a walker hung from the bell in at in the school's attic.

The Voice on the Radio is related to the person Lee killed.
Taking Clementine is revenge.
  • Jossed. The Vot R is in fact the owner of the station wagon supplies.

The Voice on the Radio is someone tied to Glenn.
In Episode 1, Clementine worries her walkie-talkie broke when she dropped it, through it later turns out it was okay. When she says it's broken, she gets upset because she says Glenn has the other walkie-talkie that goes with it, suggesting that, unless Clementine's walkie-talkie can pick up signals from radios other than the other receiver, her kidnapper may be someone Glenn has come across in the series.

Lee can be saved in No Time Left.
By having his arm severed. It's been proven to work in the comics, although risky. But knowing the game, there would probably be a type of sadistic choice attached to it.
  • Unlikely. When Lee and the others enter the hideout of Vernon's group at the end of Episode 4 he still has both of his arms. Since it probably took them some time to get there it may already be too late to sever Lee's arm. Also, Vernon who is probably the only one capable of performing an amputation disappeared.
  • Jossed, but the option to sever his arm is available as a huge Hope Spot.

Season 2 will have Clementine as the playable character.
Telltale has all but confirmed they're going to do a season 2 (saying they'd do it if season 1 was successful, which it inarguable is) and considering the events of Episode 4...
  • Not to mention the events of Episode 5, coupled with the epilogue.
    • Confirmed.

Clementine will die sometime during Episode 5
. As the ultimate downer ending.
  • Jossed.

Molly will pull a fast one on the group and take the boat
. Molly has been confirmed to appear in the fifth episode. She was either left behind at the school if Lee couldn't save her, or she came with the group but decides not to go in the boat with them after all, preferring to be alone. She's putting them at a false sense of security and will try to take the boat the first chance she gets.
  • Jossed. Vernon and the cancer patients take the boat.

Clementine will be able to kill the kidnapper at one point.
. How the player dealt with the St. John brothers may determine whether or not she pulls the trigger.
  • Confirmed.

Lee will kill Clementine's attacker as a Walker.
. After making sure Clementine safe and saying goodbye to whoever remains, Lee will take the kidnapper, toss him in a room, and have the group lock the door behind him. There, he'll kill himself so he can come back and give the kidnapper a properly gruesome death.
  • Jossed.

The game will end with a Tearjerker. Clem's parents will thank him for all he's done to save her, then they or Clem will kill him.
  • Jossed. Clem's parents do make an appearance, but they have long since become walkers.

One of the final decisions the player will have to make as Lee...
... will be whether or not to kill himself before he turns. The Sadistic Choice will be placed in your hands; Lee will put the gun barrel to his head, but it's up to the player to press the button and pull the trigger. Going through with it will mean the player doesn't have to see Lee as a Walker but on the other hand...
  • Sort of..

The game will have multiple endings
Now, at the end of Episode 4 we can Team Up with Kenny,Omid,Christa and Ben To Find Clementine who was kidnapped by the Mysterious Man This Troopers Guess is it that depending who is With you, whos at the Boat Waiting, and If Ben is Dead or Alive And Probally some Other Choices in the Past Episodes will determine How Episode 5 will end.

Christa and Omid can become Clementine's new caretakers.
Because they were pretty much introduced with "parent material!" tattoed on their foreheads, and are both decent, sensible people who have held up remarkably well psychologically. Also, Omid clearly loves kids, and Christa is probably pregnant (see above). And so Lee will be able to ask them at some point in episode 5.

...because Kenny or Ben cannot be trusted with a pet rock at this point, much less someone as important as Clementine, but YMMV. Either way, Lee will spend much of episode 5 making sure Clementine has someone taking care of her after he's gone.

  • Yes and no. Clementine did manage to reunite with the two of them sometime after Savannah, but Omid is killed by a scavenger in the first ten minutes of Season Two, after which there's a sixteen-month Time Skip. We then see that Christa's still been taking care of Clementine, but they become separated pretty quickly thereafter when bandits attack.

If Ben is alive after Episode 4...
At some point in Episode 5, he will be murdered by Kenny in cold blood, perhaps if Kenny and Ben is accompanying Lee in his quest to rescue Clementime who was kidnapped.
  • Jossed. Ben falls off a balcony when the railing collapses and is impailed by its bars. Lee and Kenny tries to rescue him to no avail and see a hoard of walkers approaching them. Kenny decides to put his hatred towards Ben aside, pushes Lee away, faces the hoard alone, mercy kills Ben with the last bullet, and is presumably killed off screen.

Molly will be the playable character of Season 2
Given how they gave her so much character depth in a single episode only to have her take the bus, it would be silly not to use her again, specially given how positive the fandom's reaction to her was.

  • Not all of the fandom liked Molly. I felt that she was a spotlight-stealing jerk sue. In any case, the epilogue seems to indicate that the next season will stick with Clementine.

The primary reason that Kenny is given a Never Found the Body departure
......was to avoid inviting Narm from inevitable "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" jokes.

Kenny is still alive and will come back as a Villain in Season 2
If you don't used up all of your bullets during the Hallway Shootout in Ep 5 you are given an opportunity to hand your left over bullets to Kenny during his Heroic Sacrifice moment. With more ammo Kenny cuts himself a path and escapes the Walkers but not without getting bit by one of them, learning from Lee's mistakes he cuts his arm off and finds a group that he eventually controls and leads to a safe place, after fortifying the area he becomes a Governor like person and will encounter the new group of survivors(who found Clementine) in Season 2.
  • Unlikely. While conventional genre savvy would lead one to believe Never Found the Body automatically means they're alive, this is the Walking Dead we're talking about here. If there IS any hope, it's only so they can hurt you with it later. Besides, that scenario makes no sense if you chose to cut off Lee's arm, so Kenny would know it doesn't work, seeing as the confrontation in the attic about the "Larry situation" happens either way, and also you can chose not to give Kenny bullets.
  • I doubt the villain part, but there is a likely chance. Telltale stated that season two would go in depth into Kenny's fate. And the epilogue of season 2's first episode ends with Clementine staring up at someone, saying (paraphrased) "I thought you were dead."
    • Partially jossed. Kenny is still alive, and he does come back in Season 2, but as a hero, not as a villain. The villain is a new character named William Carver.
    • Hero? Episode 5 laughs at your Episode 2 naivety. Then again, it's all kind of left up in the air.

The two people who find Clementine in the end aren't Omid and Christa...
But walkers. Or alternatively Omid and Christa ARE the walkers.
  • Seems unlikely, considering the two figures take notice of Clem, and do not move like walkers.
    • Jossed.

Each season will revolve around a different protagonist each time.
With the events of last season being mentioned in Broad Strokes.
  • Well, obviously Season 2 will have to involve a new protagonist.
  • Unless depending on whether Clementine shot him or not, the player could play as a zombified Lee then get shot by the real Season 2 protagonist- whether or not its Clementine. It's still ambiguous how much time passed between the final scene and the post-credits epilogue, so anything's possible. Unless the final scene was meant as a Passing The Torch moment due to the Player ultimately controlling what Clementine (the possible protagonist in the second season) did albeit through Lee. We won't know until next season.
  • Clementine is the protagonist in Season 2 and Javier Garcia is the new Player Character in Season 3, so this theory is likely true.

The zombie virus caused susceptible people to die immediately and come back, which is why so many zombies are around a mere three days later.

Every Season 2 episode involves at LEAST one left over element from Season 1.
More specifically, it shows what happens to Omid and Christa, Vernon and the other cancer patients, Lilly (since she's now considered an original character for The Walking Dead Game instead of the one from the comics), Chet or Andre Mitchell (the people you can meet in the first episode depending on when you go out to look for help), and, of course, Clementine.

Lee Everett never existed
He's just a figment of Clementine's imagination. Everything Lee does, Clementine actually does herself. The story ends with her realising she no longer needs him.

Lee Everett is Clementine's Guardian Angel
  • He's just a Guardian Angel sent to protect Clementine and was actually sent to ready her for the outbreak. The story ends with her realizing she no longer needs him, hence the death of Lee at the end of Episode 5.

The contest winners Lee kills on the way to the Marsh House in episode four were in the same group.
The reason they were all still human looking was because their group had just recently been overrun.

Lee was going to be taken to the same prison that Rick and his group eventually occupy.
  • Just a thought.
    • Since the murderer in the cop's story is confirmed to be Thomas from the comic, it's almost a certainty.
    • An excellent case of What Could Have Been.

Season 2's Protagonist will be Christa.
It's quite a long shot but such a decision would make sense on several levels. Here they are in increading order of importance.
  • 1) Christa is a from a minority. Lee being a well-written not-stereotypical black character has been very well received and played a good part in the first game's popularity. Christa being latin/persian would be a continuation of this. And she's a woman to boot.
  • 2) She's a morally flexible character. Depending of Lee's treatment of her and Omid, she'll adapt her behavior. She also doesn't suffer from quirks like Omid meaning she's someone players can easily fit in. Moreover, she's open to suggestions, like Episode 4 showed at Crawford if Clementine was there. It would be in character for her to change her opinion depending on the situation, unlike people like Lilly or Kenny.
  • 3) She got a baby to care about. Just like Season 1 wanted us to protect a child, Season 2 would mean protecting her baby. On a video game approach, it could bring a lot of tough situations. Survivors would certainly want to toss it away since a baby is a gigantic liability. There could be sessions where you have to go through streets infested by walkers and make sure it doesn't cry.. It would be hard to not make it annoying though.
  • 4) She and Omid have a purpose: to find Clementine. It's been heavily hinted Season 2 will also be about her as well. It means the prologue could feature an investigation of the Marsh Hotel, finding Lee's corpse, walking or not depending of the player's choice, and deciding to go after her. Which bring me to the next WMG...
  • Jossed. As it turns out, Clementine is the main protagonist of Season Two. Not Christa.
Season 2 will feature Clementine suffering a massive Sanity Slippage

Carley would have turned out to a Faux Action Girl...
  • If she were alive to face Molly, whom would most likely sweep the floor with her. If not, Carley would probably hide in the alley like Kenny did but instead shoot Molly on sight if Molly managed to take Lee out.
    • Well, yeah. It's pretty well established that Molly could sweep the floor with anyone, really.

Becca will square off against Clementine in Season 2.
  • They quickly establish that Becca is a Shadow Archetype of Clementine. Ruthless and amoral, almost eager to kill others, and no sense of compassion. In Season 2 they're going to come into conflict. With Becca being the Main Character's Devil On The Shoulder and Clementine being the Angel. In the end, there's going to be a moment where Becca will try to kill Clementine.

Vince is Glenn's older brother.
  • Both appear to be from Macon and it was established in the comics that Glenn was in massive debt before the outbreak. It could be someone involved with that pushed Glenn a little too far which is why Vince decided he needed to intervene. Finally when asked about his family in Season 1, Glenn was somewhat reluctant to answer. It could be he didn't want to tell Lee that his brother had recently been convicted of murder.

Not having everyone follow Tavia is NOT a bad thing.
  • Tavia's community will either collapse or the new protagonist and Clementine will have to escape from it. When they do they'll run into the people who didn't go with Tavia and they'll help...maybe.
    • Confirmed, considering that Tavia's community is revealed to be Carver's settlement and is clearly shown to not be the happiest of places. Which makes it all the more a Player Punch to see the characters from 400 Days (if they went) there, especially with them most liking being dead at the end of episode 3.

Tavia's community is a very bad place.
  • Tavia's community either forces the 400 Days cast into slave labor or being food or subjects them to some grisly fate.
    • Tavia even tries to calm the survivors by saying something along the lines of "What are we going to do, eat you?" She even looks off to the side and sighs heartbrokenly if she decides to reassure the group by telling them "I give you my word."
      • Pay attention to the trailer for Episode 2, and you'll notice that somebody from Episode 1 is at the very least part of the community and possibly leading it. Considering this is the Walking Dead, it's probably Lilly.
    • All signs seem to point towards Tavia's community being run by Carver, so this seems to be confirmed.
      • Confirmed.

It won't be much, considering Walkers will still be around and the world's not getting better anytime soon, but maybe it'll be just a major victory.

Lilly or Kenny will make a full appearance to Clementine in season 2.
  • One of the stills of season 2 shows Clementine looking at a photo of Lee, specifically the one he tore in episode one that was of his family. It was forgotten in the pharmacy and it was shown to be destroyed in episode 3. Either Lilly or Kenny took it when scavenging there for supplies during the timeskips between episode 2-3. They will give it to Clementine.
    • The man in the ball cap seen from behind in the official Season 2 trailer looks a lot like Kenny...But it turns out he's not; that man is Nick, a new character introduced in Season 2.
    • Confirmed. Clementine meets up again with Kenny in Episode 2.

Bonnie will be a major part of the game in season 2.
  • Regardless of whatever you do during her story, Bonnie goes with Tavia to her settlement. She will play a part during season 2 be it for an episode or the entire game.
    • Confirmed for the most part. She appears in episode 2 and is going to appear in episode 3 but the verdicts still out on whether or not she'll appear in more than those two.
      • She seems to be having a big part now, as she survives episode 3 and heads off with Clem and the gang when they escape.

Clementine will have hallucinations of Lee.
  • During the game Clementine will take a glance somewhere to see in the distance Lee's figure and then see it as nothing. The same might count when she pictures Lee as a walker when meeting an actual walker.

Another character from the comics will make an appearance.

Clementine will kill someone her own age.
  • Be it a walker or a human, Clementine will be forced to kill a kid her own age.
  • Specifically, Bonnie.
    • I think you mean Becca. I mean, Bonnie may look older than she is, but I don't think it's by that much...
    • Alternatively It'll be Sarah, the girl introduced in Episode One of Season Two who, despite her brief appearance, is definitely a mite creepy and can pressure Clem into friendship. Her father later states that she is pretty much entirely ignorant as to what's going on (which could inevitably lead to her believing walkers are just sick people as opposed to... well, flesh eating corpses, which could lead to a dispute with Clem over whether or not to put a bullet in their heads), and also implies that she has an Ambiguous Disorder, which may lead to further issues regarding walkers.

Sarah has Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Sarah's father implies very heavily that she has some kind of mental condition that will cause her to have a nervous breakdown the moment she realizes exactly what's going on. That fact, combined with her behavior during her brief encounter with Clementine, lead me to believe she has Asperger's. People with that condition can't tolerate sudden change at all, and tend to experience extremely violent breakdowns when pushed over the edge. Aside from that, typical conversational norms that come naturally to most people (like "Don't ask the girl bleeding to death to be your friend") need to be specifically learned by someone with Asperger's, which would have been impossible considering how sheltered she is.
    • That's generalising things a bit. They tend to have more difficulty adapting to change but not to the point that it tends to lead to "extremely violent breakdowns." Certainly not the case that they "can't tolerate sudden change at all." What might be the case is that Sarah's father THINKS she wouldn't be able to handle the change, when in fact she would be able to and the sheltering may only make things worse.

Sarah doesn't have Asperger's Syndrome or any kind of disability/handicap, she's just a little immature. The real reason Carlos doesn't want Clementine or anyone talking to her is because he has been sexually abusing her and doesn't want anyone to find out what he's been doing to her.
  • Sarah might even be conditioned to think there's nothing wrong with it.
    • That's out there even by Epileptic Trees standards. There's next to no evidence of this, and her "immaturity" is almost assuredly some kind of developmental issue from what we've seen.
    • Nothing to prove it and nothing to disprove it. There's no evidence for a lot of these claims, that's why they're in WILD MASS GUESSING, sir or madam.
      • Jossed. We see more of Carlos and Sarah's relationship in episode 2. Sarah worries herself to near-tears over the possibility of something happening to her father while the group is gone from the house, she and her father frequently hug, and Sarah's reaction to Carver torturing her father in front of her is to break down sobbing and beg for her father to be released, not typical behavior for a sexual abuse victim.
  • Alternatively, Carver molested her. There is more evidence to support that theory, such as when you leave Sarah and Carver alone on the roof he puts a hand on her shoulder and you don't get to hear the following conversation.

Eddie survived 400 Days and will appear in Episode Four: Amid the ruins
  • The art preview of the episode features a hooded figure on the right, shrouded enough in shadow that details aren't distinct, but very obviously possessing an identical beard, among other similarities (best shown in this picture here).
  • Eddie may end up returning because this screenshot was posted by Telltale and the hood matches with the picture linked above this.
    • Jossed. Eddie does not appear in Episode 4: Amid the Ruins.

The person appearing in Episode Two that Clementine thought was dead is...
  • Kenny - It's the obvious choice as we never see his death, nor the zombies explicitly feeding on him in either scenario, and it's likely Omid and Christa told Clem what they thought happened to him. It is possible that Christa told Clem about his death, hence why she said "We thought you were dead" as she wasn't around to see his heroic sacrifice
  • Lilly - she's been MIA (which in this universe means 'assumed dead until otherwise accounted for') since episode three and as she was intended to be a character from the comic but was altered, there's nowhere else for her to go. And having an already unhinged and paranoid Lilly two years into the outbreak is bound to cause all sorts of wacky trouble.
    • Backing this up is the fact that Lilly is, despite being a paranoid wreck, pretty good at running outposts; she's probably not going to be happy to see somebody who knows what she's like under pressure.
  • Duck - he is risen.
  • Molly - like Lilly she disappeared after episode four and likely left Savannah before the main horde hit the place. Jossed, she wasn't considered dead, she left on her own, no one would have thought she'd died.
  • Christa - there is definitely the sound of a struggle and a gunshot if Clem attempts to distract the bandits (and given that she's fairly genre savvy, Clem would assume that she's most likely dead from that alone). Near the end of the episode, at least one of the bandits was involved in the off screen attack, and if Christa was merely captured by the bandits then it's possible she's now in the custody of the winning side of that fight. She said, "I we thought you were dead" that could refer to a character from the first game they thought was dead.
  • Ben - somehow surviving either the fall or the impalement (and subsequent gunshot and walker horde), Ben has spent the better part of the last two years or so becoming a complete badass who doesn't take shit from anybody. Extremely jossed, no way in hell could he survive, and besides dropping him you do see him getting bitten, so no he wouldn't.
  • Nate - we're missing 16 months of Clementine's life. Who's to say she didn't run into our favorite sociopath from 400 days in the interim, and thought he died from their meeting?
  • Pete or Nick - which ever one you didn't save at the end of episode 1
    • It's Kenny.

Rebecca's baby didn't come from an affair.
  • While it's true she's not the most pleasant person, that doesn't mean she's unfaithful. If not Alvin's child, it's possible that this "Carver" forced himself on her and she never told.
    • Alternatively, it IS Alvin's child, which is revealed upon its birth. That fact completely shatters the advantage Clementine had over Rebecca and will be the cause of a lot of problems for her.
  • All but confirmed, as AJ goes on to have an afro, which Alvin has but Rebecca and Carver do not (Rebecca has wavy curls and Carver has straight hair)

Rebecca was Lee's wife.
  • As if the fan base needed another reason to hate her.
    • Jossed: Rebecca is Alvin's wife, was raped by Carver, and never mentions anyone else. It would be difficult to get married post-apocalypse.

Clementine knows how to stitch up her arm because she had to stitch up Christa after a C-section.
  • Clementine mentions that Christa showed her how to stitch wounds, and that she had to do it once before. It can also be assumed that Christa did have a miscarriage due to lack of the baby's presence.
    • Possible, but will forever remain unconfirmed unless Christa returns in the Final Season.

Clementine will have to help deliver Rebecca's baby.
  • The image shown for episode 3 shows Clementine and Rebecca, no one else. I at first assumed Rebecca was Christa but since Christa has been shown to not have her baby but since her fate is now unknown, episode 3 of season 2 will feature possibly a raid (maybe by this Carver fellow) and Rebecca will fall into labor and Clem will have to find a way to either deliver the baby or get her to Carlos, the doctor of the new group.
    • Jossed: Kenny delivers the baby, being the only member of the group present who has been at a successful birth.

Pete is the father of Rebecca's baby.
  • The two seemed to show some sort of tension. The baby will be born white and therefore reveal that the baby is in fact not Alvin's.
    • Jossed. The baby is in fact not Alvin's, but the father isn't Pete, it's Carver.
    • Double-jossed. AJ goes on to grow an afro, which Alvin has, but Rebecca (wavy curls) and Carver (straight hair) do not.

The man in the preview for Episode Two is looking for Rebecca
  • It seems obvious because Rebecca seemed a little shocked when Clementine said a man knocked on the door.
    • Confirmed, sort of. The man in the preview is the dreaded "Carver", and he was looking for the whole group, Rebecca included. Maybe even especially Rebecca, since her baby is his.

The person Clementine sees in the preview is the injured bandit who asked for water, not the likes of Kenny/Lilly/Christa.
  • And whether or not you gave it to him determines how the group of bandits shown in the preview treat you.
    • Jossed. The person Clementine sees in the preview is Kenny.

The cabin group does not know that it isn't just the bite that turns you.
  • Someone will be injured and possibly die and they won't know that you turn unless the head is destroyed and thus they will reanimate.
    • Two years into the apocalypse, they've probably figured it out by now.
    • Jossed: When you find the mass shooting by the river, Pete makes a point of asking if they're shot in the head, and advises that some of them may be "still moving."

The next time you try amputating a character's limb, it will work.
  • Lee ultimately didn't survive losing his arm, if you took that option in S 1 E 5, but it's unclear whether that was due to the bite or to blood loss. If you chose to save Pete at the end of "All That Remains," he's either bitten or scratched on the ankle and the trailer for the second episode shows him looking grimly at a hacksaw. With prompt and competent medical attention, he should be able to survive the loss of his leg.
    • Jossed, not because it doesn't work, but because Pete ultimately decides not to go through with it, since then Clementine would just get killed trying to carry him back to the cabin.
    • Theory may not be Jossed. At the ending of episode 3 of Season Two you get the option to cut off Sarita's arm as a WALKER is bitten onto it. Clementine can either hit the Walker's head, or chop off Sarita's arm. Also, Reggie is a good example of a character living with an limb amputated.
    • Jossed. Turns out cutting off Sarita's arm amidst a sea of walkers causes her a little bit of pain. At least, that's what her screaming in agony suggests. It gets her killed.

Carver is actually Kenny
  • We never do learn Kenny's (or a good chunk of the cast's) last name.
    • Jossed. Carver is finally revealed in the Season 2 Episode 2 trailer. He's someone we've never met before.

Carver is actually Nate
  • We don't know Nate's last name, either. And Nate Carver has a heck of a ring to it.
    • And Jossed again.

The settlement is in the mountains.
  • Because frankly I can't see why the cabin group would go up to the mountains when winter seems to be approaching quickly. Somewhere near or around the mountains is the settlement.

Luke will not approve of Pete being bit.
  • He freaked out at the slightest sign of Clem possibly being bit and so, when he sees that Pete is bit, even if amputated like its' implied in the trailer or not he will not believe it will work.
    • Jossed. By the time the cabin survivors' group reaches Pete, it doesn't matter to Luke that Pete was bit, because Pete is a dead, non-Walker corpse by then.

Episode 4 will feature the settlement but it will be destroyed.
  • Many people have speculated that one of the people in the image for the episode bears resemblance to Eddie, Wyatt's friend who Tavia suggested might be at the settlement. Episode 4 is called 'Amid the Ruins' and will either take place in the middle of everything going wrong or when Clem arrives there it is already destroyed. Either way, the settlement is screwed.
    • Partially jossed. Tavia is in fact at the settlement, and the settlement is overrun by walkers, but it happens as early as episode 3 rather than 4.

The father of Rebecca's baby is Luke.
  • Shortly before Telltale released episode 1 of season 2 a short vine was posted on their twitter here, This scene does not appear in the episode and we never see these 2 characters interact in the episode. The vine definitely seems like the 2 are discussing Rebecca's pregnancy, with Luke looking disgruntled at first and then surprised, possibly because Rebecca is revealing to him that the baby is his. With the close proximity both of them have been living in, it is not impossible that they could of been having sex behind Alvin's back.
    • Jossed. The baby is Carver's, not Luke's.
    • Double-jossed. AJ goes on to have an afro, which Alvin has, but Rebecca (wavy curls) and Carver (straight hair) do not.

Threatening Rebecca will have consequences.
  • Threatening Rebecca will have some consequences. You expect just to threaten her and have no worries at all? I think she might try to turn the group against Clementine.
    • Jossed. Threatening Rebecca only causes her to scold Clementine for the threat later, but other than that Rebecca warms up to Clementine as early as Episode 2.

Clementine will pull a Chuck on Carlos.
  • Meaning that she will talk to him at some point about teaching Sarah on how to fend for herself.
    • Jossed. Carlos gets shot and killed when the group escapes the settlement. Clementine might still try to teach Sarah herself, though.

Carlos knew it was a dog bite all along.
  • Carlos doesn't want anyone who could be a problem regarding Sarah. He's got the others all under control, but Clementine's an unknown and her being closer to Sarah in age makes her an even bigger threat. So, he leaves her with an infected wound in the shed, knowing it'll cause her to get a fever, thus they can shoot her without feeling bad, or causing division in the group. Clementine's actions caused him to have to change his plans. Carlos will try to have Clementine have another 'accident' later.

Rebecca's baby came from Carver.
  • WE don't have a frame of reference of how bad Carver actually was. Rebecca might have turned the group against him to get rid of him, after finding out she was pregnant.
    • Feels like you're putting way too much emphasis on her Jerkass tendencies. She's a bitch, but it's highly unlikely she's enough of one to force the father of her child out of the group, let alone do so without anyone finding out it was Carver's. Plus, even if she turned the group against him, no amount of slander from one person could shift their opinion enough that their first reaction to a mass shooting with nearly a dozen casualties would be "Oh god, Carver was here."
      • Alternately, the group screwed Carver over, and believe he's out for revenge.
    • Jossed

There will be a Sadistic Choice...
  • ...between saving the life of either Sarah and Becca at one point. Sarah will turn out to be incredibly crafty but scared of guns, while Becca will be better at combat yet mean to Clementine. Perhaps they will both survive, but one's relationship with Clem will be forever soured.
    • Mostly jossed. Rebecca stops being mean to Clementine at the beginning of episode 2, promising to cut Clementine more slack and explaining her earlier Jerkass behavior as the result of not being used to being dependent on others. And rather than being scared of guns, Sarah eagerly asks Clementine to teach her how to shoot one. There is also no sadistic choice between Sarah and Rebecca in any of the Season 2 episodes; both of them are required to die, and although Sarah can die at one of two points, both of them are earlier than Rebecca's death, which is a plotline death.

Christa's baby is still alive.
  • We're all assuming Christa miscarried or the baby died during the sixteen-month time-skip, but that's unlikely to be the end of the story. Christa's baby was left somewhere "safe" because Christa and Clementine couldn't care for it.
    • Possibly jossed. When Clementine thinks AJ is dead she says "No... Not again..." which seems to imply she had to go through the death of another baby.

Most of the game will be Clementine and Becca working together, however reluctantly.
  • It seems unlikely the game draws attention to Christa's pregnancy, skips sixteen months, leaving what happened to the baby as an open question, and then puts Clementine in pretty much exactly the same situation by coincidence. Clementine might be the only one who can save the baby.

Pete dies either way
  • It doesn't matter if you choose to save Pete. The player is given the choice of cutting off his leg for him or not. Either way he gets devoured by walkers on the way back to to his lack of a leg or his bite injury forcing the player to abandon him.
    • Converesly, Nick is perfectly fine if you leave him. After all, if you save Pete, he runs in the direction of the cabin.
    • Seems likely with the release of the trailer for "A House Divided." Pete is mentioned offhandedly by Carver, but never shown onscreen.
      • Confirmed! If you saved Pete in Episode 1, then you start Episode 2 trapped in a vehicle with Pete, who is contemplating cutting off his leg to prevent turning...but Pete ultimately decides against it, since then Clementine wouldn't be able to carry him back to safety and Clementine would just get killed too. So Clementine is forced to leave Pete behind, and when the cabin survivors go to retrieve Pete, he's a corpse. So yes, he does in fact die either way.

Kenny has a thing for women with exotic accents.
Both Katjaa and Sarita have one.

Carver went for Carlos's ear.
We didn't see what made him yell but it is Michael Madsen.

Kenny incapacitated or killed Luke while they were separated from everyone else.
Both men have grown attached to Clementine and have butted heads over it ever since they met. The game seems to be hinting that things aren't right with Kenny: Sarita asking Clementine if Kenny seems different than he was before, his flare of temper over tiny things like the box of decorations, insisting that Clementine is staying with him even if she says she can't leave her friends, and referring to Clementine as Duck by accident. He also stops Sarita from coming with him and Luke, and if Clementine suggests that they should find Luke during the situation with Carver, Kenny just narrows his eyes without saying anything.

Perhaps he took advantage of the darkness, gunfire, and confusion to get rid of the one person who would really take issue with Clementine staying with the Ski Lodge group.

  • Jossed. Luke turns up at Carver's camp alive and well, with no grudge against Kenny.

Whoever compares Clementine to the peach logo girl is cursed to die soon.
Judging by the fates of Walter and potentially Alvin, should things go south, it doesn't seem far-fetched from reality, and who's to say that Alvin won't be killed off in the next episode if you managed to prevent his death in "A House Divided"?
  • It's probably not a "curse", but other than that, confirmed! Alvin is killed off in the next episode even if you save him in "A House Divided"; in the next episode, Carver beats Alvin within an inch of his life, and since that makes Alvin too injured to escape later, Alvin heroically sacrifices his life to give the group extra time to escape by getting one of Carver's henchmen to shoot him, and then killing that henchman before dying himself.

Clementine will be the one to overthrow Carver's group
Clem baits Carver into thinking he's successfully taking her under his wing only for Clem to dupe him, which leads to his downfall. Student becomes the teacher.
  • Partially confirmed, partially jossed. Carver does reach out to her, but she never actually becomes his student. Meanwhile, she does play a big role in taking down the camp, but Kenny's the one who finishes the job.

the settlement Tavia was Recruiting for was Carver's group

Remember the end of 400 days? regardless what you did Bonnie would join Tavia's Group, we later see Bonnie as part of Carvers Group, which gives the bad Imply that everyone else who joined Tavia is in Carver's Group

  • Confirmed. Tavia's settlement is Carver's group, and Tavia herself appears there in Episode 3, along with anyone who joined in 400 Days.

  • Worse, Carver says at some point something like "they will accept our Offer, and if they don't, they wish they did." which Implies that Everyone from the 400 days protagonists will be found dead at the camp if they Refused. Why? we seeBonnie near the end of the 2nd episode asking for food and medicine for her gruop then she later appears with carver's Group, who attempt to make the Ski Lodge residents join, they refuse and are taken hostage,some get killed, and the surviving were forced to join and taken to the settlement so the event is quite likely that Tavia Called Carver to tell him where they are and who refused the offer to silently kill the rest who didn't join once (at the very least, bonnie) is out of reach to find it out
    • Jossed: we never see the 400 Days characters who refused again.

Rebecca is the grandmother Russell is searching for
  • Rebecca might not look that old, but her hair is definitely getting lighter, though this might just be a design choice. Alvin, on the other hand, definitely looks a little older. On top of not having enough food and water for Rebecca as her pregnancy enters later stages, it would also warrant some of Alvin's extra concern - giving birth past the age of 35 is risky for any woman, much less one without access to a doctor or a hospital.
    • Jossed. When Carver returns from his search for the group, Russell shows little concern for anyone from Luke's group in general, much less for Rebecca or Alvin.

Luke had a daughter or little sister that died during the apocalypse.
  • It would explain why he's so keen to have Clementine with him all the time and how quickly he bonds with her.

There will be an option to have one of the members of the group killed.
  • Seems like for episode 3 Carver will try to bond with Clementine wherever he and his group lives and seeing how trigger-happy he can be killing Walter and potentially Alvin he might try and show Clem the same kind of way and give her an option of who to kill. You could take Clem down a heel route and go through with it.
    • Jossed. In episode 3, someone does propose "leaving a group member behind", since Luke proposes leaving an injured Kenny behind, but taking the option becomes unnecessary because Kenny recovers in time to escape with the others.

Christa will be at Wellington.
  • That was the plan for her and Clementine and it seems that the group might try heading there.
    • Jossed. It's possible for Clementine to reach Wellington at the end of season 2 episode 5, and Clementine can ask if Christa is there, but is told that she's not.
    • OP here; I just watched a let's play again and the lady at the front gate says she doesn't THINK so. For all we know the lady at the gate may not be with the group of folk all the time, or that people prefer not to give names at all or not required to do so. Either way I still hold some hope she is in there somewhere and Telltale just didn't wanna spoil.

Amputating Lee's arm did stop the infection.
  • The bloodloss from the wound is what killed Lee.

Luke will return pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • He disappeared in Episode Seven during the attack on the ski lodge, and no mention is made of his fate. Eventually, he'll be back— possibly with a small group of other survivors, serving as The Cavalry. (Those survivors might even include those who didn't join the settlement group at the end of 400 Days.)
    • Somewhat confirmed. He does return to help the gang escape, but it's all by his lonesome. No cavalry to be found.

Christa IS the other dead body found by the river near the end of episode 1
  • Upon given the option to look over the bodies found near the river at the end of episode 1, the body closest to the foreground and to the left next to the body wearing glasses is dressed the same way Christa was in Season 1 and even has her hair up the same way as her. Though the color of the woman's skin is paler than Christa's and Christa was in fact wearing an orange zip up sweater the last time we saw her, maybe the designers forgot about her season 2 design or decided to forgo detail with Christa's body for Clementine's sake? Unfortunately, Clem isn't given the option to examine the body more closely so we might never know. However, it's worth noting that whether or not Clem examines the aforementioned body, the dialogue options that refer to Christa in S2 E2 indicate Clem still believes there's a chance that Christa may still be alive.
    • You... just disproved your own theory and then asserted it was still possible. If the body's skin is a different color and is wearing different clothes (bandits probably wouldn't give prisoners time to change, let alone an extra outfit - and I sincerely doubt the devs could simply "forget" which model to assign a character) is pretty damn conclusive proof that the body isn't hers. Next time you make an argument for something, maybe don't include strong evidence against it in your opening remarks?

The blood on Clementine's face in Amid the Ruins...
  • is that of Rebecca's baby.
    • Jossed.

Reggie will die in Episode 3
  • Reggie will either be killed by Carver, or even by Clementine
    • Confirmed. Carver pushes him off a roof for continual incompetence.

Clementine teaching Sarah how to use a gun will come back to bite her in the ass
  • Sarah will end up accidentally shooting an innocent person. Possibly her dad.
    • Jossed for shooting Carlos. Carlos is killed in Season 2 Episode 3, but is shot by stray bullet by either Tavia or one of other Carver's Mook on the neck and then devoured by herd of walkers nearby.

Carlos will die, thus making Sarah snap in a fit of rage
  • What if, just as Carlos said, seeing the world as it actually is makes Sarah "stop functioning"? LIKE, for REAL? I mean, we saw Sarah and the condition she was in back around episode 2.. What if Carlos dies first, and then Sarah goes crazy, and she has to be put down? Possibly by Kenny during episode 3.
    • Partially confirmed. Carlos does die and Sarah does freak out, but so far, as of the end of Episode 3, it's only extended as far as "screaming and running," not "total mental breakdown."

Kenny will lose an eye in Episode 3, Season 2
  • The Not in Nottingham achievement has a picture of an eye, and the description is "get beaten down." Kenny was seen being injured by Carver in the teaser trailer of Episode 2. Also in the official trailer, Kenny never had the right side of his face showing.
    • Confirmed! Kenny did lose his eye in this episode by Carver hitting him with a walkie talkie.

Being a jerk to Sarah will eventually lead to consequences
  • There's only so much she can take.
    • Being a jerk to Sarah only leads to one very minor consequence. In episode 4, if you save Sarah from the trailer, when she asks Clementine why she saved her and Clementine says "Because we're friends" Sarah will reply "No we're not" instead of "I could never be that good of a friend."

Even if you cut off Sarita's arm she is still infected
  • If you cut off Sarita's arm, instead of the walker bite she will be infected by the walker blood on the axe.
  • In the comic it was shown that if you use a weapon covered in zombie bits on someone, they will end up getting infected... so something to think about.

The cabin group weren't the only people to escape Carver's group.
  • And episode four will have the gang encounter people (possibly at that place they were planning to escape to).

Episode 4 will have Rebecca give birth.
  • Episode 3 jossed the idea that Rebecca might give birth during it but episode 4 shows man signs of it. The preview for it has Rebecca clearly freaking out over something, saying "not now, not now, dammit". Plus, one of the achievements for the episode "On Foot" shows a picture of a baby.
  • The trailer posted for episode four seems to give this off as happening.

Jane will try and convince Clementine to leave Rebecca behind.
  • The "she's gonna get someone killed" line could be referring to how the group can't move as quick as they want because of her condition plus it seems as if Jane is already trying to convince Clem to forget about the group.
  • Signs seem to be pointing toward Clem leaving the entire group, not just Rebecca in the new trailer

will end up being the true Big Bad of Season 2.He is definitely suffering some Sanity Slippage after what happened to his family, and he definitely seemed to be losing it even further after losing an eye and killing Carver. Eventually, he'll snap and possibly turn on Clem or she will be forced to take him out to keep him from endangering anyone else.
  • Or worse - he'll snap and turn on everyone but Clem. He still seems to be broken up about Duck after all... Who's to say he won't try to make Clem his Replacement Goldfish?
  • Confirmed. Sort of. The whole thing is up to interpretation, but he is certainly antagonistic by the end. However, he does realise the error of his ways, and either suffers a mental breakdown over having killed Jane, or tells Clementine that she did the right thing in his final moments.

Tavia and other 400 Days Characters except Bonnie...
...will either become new antagonist and try to avenge Carver, or follow Bonnie to join the protagonist's group somewhere along the way in next episodes. Why? Because the developers will surely avoid wasting them, considering they're all protagonists of their own story in 400 Days.
  • Jossed. Unless there are grand plans for a Season 3, they were indeed wasted.

Mike is Lee's blood relative
and possibly his cousin. They look pretty similar, to say the least, with some differences in physique.

Jane will be the Big Bad of the final three episodes.
Though the sole reason for this WMG may be because she scares the crap out of me.

Sarah will die if you don't teach her how to shoot.

After running off on her own at the end of Episode 3, she's going to need some way of defending herself.

  • Jossed. She dies either way.

Sarah will die even if you taught her how to shoot

I mean, let's be real in here for a moment. That girl probably couldn't survive her parents going on a three days' vacation and leaving her alone at home before the apocalypse - a single lesson on using a pistol isn't what's going to save her now she's ran into a herd of literally thousands of Walkers while screaming at the top of her lungs. Knowing telltale, you're going to find her as a Walker and have to kill her.

  • Confirmed. She dies either way, and surprisingly the lesson has no callback. However, she doesn't die in the herd at the settlement. She either dies in the trailer after being left behind or dies pinned under the observation deck. We don't see her as a walker.

Hershel in Season 1 already knows all along about Lee and his dark secret about being convicted murderer.
There are some hints:
  • When he first met Lee and Clementine, and Shawn told him that Lee is not Clem's father, Hershel will ask Clementine in a suspicious tone, "Honey, do you know this man?"
  • If Lee didn't answer the question about his name immediately, Hershel will insist to know the name, prompting Lee to give his first name without family name. This made Hershel responded: "Lee? Just Lee?" The strangest point in here is he didn't ask Clementine's family name, only Lee's family name he asked. However, He wouldn't say it if Lee gave his name immediately, though, despite Lee only gave his first name as well in this case.
  • Shawn said to Hershel "I don't know what the news in the TV told you.", which Hershel didn't deny such as "No, I didn't watch TV.", "No, there are no interesting news in TV.", or "The TV isn't broadcasting anymore." That means, yes, Hershel was watching TV before Shawn came home. Considering that it's still the beginning of outbreak, it's likely TV station is still broadcasting and before there are any news about the outbreak, it's very likely there are news about Lee Everett's murdering a state senator, which Hershel watched.
  • Even if Lee told Hershel the closest thing to the truth, that Lee was in a police cruiser and a cop gave him a ride, Hershel would respond in a somewhat slightly sarcastic tone "That's awful nice of him." Furthermore, following this in the next day, Hershel would still say that he can't tolerate Lee's lack of honesty even if Lee didn't outright lie to him. He even slightly looked hostile when he advised Lee "I don't know who you are or what you did, but you have to be a better liar." The 'I don't know who you are' part is probably a lie, either because Hershel doesn't want to be interested in Lee's crime or because Hershel doesn't want to make Lee, a convicted murderer, thinks that He Knows Too Much.

Nate from the 400 Days DLC of Season One will reappear in the final two episodes of Season Two as the Big Bad.

Because why not? He was already the closest thing to a Big Bad in the 400 Days DLC. So why not just have him reappear in Season Two as the Big Bad?

The characters of the 400 days DLC are going to come after the group of fugitives, because they have ruined their settlement.
And possibly they will confront Clementine about the consequences of her past decisions, like the Stranger did to Lee. And just like the Stranger, they're also going to die.

Rebecca and the baby will BOTH die in Episode Four.
  • I want to go with the theory the baby will die due to Walkers, and Rebecca will die due to the birth.
  • Or...
  • Half confirmed, half jossed. Rebecca dies, but the baby does not.

Clem can choose between saving Rebecca or her baby.
  • She can decide on if she wants to save Rebecca or the baby due to the high amount of Walkers.

Kenny will have huge importance in Episode 4, Season 2
  • Now, this shouldn't come as a surprise; every episode Kenny is in he's Important. But In the Thumbnail for Episode 4 of Season 2, the Silhouette to the left of the blood covered Clementine, the only Silhouette you can make out, is Kenny's (Go look! It's totally him!). Kenny is going to be very, very important this Episode, though I can't say for sure... Although, since he's a big fan of Families and keeping them together, I have a feeling that he might be at odds with Jane...
  • Confirmed. Kenny losing his sanity seems to disable the group temporarily, but then he delivers Rebecca's baby safely when no on else could. Occasionally he takes charge or has emotionally straining conversations with Clementine.

The 400 Days' survivors who stayed at the camp formed a guerrilla group to fight Carver's gang
  • I very much doubt we'll never see the 400 Days characters who stayed at the camp in Season 2. But if the're not a part of Carver's gang, what happened to them? My theory is that, since no matter what you do Bonnie will go with Tavia, the other 400-ers who didn't go with her would want to scope the place to make sure their friend(s) are safe. After learning what a dangerous place Carver's 'utopia' is, they might try to undermine his operations. And after Clementine brought Carver's paradise crashing to the ground, they would probably invite her to their group. Thus, the hooded people behind Clem while she's putting on tribal tattoos in the 'Episode 4' screen.

will be able to survive the entire game.
  • One of complaints about season 1 people had is that if you make a decision to save someone instead of letting them die (e.g; Ben) they don't survive the game, rendering it a useless choice. If you convinced Walter to not let Nick die, he will go on to survive the entire game as a way of Telltale making up for it's previous mistakes.
  • Jossed. If you convince Walter to save him, he will appear as a walker in episode 4, most likely having bled out from his shoulder wound.

There will be other survivors at the civil war museum.
  • Considering how the episode select pic for episode 4 has a bunch of non-recognizable characters behind Clementine that don't resemble anyone in the group, the museum will be full of people who have previously escaped the settlement themselves.
  • Sort of confirmed. There are survivors (Arvo and his group), but we don't know if they had escaped from the settlement. It seems doubtful, however.

Sarah becoming a Broken Bird will not end up a completely bad thing.
  • Meaning she will end up Taking a Level in Badass. If she survives the game, she will end up Not So Different from Clementine at the end of season 2 and be on her way to becoming better at handling the apocalypse. They both started out innocent (although Clem was a lot more noticeable of what was going on), have seen the group they have been with for a while end up turning to hell and they each have lost either a father or a father-figure.
  • Jossed. Sarah dies in episode 4 mainly because she becomes a Broken Bird.

Wellington will be a huge Hope Spot
  • Similar to Kenny's boat idea in Season One. Perhaps when they arrive the entire place will be Walker infested to the point it is not safe.
    • Jossed. Wellington is indeed a safe community. There's a moment where it looks like it'll be a Hope Spot, since the community is full and isn't accepting new members, but Kenny offers to sacrifice his place if they'll take Clementin and Alvin Junior in.

Christa will be dead, or appear as a Walker in front of Clementine.
  • Just like her parents were Walkers, Christa also will appear as a Walker in front of Clementine.

Mike will become yet another of Kenny's Replacement Goldfish.
  • He's a strong-and-silent black man who's handy in combat and appears to have a soft spot for Clementine. Sounds like Lee, right? And even if Kenny didn't like Lee, he'll admit upon reuniting with Clementine that he was "one hell of a guy", which could lead to him developing a similar relationship (Bash Brothers or Headbutting Heroes) with Mike.
    • Jossed. Mike and Kenny do not become friendly; they get into arguments in Episode 5 because of Kenny's cruel treatment of Arvo and Mike and Bonnie eventually leave the group.

The Baby will be named Lee
  • I think this is pretty obvious. He's a Boy, he is "Urban", and now that Rebecca is dead, the odds are either Kenny or Clementine will take care of him, and they will name him "Lee". Unless, of course, they choose not to take care of the Baby, or the Baby didn't survive the gunfight with the Russian Mafia...
    • Jossed. Kenny names the baby "Alvin Junior", or "AJ".
    • There is the option in Season 3 to select the middle name for AJ and Lee is one of the options.

Season two will end with Clementine alone with Rebecca's baby
Considering it's now born and about half of the group's been killed so far (as of Episode four) and that baby is top priority, I don't think it's that much of a stretch to think we'll end up with Clem pretty much alone again.
  • Clementine will raise the child for several years, teaching it suvival skills, before dying and the child will become the next protagonist.
  • Confirmed. This is one of the endings if you either kill Jane or Kenny, then abandon the other, or you kill both.

Everyone Dies during the shoot out but Clementine and the baby
  • The plot twist would be that everyone dies besides Clementine and the baby. If anything we may get lucky and only Luke and Kenny are injured and both make it until the finale where the player has to choose who to kill.
  • And one of the last things Clementine will have to do is choose a name for him. And among the options she can do is name the baby Lee and Alvin.
    • Jossed. The group survives the shoot-out, although they do suffer injuries in the process (and in Luke's case, an injury he suffers indirectly gets him killed later).

There will be a Sadistic Choice between Luke and Kenny in episode 5.
  • Since Kenny's appearance, things have been getting set up between the two. Both have a rather strong fondness for Clementine and the two butt heads quite a lot. Episode 4 brought it up into play even more and with all of the tension (especially if Kenny is the one who shoots Rebecca) going on, episode 5 will feature either killing or abandoning one of them in favor of the other.
    • Jossed. There is a Sadistic Choice, but it's between Kenny and Jane instead; Luke dies after falling through cracks in an icy lake.

Terminus exists in the comic universe
look at the leaked Achievements/Trophies list of Episode 5, one of them is "we drive slowly". go check it out. needless to explain here
  • Terminus means the end of a travel route as explained here - I am assuming that it could also be the Alexandria Safe-Zone, or something similar to it especially if the series does end with season two.
    • The funny thing is that is not the last achievement you get. so It's couldn't mean "end" of something

Episode Five will be a dying dream of Clementine's. It will be revealed at the end that she was fatally wounded during the shoot-out and the events leading up to the reveal of her death is just a "What If...?" scenario.
  • In the thumbnail for the episode, it is snowing and there is virtually no life around. If they do make a Season 3, what will they do with her character, if she survives? It is the ultimate Downer Ending. Lee appearing may or may not be optional. Since you can't burn his photo in Episode One, it must come into play in the final episode of Season 2. Clementine will see Lee's picture next to her and she will hallucinate and believe that he's there. Lee appearing would not only please the fans, but it could also help Clementine get some closure with his death, and her guilt over it.

    • Or, it could be subverted, instead. She doesn't necessarily have to die, but she could be hallucinating from blood loss and make it out alive, but barely.

Episode Five will have some characters from Season One and 400 Days not confirmed deceased return.
  • Because it just seems appropriate to end Season 2 that way. Have characters like Lilly, Molly, Christa, Nate, Chet (or Andre depending on your choices), Eddie, and many more like them appear for Season Twos Grand Finale. It seems like a good way to end it to me anyway.
    • Jossed. You don't meet anyone from the last game in the last Episode.

  • She and the baby survive the Bolivian Army Ending of Season Two Episode Four and make their way to Wellington— which isn't perfect, but it's safe and stable— where they reunite with Christa, who adopts and raises the baby. It'd be a nice way for Telltale to Throw the Dog a Bone after the unremitting harshness of Season Two.
    • Confirmed, but with a bittersweet edge—Wellington is full and is unwilling to accept more survivors (also, Clementine can ask about Christa, but is told that there isn't anyone named Christa there). Clementine can make it in, but only because Kenny offers to sacrifice his spot so Clementine and Alvin Jr. can make it in, and even then, you can still choose to leave with Kenny anyway. There is also a second possible "happy" ending where instead, Clementine returns with Jane to Howe's, and they found a settlement there since the place is secure.

The Russians aren't the bad guys we think they are.
  • The Russians may have been more amiable had Jane used her brain and not treated Arvo like crap. Instead, she gets to dodge the consequences while Clementine and company is left to deal with the anger of a survivalist community that could have helped them get to Wellington. When the Russians saw that they had a baby they seemed to be laying off once they heard that the group has a baby. The only people to see Rebecca turn into a Walker is Clem(possibly Kenny too?)

The Russians aren't shooting at the group.
  • Instead, the Russians are shooting at a group of walkers that are closing in on them all. They became alerted when Clementine/Kenny shoots Walker!Rebecca
    • Jossed, the Russians are in fact shooting at the group.

At least ONE of the Russians will survive the Mexican Stand Off.
Most likely Arvo since he's already been established to the audience a bit and it would be a complete waste to kill him off right after a cliffhanger.
  • Confirmed. Arvo survives the Mexican Standoff and is forced to take the group to where the Russians were keeping their supplies.

Jane is pregnant after "making it" with Luke.
If you go with Jane you will have to deal with another baby.
  • Confirmed. Jane hangs herself after finding out.

We will have a second 400 Days, picking up the same characters.
Tavia and Bonnie especially have clear stories to be told, and there's a lot of plot points that are not followed up on to make it Clementine's story.
  • It is worth noting that Bonnie can die in Episode 5, so it could be difficult to tell her story. As for the others, it feels like there is definitely some unfulfilled potential there, with the four of them getting a cameo in Season 2, at best.
    • Actually, Bonnie's death was Dummied Out at some point - it was left in the PS3 version by accident and has been patched out since then.
      • It was MIKE whose death was Dummied Out: You had the option of shooting him in the PS3 version, but it was patched via hotfix. Bonnie still has the option of dying in all versions, if you chose to cover Luke and then didn't break the ice.

The original final decision was going to be choosing between Kenny and Luke.
People were guessing this from the very beginning, only for the sudden switch of it actually being between Kenny and Jane. However, the repeated conflicts between Kenny and Luke throughout the season, coupled with both being presented as a mentor figure to Clementine, suggests that the final decision really was going to be choosing between them.

The reason this was changed most likely has to do with how Luke's character was executed. Both he and Kenny have different versions of the same well-intentioned but foolish hero complex, but while Kenny clearly comes off as losing a grip on his sanity, Luke comes off as sane, well adjusted and genuinely heroic. Leading most players to, regardless of their affection towards Kenny, instinctively consider Luke the "correct" option. Telltale Games most likely recognized this and placed Jane into the story as a back up for Luke if he proved incapable of creating a morally grey final decision, which is also most likely the explanation for his uncharacteristically Jerkass behavior during episode 4: one last attempt at making the choice between him and Kenny less clear. None of this ended up working and so Luke was shelved in favor of Jane to create a more ambiguous and climactic final encounter.

  • I'd like to add to this by suggesting that under this theory, it may have been possible they were planning for Jane to not return to the group after leaving in Amid The Ruins. But they decided to bring back Jane after the aforementioned difficulty with Luke and Kenny.

Clementine closed her eyes
She takes a lot more hits to finish Zombie Nick than any other walker. Somehow she just couldn't look at his face after everything, so she finished him off blind.

Jane was originally intended to be Molly.
The two are both tough, short-haired loners with a talent at fighting and a deceased little sister. Jane was likely put in over Molly because it would be a little too much of a coincidence that Clem would cross paths with her several states away from where they last saw each other after having just done the same with Kenny.

Kenny is an Ass-Man
Both of his love interest have had considerably bulbous posteriors, so it's only logical to assume that he prefers a large buttocks.

     Season 2 - Michonne Mini Series 
There will be a DLC similar to 400 days for Season 2

And it will revolve around the past actions of Characters we've already seen, such as The Stranger, Carver, Mike, Jane, Kenny, or Christa.

  • We may see some other sorta content soon according to this video around the 40:20ish mark. My guess again is a DLC like 400 Days as well.
  • Sorta..?? It was confirmed that we will in fact see a mini-series(3 episodes), but it does not focus on any of the characters we know from the Telltale games version. Instead, it focuses on Michonne during the time she left Rick's group. You can read more Shere
  • At the time that this WMG was posted the hint that was given was "You may see some Walking Dead stuff soon" in that video linked above. We didn't know about the mini-series yet.

Michonne was involved in the deaths of those bandits by the river in "All That Remains"
Telltale have said that you need "All That Remains" in order to play Michonne Series, so presumably something that happens in that episode is significant to the plot of Michonne's game.

Christa's fate will be known

You'll run into past locations from Season One, 400 Days, and Season Two as Michonne.
  • It'd not shock me, honestly!

There will be an option to Mercy Kill someone.
  • It's a Telltale game! Of course someone will have to be mercy killed.

Michonne will run into Clementine in the final episode.
Michonne will go to Howe's Hardware, Wellington and some third place, and depending on where you left Clementine at the end of season 2, Michonne will run into her there.

Pete will be brutally beaten by Norma, or someone else by the end of this mini-series
There's no chance in hell he will live, especially if Randall gets a hold of him to what we've seen of him
  • Semi-jossed If the game faithfully follows the comics Pete should be fully alive by the end of the game. Though what he'll go through along the way is still left to be seen
    • OP here. Yep, you're right. Pete and the others we saw in episode 1 are alive and well in the comics

There will be an option Kill 'Em All
This will include even the people who are on your side

     Season 3 
If Clementine is the star of Season 3...
(Note: the key word is "if". I recognize the possibility that Season 2 is the end of Clem's story)The different endings will have the season start differently but will ultimately lead to the same story. However, it WILL determine who one of the group members will be.
  • If Clementine went with Kenny...
    • And stayed with him, Kenny will be part of the Season 3 group.
    • And joined Wellington, Edith will be part of the Season 3 group.
      • Confirmed, but only in one flashback, and they die in the same flashback.
  • If Clementine went with Jane...
    • And turned Randy's family away, Jane will be part of the Season 3 group.
    • And let Randy's family in, someone from Randy's family will be part of the Season 3 group.
  • If Clementine went alone... I'm not sure. But I'm guessing she eventually runs into someone who joins her. My guesses are...
    • Christa
    • Lily
    • Mike and/or Arvo (and possibly Bonnie).
    • One of the 400 Days characters other than Bonnie.
      • Jossed. Clementine is still alone in the flashback.
  • I know it doesn't specify on the new teaser video, but it almost sounds like she maybe the player character

Clementine will be the the Big Bad of Season 3.
The Protagonist of Season 3 will be someone within Wellington and Clementine will lead a group against them. Having either left it or traveled to it, she allies herself with an enemy faction and has either Kenny, Jane, or someone else as The Dragon.
  • Jossed.

Season three will do a Time skip like season two did and Clementine will become AJ's parental figure just as Lee was to her.
We will get to see what an adult clementine will look like and AJ can become more than just a liability.
  • I'm all for this. A 5-6 year time skip would be ideal, I think, letting us see Clem in her late teens and AJ as a young child. It would be interesting to see Clem be put on the other side of the Badass and Child Duo, but still technically a child herself.
  • Confirmed.

Clementine will be the protagonist of Season 3, and it will have multiple starting points
We'll get a timeskip, and then depending on the ending if either Kenny or Jane survived, they will die in the first episode. If Clementine went with Jane they would have had to flee (with the cause being determined by if you let the other survivors in or not). If Clementine went with Kenny they'll be in the same place, but with Kenny instead of Jane. If Clementine was alone, she and AJ wind up in Wellington and the game skips the sequence where Jane or Kenny dies and instead shows Clementine surviving on her own until she arrives at Wellington, where she convinces Edith to take them in. Whatever happens, Clementine eventually winds up in Wellington (Either finally making it there with AJ on her own, or after Kenny dies (which includes dialog of Edith mentioning Kenny) or after Jane dies (with Edith asking how she made it alone)
  • Technically confirmed. In the flashback in the first episode, it branches off from what ending you chose. Whoever you accompanied (Kenny, Jane, or Edith/Wellington) dies in that same flashback. But you still meet Clem in the same way no matter the ending.

We will get information about the third season around 2016.
Tales from the Borderlands could be ending in 2015 with 5 episodes, Game of Thrones around maybe the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 since it's 6 episodes. TTG's schedule with TWD S2 means each episode would come out every 1/2 month to 2 months. If they continue this route my theory maybe correct.
  • It seems as if they have confirmed there WILL be a season 3, just do not expect it soon. However, we may see some other sorta content soon according to this video around the 40:20ish mark.

Season 3 will feature a different player protagonist, but they will still meet Clementine.
Perhaps we'll play as a character we already know, like Christa or Lilly, or maybe it will be a new character, but either way they'll meet Clementine and she'll gradually reveal how she got from whatever ending happened in season 2 to that point, so that none of the endings becomes any more canon than each other, because she'll still end up meeting you regardless, and the only thing that the ending determines is her behavior and motivations.
  • Confirmed. Javier Garcia is the new protagonist, while what Clementine has been up to ever since the ending of Season 2 is gradually revealed throughout Season 3 via information she tells Javier or through flashbacks. The endings get pretty much rendered moot besides appearance changes, because they still lead to the same place where she is currently in "Ties That Bind".

Mike and Arvo will return in DLC or in Season 3.
Those who played early versions of the PS3 version know that originally, it was possible for Clementine to kill Mike in retaliation for him trying to steal supplies and run away. However, this was Dummied Out. This suggests that Telltale has come up with ideas on what to do with Mike in future content. And since Arvo is with him at the end, by extension we can confirm Arvo's eventual reappearance. Adding on to this, Bonnie will return as well if she is still alive.

Everyone will end up at Wellington in Season Three.
I am guessing they would some how bring everyone to Wellington in the end, like if you end up with Jane supplies get too low and you go back and find Wellington and Clementine alone with AJ stumbles upon Wellington. I guess at least that is my theory they could do something totally different though.
  • Unlikely, because the new goal seems to be taking down the New Frontier settlement, and the Wellington flashback reveals that it got taken down by thugs.

Only one of the Season 2 endings will be deemed "Canon" and Season 3 will go from there.
When Episode 5 of Season 2 had multiple endings fans wondered how will they make Season 3 since unlike the 1st Season the 2nd Season had multiple endings (in which a few of them were distinctly different). The truth is that only one of the 5 endings will be deemed the "official" one that Season 3 will use. Would that alone be quite a Base Breaking move? Sure, but its Telltales only real option at this point since trying to make alternate Season 3's would just make things a lot more convoluted. Now which ending would Telltale choose? Well one strong possibility would be to go with the Kenny endings since he has been such a prominent character in the story since the 1st Season now whether if they go with the "Kenny leaves Clementine and AJ at Wellington" ending or the "Clementine and AJ stay with Kenny" ending is a different story IF they do go down that route.

Season 3 will have nothing to do with Clementine.
After hearing so many wild, implausible theories about how Telltale is going to retcon the Multiple Endings of Season 2, I feel obligated to point out that it's much more likely they aren't going to continue from Season 2. Really, this is almost as bad as the "Lee didn't die" theories that were floating around at the start of the Season. There are plenty of characters whose fates are unknown who could easily take the reins for the next season in a totally different story. Christa, Mike, Arvo - maybe even someone completely new. It's pretty clear that Season 2 was meant to finish off Clem's story, and the next season will almost definitely focus on someone else entirely.
  • Jossed. While there will be a new playable character added, Season 3 will continue Clementine's story, and she will still be playable.

Edith had special conditions for Clementine and AJ's entry
For the enter Wellington ending, Kenny cuts off Edith mid speech, because of sheer joy that Clementine and AJ got a placing. The quote was "I made the case that -". Whether those conditions are benevolent or not is doubtful.
  • Doesn't seem to matter. Wellington is already gone by this point of the timeline anyway.

If Clementine chose to stay in Wellington....
Then Kenny will eventually wander back to Howe's, where he will take up residence. There he meets up with Randy, Patricia and Gill. Finding a new family to protect, Kenny finds a new purpose to keep him going just a little while longer....

Wellington will be taken over and destroyed by a new big bad, setting up the plot for season 3.
Of course there will be a big bad or even a bigger bad.
  • In a way, confirmed. We have to deal with the New Frontier, which is not a benevolent settlement, unlike Wellington. Also, Wellington got raided, so there's no hope going back there anymore.

Characters from the comics who may appear
  • Andrea
  • Maggie
  • Michonne
  • Eugene
  • Gabriel
  • People from the Alexandria Safe-Zone Community.
  • Negan (mentioned, but not SEEN), and The Saviors, Dwight's family
  • Confirmed. Jesus will make an appearance

Even if you take in Randy's family, they'll die due to Walkers anyway
I am betting on it. After Randy fixes up Howe's and keeps his promise, a Walker will sneak up and bite him. Afterwards his entire family either will leave Clem and Jane, or also die by Walkers.
  • No matter what you did with them, they screw you over by making off with some of your supplies.

You will be playing as Clementine during the past, and Javier during the present at least at first.
It'll start off with whatever ending you chose during season two with Clem. Javier's side will be during the present time in which he befriended Clem and got to speak to her about whatever happened up to now. Perhaps some Call-Back to all the choices we chose during season 2.
  • This is about right...sort of. You do play as Clem in flashbacks showing the past. Javi also gets time to play in the present and past too.

The main plot is about a war between two communities.
Community 1 did something bad to community 2, etc, etc.
  • Confirmed. Though it's less of an actual war between communities and more about the New Frontier being the big guys on the scene that like picking bones with all sorts of survivor groups, both just groups on the move and communities alike.

If Clem went with Jane back to Howe's, she will act and be the The Stoic of the group.
She also maybe more like Jane was as well.

Kenny and Jane both die no matter the ending choice you made.
Sorry folks!
  • Kenny dies due to breaking his legs as he went thru a windshield. Jane commits suicide due to being pregnant with Luke's child
    • Although in the Wellington ending and two variants of the alone ending, their fates are ambiguous.

The group who call themselves The New Frontier are the folks from Wellington.
The season 3 launch trailer came out, and it may seem that way.
  • This is jossed. They attacked Wellington, so aren't even a real part of Wellington after all

The leader of The New Frontier is NOT Lily or Christa.
There has been some speculation that the leader maybe them. The person doesn't even seem like a woman, it looks more like a guy of what is seen of them in the trailer.
  • This seems to be confirmed. Dave is the supposed leader of the New Frontier

Clementine is a recruiter for one of the communities we will be visiting.
Not necessarily New Frontier, but possibly the airport community.
  • Jossed.

One of the choices for a future episode will be to either kill David or let him live.
Cause it seems that would be a very likely thing coming from the Telltale we know

Kate is going to die due to the bullet wound being infected.
Even though there's an actual EMT / doctor who is useful, it maybe too late to save her due to the prolonged time it took to travel to Richmond. Also wouldn't shock me if Telltale takes the high road and let us kill her so she doesn't turn into a Walker.

When David finds out that the New Frontier killed Mariana, he's going to be supremely pissed off.
He always seems to get angry whenever anything of his gets broken as well as when someone he cares about dies. The same will be true here.

The fact AJ doesn't talk is foreshadowing something.
In at least two of the ending choices from S2 (Wellington with Edith and if you went with Kenny) it's mentioned AJ has not spoke in usual baby talk. There's such a thing as delayed speech and language development in children. Common issues could be oral impairments, or something wrong with the tongue, etc.

Conrad's last name is Verner.

Eleanor will be turned into a Walker, already dead, or wounded when Tripp finds her
I just sense some foreshadowing of this being the case

AJ is alive still

Alternatively, AJ is dead and David is lying.

Also alternatively, AJ is alive...but in an undead sense.

Something Clementine cares about (either AJ or her hat) will be taken from her and/or destroyed, causing her to finally lose it.

The final choice in episode 5 will be either to shoot David or let him live
Well, do they really wanna do another Jane vs Kenny thing or not?

Mostly jossed. There are four endings. In two, David is killed protecting Gabe from a horde of walkers. In one, he is bitten while protecting Gabe and is then shot by either Javi or Gabe as a mercy killing. In the fourth, he survives. In this case, however, you then have the option to banish him from the group or forgive him.

Gabe will be killed by a Walker or somebody in episode 5.
I just sense his death is coming....

Partially confirmed. There are four alternate endings. Gabe dies in one of them, but survives in the other three.

The ultimate downer ending for episode 5, though unlikely, is that it will be a Kill 'Em All ending
Jossed. At the absolute least, Javi, Clem, Jesus, Eleanor and Kate and/or Gabe (at least one will survive; it's possible to save both) live to the end. Depending on your choices, David, Conrad, and Dr. Lingard may also be alive at the end.

     The Final Season 
The boarding school teenagers will be more important than we think.
It seems the first 3 episodes are focused on them. They could be a plot point perhaps.
  • Confirmed; they're the main group we protect throughout the game.

The dog will end up dying that was shown by a Walker, bandit, or just natural causes.
They only said the dog would not be killed in episode 1, and never mentioned past that.
  • Jossed.

AJ will end up having some illness that will make him sick.
We never did get a clear answer on what sorta illness he has. It could just be that it would be hard to raise a baby during this and unable to find the proper medical care/shots for a baby or toddler.
  • Jossed. He's recovered from whatever he came down with in Season Three.

The final episode will have multiple endings.
Basic gist would be Clem lives/AJ dies, and one where Clem dies/AJ lives. Alternately they'd throw in an ending where both live if certain conditions are met. Or maybe both die...
  • Confirmed, sort of. The game does have multiple endings, though they focus on characters other than Clem and AJ being alive, dead, or maimed by the Delta. Both our protagonists survive no matter what.

Clementine won't die.
Even though she has a pose in the promo artwork just like Lee in Season 1, the game can pull off a Surprisingly Happy Ending, where Clementine and AJ continue surviving in the walker-infested world, for many more days to come. And the prospect of death is seemingly too obvious.
  • Confirmed.

Clementine will get bit like Lee did.
This is a series where there is no Happy Ending as far as the TV show and the comics go. The series has yet to really rely on the Earn Your Happy Ending trope. Yes, that bit in the trailer is likely Foreshadowing.
  • Confirmed, though AJ manages to save her by amputating the infected limb.

Nate from 400 Days is the main antagonist and one out of two returning characters.
A picture posted on the forum run by Telltale Games suggested the guy in the teaser looks similar to Nate.
  • Okay so I swear Telltale has stated that we'd expect a few familiar faces. I'm going off a few being 2-3 people.
  • Jossed. The guy's a new character named Abel.

The ranch has been taken over by bandits or Walkers upon Clem finding AJ.
Just an idea I had in my head. To explain how AJ survived? There'd be a Call-Back to how Clem hid in her treehouse during the events of Season One. Basically AJ survived due to hiding where the Walkers and bandits couldn't find him, etc. The people AJ was living will be revealed to be killed by Walkers or bandits.
  • And it seems like we may find out in Episode 2 what exactly happened.
  • Confirmed. We see the place is already in flames by the time Clem gets there, and AJ was hidden in a locker by the woman who protected him.

The reason why Clem and AJ didn't go back to Richmond.
By the time they both went back, Richmond was destroyed by the same raiders who were mentioned in episode 1. The Garcia's will be mentioned as dead no matter who lived in your ending in A New Frontier.
  • Clementine says the entire area is a warzone after she finds AJ, which implies that that much may be true. However, the status Garcia's is never mentioned and it's left to your imagination how they're doing.

Most of the boarding school kids will likely be dead by episode 4.
I am skeptical all of them will live.
  • Confirmed. Only four of the nine kids are still alive by the end.

Clem will have the option to give AJ a What the Hell, Hero? moment in Episode 2.
Because it almost seems like you could have the option to scold AJ for doing what he did.
  • Sort of. She can either defend what he did, or tell him to his face that killing someone who is no longer a threat to you makes you a murderer but, regardless, she will try to help him make amends.

Lilly's going to show up at some point.
Her showing up during the introductory bit where the player picks what choices they made is too odd to be a coincidence. She will likely show up as either a Walker or as a member of the raiders, if not the leader.
  • We know she does appear in Episode 2, but not sure of exact details until episode 2 releases proper.
    • Confirmed. Lilly appears in Episode 2 as the major antagonist.

Clementine is going to die by drowning.
"Oh My Darling, Clementine" was written by a miner whose daughter (named Clementine) drowned. One of the achievements in the last episode of the season is titled "Red Water," implying that Clem and whoever is still alive by that point will be in some sort of peril regarding water. The final episode itself is named "Take Us Back," a reference to the credits song of the first season. Take Us Back, the song, had the lyrics "the strength of water can sink a man." This is either a big string of coincidences, or Telltale laying it on thick with the foreshadowing.
  • Jossed.

If Clementine dies at the end, there will be a Dark Reprise of "Oh My Darling, Clementine" over the end credits.
This makes some sense.
  • Jossed.

This season will answer What Happened to the Mouse? in previous seasons.
More specifically, it will clarify that most (if not all) of the people whose fates were unaccounted for at the end of the seasons they appeared in (eg: Vernon's group, the group that stole the car in season 2, the Garcia's, etc.) didn't make it.
  • Jossed. We never see what happened to them. Although we do get to see Eddie from 400 Days briefly.

At the beginning of Episode 2, Marlon will come back as a Walker.
  • While everyone tells off AJ for having shot Marlon, and possibly getting angry at Clementine by proxy, Marlon reanimates into a Walker, forcing either Clementine, Tenn (whose sisters were given up by Marlon to the raiders), or Louis (who was best friends with Marlon) to kill Walker!Marlon.
    • If Clem is the one to kill Walker!Marlon, the other campers will be split afterwards as to whether or not to defend her or go against her, though that may happen regardless of whether or not she kills Walker!Marlon.
    • If Tenn is the one to kill Walker!Marlon, he feels conflicted about the whole thing, as despite Marlon giving up Tenn's sisters, he still looked up to Marlon, and Clem's relationship with Tenn onward will depend on how they interacted beforehand, how Marlon responded to a grieving Tenn at the end of Episode 1, and/or how Clem talks to Tenn after the whole ordeal. This may also decide if Tenn defends Clem for AJ's actions or not.
    • If Louis is the one to kill Walker!Marlon, he will hesitate, and there will be a choice to either tell him it's not the Marlon he knew anymore, to tell him to shoot Walker!Marlon already, or have Clem take the gun and shoot him herself (tying into the possibility already mentioned above). Either way (and perhaps regardless of the above possibilities), Louis becomes shaken by the whole event, and Clem's relationship with him from then onward depends either on how they interacted previously, how Clem acted during the whole ordeal with Walker!Marlon, and/or how she deals with a grieving Louis. As with Tenn above, this may also decide if Louis defends Clem for AJ's actions or not.
    • Jossed. AJ shot Marlon in the head - he does not reanimate.

Lily, Christa, Arvo, and Mike will make an appearance.
Adding to the above but with more characters in the mix. Bonnie may also appear, perhaps.
  • Lily is confirmed back as of the trailer for episode 2

Sophie and Minerva will be revealed to be alive but as servants/slaves to the raider group.
I am almost certain since it has been a year they have long since been killed by the raiders.
  • Concept art has been shown of Minerva at least, so she likely could have been alive alongside Sophie. If they are being used as soldiers to fight a war, then there's no need to kill the two.
    • Semi-confirmed. Lilly tries to get the kids to surrender by saying Minnie is alive and doing well at the group and wanted to come to the battle to see her girlfriend (Violet), her friend (Louis) and her little brother (Tenn). She makes no mention of Sophie, however, and does not explain why Minnie was not brought.
  • Jossed. Minerva killed Sophie to prove her loyalty and is a soldier, not necessarily a servant.

Christa is involved in The Delta.
She became cold to Clem after Omid was killed, just as Lilly was.
  • We never see Christa in this season, so this theory can't be confirmed or denied.

The Downer Ending will be to choose to put down AJ.
AJ would be so far gone in the deep end that the group/Clem would have no choice but to put down AJ. The group would know how much Clem loves and cares about him, but ultimately it'd be left in Clem's court on if she follows through or not. It has happened in the comics and TV show before with children who murdered others.
  • Jossed.

Episode 2 or 3 will reveal all the details about what had happened at the Mc Caroll Ranch.
More head scratcher territory, but just what the hell is giving Clementine nightmares?
  • This image by TTG seems to support the theory that we may know what happened at the ranch in Episode 2, not 3.
  • We do learn what happened at the ranch, but it happens in episode 4. Clem seems to be having nightmares because of the state she found the ranch in, as well as guilt from having killed the woman who was protecting AJ.

The person using Walker skin in the teaser image is NOT a member of The Whisperers.
He is just using the idea for his own reasons.
  • Jossed. James is a former member of The Whisperers.

Assuming the season isn't cancelled, it will end with James bringing Clem, AJ and whoever else survived to Alexandria, where Clem will meet Rick and Carl.
James mentioned the Whisperers attack on Alexandria, so he knows that it exists. Alexandria may even be the community that Lilly's group is at war with.
  • If Telltale goes the comic route for episodes 3 and 4, this likely could be the epilogue of episode 4.
  • Jossed.

If the season is completed, it will conclude with the end of the zombie apocalypse.
After all, Tenn foreshadows it during the card game. Maybe someone who dies won't come back as a walker. And it would be the perfect way to finally give Clem closure, since this is the final season.
  • Jossed. The apocalypse is still going on, but Clem and AJ have finally found a place they can call home.

Delta is at war with The Whisperers.
And they are unaware that The Whisperers are no longer active. Unless the season is set before issue #173.

Minerva killed her twin sister Sophie.
While Lilly says that Minerva is alive, she does not mention Sophie, leaving her fate up in the air. Also, Violet remembers Minerva being so gentle that she hated even killing walkers, which opens her up for a Face–Heel Turn as to why she fits in with the raiders so well, and quite possibly a What the Hell, Hero? from Tenn and Violet.
  • Confirmed.

Sometime after A New Frontier, Delta had a small war with Richmond.
Clem could have went back, seen the place was in shambles, and turned back around with AJ.
  • Maybe confirmed; Clem says going back to Richmond is a bad idea, so she drives as far away from the area as possible.

Delta is at war with some community in the comics/tv show.
So many groups they can take over or go to a war with. Maybe they're even at war with the new community featured in the New World Order arc.

Clementine's (and possibly AJ's) fate will be determinant.
Specifically, whether Clementine dies or not is up to whatever choices the player has made. Here are a few possibilities:
  • Under certain circumstances, there may be a certain scenario where Clementine is bitten, leading to the Come Full Circle achievement.
  • If Clementine has had a positive relationship with the boarding school teens, but formed a romantic relationship with Violet, this will make Minerva harder to sway in favor of the protagonists, and she can end up causing Clem's death at the end if the player makes the wrong choices, though the player might still end up being able to redeem her. Alternatively, this will end with either Clementine or Minerva dead; both of them coming out alive is not an option if you've romanced Violet.
  • If AJ has become ruthless and remains so by the end, he can end up becoming a threat, resulting in Clem having to choose to put down AJ or not as mentioned above in a WMG.
  • If Clementine has been a Jerkass and AJ is ruthless, the other protagonists will kick them both out of the group, leading to a Downer Ending.
  • As mentioned in another WMG above, Clementine can potentially drown to death, as one of the achievements is called "Red Water" and Louis plays a song called "Oh, My Darling Clementine."
  • The Golden Ending: Clementine hasn’t been bitten and hasn't been a Jerkass and/or AJ isn't ruthless by the end, and Clementine has either romanced Louis (allowing Violet to more easily convince Minerva), or Clementine was able to meet the conditions needed to have Minerva pull a Heel–Face Turn if she's romanced Violet, assuming that it's possible in that route. Clementine and AJ will end up both surviving the ordeal, though what exactly happens to them, I have no idea.
  • Jossed. Clem is always bitten, AJ always saves her with amputation, and Minnie always dies.

The Ericsons Boarding School children will be determinant in Episode 4.
Much like the above, but it's mostly the Ericsons School kids being determinant. Louis, Violet, and the others can and will die if you don't move quick enough or don't do something in time.
  • Confirmed. If you trust AJ to make hard decisions, he will shoot Tenn to save Violet or Louis (whoever was saved in episode 2). If you don't trust him, his confidence is shaken and Violet/Louis dies saving Tenn. Ruby, Omar, and Aasim always live, though.

James will die no matter what choice you picked during the Episode 3 ending.
  • I doubt it; the developers have said they're making sure that if a character dies from a player's choice, it can only be because of player choice. If they're going to railroad the game to account for their determinant fate, it's more likely that he'll get lost in the chaos after the boat explodes, or, considering his background, he'll decide he's not ready to join a group again and leave, similar to Molly in Season One.
  • Jossed. If he survives, he will leave the group, disgusted by Clem and AJ's actions, or he will protect them from walkers and get separated in the process.

If James died at the end of Episode 3, he will become a walker.
Lilly stabbed him in the back, not the head, and he takes quite a few seconds to die. In the next episode, he will reanimate and Clementine will need to decide whether to kill him for the safety of everyone in the area, or to leave him as a walker as he would probably want.
  • Confirmed, though we don't get a choice to kill him.

You will have the choice to let James turn into a Walker or kill him.
A fake image leak had some very convincing choices, but a few were just out there. I picture the choice to let him turn or not could still make it in as a choice.
  • Jossed.

Clem losing her hat will be determinant.
You will be able to find the hat or choose to forget about it.
  • Jossed.

The Reveal of what happened at the ranch will be given via a flashback at the start of Episode 4.
After the end of Episode 3, Clem obviously looked to hit her head, gets knocked out, and then we're shown a flashback of what had happened at the ranch. A lot of players want a flashback, and not a description of what happened.
  • Confirmed. We get a flashback detailing what happened, although it happens when the episode is nearly over rather than right at the beginning.

We still won't know anything about The Delta, the fate of Richmond, or who The Delta is going up against by the end of Episode 4.
Unless they plan to do a DLC explaining the above I don't see them making the final episode fit all that in. It seems the ranch was always planned to be panned out this long.
  • Confirmed.

Javi and the remaining Garcia family members escaped Richmond when The Delta arrived.
Word of God says that Javi and his family who remains are still alive. My speculation is they escaped Richmond knowing it was a lost cause. As the above, they could be a planned DLC episode where their fate is revealed. Other members were either kidnapped, straight up killed, or worse...

Everything that happens after the barn scene is Clementine's Dying Dream.
Clementine stumbled around on a bit leg for way too long. Just like Lee, the infection spread through her body and was already starting to turn her. By the time she and AJ seal themselves in the barn, Clementine had already lost way too much blood and was already starting to go through the process of turning. We don't see what part of the body AJ cuts when he swings the axe, but think about it. Even if he did strike her on the leg, that just would've made the bleeding worse and they had nothing to stop it. That said, everything after the barn, including the flashback, is Clementine's memories, which are then followed up by what she wishes would've happened, shall she had survived the events at the barn.Jossed A blog written as A.J's internal monologue shows us how A.J cauterized her wound with flint from the cave.

Amongst the group of survivors mentioned in the end are the Garcias.
Just to make that Happy Ending complete.


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