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     Pre-Season 1 speculation by fans 
Merle will be The Governor.
  • While there isn't much evidence to suggest this, it would be interesting if Merle becomes the one to cut off Rick's hand, saying that it would be like an eye for an eye.

Tyreese isn't in the series because Merle has killed him
  • if Merle had set of the way the group eventually go he would have had several days head start meaning he could easily have come across Tyreese's group before Rick's group would have in the books. Tyreese's daughter's boyfriend is white and both Merle and Tyreese have very short tempers so the chances of Merle saying something that leads to a fight is very high. Merle wins, Tyreese dies, his daughter and her boyfriend make good on their suicide pact a little early and Rick never knows they exist.
  • Jossed. Actor Chad Coleman has been cast to appear as Tyreese.

    Season 1 
Merle deliberately lured the walkers to the camp
Given Daryl's line about him "taking some vengeance back to camp," it did seem kind of conspicuous how we simply never saw any traces of him after that, aside from that one hallucination in season 2. Not to mention the timing, considering they've been camped there for weeks or maybe even months and they just happened to get massacred shortly after Merle gets left behind. Hell, maybe Merle was even behind the helicopter in season 2 that drew the massive horde to toward the farm, though that's a bit more of a stretch.
  • Merle stole their van, so this is unlikely at best. In season three, he is revealed to be with the Woodbury militia, and is among those investigating the helicopter crash.
    • The van thing doesn't really say much, considering we explicitly see him sic a horde on the Governor's men by driving a car really, really slowly.
Indirect exposure to the walker bodily fluids creates a resistance to the alleged airborne strain of the virus
Anytime blood splashed on them during a walker fight they were inadvertently protecting themselves
  • They are still prone to infection via scratches and/or bites but that's about it.
    • Bites only kill you (do have any idea what might be in a Walker's rotting mouth?), and scratches don't seem to do anything. Everyone is already infected, it's just dormant until death.
Rick died from his gunshot wound.
  • The world of the Walking Dead that he wakes up in is his own personal purgatory or hell.

The Burning Legion found a world that only one Titan race and decided to attack a soft target to build up another Scourge but failed to maintain control. Why "there must always be a Lich King?"No Lich King you get perpetual motion, near indistructable (only brain damage can kill walkers) zombies.

Rick is a zombie.
His heart stopped, and he lay in a hospital bed for days without food or water. He's obviously a zombie that's somehow retained his intelligence.
  • So why isn't he rotting?

Rick knows that Lori is pregnant.

  • This is what Jenner had told Rick before leaving the CDC. Jenner would be in a position to know since he had taken urine samples of all of the survivors in order to screen for infection, and he could have used Lori's urine to test for pregnancy as well.
    • Jossed in the episode "Secrets"

It's the time of the Second Coming and Rick is the Messiah.

Morales or/and his family will return in the future.
If the series is going to be a long one (and judging from ratings and fanbase, it will be), it's always nice to have an old character return in a later time to make fans nostalgic. I'm guessing it's by the time they reach the Hilltop or Alexandria arc.
  • Confirmed

The zombies are re-animated by nanites.
Jenner's graphics depicted normal brain activity as blue energy, while the "second event" re-activated the brainstem with orange energy. If the blue energy represented the depolarization of neurons, then their blue color was presumably being used to indicate a shift to a positive membrane potential. As orange is opposite from blue on the color wheel, it's reasonable to assume orange is the computer's way of depicting negative membrane potentials, relative to what's normal for inactive neurons. Living excitable tissues don't use negatively-charged impulses to transmit information, but electronic devices do, which implies some sort of microscopic machinery is at work inside walker brains.
  • It's possible these are powered by Cobalt, hence the working title of Fear The Walking Dead.

    Between Seasons 1 and 2 
The Virus is airborne.
The Doc whispers something to Rick, making Rick look almost more scared than he has throughout the series. What was it? That the "Zombie Plague" isn't just transmitted through bites, but is airborne, Anyone could get infected. Alternate: That the blood tests showed someone in the group already is!
  • Alternative suggestion - the blood tests reveal that Lori is pregnant (which she is). The question is, who is the father?
    • Jenner told Rick that everyone is infected, and will reanimate no matter how they die.

The Virus comes from Outer Space
The CDC failed even to identify whether it was bacterial, viral, fungal etc. This argues for a life form not of this world. May or may not be an alien bio-weapon.
  • According to The Walking Dead Chronicles, this WAS the original intent for the first zombie comic Kirkman intended to make; the concept was reworked into The Walking Dead.

What the Doctor at the CDC whispered was...
Feel free to add your pet theories

Dr. Jenner said, "We Are The Walking Dead - we're all infected and we're going to die."

Think about it - it doesn't matter whether or not you get bitten - you've already gotten the virus. You might drop dead first - or you might just turn around and bite someone you care about with no warning, no symptoms.

It's only a matter of time before everyone turns into a zombie. Which is why Jenner kept trying to talk them into staying. He knew that it was "only a matter of time".

And it's why he looked so surprised when Grimes said he was lying - he WAS lying. His whole backstory was a lie. His wife wasn't bitten - a so-called "healthy" person got the disease with no prior symptoms.

  • The episode Nebraska subtly support this, namely in the bar shootout. The fat guy goes down after Rick shoots him twice in the torso, and immediately afterward, Rick walks up to him and shoots him in the head. Could very well be that he was just doing it to finish him off, but supposing it's true that everyone is infected with the disease, it'd make perfect sense for Rick to shoot him in the head to make sure he doesn't come back as a walker.
  • It appears that the writers have laid out another subtle scene in "18 Miles Out" to possibly build up to The Reveal about the airborne virus. We only have it on Rick's word that the police corpses had been infected by scratching, and there has been no prior evidence that anything other than bites have infected individuals, not to mention how intact their bodies appear to be.
  • This is all but guaranteed to be The Reveal in the season two finale, after both Randall and possibly Shane became zombies without apparent infection in "Better Angels."
    • And it's confirmed - Rick just spilled the beans to the survivors. This WMG was close, but not quite on. They all have the virus, but you only go walker if you die by any means, other than a shot or other injury to the head.

They're the new The Truman Show.

After the Truman Show was cancelled in the movie, the dome was re-purposed into this. Who knows if they're all oblivious or are all in on it and simply reacting to things. The reason they have spent huge swaths of time in a single spot rather than moving is because the production team is hard at work building the next set in another part of the dome. Dr. Edwin Jenner is obviously played by the actor who played Marlon in The Truman Show. Any actor who chose to leave the show at the end of season one could stay in the CDC set and "die". What Jenner whispered to Rick were production directions, not anything about the outbreak.

Dr. Jenner and/or the CDC was hiding something

  • ...particularly in the realm of possibility that the plague was artificial.
  • Evidenced in "TS-19" during Jenner's description of their research and findings.
    • He describes the disease as "infecting the brain like meningitis," when meningitis does not infect the brain, but the tissues around it. Possibly a cheap cover for something the others aren't meant to know (according to the government, or now what's left of it) about the disease.
      • However, possibly explained as: the disease behaves like meningitis and/or is biologically similar, but directly infects the brain, and Dr. Jenner used that as the simplest explanation.
    • More importantly, Jenner explains that they were unable to identify the cause of the disease. I repeat, THE UNITED STATES CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL with all their knowledge and technology was unable to figure out something as simple as the agent through which the disease is spread. Even as much as saying if it were viral or bacterial or otherwise should be a relatively simple task, even for as much as a pre-med student with some basic hospital equipment.
      • Again, a possible explanation here is that the plague is the result of some completely new material, that had them all baffled. This also supports the idea that it has extraterrestrial origins.

Now that we know everyone is already infected once one or two old people die natrually the vatos gang is screwed.
Jossed, sort of. Apparently in an unused script for the season two premiere, the group came across an overrun Vatos stronghold. This is actually hinted at in parts of the official trailer, where the group is shown in the Vatos' base, which also explains why they were not far from Atlanta when they found Herschel's farm, and why they have the very guns Rick gave to the Vatos throughout season two.

Jim didn't die from the bite.
He's immune to the disease caused by the actual bite. Think about it. He didn't start to show the fever, one of the main symptoms from the bite until a few days later, and appeared to take longer to turn than any other infectee previously witnessed, or seen since. He was weakened while his body was fighting the infection when they followed his wishes and left along the road, and may have made a full recovery. He might not have even been infected with the dormant airborne strain.

    Season 2 
Shane will be killed by the end of Season Two."
  • Ding ding ding.

Shane is infected and he knows it.
  • The revelation that one can become a zombie by merely being scratched (as opposed to bites being the only method of transfer) seemed to rattle him a little too much, donchathink?
    • Jossed. It's revealed that everyone is infected with an airborne strain of the virus in the season two finale, and will only return if they die unless they are shot in the head.

Similar to the above, Shane's infection is what drove him insane.
  • Everyone's infected, but it doesn't hit everyone the same way. Shortly before Rick killed him, Shane was acting pretty whackadoo with a creepy-ass death stare, and he came back as a zombie pretty damn quickly. His increasingly erratic behavior through season two was due to this infection.

Scratches don't infect people and Rick knows it.
  • When Dale was killed, Rick was calling out for Hershel to help him. However, since his stomach had just been clawed open, it's safe to say that Dale's injuries would have been considered infectious if scratches really did spread the virus. Rick probably just claimed that it was scratches because he wasn't ready to admit to Shane that everybody's already infected.
    • Confirmed, more or less. Everyone tested positive at the CDC for an airborne strain of the virus, and will return when they die.

Shane won't be killed by the end of Season Two.
The recently released blurb that billed the Season Two DVD/Blu-ray as having "Shane's last episode" was a hoax to influence our expectations and create a dramatic twist from something we would otherwise expect, i.e. Shane living.
  • He indeed was killed.

Carl told his dad to kill Randall so that he wouldn't.
It seems somewhat out-of-character for Carl to suddenly become so ruthless, and he could have guessed that acting so messed up would disturb Rick enough to change his mind. In a sub-WMG, Dale told him to say it, for the same reason.

Sophia died the first day she went missing from a brain aneurysm and the sardines in "Cherokee Rose" were just a red herring.
When we see her shambling out of Herschel's barn, she had a large bite on her neck.
  • That doesn't mean it was actually the bite that killed her.

Dale was suffering from early onset Alzheimer's Disease.
It would make sense that he's suffering from a degenerative neural disease that's impairing his ability to think. That's why he failed to notice the Walker herd on the highway before it was right on top of them, and why he went for that late night stroll after the vote on Randall.

     Between seasons two and three 
The virus also enhances eye-hand coordination.
This explains why everyone seems to be such a crack shot.

The first outbreak killed at least half the population directly.
That's how society quickly collapsed. The "invasion" started from the inside-out, and it was already too late by the time they realized what was going on.
  • I like this - it killed en masse some people who were very sensitive to the virus - those people came back as walkers before people even noticed they had died.

Carl's gunshot isn't what attracted the herd
It was the two guys yelling at each other for 20 minutes that got their attention. How could they not notice that?
  • Not to mention that Shane fired his gun as he was stabbed.
  • The helicopter seems to have had some part in attracting the herd and drawing it out of Atlanta.

Darryl will become a werewolf
The rustle in the bushes is really a werewolf. Darryl goes to investigate and gets bit. He then can not be infected since werewolves have healing factors, becomes an even better hunter/tracker, and tears through herds of zombies every full moon.

Funeral homes, hospitals and morgues were the first to go in the outbreak.
The virus got around first, so everyone was infected already before walkers started showing up. One day, every place dead people are taken started dealing with these. That's when people started actually getting bitten. Response to these outbreaks was slow because people thought it was a joke. Naturally the police and emergency folks were first to the scene and became walkers first. Then things went downhill.
  • More-or-less confirmed in the flashbacks in episodes such as TS19.

One of the future seasons will have the series turn to the alien invasion that Kirkman sold the comic as.
Just to further mess with fans of the comics.

Daryl's brother will come back in season 3
and kill that black guy whose name I can't remember.
  • Possibly he'll be in the employ of the Governor — they seem like they'd have a lot in common.
    • Confirmed.

     Season 3 
Daryl will kill Merle
Although they are brothers, Daryl's hallucination in season 2 implied that they may not have had the best relationship. If Merle threatens the group Daryl will be willing to put him down.
  • In "Made to Suffer", Merle and Daryl are forced into the Woodbury arena.
  • Jossed in the mid-season premiere. They both escape, with Rick's help.
  • Partially Confirmed: The Governor is the one who kills Merle, but Daryl finds and puts down Merle after he becomes a walker.

Merle will be the reason Rick's hand gets cut off.
This is a fairly likely prediction. In the comics, when the Governor captures Rick and some of his group, he cuts off Rick's hand. From what we've seen of season 3, it seems that Merle is working for the Governor. Merle probably blames Rick for the loss of his hand, and would probably convince the Governor to cut off one of Rick's hands (if Merle doesn't do it himself).
  • Seems unlikely at this point. The reason Rick lost his hand in the comics is he, Michonne and Glenn were captured by the Governor while investigating a helicopter crash, and wouldn't reveal the location of the prison, so the vindictive Governor cut it off (and Michonne, who had been raped by him, severs his hand).

    Since Rick wasn't captured and the series' Governor is slightly more likeable and already knows where the prison is, and Merle is more concerned about finding his brother (and then does in the mid-season finale), it's seems pointless now for Rick or the Governor to lose their hand.
    • Kirkman has been quoted as saying that cutting off comic-book Rick's hand was a mistake plotwise, and TV-Rick will not lose his hand. Also, as seen with Merle, attempting to depict the result on a TV-show budget really doesn't work well, especially if it's the main character.

Rick is immune to the virus.
Makes sense considering how he's willingly exposed himself to it (through various instances of contact with walker blood) and how he survived his "coma." I think he actually died, but since he's immune to the virus, he didn't reanimate as a walker, he just woke up.

Carl will have a nightmare about Dale as a Walker and coming back for him
Considering what happened that caused that. Or by the least one of the characters dying and coming back as a Walker.

Daryl is going to be resistant to handing the new baby over to Rick.
While Rick was losing it after Lori's death and taking an axe to walkers, Daryl's immediate action is to make sure the baby is taken care of. He immediately asks whether they have anything to feed it, goes on a baby-supply scavenging run (including grabbing a stuffed toy for the baby in addition to the immediately necessary items), and is the one to actually scoop up the baby to feed it when they return. He appeared to be thrilled to have this baby in his arms. This, on top of his determination to find Sophia, makes me doubt he'll be too keen to hand this helpless infant over to Rick unless he's convinced that Rick has truly pulled himself together and is prepared to take care of it. Lori might have told Rick that this baby is his regardless of whether he or Shane fathered it, but if he doesn't pull himself together fast, it just might end up Daryl's baby regardless of genetics.
  • Jossed. Rick gets the baby back.

Neither Carol nor Lori is dead. At least, not yet.
I don't think anybody believes that Carol is dead, but if she's alive why hasn't she made her way back to the main group yet? My theory: Carl chickened out of killing his mother (and who can blame him? Worst. Day. Ever). Carol then found Lori, bleeding out. Using her Chekhov's Skill of cutting people open, she removed the placenta, patched Lori back together, and took her somewhere safer, like the prison infirmary. The fat zombie which Rick killed just ate the placenta.The last couple of episodes have happened in the space of a day, so Carol could still be trying to keep Lori alive. She won't succeed, of course, because that would push suspension of disbelief too far, but Rick will get to say a last goodbye.
  • Carol's clearly alive; they wouldn't have left it so uncertain otherwise, but Lori's situation is a bit more curious. Carl definitely chickened out of shooting his mother, because Rick finds a bullet on the floor of the boiler room. The fat zombie couldn't have just eaten the placenta because it was shown to have long black hair hanging from its mouth. That zombie wasn't there in the last episode, but by the time it stumbled into the room, Lori (if she was dead) would've turned by then, thus couldn't have been eaten.
    • Was it a bullet? I thought it was the shell casing.

    • Why would a zombie eat an entire dead body? Logicaly it would have no interest in that, but even if it did, it wouldnt eat the whole entire thing, there would still be remains. How come Rick didnt see any remains. What happened to Lori's body?
      • On the episode of Talking Dead following that episode, the director said the walker had dragged Lori behind that corner, ate what it could and only got that far before falling over with it's huge belly. He also stated that what Rick picked up was the bullet that went through Lori's skull and hit the floor.

    • Carol is indeed found alive in the latest episode.

Rick's group and Michonne will have to go and rescue Andrea being held hostage by the Governor. Season Finale: Rick has a fight to the death with the Governor.
  • Close... Rick's group and Michonne did tried to rescue Andrea, but they were too late. Also, Rick and The Governor never fight.

the Governor is trying to extract the zombie virus in order to create a sort of immortality formula, in other words, a formula that would allow you to cheat death by not dieing from starvation or bleeding to death or other zombie related benefits.
How do you develope an immunity to dying of starvation or bleeding out? Those aren't zombie related. Since the bites only kill you (can you even imagine what diseases are in the rotting mouth of a corpse?) and it's the airborne infection that actually turns people after death, the only disease he can create a vaccine is the airborne strain. There is no way to cure the other ones.

Andrea is going to have Lilly Caul's role in the series.
  • Since Lilly is one of the Governor's army that attacks the Prision in the comics, is very likely that Andrea will join Woodbury's forces.
  • As she would also be the one who kills the Governor at the end of the season, like Lilly did in the comics.
  • Jossed: Andrea is bit by a reanimated Milton and later kills herself. Lily kills the Governor in the mid Season 4 finale.

Daryl will have Tyreese's role in the series.
  • One of the biggest punches to the war was the death of Rick's right hand man. In the comic, that's Tyreese; in the show, that's Daryl. And at the end of 3/24's episode, he's set up nicely for the scene.

Daryl allowed himself to be captured.
  • It makes sense. He could easily have made it, the others were long gone. He deliberately stayed back so he would be taken to Merle.

Merle will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • It may take a while, but with Daryl captured and the Governor now accusing Merle as a traitor, both of them will work together to get out of Woodbury and meet back with Rick's group. At first, Rick will understandably be hesitant and Daryl might convince everyone to let him join them. Eventually, they will accept him and keep him in a separate cell at first where he'll tell them about the Governor's plan to invade the prison and a huge battle will ensue and end in Merle dying through Redemption Equals Death.
  • Close...

Poor Tyreese is Doomed.
  • Given what happened to T-Dog and Oscar and Tyreese's fate in the comic, the poor guy probably won't be around too long in the next season. :(

Chase and Kelly from the webisodes will turn up in the show.
They make their way to Cynthiana (Hannah the Bicycle Girl, is his kid sister, and they also find her son and daughter, Billy and Jamie, still alive), and then Washington, and meet and recognise Rick and Carl when the group reaches Alexandria.

Beth will meet Lori's fate from the comics.
  • She's been a sympathetic background character long enough to make the perfect finale cannon fodder and Judith's death might be what turns the residents of Woodbury against the Governor.
  • Alternately, Carol could fit this as well, and between this and the WMG above about Merle getting a Redemption Equals Death could serve as a Heroic BSoD to pull Daryl back from the group to let Tyreese step in as The Lancer for Rick.

As The Governor delves deeper into his insanity, he will begin to more closely resemble his comics' counterpart.
He will stop caring so much about his appearance. He'll probably grow out his hair, and, possibly, his beard. Along with this, he'll gradually become more sadistic in his actions, and he'll grow less secretive about his savagery.

Maggie will issue the remainder of The Governor's torture, as Michonne did in the comics.
In the comics, The Governor raped Michonne mercilessly. In return, she amputated quite a few of his body parts. In the TV series, while Michonne stabbed Gov in the eye, she didn't finish the job. There was no need to, because she wasn't raped. But Maggie got pretty close to being raped, so she could potentially cut him up.
  • Maggie may be the one who finishes him off, but nothing remotely as violent could make it onto basic cable. Maybe, if this were an HBO show, but it's not gonna be that bad.

Tyreese and friends are ninja assassin team.
Their actions seem sufficiently odd. Even with crazy Rick I don't buy for a second that Tyrese is going to lead an army back to a couple of women, a child (who saved his life, a baby and a cripple. Also even though we can't SEE how they would have communicated their arrival is unbelievably well timed even for a tv show.

Merle will live and Daryl will die.
While it would make sense for Merle to die in a Redemption Equals Death scenario, this is a drama television show. Additionally, from what I've heard Tyreese is all but assured to become The Lancer for Rick at some point if the above WMG is true. Thus it would be a huge twist in the story if Daryl were the one to die, and Merle survived into the next season, creating natural drama within the group as to how to deal with him.
  • Jossed as of 'This Sorrowful Life'.

Milton is The Governor's brother
.It would make for a beautiful plot twist, and they're already established as having some kind of close relations before the apocalypse.

Michonne and Andrea were lovers. Or at least attracted to each other
.One of their scenes takes place with them both lying on a bed together, for no apparent reason. Merle once used a homophobic insult on Andrea. In the finale of Season 3, when Andrea is about to commit suicide to avoid being turned, Michonne stays with her in the cell behind the closed door and several unseen seconds pass before the gunshot.

Karen's child is the boy Carl shot and killed in the season 3 finale.
It would make for a beautiful plot twist.
  • Jossed. Noah is Karen's only child, and Jody isn't.

Rick and company buried Andrea at the prison.
A grave was featured in the closing shots of season 3, so that's probably hers.
  • You can see a body shape wrapped in sheets in the back of the truck when they return. Not many things it could be.

Judith will become the cure for the virus.
As Robert Kirkman has shown time and time again, the TV Series will be deviated from the comics. From Sophia's fate to the CDC, and Carl's continuous descent into Creepy Child territory as opposed to his somewhat still bubbly self in the comics, sparing Judith throughout Season 3 as opposed to her fate in the comics has this troper feeling the series could pull a Hope Spot by revealing that Judith was protected from the virus in the womb and has antibodies that can breakdown the virus on those who have yet to turn. This could be a plot device near the end of the series if done right.
  • Judith never had a chance to nurse from her mother, so she probably wouldn't have that many antibodies available to protect her from any disease, let alone The Virus. If this trope applies to anyone, it would more likely be to the infant whose imminent birth is mentioned to Andrea and Michonne when they first arrive in Woodbury.

     Season 4 
The girl seen with Carol in the trailer is the one who murdered two people and caused the death of ten others
Given the focus put on the two and the creepy expression on the girls face when she held Carol's hand while it had a knife in it, she will likely be a budding psychopath like Ben was in the comics. Carl will put her down in an adaption of the scene where he killed Ben.
  • Jossed. In fact, she's a hero.
    • At least for now.
  • Original theory that Lizzie's a psycho confirmed, except it's Carol who puts her down.

Bob Stookey's bag is full of alcohol
Interview's have indicated he has a drinking problem, and why else would he be so desperate to retrieve the bag from a horde of zombies in the trailer?
  • Alternatively, it could be filled with the meds he, Daryl, Michonne, and Tyreese are trying to find.
  • Original theory has been confirmed.

Sasha will die.
This is what has Tyreese looking so freaked out in the trailer, as well as his seemingly suicidal actions. Sasha essentially takes the role of Julie from the comics.
  • Alternatively, his new girlfriend Karen does. Or, if the writers really felt like torturing him, Sasha and Karen die in quick succession, sending him over the edge.
    • Seemly confirmed, as of "Infected" with Karen appearing to have been murdered.
      • There's also preview footage where Sasha appears to be sick with whatever disease is spreading and quarantined from everyone else.
  • Jossed. Sasha survives to the end of the season.

Daryl is infected with whatever killed Patrick.
Near the beginning of the season premiere, Daryl shook Patrick's hand and then proceeded to continue eating and licking his fingers afterwards. Towards the end, Patrick began to complain of feeling ill and succumbed to a coughing fit before bleeding out from every orifice. If he was suffering from a new strain of The Virus or some other infectious disease spread through person-to-person contact, then it seems likely that he could have communicated it to Daryl during their interaction.
  • If the above is true, then Beth may also be in danger, given that she hugged Daryl and was generally in very close proximity with him during their conversation.
    • Greg Nicatro did comment on this on Talking Dead after "Infected", suggesting this theory could be true...
    • However, as of the Season 4 finale, Daryl has shown no signs of illness.

The Governor has been inside the prison for months
And is the one messing with the survivors. After all, the prison's far too big for any untrained group to completely patrol it. As for how he's stayed undetected for months and stayed fed, Phillip was a big Metal Gear fan before the apocalypse, and losing his eye has made him embrace his inner Big Boss.
  • Jossed as of "Live Bait". He burned down his mansion and hit the road, finding an apartment building with a family living inside.

Someone is The Mole for The Governor during the Time Skip.
  • At the start of "Infected", someone is seen feeding Walkers rats using a rather large flashlight that Karen was seen using later. If the above theory is true, she had been feeding the Walkers and possibly giving the strain of the new virus. While the Governor did kill a number of her friends, its not hard to suggest she went back the Governor given his cult leader sway.
  • Bob has a connection with him in the comics, specifically leading him to Woodburry. So it's possible that he'll do some helping here as well...
  • Jossed.

The girls who were arguing with Carl are the ones feeding the walkers.
  • I know it seems obvious, but no one else has said it, yet. The older sister, at least, is feeding the walkers rats, because she's deluded into thinking they're still people.

Karen and the other charred corpse committed suicide.
  • The preview for episode 3 makes it seem like Tyrese thinks someone murdered them, but I think Karen is the kind to make the sacrifice play. It's very possible that she and whomever the other one was made it outside when they realized they were going to die and burned themselves to make sure they couldn't infect anyone else.
    • Then where did the trail of blood come from?
    • Maybe one of them decided that suicide was their only option, but the other disagreed. They fought, and one killed the other; either the survivor was the one who'd wanted to die anyway, or they were mortally wounded and knew that immolation was the only alternative to repeating Patrick's fate. Either way, they stuck a knife in the brain of the corpse, then dragged it outside to burn along with themselves, bleeding all the while.
      • Then why were there trails of blood coming out of BOTH of their cells?!? Did they stab each other from within separate rooms?
      • They'd have to return to the other cell if that's where the would-be suicide had hidden the gasoline cans that were used to torch both bodies.
      • But, then there would have been a blood trail of the supposed suicidal killer travelling between the two cells to get the gas. The only blood trails were coming out of the cell, meaning that the bodies were taken straight out of their cells and dragged outside. The two of them had to have died within their separate cells.
      • Not if the killer made two trips. Hard to carry a body and two full gas cans at once. By the time they got back to their cell to get the cans, their wound was bleeding so bad they had to drag the cans along the floor, using a bloody shirt to muffle the scraping sound and leaving a trail.

Carl won't get shot in the eye
.Comic!Carl's Eye Scream was part of his turn to darkness, they seem to want to pull TV!Carl back from that. Besides that, prooducers won't want to spoil Chandler Riggs' teen-idol potential by giving Carl a gaping hole in his face or turn every scene with him into an expensive effects shot.
  • Jossed as of the Season 6 Mid-Season Premier.

Carol is covering for Carl.
Episode 3 ended with the apparent reveal that Carol was behind the murders of Karen and David. Though it seemingly fits with her Character Development, I think that Carol would have realized killing the sick wouldn't have made a difference, by the time the murders happened they were already quarantined and if they were going to spread the virus they likely already had. Carl makes more sense because as much as he tries to pretend otherwise, he's still a child. He's impulsive, and has already been shown to take a "Do what is necessary for survival" mindset in season 3. Plus, it's classic murder story telling to set up an obvious Red Herring only to reveal that the real perp was someone Beneath Suspicion, and often someone close to the protagonist. Carl killed Karen and David thinking it was for the good of the group, somehow Carol found out about it and took the blame because of her Mama Bear instinct.

The mysterious illness is Tuberculosis .
Besides Blood from the Mouth there's the chronic coughing and the fever.
  • You failed medicine forever. Tuberculosis takes months, often years to start having visible effects. Then it takes twice that time to slowly kill you. It's simply impossible to die because of it in few days after catching it. Simple Blood from the Mouth won't make it tuberculosis.

Bob is the one carrying/spreading the disease.
Bob is a sort of Typhoid Mary of the prison. He was the only new member of the group found alone, after being the only survivor of two groups being wiped out.

Rick might possibly lose his right hand just like what happened in the comics.
He injured it after his fight with Tyreese and that's exactly what happened in the comics. Also, The Governor is still alive...
  • Robert Kirkman stated before that chopping-off Rick's hand is a plot-wise mistake and he intends not to do the same here. However, episode 4 of season 4 hugely emphasized Rick using his left hand, which could be a Foreshadowing. Let's just hope and pray for the best.
  • Jossed. Or at least now we know that it won't be The Governor who'll chop it off.

The Governor has found his way to where ever the voice on the radio came from.
  • Either that, or he set up the broadcast using a recorded message and an abandoned radio station, intending to lure the prison group's foraging parties away and leave it undermanned and vulnerable.
    • Jossed he's right outside the prison...

Carol will go to King County and team up with Morgan.
After being exiled, she'll probably go back to her hometown. Morgan was also announced to return this season. They may also possibly hookup since she obviously can't be with Tyreese in this one (they're a couple in the comic book, at least for some time).
  • First theory is more likely.
    • Seems to be Jossed as of "Inmates," although that does not mean that the group won't meet up with Morgan to travel with them.

Michonne lost her baby during the first part of the apocalypse
  • It would explain why she was so resistant about holding Judith and why she broke down crying when she did hold her. Signs supporting this are her reaction to seeing Penny and immediately feeling sad about it, how she prefers to go alone instead of being around others and her being able to relate well to Carl. It can go further on by her saying that her boyfriend was barely a person if he caused her child's death early on.
    • Alternately, she could have lost her baby before the dead arose.
      • A flashback in "After" confirmed that she had a baby while the zombies were around and that she had lost the baby since then.

The Governor & company will attack the prison with (a) tank(s) just like in the comics.
He and his Co-Dragons returned to the base of the army they ambushed, so it's likely that they'll use at least one.
  • Confirmed
  • Although he's got only one dragon, and it's neither Shumpert nor Martinez.

Beth will have Lori's comic series death
She and the rest will be escaping, with Beth holding Judith. Lily will shoot Beth, killing both her and Judith. Lily will be horrified be what she did and kill the Governor for making them attack the prison in the first place.
  • This seems pretty likely
  • Jossed. Lily kills the Governor, but she does it after he leaves her and Meghan alone, Meghan gets bitten, and the Governor dispassionately shoots Meghan's corpse in the head so he can get back to hunting down Rick.

Tyreese and the children will meet up with Carol in the wake of the prison's fall
  • Rick and Daryl never quite got around to telling Tyreese what Carol did, and she'll be eager to protect the girls again, even if it means she has to lie to him or trick Tyreese into getting killed or murder him outright to keep him from turning on her.
    • Called it!

The Hunters are the main antagonists in the latter part of season 4 and Bob is among them.
The mysterious deaths are still unanswered. That and Bob's claim that he's always the Sole Survivor of his past groups is really suspicious. Put those two together...
  • Jossed

The latter part of season 4 will focus on the scattered prison group members.
After the mid-season finale, the second half of the season will probably focus on each group per episode until they gradually reunite near or towards the Season Finale.
  • First part of theory is confirmed.
    • 96% confirmed. The group is reunited except for Tyreese, Carol, Beth and Judith, but four new additional members (Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita) are there to complement it.

Lizzie and Mika will fill in the twins' roles in the comics.
Since Ben is already dead and Billy is Adapted Out or composed with the former, the girls will very likely fill their roles in this version. Lizzie in particular is already showing signs of Ben's Enfant Terrible demeanor in the comics.
  • So Carl will kill Lizzie...
    • It's Carol who puts Lizzie down after she murders Mika, intending to turn her into a walker.
      • Nonetheless, the prediction of the sisters filling the twins role from the comicbook is brutally and disturbingly confirmed.

Tyreese will forgive Carol.
Think about it. Carol was the one who indirectly saved Tyreese during the prison attack, since she taught the kids how to defend themselves. When this knowledge is revealed, Tyreese will forgive her despite her supposed murder of Karen. There was a reason for the kids leaving with him, and I think it's to have them reveal this fact in some way, thus making Carol forgivable in his eyes.
  • Tyreese does forgive Carol, but only after she confesses and puts herself at his mercy, and he sees how broken she is after having to put Lizzie down.

Lilly will become Rick's Second Love.
Both might seek a new romantic relationship in the aftermath of the semi-destruction of the prison. Rick and Lilly were both prominent in their respective groups. If Rick were to have a romantic relationship, it would most likely be with someone new as he has had no hint of such a relationship with any existing characters. Lilly is the only newly introduced heterosexual adult female character. Also, Rick and Lilly might have something tragic to bond over, given that Lilly has just lost her daughter and Rick's has just gone missing and is possibly dead given her bloodied baby-carrier
  • Jossed; her sister saw Lilly overwhelmed by walkers after she shot the Governor.

The second half of season 4 will show the people who killed the campers in "Dead Weight."
They may be original characters. If they were the Hunters, they would surely have taken the bodies to eat. And I do not think that Abraham's group or Carol would do this.

The voice on the radio was broadcasted from Alexandria.
This will probably be the setting of season 5.
  • Bob recognizes the phrase from the broadcast as the invitation on Terminus's posters.

This season takes place in late 2018.
In the episode "Indifference," I noticed something when Daryl and co. were in the store: there was a yellow paper that said Sunday June 4. I think that it may be safely inferred that the outbreak happened in late May or early June. The most recent year to have Sunday June 4 was 2006, but I think that the next year to have it, 2017, is safer. After all, we may see broken down cars that are post-2006, and if the show lasts at least 7 seasons then the show will be around in 2017, so it works out. Therefore, season 4 begins around late November or early December 2018.

The events of World War Z occur in The Walking Dead.
The government has retreated to Hawaii, the army to the Rockies, leaving the survivors stranded. It's only been the first year or so, so much of the development that occurs in the book (Setting up the survivors zones, etc.) has yet to be established.
  • Possibly Jossed, if Abraham is telling the truth about having communicated with D.C. over the sat phone. Also, with everyone who dies coming back as a walker, isolation is not a reliable defense and Hawaii isn't necessarily any safer than anywhere else.

The assumption that Walkers are completely without mind or memory will be called into question.
There's a promo for the second half of Season Four in which a background track plays of a heavily-distorted voice mumbling incoherently, and it sounds suspiciously like a walker trying to speak.
  • The closest we get is Lizzie's delusions that Walkers are still people.

Michonne isn't the one who knocked on the door at the end of "After."
Since Rick told Carl, "It's for you," maybe he's teasing him and it's actually Beth, who could have shown up at the house as Michonne was looking at Rick and Carl through the window.
  • Jossed; Michonne is with Rick and Carl in "Claimed" and Beth and Darryl appear to still be on their own in the next one.

The sign by the train tracks refers to the Alexandria safe-zone.
The sign uses the word "community," which is commonly associated with the Alexandria safe-zone in the comics.
  • Jossed. Terminus appears not to be related to Alexandria.

Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita were sent from Alexandria.
They travel around the country looking for survivors so that they can guide them to Alexandria.
  • Possibly Jossed, if Abraham isn't lying about the trio's objective of getting Eugene to D.C.

The death of Michonne's son was the fault of the two men who, as walkers, she'd led around on chains.
Their conversation in her first flashback scene suggests they were giving up hope of the world ever recovering, and her later experience in the room with the whole family of suicides clearly disturbed her a lot. It's possible that while she was out collecting food and stuff, the pair of them killed themselves, unaware that everyone who died became a walker. By the time she got home, they'd already devoured her child, and she hacked off their arms and jaws in a tear-blinded rage.

Eugene Really is a scientist
.In the comics, it turns out that Eugene is actually just a school science teacher. However, he may turn out to really be a scientist in the show, and the mission to Washington D.C. really will matter.
  • And the reason he lied he isn't and he never say how to stop the zombie infection is because it will require a Great And Unethical Sacrifice and he wouldn't reveal it until the very last minute.
  • Nope, he isn't a scientist, just a really good liar.

The group will split into two and the show will focus on two settings.
It would take a miracle for everyone in the group to be reunited. In the show, the safe-zone in the comics may not be near Washington D.C. While Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Lizzie, Mika, Daryl, and Beth will travel to wherever the train tracks lead, Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Glenn, Maggie, Bob, and Sasha will be heading to Washington D.C. I am not sure if Morgan fits into all this, but it seems likely that Rick would go back for him if they find a nearby community.
  • The series will have a spin off so most likely that'll happen.

The community is the church at which Father Gabriel resides.
There may or may not be other survivors with him at the moment.

The sign is a trap set up by the Hunters.
They want to lure prey to themselves.
  • Looks pretty likely, given that shot of piled-up bloody bones in the season finale.

The sign refers to the Sanctuary.
Not my own guess, but still interesting. In the comics, the Sanctuary is the home of The Saviors, a group that works for their unstable leader Negan, who rules with an iron fist. Personally, I think that it would seem early for them to appear this season or the next.
  • The Terminus residents draw more parallels to the Hunters.

The Marauders will encounter Rick and Carl.
In the comics, Rick, Carl, and Abraham encounter Marauders on their way to Morgan's home before heading to Washington D.C. The Marauders attempt to rape Carl, but Carl defends him and even bites one of their ears off. I watched Talking Dead, and the guys who entered the house from which Rick escaped were referred to as marauders. Michael Cudlitz, the actor who plays Abraham, mentioned that some survivors of the apocalypse are rapists. He may have been alluding to what the Marauders will try to do to Carl. Imagine how shocked audiences would be if an episode ended with Rick biting someone's ear off. They would have to wait until the next episode to find out whether or not Rick has become a zombie. Plus, it would be really cool to see Rick defend Carl in the show as he did in the comics.
  • Confirmed, except that Rick doesn't just bite off Joe's ear, he rips his freakin' throat out.

The Marauders were the ones who killed the campers in "Dead Weight."
They do look dangerous.

Beth was abducted by the Saviors.
Daryl will track her down and they will end up joining the group. They will end up becoming Canon Characters All Along, filling the roles of Dwight and Sherry. At some point, Negan will plan to execute Daryl but Beth will save his life by becoming one of Negan's wives, and Daryl will only get half of his face burned. Eventually, Daryl will shoot Abraham with his crossbow because he has never met him and doesn't recognize him, but will realize that the group the Saviors are fighting is his old group, and he will become a double agent.
  • Jossed.

The voice on the radio was broadcasted from Terminus.
Wherever that is.
  • Confirmed.

Lizzie will kill Tara.
Adding on to an above WMG suggesting that Lizzie may become a killer like Ben, Lizzie may feel the urge to kill Tara since she was part of the group that attacked the prison and killed some of its people. Similar to what happens in the comics, Carl will have to kill her. Either that help her get on a better path.
  • Jossed, but it's worse than that: Lizzie murders Mika to turn her sister into a walker, so Carol shoots Lizzie rather than risk her doing the same to Judith.

The Marauders were involved in the rape of Abraham's wife and daughter
. Thus making an encounter between Abraham and the Marauders more personal if he encounters them with Rick and Carl.
  • The Claimers all die in the season finale, so even if they're the series' version of the Marauders, Abraham isn't going to be meeting them.

Maggie and Glenn will never see each other (alive) again.
This time, either Maggie or Glenn will die before the groups have a chance to reunite.
  • Jossed; the touching reunion takes place in the penultimate episode of the season.

Somebody on the bus had caught a stray round and didn't even realize it.
Gunshot victims don't always feel pain immediately, and can potentially bleed to death without realizing there's a problem. The doors of the bus were all sealed when Maggie's group found it, so it's very unlikely that a walker could've entered the vehicle from outside and killed everyone on board, even if they'd stopped to wait for other survivors. More likely, someone on board whom everyone assumed had passed out from the stress of the prison's fall had actually gotten shot in a location where their clothing concealed the damage, died of blood loss a few miles up the highway, and arose to attack the rest.

Carl is the one writing and drawing The Walking Dead comics.
Think about it, he get an ever growing interest in comics and pulp, and the vast majority of the events in the comics and the series are thing he either had witnessed or had the opportuniy to talk to it's characters. We'll learn that The Walking Dead is A Story Within A Story and not 100% true (even if it's rather balanced.

Joe and the other five people whom Daryl met are a mixture of the Marauders and the Hunters.
It has been confirmed that (at least some of) these people were the marauders whom Rick evaded. When Daryl meets them, there are six of them, just like how there were six cannibals in the comics. The absence of women in this version is due to the fact that they are rapists like the Marauders in the comics. Perhaps they rape people before eating them. They will try to rape Carl and then Rick will bite off an ear. This will be ironic since they are cannibals.
  • You mean Composite Characters? Fuck yeah!
  • They seem willing enough to hunt ordinary wildlife, so if they're cannibals they're not exclusively-so. Plus, they beat one of their own number to death for messing with Daryl and lying about it, then leave his brain-pierced corpse behind, untouched.
  • Jossed; not only are the Claimers all dead as of the season's end, but it looks like Terminus is the Hunters' home base.

Beth will get raped by those guys who abducted her
.I really have a bad feeling. Let's just pray this theory of mine gets jossed...
  • Jossed! Though it does come close...

Sasha and Bob will fill the role of Tyreese's daughter and her boyfriend from the comicbook.
Concluding with the Suicide Pact, which will make Tyreese go nuts like in the comicbook.

Terminus's safe haven doesn't exist anymore.
The signs along the rail lines could've been there for months, and the radio broadcast might be an automatic recording powered by a still-functioning wind turbine or solar panels. The actual promised refuge could've been overrun long ago, so even if the prison survivors and Glenn's new allies all make it there and defeat the Marauders en route, all they'll have achieved is to reunite the group: they'll still need to search for a new place to live.
  • Uh, okay, that one didn't take long to get Jossed. There's at least one person alive at Terminus.
    • However, Terminus is far from a safe haven. It's in fact a trap.

Rick Grimes will die in the season four finale.
Based on the fact that he and the producer are scheduled to appear on Talking Dead, the fact that the Claimers want him dead, and because Kirkman recently claimed that he could die.
  • Jossed. Not only is Rick alive, but Badass Rick is back!

The season finale is going to kill off Maggie.
"You're never going to need a picture of me again."
  • She's alive, albeit trapped in the train car with the others.

Sam and Anna will have been revealed to be part of Terminus.
They were the couple Rick and Carol found in the episode where Rick banished Carol for killing Karen and David. Anyway, this is because they mentioned something about having a garden (which Terminus was shown to have), and since Terminus is obviously cannibals, Sam DID say he likes people a lot more after the apocalypse started. Just a thought.
  • Horrifically averted. Sam does turn up in the Season 5 premiere, but as one of the victims.

Mary has cooked Beth.
At the end of "Us," Mary said that she will grab a plate for the newcomers. She plans on feeding them Beth, who was killed by cannibals who only accept hunters or other useful people who are willing to eat weaker people. The Marauders may already be part of Terminus and hope to make Daryl join them. With the death of Beth and possibly someone else in the finale at the hands of the Marauders and Terminus, Daryl will be overwhelmed with guilt and go into a depression that may carry over into the next season.
  • The fact that the Claimers killed one of their own number without eating him in the previous episode suggests they aren't cannibals.
  • Jossed.

Gareth will be a twisted version of Gabriel.
It has been annoinced that Gareth will be a "remix" of a character from the comics. In the comics, Father Gabriel Stokes is a priest. In the show, Gareth may also consider himself a priest of sorts, but he may believe that God wants people to eat other people.
  • Actually, Gareth's counterpart from the comics is Chris, The Leader of the Hunters. But who knows.
  • Jossed. Stokes will appear.


     Season 5 
Season Five will have the reunited characters setting out to deliver Eugene to Washington D.C.
  • It'll make for a fresh story arc that'll bring a more hopeful tone to the series, while still allowing it to go darker again if their journey is difficult enough and/or turns out to be futile. It'll give viewers a broader look at the state of the East Coast beyond Georgia's borders, and might also reveal new things about walkers if Eugene isn't lying about what he knows. Also, Sasha and Bob promised to help Abraham get him there when he told them about their mission, believing it's worth it to try to end the Zombie Apocalypse.
    • Confirmed, though the group splits up a couple times during this.

Carol and Tyreese will find and save Beth.
  • Alternatively or/and additionally, they'll rescue the group from Terminus. And after rescuing the group, they'll find and rescue Beth together.
    • So far, Carol's single-handedly thrown Terminus into sufficient chaos that the group was able to escape. No sign of Beth yet as of the season premiere.
    • Looks like it's Carol and Daryl who have a shot at saving Beth.
    • Looks like it's only Carol who have a shot at saving Beth. Maybe, it's even the other way around with the former's condition (assuming its not faked).
  • Half Jossed. Carol is taken prisoner by the hospital, and a group led by Rick and Tyreese rescue Carol but [[spoiler:sadly cannot save Beth.

A major character will die during season five, be it during the finale or not.
  • It maybe Maggie or Glenn
  • Sasha, Bob, Carol, Tara, Tyreese and Beth are the more likely candidates.
    • Bob is likely to bite it after the events of episode 2.
    • Annnd Bob has officially died as of Episode 3
    • Beth dies at the mid-season finale, while Tyreese bites it (or is bitten) at the following mid-season premiere.
    • Noah dies in "Spend".

Beth is in Alexandria.
The one who abducted her might be a scout from that place.
  • Seems to be confirmed in the new trailer, or at least the show's equivalent
  • Jossed. She's in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Characters from the comics to be introduced in the season.
Aside from the Hunters/Terminus, my bets are Jessie, The Monroes, Holly and Jesus. Likely, they'll be introduced in the second half.
  • Stokes has been confirmed and appeared in the second episode.
  • Word of God says a homosexual character will appear which could either be Aaron or Jesus. Later confirmed to be the former. Then his lover Eric immediately gets introduced.
  • As of episode 12, everyone written except Holly and Jesus (so far) have appeared.
  • Holly was mentioned in episode 14 but did not appear.

Abraham will reveal that he knew the group of survivors of which Randall was a part.
You may recall that during season 2, Randall said that some people in his group of survivors, possibly including Nate, raped a man's daughters in front of him. In the comics, Abraham says that his daughter and his wife were raped in front of his son. They make it so that Abraham had more than one daughter in the show.

Some poor schmuck will get sick like at the prison...
Then die from an allergic reaction to the penicillin.
  • Too late for the prison, but it could happen elsewhere.

Gareth will turn up again, having fled the fall of Terminus.
And Rick will make good on his threat to kill him with a machete with a red handle. In fact, he'll find such a machete just in time to do so.
  • His return is confirmed in "Strangers."
  • Called it! Machete's blade is red too now, and serves Gareth right.

Morgan is looking for the X-Men.
He is following "X" marks on the trees. Also, Chris Hardwick said so on Talking Dead.

Tyreese did not kill Martin
.He probably knocked him unconscious.
  • Martin is confirmed to be alive in "Strangers."

Tyreese really thought that he had killed Martin
.He just couldn't tell.
  • Confirmed by Word of God.
    • Actually, explained in the show as Tyreese secretly sparing Martin's life because he couldn't bring himself to finish him off.

Terminus was attacked by Randall's group.
Dave said that the group formed around Philadelphia and was heading south, as they eventually wound up at the bar, which was close to Atlanta. If they kept heading southward from there, they'd eventually wind up near Macon, which was close to Terminus. From what we see of Randall's group, they're a bunch of violent bandits who commit rape. Randall claimed his group even included children, but it's likely he was lying, as he was about many other things. Terminus was likewise taken over by a group of violent bandits who commit rape fairly early into the apocalypse. After their scouting party lost Dave, Tony, Sean, and Randall, Nate probably headed back to the group, which was led by the man with the tattooed face, and they decided to move on, eventually finding the Terminus signs. When they got there shortly after the events of Season 2, they took over and raped and killed for weeks, before Gareth's people broke out and killed all of them, except the leader, who they imprisoned forever as punishment, and, because the invaders probably consumed all their food stores, they resorted to eating the corpses of their enemies.

Bob was knocked out by Morgan
.There was a mark on the tree, which the latter had been following.
  • Jossed. It's actually the survivors from Terminus.

Rick and Abraham will bang...

Rick and Abraham will bang.
Exactly as Chad Coleman phrased it on Talking Dead.
  • Abraham gave Rick a heartfelt letter. Ho Yay much?

was crying about being bitten.And will laugh and use the "tainted meat" line from the comics.
  • Confirmed! Bob was crying, and was in fact bitten and used the line about "tainted meat" while laughing to boot.

If the above WMG is true, then we will see the cannibals
turn into zombies because of that.Because we never found out the effects of eating "tainted meat" in the comics.

Rick will suspect that Father Gabriel is connected to the disappearances of Bob, Carol, and Daryl.
Seems like something Rick would do.
  • It's more Sasha that suspects Gabriel's involvement; Rick just knows the Father is guilty of something ugly. He's right, but it's nothing to do with Rick's group at all.

Rick's group will kill all of the surviving cannibals of Terminus.
Rick's not gonna want them to live.
  • Unless there's another band of them out there that got separated from Gareth's, the Termites are extinct now.

Morgan will meet up with Rick's group while they are at the church.
  • Jossed. he made it to the church, but Rick and co. are gone at that time.

Tara has a crush on Maggie.
Who wouldn't? Plus, she is a lesbian, so...yeah.
  • Episode 2 kinds of almost tease with this idea. Except that Tara apologized to Maggie because she feels guilty for being in Governor's group and indirectly responsible for Hershel's death.
  • My theory is that Glenn will be a lucky fella.

Thoughts on where Carol is.
Carol is with Daryl still, obviously would be a good guess.
  • Or maybe it's Morgan whom Daryl returns with, just to surprise viewers who'd assumed it's Carol or Beth. Carol's off doing her lone-sniper scouting routine against whomever has Beth captive, while Daryl came back to get help and ran into Morgan on the way.
  • Question is resolved: We see Carol again in "Slabtown", where she's brought in to the hospital at the end of the episode.

The next time we see Noah, he will be a zombie.
He was limping. His odds are slim.
  • Jossed.

Everybody hates Noah.
Because Everybody Hates Chris.

Noah was in the car that Daryl and Carol saw.
People from the hospital probably found him so that they could take him back.
  • Jossed.

Noah was in the bushes.
Daryl and Carol probably found him while they were looking for Beth.
  • Seems to be confirmed by the end of "Consumed."

Daryl and Carol were watching Beth's escape attempt from afar.
And then they set a plan in motion.
  • Jossed.

Carol let herself get taken into the hospital.
She is faking so that she can save Beth.
  • Jossed. She got hit by one of their cars and got taken.

The preview clip of Abraham in a grocery store in "Self Help" is a flashback.
He was beating someone to death with a can because his family got hurt and raped.
  • Confirmed.

Noah will tag along with Rick's group all the way to Washington, D.C. and Alexandria.
Assuming that he does not die along the way. Richmond is in Virginia, after all, so they would be heading in the same general direction. Maybe there will be nothing left for him in Richmond and he will keep traveling with them.
  • Confirmed.

The group will reach Washington during the second half of the season.
It will probably be the main setting of that half, with Alexandria being introduced either at the end of the season or the beginning of the next season.
  • Conformed.

After getting beat up by Abraham, Eugene is dead.
Just look at how hard he fell.
  • Jossed

Alternatively, he is still alive.
Josh McDermitt's comments on Talking Dead seem to imply this.
  • Confirmed

Abraham and Eugene will become a gay couple.
Just look at how their respective actors treated each other on Talking Dead.
  • Jossed. Abraham only had a relationship with Rosita and Sasha before his death, never with any man, Eugene or otherwise.

Eugene has a crush on Tara.
A reason that their interactions were written.

Eugene will be rejected by Tara.
Because she is a lesbian.

Tara will be straight for Eugene.
She does not have many options in the post-apocalyptic world.

There really are scientists working on a cure in Washington, D.C.
Even though Eugene lied about being a scientist, this could still end up being true. It would be pretty funny.
  • Alternately, Eugene is lying now. He actually is a scientist in the TV series, but he realized that Abraham would get them all killed if they tried to go through the gigantic herd of walkers up ahead, so he claimed he'd been lying in a desperate attempt to stop his protector's suicidal advance. The show's writers know that fans of the comic had already spilled the beans online about Eugene being a liar, so decided to humor, then subvert, the expectations of comic-savvy viewers.

Abraham will open up to Glenn about his family getting raped by neighbors.
In the comics, he opened up to Rick about it. At the moment, he is too far away from Rick.

Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara will keep heading toward Washington, D.C.
They had told Rick that they were going there, and they could miss each other if they turned back.
  • Jossed

Rick and the group members accompanying him will see the bus.
Thus causing them to wonder what happened to Glenn, Maggie, and the others.

Glenn and the others will keep it a secret that Eugene is not a scientist.
They will see no reason to tell the rest of Rick's group. They may lie and say that they tried making a cure and failed, or that the supposed research lab was destroyed and overrun.
  • Jossed. He bluntly told Michonne the harsh truth firsthand.

The opening scene of "Consumed" is the clip of Daryl and Carol cremating a body outside the hospital.
It may even be followed by a flashback to the events that Carol experienced in the hospital.
  • Jossed.

The one being cremated in "Consumed" is Beth.
Not sure who else it could be.
  • Jossed.

Beth and Noah will become a couple.
They seem to be around the same age.
  • Jossed. Tragically jossed!

Father Gabriel will stay at the church while Rick's group tries to rescue Beth and Carol.
He will not have any skills to offer in the rescue mission.
  • Jossed. He escaped to go see for himself if the Hunters really had deserved to be killed out-of-hand.

Morgan will not show up until the mid-season finale.
Probably when the group returns to the church.
  • Confirmed that he's seen, but only by the audience, not the other characters.

Father Gabriel will be the first to see Morgan.
If he stays behind.
  • Father Gabriel has left the church, so he might end up encountering Morgan in the wilderness.
  • Jossed. Morgan made it to his church though.

In "Crossed," Beth will hit Dawn with her mop.
And then there will be a cut to Beth having a third stitching on her face.
  • Jossed.

The hospital attack will span over two episodes.
Which would be "Crossed" and "Coda."
  • It didn't.

Alternatively, "Coda" will take place after the hospital attack.
It would act as an epilogue of sorts that would segue to the second half of the seasons, perhaps even doing a time skip showing Rick's group getting to D.C.
  • Jossed

A major character will die during the attack on the hospital.
Robert Kirkman said that it would be "deadly."
  • Confirmed. It's Beth who dies.

Lamson lied about having a partner.
He just said that to distract Sasha.

Sasha is still alive.
She is just knocked unconscious.
  • Confirmed

In "Coda," Sasha will die.
Whether or not it be by her wound at the end of "Crossed.
  • Jossed

Father Gabriel will eventually accept that zombies need to be killed.
He will have to come to terms with it sooner or later.
  • Confirmed, sort of: Gabriel kills his first walker in "Conquer", although he's very squicked out by what he's done.

Father Gabriel will end up becoming proficient with the machete.
He will finally see the need for it.
  • Confirmed, but not until "No Way Out."

Abraham regained hope because he still wants to keep Eugene alive.
He seemed to have lost hope when he thought that he had killed Eugene. Perhaps part of him still wants to protect him because he realizes that Eugene helped him regain the will to live.

Father Gabriel will end up catching up with Glenn and company.
This would cause them to ask what is going on with Rick and the others, possibly making them decide to head back.
  • Sort of; Gabriel returns to the church, then Abraham's party shows up in the fire engine.

Either Carol or Beth will die in the mid-season finale.
Walkers will flood the hospital and one of the two will be bitten or shot by Dawn.
  • Confirmed that Beth dies because Dawn shoots her, but it's not because walkers got into the hospital. Beth attacked Dawn with scissors to try and put a stop to the cycle of abuse which Dawn was fostering with her willful blindness.

Beth may still be alive
.If so, she suffered Carl's Eye Scream in the comic. The bullet did pierced through around her left eye.
  • She wasn't shot in the eye. It pierced through her temple/forehead. It sucks, I know, but she's deader than dead.
  • Though it's not like it's unheard of for a character to survive a headshot, even a serious one.
    • Not when the only doctor who's available to treat them has a motive to let Beth die because she knows he set her up to give that other doctor the wrong medication, however.
  • Jossed. The matter is literally dead and buried.

Beth dies a virgin
Beth reacts very minimally to the deaths of her previous two boyfriends. It's unlikely that she and Jimmy ever did it when they're still in the farm due to Hershel's overprotectiveness. It's also less likely that she ever did it with Zach in the prison since Hershel was also there, even if he's somewhat softened and let Maggie did it with Glenn. She would've been a lot more sad to her boyfriends' death if she ever had sexual encounters with them.

And afterwards, she never shows romantic interest to anyone else, even Daryl whom she bonded with. In addition, despite the show has little restriction to female fanservice and partial nudity like they did with other female characters like Lori, Maggie, and Michonne; they never did it with Beth despite her attractiveness. In fact, Fanservice Pack aside, Beth is a relatively modest girl overall.

If Rick still had the prison, he would have locked up the Termites for the rest of their lives.
Since he did not have any secure cells, he had no choice but to kill them to prevent them from harming others who might be traveling.

"The Troubles" by U2 will be featured in "Coda."
Probably at the end.
  • Jossed.

A flashback will depict Morgan's journey.
The events shown will take place after Rick last saw him and lead into him seeing Rick again.

Noah is Morgan's nephew.
His backstory of looking for his uncle was apparently important enough to mention, and his introductory season also marks the return of Morgan.

Grady Memorial Hospital will be the setting of a spin-off.
It will be like the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine of The Walking Dead.

The reason that they killed off Beth.
People ship that character and Daryl. They could never be together because their couple name would be Deth. Therefore, someone had to die.

will come back to life.On Talking Dead, Robert Kirkman said that he changed his mind and that she would be back. Maybe this is Word of God.
  • See my Eye Scream theory above.
  • He was apparently referring to her showing up in Tyreese's hallucinations as he was dying.

"Coda" was All Just a Dream.
This was also suggested on Talking Dead. Maybe Sasha is dreaming it while she is knocked out.
  • Jossed.

There will be a time skip in the midseason premiere.
This would illustrate how far Rick's group has traveled on the east coast.
  • Confirmed. He specifically mentions that they traveled 500 miles from Atlanta.

Aaron will appear during the second half of season 5.
Robert Kirkman said that a gay character from the comics would be appearing, so it looks like Aaron will find Rick's group as he scouts from Alexandria.
  • Could be Jesus.
  • Confirmed.

Much of the second half of season 5 will be Aaron leading Rick's group the Alexandria.
They might not reach Alexandria until the end of the season.
  • Partially.It took them only four episodes to reach it.

Morgan has found inner peace since season 3.
He is seen praying and laughing at the end of "Coda." He might be more stable now.
  • He seems fairly at peace with himself in "Conquer".

Alternatively, Morgan is a madman.
Robert Kirkman suggested this on Talking Dead, even going as far as suggesting that he will try to kill everyone in Rick's group.

Morgan only appears in odd-numbered seasons.
If he doesn't die before season 6, he will be absent that season and return during season 7.
  • Jossed. Morgan Jones is a main character in Season 6.

Morgan's next appearance will be in the last episode of Season 5.
He will reach the Alexandria Safe Zone and reunite with Rick.
  • Confirmed! He and Rick come face to face in one of the last scenes of the season.

Another prominent character will die before the group can get anywhere safe.
It will serve to establish that the group needs a shelter, and fast. Enter the Alexandria Safe Zone.
  • Confirmed. It's Tyreese.

When Morgan catches up with Rick's group, he will die in that episode.
This would be very surprising.
  • Jossed, although he does get into fights with Walkers and a couple of Wolves.

The truck of walker torsos is the fault of...
The Whisperers. They cut off the walker arms and legs for skin clothing, and those torsos are ones that were too decayed, too thing, or not decayed enough to use.
  • Alternately, they're the work of some sickos who are using legless, armless, but still-biting walkers stuck head-up in the ground as a perimeter defense for their stronghold.
    • "Conquer" reveals some limbless walkers inside a massive booby-trap set by the Wolves.

An entire episode will be dedicated to showing Morgan's journey.
Seems like something that the show would do.
  • Finally occurs with "Here's Not Here" in season 6.

Morgan will find the bottles of water Rick's group came across.
Maybe he will even take a sip.

Morgan somehow met Aaron before Aaron found Rick's group.
Aaron somehow knows that Rick is in charge. It is possible that Morgan let Aaron know about him and his group.

Rick's group will decide to explore Washington D.C. before going to Alexandria.
They will want to see how fortified it is and maybe even compare it to Alexandria.
  • Jossed.

We will not see the Alexandria Safe Zone until the season finale.
Seems like something that would happen on the show. Plus, they would have a lot of characters to introduce (such as Douglas Monroe), and they may not have casted for those characters yet.
  • Jossed by the end of "The Distance."

Morgan will run into The Scavengers.
He will either follow them to Alexandria from a safe distance or he will travel with them just as Daryl did with The Claimers. Like Daryl, he will have to decide to turn against them when he realizes how bad they are.
  • If Morgan met them on his journey, we didn't see it (yet).

Pete is Peter Anderson from the comics.
Both seem to have medical skills.
  • Confirmed.

By the end of the season, Rick will shoot and kill Pete
.This is what happens in the comics, and it will alert the Scavengers to the location of the community and eventually lead to a herd of walkers entering Alexandria.
  • Confirmed; Rick kills Pete on Deanna's orders after Pete flips out, crashes the meeting, and cuts Reg's throat.

The final scene of the season finale will tease The Scavengers.
As Rick fires his gun, The Scavengers will look in the direction of the sound and make their way toward Alexandria. Maybe Morgan will be shown heading in that direction as well.
  • No, but the Wolves find the photos of Alexandria in a backpack left behind after Aaron and Daryl escape from their walker-trap.

Dwight will be referenced in the finale.
According to the press, Daryl will be in trouble and on the run. Maybe Dwight will murder someone and the people of Alexandria will assume that it was Daryl since both characters use a crossbow.
  • Jossed; no sign of Dwight yet.

The person who took Rick's gun from the blender is...
  • Deanna Monroe, who anticipated that he might do this.
  • Enid, since Carl saw her climbing to the walls to go outside.
  • Aaron could have suspected as well after his run-in with Rick's group.
  • Derek of The Scavengers, who will use it to attack Alexandria.
  • It's Confirmed to be Nicholas who stole the gun.

Michonne will see Rick and Jessie together and feel jealous.
Because we all know that she has feelings for Rick.

Carol lied to Deanna.
She does not miss Ed, her abusive husband. She was just trying to give Deanna the impression that she was a gentle, family woman so that she would be allowed into the community and secretly teach the kids how to defend themselves against walkers like she did at the prison.

Daryl will only shower if Carol showers with him.
It will be a moment that defines their relationship.

Daryl will clean up very well.
It would be hilarious to see him as a "proper" man in a civilized society.

Enid will be an Expy for Sophia
She doesn't seem to have any kind of family so far, maybe she'll be "adopted" by Glenn and Maggie, along with plenty of Ship Tease between her and Carl.

Aiden will get shot in the head with a crossbow instead of Abraham
.This will lead most of the community to suspect that Daryl did it. Deanna would not be pleased with the death of her son, as much of a jerk as he is. This would be the reason that Daryl goes on the run in the finale. The real culprit would, of course, be Dwight.
  • Jossed. Aiden dies a much more gruesome death.

Alternatively, Daryl will be on the run on his own accord.
He does not believe that he fits in with the community.
  • Jossed; it's Rick whose status comes into question, and Daryl finds a place as a recruiter.

Daryl will meet the Scavengers while he is on the run.
It would seem like the right time to bring them to the show.
  • Daryl isn't on the run, but he and Aaron had an indirect run-in with the Wolves via one of their nasty booby-traps.

Daryl will see Morgan while he is on the run.
And maybe neither of them will know that the other has met Rick.
  • Jossed; Morgan rescues Daryl and Aaron from the Wolves' trap, and Daryl realizes Morgan knows Rick because he shows them the map that was left at the church.

Alexander Davidson or his counterpart will be mentioned.
It would set the stage for figuring out more about Deanna Monroe.
  • Confirmed. He's one of the trio Deanna previously exiled from Alexandria.

Alexander Davidson and Deanna Monroe's backstory will be shown in a flashback.
Much like how Abraham's backstory was shown in a flashback.

Abraham will thank Eugene.
His lie was the reason that Abraham did not commit suicide, met Rosita, and made it all the way to Alexandria.
  • Inverted; Eugene thanked Abraham and apologized for taking his and the others' protection for granted. Abraham doesn't thank Eugene, but he accepts his apology and says he's sorry for belting Eugene.

Rick and company will face an antagonistic group called The Wolves.
Mostly based on this article:
  • Confirmed

The Wolves will be expies of a group from the comics.
Maybe the Scavengers or the Saviors. On one hand, wolves may be viewed as scavengers. On the other hand, religious viewers may not like having an antagonistic group call themselves saviors.
  • They may also be the Whisperers.

Alternatively, the Wolves are a new, original group.
Just like how the hospital storyline was exclusive to the show.

Daryl will encounter a group called the Wolves in the finale.
While he is on the run.
  • He doesn't meet the Wolves, but he and Aaron nearly get killed by one of their elaborate booby-traps.

The wolf references have to do with Bad Wolf.
This show must be related to Doctor Who somehow.

The "W" carved into the zombie's forehead stands for "Whisperers."
As in the group from the comics that wears zombie skin. That and their group name starts with said letter.
  • Jossed

The Wolves, like the Whisperers, will wear skin.
Could be a play on the expression "a wolf in sheep's clothing."
  • The two Wolves seen so far are dressed in ordinary clothing.

Daryl saw himself in the horse.
It was an animal that just kept running when people were trying to help keep it safe by bringing it into a community.

Abraham will cheat on Rosita with Michonne.
He seemed a little too friendly when he was drunk. It would also add some drama and possibly make Rick feel jealous.

A street sign will remind Rick of Morgan.
Near the end of "Forget," a street sign with "Morgan" written on it is behind Rick.

Morgan will appear in "spend".
The sign could have been foreshadowing that Morgan would appear in the next episode.
  • Jossed. Morgan does return, but in "Conquer".

Father Gabriel told Deanna not to let Rick's group in.
We have not yet seen his interview, but it may reveal that the group does not sit well with him, especially since they executed people within a church.
  • Confirmed.

The sound of Daryl's motorcycle will attract a horde of walkers to Alexandria.
Motorcycles are not exactly silent.
  • Jossed, he uses his bike to draw the horde away in the first few episodes of season 6.

Tobin will become Carol's love interest.
  • Confirmed.

Enid is The Mole of the group who writes "W" in the walkers.
After getting out, she seems to be cautious if anyone saw of is following her, not noticing Carl.
  • Enid is the TV version of Lydia from the Whisperers.

Combining the gun stealing theory above, Enid will use the gun and will be the cause of Carl's Eye Scream instead of the Gender Flipped Douglas Monroe like it was in the comicbook.
She has a dark and mysterious aura and she doesn't like Carl.
  • Jossed.

Rick's attraction to Jessie is more on Lust than Love.
Lori's been dead for like two years in the show's timeline and he's been through a lot of stressful situations ever since, so of course he's gonna need some. And come on, she's hot as hell.

Carol and Sam.
She will do something bad to the kid, presumably kill him. If she does kill him, it'll kickstart the group's conflict with Alexandria.
  • Seems Jossed.

Sam is actually a Decomposite Character of Comics!Ron and will suffer his canonical death, while his In Name Only brother will be Spared by the Adaptation for either quite some time or completely.
The kid just have death flags all over him. Plus, Comics!Ron died via stupidity that a child can make and the TV version is far from being a reckless kid as far as he was portrayed.
  • Sort of confirmed, sort of jossed. Sam does suffer the same death as Comics!Ron but TV Show!Ron then bites the dust two minutes later as Michonne runs him through with her katana to keep him from shooting Rick. Cue Carl's eye scream.

Deanna will blame Glenn and co. for Aiden's death.
She will not react well to the news of her son's death. She may reconsider Father Gabriel's words and believe that Rick's group is to blame.
  • Confirmed in part. When Carol sends a casserole and a note of condolence, Deanna leaves the casserole at the door and burns the note, signifying she has not forgiven them.

Tara will not die as a result of her injury in "Spend."
She will recover.
  • Deanna did mention that Pete saved her life.
    • Tara wakes from her coma near the end of "Conquer". (Which is lucky, because Rick kills Pete for murdering Reg in the same episode.)

"Turn Into The Noise" by Patrick Watson will appear in the finale.
It has been in a commercial for the show.

Morgan will not meet Rick again this season.
He will probably see him again in the season 6 premiere.
  • Jossed; Morgan and Rick come face to face in practically the very last shot of the finale.

Enid is the cause of the 'W's carved into the head of zombies.
They did make a fair point about that knife of hers.
  • Probably jossed; a couple of living Wolves show up in the finale, already marked and apparently ignorant of Alexandria's existence.

Pete will be killed by...
  • Carol. She did make a fair point that nobody would believe that she killed him.
  • Jessie. Kirkman might wanna show that she can do this just like how he wanted to show Rick standing up to Shane and killing him.
  • Sam. He really wants to protect his mother.
  • Ron. Possibly the same reason as Sam.
  • Rick. Could still be a possibility.
  • Michonne. She is the constable. People might be convinced that she has just cause to kill him since she showed everyone that she was willing to knock Rick out.
    • It's Rick, who executes Pete on Deanna's orders after Pete flips out, crashes the meeting to come after Rick with Michonne's sword in his hand, and cuts Reg's throat for trying to stop him.

Rick will be exiled.
And that is when he will meet Morgan.
  • Jossed; he was about to be exiled, when he showed up at the meeting with a dead walker to report the gate had been left open. Then Pete crashed the meeting and proves Rick's actions were justified, by waving Michonne's stolen sword around and cutting Reg's throat when Reg tried to calm him down. Morgan does turn up though, just as Rick executes Pete on Deanna's orders.

Morgan is carving the letter "M" into zombie foreheads.
This is Yvette Nicole Brown's theory. Maybe the letter is upside down. Morgan could have become a mad man who tied that woman to the tree and gutted her.
  • Jossed; Morgan just arrived in the area. The Wolves are marking themselves, and perhaps their victims, with the W.

The Wolves will make it through the interview process.
And Deanna will unknowingly allow a new threat in the community.
  • The Wolves haven't had an interview, but they find out Alexandria exists because two of them find Aaron's backpack with its telltale photos.
  • Jossed.

The Wolves will not appear this season.
The people running the show could be trolling us and may not show them until season 6.
  • Jossed; Morgan fights off two of them in "Conquer", and they're seen killing Red Poncho Guy and finding Aaron's photos.

Rick just needs to get laid.
Not necessarily with Jessie, but it could be with Michonne or even Carol if possible.

The Wolves were exiled from Alexandria.
Aaron mentions a trio of exiles, and the Wolves could have been this trio.

Someone from Alexandria marked the Wolves with the letter "W."
One of them mentioned how the first settlers put bounties on wolves. Maybe people of Alexandria, or just Deanna, put bounties on exiles.

Every zombie or dead body with the letter "W" was a member of the Wolves.
They just couldn't stay alive.

Alexander Davidson is one of the Wolves.
He is mentioned as being part of the trio exiled by Deanna.

A fatal bite was given to Glenn
.This is probably what made him super angry at Nicholas.
  • Jossed.

Michonne made sure that Pete got ahold of her sword.
She wanted to make sure that everyone saw how dangerous he could be. She did not want to give him a gun, so she let him have a short-ranged melee weapon.

     Season 6 
The word "scavengers" will be used to describe the Wolves.
They seem to be the show's version of The Scavengers, just under a different name and with an expanded mythology.

One of The Wolves will say, "Little piggy, little piggy."
This was said by the Big Bad Wolf in The Three Little Pigs and by Derek of The Scavengers. The Wolves would probably say this as they attempt to get into Alexandria. Jossed.

Morgan will have trouble trusting Rick.
He now believes that all life is precious. He may be put off by the fact that Rick killed Pete. Sure, Morgan left two Wolves in a car and honked the horn to attract zombies, but at least he gave them a fighting chance instead of killing them instantly.
  • According to Lennie James on the Talking Dead, Morgan was actually honking the horn to make sure that the area was empty so that the Wolves could wake up safely. Quite the opposite. So, this makes your theory even more likely.
  • Basically confirmed, but they part on good terms in "East."

Glenn and Nicholas will eventually be on good terms.
Perhaps Nicholas will even overcome some of his cowardice.
  • Glenn doesn't tell what Nicholas did when they return to Alexandria, claiming he'd been hit by a ricochet during a close call with walkers, so that may lay the groundwork for the two to reconcile.
  • Basically Confirmed by Nicholas's last words, as he thanks Glenn before killing himself.

Gabriel will get it together.
He will understand how necessary it is to defend people by fighting off zombies, and perhaps even kill more zombies.
  • Confirmed. Gabriel finally steps up in "Start to Finish," killing walkers with his machete and promising Rick he will not back out of their guts trick.
    • And in "No Way Out," he successfully brings Judith to his church amid the walker horde and rallies the people in the church to help Rick fend off the horde.

Sasha will be more stable.
The season 5 finale seemed to hint at this.
  • Confirmed.

Rick will become leader of Alexandria in the midseason finale.
It's Rick Grimes, after all.
  • Confirmed, as Deanna is bit and goes out fighting. Not before imploring Rick to take the mantle.
The Wolves will be defeated by the midseason finale.
Whether that means killing them or imprisoning them.

Glenn will die.
He's had a brush with death so many times that it is bound to happen.
  • Jossed in that he didn't die in season 6, but Confirmed that he does die in the season 7 premiere.

Rosita will get together with Tara.
After Abraham dumps her for Francine. She will also die in the same episode it happens. Jossed so far, she was last seen hooking up with Spencer, and is still alive as of the season 7 premiere.

There will be a romantic subplot involving Daryl and Aaron.
At least one will have feelings for the other.
  • Jossed so far.

Morgan will survive the whole season.
He has only been in a few episodes and there may be much planned for the character. He is certainly not as broken as his comic book counterpart.
  • Confirmed; Morgan is alive as of the end of Season Six.

Carol will make more Scarel cookies and Sorry-Not-Sorry cookies.

Rick and Morgan's relationship in season 6 will be a reverse of "Clear".
In "Clear", Morgan was half-crazy due to the loss of his son and guilt over his (perceived) responsibility for it. Rick tried to help him, and their encounter seems to have changed him for the better as when we next see him he's in a much better place mentally and seems to have made peace with the world. Meanwhile, Rick's experiences with the Governor, the Claimers and Terminus have driven him to the edge. In a flip from their previous roles, Morgan will help Rick reign in his newfound paranoia and ruthlessness.

Denise Cloyd, Heath, and/or Barbara will appear.
They are Alexandria residents in the comics. Perhaps they have not yet reached it in the show.
  • Confirmed for Heath and Denise. Barbara appears as well, though her role is even smaller than her comic counterpart's.

Paul Monroe will be introduced in the second half of the season.
Setting in motion the discovery of other colonies.
  • Confirmed, he first appears in "The Next World", although his last name is changed to Rovia.

Before we see Paul Monroe, there will be a camera shot from his point of view watching Alexandria.
This would cause viewers to believe that he is watching them with malicious intent when he actually means no harm.
  • Jossed.

Paul Monroe will be suspected to be a member of The Saviors.
Maybe if he goes by the nickname "Jesus."
  • Jossed, Rick's group doesn't learn of the name "Saviors" until after they meet Jesus. Rick and Daryl aren't sure if they can trust Jesus at first, but Rick tries to ask him the three questions.

In the show, Paul Monroe actually will be in league with The Saviors.
Setting him apart from his comic book counterpart.
  • Jossed, he's still a member of the Hilltop colony.

The Wolves will bring the trailers full of zombies to Alexandria.
And they will unleash them onto the community.
  • Jossed, but they do unintentionally lead to part of the herd coming to Alexandria.

The season premiere will be titled "Wolves Not Far."
This would echo the writing seen in season 5 and the fact that The Wolves are on their way to Alexandria.
  • Jossed. It's "First Time Again."

An episode will be titled "No Way Out."
It would probably be an episode that takes place as Alexandria is overrun with zombies.
  • Confirmed. The midseason premiere.

An episode will be titled "A Larger World."
Taking place around the time Rick hears that there are other colonies.
  • Close enough; episode 10 is titled "The Next World," and Rick and Daryl will presumably run into Jesus.

The season finale will be titled "Something to Fear."
It would not be the first time that a volume title was reused as an episode title.
  • Surprisingly, Jossed. They opted for an original title instead- "Last Day On Earth". Still chilling and fitting though.

Negan's first appearance will be in the season finale.
It will end with a surprising death he causes using Lucille.
  • Confirmed.

Carol will drop the innocent act.
Now that the group is back in charge, there's no need for it anymore.
  • Confirmed. She reveals her badass true self in "JSS."

Daryl and Michonne will be a couple.
Their respective actors sharing a kiss in the behind the scenes video for the first episode may be a hint.
  • Jossed for now, Michonne ends up with Rick.

The horn was honked by The Wolves.
They are trying to attract the herd to Alexandria.
  • Confirmed in that the horn was the Wolves' fault, but Jossed that it was intentional. The Wolves attack Alexandria, and Spencer shoots one of them who was driving a big truck up to the gates. It crashes and the horn sounds because the driver's body ends up draped over the steering wheel.

The Wolves are actually a counterpart to the Whisperers, and/or Enid is Lydia's counterpart.
The W carved on the walkers' foreheads seems like a clue. And there's obviously something going on with Enid. She is very mysterious, sneaks out of the community, and has a relatively close relationship with Carl despite not knowing him for very long. This also applies to Lydia. It could be that she's pretending to be a lone survivor to infiltrate the community and learn their weaknesses, strengths, habits, etc.
  • Jossed. The Wolves are actually adapted from the Scavengers.

Alternatively, Enid is/was a member of either The Saviors, The Kingdom, or the Hilltop Community.
  • Jossed so far.

"Thank You" did not depict the death of Glenn
. Nicholas' body falls on him and it seems to disappear when he is on the ground, but then it looks like the walkers are tearing into a shirt that looks higher than it should be. It also looks like intestines are being pulled out of his chest, which does not really make sense. He could have crawled under the dumpster.
  • Alternately, there could be a half-squashed walker under the dumpster, from which Glenn could snatch a big wad of tissue and wipe it all over himself while the herd is busy with Nicholas's corpse. Passing for another walker by "dressing" like one was one of the first tricks Glenn learned, after all.
  • Confirmed. The walkers fed on Nicholas's body and Glenn crawls under the dumpster and stays there until the walkers roam off.

"Here's Not Here" will not clarify Glenn's fate
.It seems like it will focus more on Morgan and what is going on in Alexandria.
  • Confirmed. Almost the entire episode is a Morgan-centric flashback.

Glenn is with Jesus.
No, not that Jesus, Paul "Jesus" Monroe from the Hilltop Colony. We know he's due on the show soon (an actor has already been cast) so maybe he'll be introduced saving Glenn.
  • Jossed; he's alive and with Enid.

The next time that we see Dwight and Sherry, they will have joined the Saviors.
Half of Dwight's face will have been burned off by then and Sherry would be used by Negan.
  • Confirmed for Dwight, but we haven't yet found out what happened to Sherry.

Carol will find the Wolf leader that Morgan's been hiding.
And she'll drag him out of his cell and cut him all bloody, then harry him out of Alexandria at rifle-point. The invading walkers will catch scent of the blood, run him to ground, and eat him alive outside the walls, buying everyone time to block up the gap.
  • Partially confirmed. She finds out about the Wolf in "Start to Finish," but Morgan knocks her out and the Wolf escapes with Denise as a hostage.

Deanna will die in "Start to Finish."
This would match Douglas Monroe's death in the comics during the zombie invasion of Alexandria. Rick would become the leader afterward.
  • Confirmed.

will die in "Start to Finish."During the zombie invasion of Alexandria in the No Way Out arc of the comics, he had a feeling that he would die. Maybe that would come to fruition here.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, Glenn
will die in the season finale, meeting Lucille.Negan would kill him just like he does in the comics. The fact that he has cheated death multiple times through the show (well walker, Terminus, brawl with Nicholas, dumpster, walker horde) can also contribute to this, as it can show that no one can cheat death forever and possibly serve as a Gut Punch to the entire audience. Also, Glenn dying was foreshadowed in the following instances: 5x01 when he nearly gets hit by a metal bat in Terminus, 6X12 when Glenn sees pictures of Lucille victims, 6X14 when Maggie tells Enid that she doesn't want "anything in her way" and that she "has to keep going" after getting a haircut, and most recently, 6x15 which has a number of perspective shots from a box. Since the last shot of the season is a perspective shot this probably means that the Lucille victim is one of these four characters. Since Rosita and Michonne are only in the middle of their character arcs, the victim is most likely Glenn or Daryl but all the foreshadowing indicates that Glenn is the most likely to die.
  • Jossed, as we don't even see who got killed in the season finale, which will be revealed in the seventh season premiere.
  • Jossed again; Abraham was the unseen victim in the season 6 finale, though for what it's worth, Glenn lives up to his comic book legacy and gets the bat as well not too long afterwards.

There will be a Time Skip after "Start to Finish."
The season finale would take place after Maggie gives birth, thus making her unsafe when it is time for Negan to chose someone to kill.
  • Most likely Jossed as the threat of the walkers invading the town is still there.
  • There will actually be a Time Skip after "No Way Out" in order to accommodate for the healing of Carl's missing eye. It jumps two months.

Ron will be the cause of Carl's Eye Scream from the comics.
The last episode before the mid-season finale, we see Ron stalking Carl while possessing a gun.
  • Jossed, though it looks likely for the midseason premiere.
  • Confirmed for "No Way Out," although it's as much due to his brother and mother losing it from fear as Ron doing so from anger.

When Paul Monroe first appears, the episode will end right after he introduces himself as Jesus.
It will become a topic of discussion among TV viewers about whether or not Jesus Christ is joining the show and what they think about it. The next episode will reveal that Jesus is just his nickname.
  • Jossed - In "The Next World", he first introduces himself as Paul, but he mentions they call him Jesus as well.

Tara will die.
Denise said she'd say "I love you" when she comes back, but maybe she won't get to say it.
  • Presumably, she'll get comic!Abraham's death.
  • Jossed, Denise gets Abraham's death from the comics, and Tara is still alive at the end of season 6.

Sasha will get the comic book death of Abraham
.She would get killed by a crossbow-wielding Dwight. It would put Abraham in a miserable position, having just broken up with Rosita to be with Sasha.
  • Jossed, that honor goes to Denise. And Abraham dies before Sasha.

Negan will kill someone other than Glenn.
If Glenn is alive at the time like in the comics, Negan will say, "Eenie, meenie, miney, moe..." The possibility of the death of Glenn will be teased, but then Negan will choose someone else. Perhaps the teased character will be the last one before the chosen one, or Negan will continue with the extra words some people add ("My mother told me/says to pick the very best one, and that is Y-O-U," or some variation.) If so, the character has to be a main stay. What made Glenn's death in the comic gut wrenching was he's been around since the start. If they do plan on someone taking cover for him, that Character Death must bring an emotional impact to both the characters and the audience. It is like the equivalent of Dale and Hershel's deaths in the show.
  • Confirmed that Negan uses the extended version of the rhyme; unknown whom he selected to kill, because the attack is shown from the victim's POV.
  • Alternatively, Rick will block Lucille with his right hand, amputating it in the process. He may do this as a valiant attempt to save his friend, and Negan will proceed to whack it as a punishment for interfering. Kirkman said that he regretted making him a Handicapped Badass in the comics too early but not at all. Andrew Lincoln has also been vocal about playing a handicapped Rick.
    • Actually, what Kirkman stated was that he thought it was a plot-wise mistake. Also, SFX for amputees are costly, so it's unlikely.
    • Jossed; Negan beats the chosen victim without being interrupted.
  • Daryl: The Lancer and arguably the group's biggest asset. He may get punished for blowing up some Saviors to bits. If they intend for season 7 to be the final season, there would be no risks in killing off Daryl. This would also be especially painful knowing that he and Carol never got together because Carol is with Tobin. Maybe his last words would be, "C-Carol!".
  • Carol: She's been around since the beginning too, and is one of the group's strongest members in addition to being the Team Mom.
    • To expand upon this, Carol has recently been shown to be suffering from a possible case of PTSD. She breaks down crying on numerous occasions, and as of this writing, has recklessly skipped town due to her immense guilt over having to repeatedly kill people. This could be her downfall. She might run into Negan along the way, and be gruesomely murdered just as the others find her.
    • Jossed; Carol isn't one of the captives Negan chooses from.
  • Maggie: It'll be a reverse of the comics, and Glenn will be the one forced to watch her get her head bashed in. It could be especially poignant for two major reasons. 1.) she is currently pregnant and the show already has a baby character. 2.) The entire Greene family, who many of the group looked up to, will be entirely wiped out.
  • Morgan: Because the show has proved time and time again that being The Heart and the pacifist will ultimately get you killed. He's been there since the beginning, too.
    • Jossed; Morgan isn't one of the captives Negan confronts.
  • Sasha: Another strong member of the group, and has been there for quite a while.
  • Abraham: One of the group's strongest members and leaders. Assuming that he doesn't meet his canonical fate, that is.
  • Tara
    • Jossed, Tara isn't in the lineup.
  • Another theory; Negan will kill multiple characters. Everyone's been assuming that he will only kill off one major character, but who says he has to stop there?
    • Probably Jossed. We only see him attacking one member of the group before the episode ends, and he specifically says he's making an - an, as in "one" - example.
    • Actually confirmed, sadly. He kills Glenn as well as punishment for Daryl punching him.
  • Judith: Unlikely, but a perfect way to display Negan's brutality is to kill a helpless child.
    • Jossed; even if the show would go there, Judith isn't present at the kill site.
  • This is now Jossed on the bigger scale, as Glenn does indeed meet his end by Lucille. But, on a smaller note, Confirmed for Abraham- Negan kills him as well.

Negan will spend all of "Something to Fear" figuring out whom to kill.
It would be so trollish to the fans.
  • Jossed that he doesn't decide; Confirmed that the show is trolling its fans, because we don't get to see who it is that he attacks.

     Season 7 
There will be a flashback episode showing Dwight and Sherry meeting Negan and the Saviors.
It would all lead up to Dwight getting his face burned prior to the season six finale.

Denise and Heath will become a couple.
This happens in the comics. And even though the show has diverged from the comics, this could still happen if Tara dies.
  • Jossed due to Denise's death.

Daryl will put zombie guts on his crossbow bolts.
In the comics Negan tells Dwight to do this, but in the show, since Daryl has his crossbow back, this strategy can be used against the Saviors.
  • Dwight has the crossbow again, so probably not unless Daryl somehow steals it from him.

Dwight will redeem himself by siding with Rick.
This happens in the comics and for some fans was difficult to accept since he killed Abraham, whom readers had known and loved for a long time. In the show, he killed Denise instead, with whom fans may not have as much of an attachment. So it would be easier to accept a redeemed Dwight.
  • The Season 7 trailer shows him looking up at the walls of Alexandria in awe, hinting at this.

Alternatively, Dwight will remain on the side of the Saviors.
He could be completely against Rick to the end.

Alternatively, Dwight will side with Rick at the last minute and die via Heroic Sacrifice.
He will not live as long as his comic book counterpart.

Alternatively, Dwight will be on the side of Dwight.
He'll stick with the Saviors until it's convenient to do otherwise, then snatch weapons and transport and leave them in the lurch to head off on his own, same as he did to Daryl.

Carl will sneak into The Saviors' base trying to kill Negan, and fail trying, something which will impress and convince Negan to let Carl into his community as a guest rather than a prisoner.
Because this happened in the eighteenth volume of the comics, "What Comes After".
  • Confirmed

Season 7 will be building up to the "All Out War" arc next season.
It can possibly adapt volumes 18 and 19 of the comics, "What Comes After" and "March To War".
  • Confirmed. Did you expect any less? Negan showed up the season 6 finale so of course season 7 is build-up for All-out-War.

Ezekiel will be introduced in this season.
  • Seems likely, as Morgan and Carol meet some armored riders in the season finale, suggesting a foray to the Kingdom.
    • Confirmed

Carl will stop wearing his bandages.
Negan probably would convince him to do it, stating that it would make him look more "cooler".
  • Sort of confirmed, Negan orders Carl to take off his bandages at one point, but Carl is very upset by this and goes back to wearing them once Negan leaves Alexandria.

Maggie and Enid will end up moving to the Hilltop Colony after the aftermath of Negan beating someone to death with Lucille, for safety reasons.
There was already foreshadowing of Maggie's leadership position in "Knots Untie", when she convinces the current leader of the Hilltop, Gregory, to pay them half their supplies in exchange for Rick's group to assassinate Negan, so this may be the case like the comics, where she eventually becomes the leader of the Hilltop Colony after moving there.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Maggie moves there, at least for the duration of her pregnancy, because they have a doctor (an obstetrician, no less), and Alexandria doesn't. Enid moves there on her own to be with Maggie, so they both wind up living together at the Hilltop.

The Kingdom will get a MUCH needed Adaptation Expansion.
In the comics, it's Hufflepuff House and a Redshirt Army. The only resident who could accurately be called a character is Ezekiel. We learn virtually nothing about the community or its people. With Carol and Morgan going to the Kingdom (and, judging by Carol's injuries, presumably staying there for a while) in advance of its introduction in the comics and the announcement of new Canon Foreigner characters, the Kingdom may get the depth and focus that the other communities have and that it so desperately needs.
  • Confirmed. There are several Mauve Shirt Canon Foreigners living there, and it gets more focus in its introductory episode alone than it has in all the comics it's appeared in so far.

The Saviors take hostages as collateral.
In "Last Day On Earth," we saw the Saviors paint an orange "X" on the last survivor from the library group before hanging him. In the trailer, we see two men in the same kind of shirts, marked with "F" and "S" respectively, tending to chained up walkers at what is presumably the Sanctuary. Previously, the Saviors took Craig hostage in order to force the Hilltop Colony to send them Gregory's head, and Dwight told Daryl and Rosita that they were to let the Saviors take whoever they want in "Twice as Far." It seems like they have a custom of taking hostages in order to exercise even more control over the communities they subjugate. They will probably take one of the group hostage, maybe even right after Negan finishes beating the holy hell out of whoever, to keep Alexandria in check.
  • The hostage will be Daryl, Michonne, Carl, or all three.
  • Confirmed; it's Daryl.

Tara and Heath will discover Oceanside.
In the Season 7 trailer, Tara and Heath come across a community with buildings covered in camouflaged tarps and trucks that have dumped piles of sand full of walkers. The sand may indicate proximity to a beach, and the camouflage could mean that they are hiding themselves from outsiders, such as the Saviors, who did not discover them in the comics.
  • Half confirmed: Tara discovers Oceanside, but only after she and Heath get separated at the bridge.

Heath will die.
He's already been Demoted to Extra, and there are just so many characters. Also, Corey Hawkins doesn't seem to be that into the show, as he's never involved in promoting it, and he's been cast as the lead in Twenty Four Legacy, which doesn't spell doom, but it doesn't help. They might just give him a Death by Adaptation while he's on the supply run with Tara to further her Character Development.
  • Word of God stated he's been traded by Jadis for supplies, but it's unknown if he's still alive wherever he was taken to.

Steven Ogg's character is Connor from the comic.
They revealed on Talking Dead that his name is Simon, but he seems to be Negan's Dragon. The Season 7 trailer shows him in Hilltop leading a big gang of Saviors with several bodies hanging in the background (and we already know he's done this several times before). The Saviors will probably attack Hilltop to teach them a lesson (maybe because they know that Rick's group was heading there, and they don't want to risk an alliance forming between their slave communities). Some sort of fight will ensue and Sasha, who likely stayed at Hilltop with Maggie, will end up pushing him out of the windows of the top floor of Barrington House. She's already filling aspects of comic Andrea's role, and the bell tower in Alexandria where this happens in the comics doesn't exist anymore.
  • He doesn't die in "Go Getters," but he does seem to be filling the role of Connor.

After the premiere, ratings will plummet.
Judging by the relative lack of buzz about next season, even here on this page, compared to other seasons, casual viewers will tune in to see who Negan killed and then stop watching. However, ratings will still be considerably higher than the majority of other network shows, as it is any time an episode has "low" ratings.
  • Confirmed. The premiere had the second highest number of viewers before dropping down to lows not seen since Season 3.

Negan will do the "Little pig, little pig, let me come in" line in the show.
They didn't use it for the Wolves, whose counterparts said it in the comics. But they do sometimes switch around scenes and dialogue, and the line actually sounds like something Negan would say. The season 7 trailer also has a shot of Negan knocking on Alexandria's gate with Lucille, it could probably fit there.
  • Actually Negan DOES say it in the comics, and so did the Scavengers, so this prediction is even more likely.
  • Confirmed.

Negan will live in a Burger King.

Negan will kill Spencer in the midseason finale.
To see if he has guts, like in the comic. Spencer's appearance in the Season 7 trailer hints at his disloyalty.
  • Confirmed, after Spencer tries to convince him to kill Rick so he can take over as leader of Alexandria.

The first episode of Season 7 will be a Negan / Saviors origin story.
Because the writers will want to drag out the "Who died?" mystery to its very last dregs, the entire episode will be devoted to recounting how Negan survived civilization's collapse, recruited his followers, organized them into an army to dominate the region, and eventually learned of Rick's group and their vulnerabilities. The very last shot will feature the death of Whomever from Negan's POV, thus revealing their identity.
  • Jossed, though they do stretch out The Reveal until after the second commercial break.

There will be two Lucille victims.
It could play out like this: it can reveal that Glenn will have been chosen, and get beat up by Lucille like the comics. However, as a genuinely surprising plot twist, Abraham, who has been constantly, but silently, egging Negan to pick him, decides to tackle Negan, but ultimately be smashed on the face, rendering him unconscious. Negan will then finish off whacking Glenn, and then finishes off Abraham, to Rick's group's horror.
  • Confirmed that it's Glenn and Abraham, but in the opposite order. Negan chooses Abraham, who dies courageously. Daryl struggles in outrage, and is subdued. Negan denies Dwight the privilege of shooting Daryl, but then kills Glenn to fulfill his promise that the group would only get one freebie if they acted up.

The Walking Dead producers don't actually know what a cliffhanger is.
"Who will Negan kill?" would have been a cliffhanger. "Who did Negan just kill?" was not a cliffhanger. Maybe the outrage wouldn't have been so intense if they didn't misuse the word so much both before and after the finale. After all, there are plenty of people who'd be satisfied with a taco, but if you advertise it as a cheeseburger, a whole lot of people are going to be upset with you, no matter how good the taco is.
  • It's a cliffhanger in the same sense that "Who Shot JR?" was one of the most famous TV cliffhangers of all time. And even if you don't consider withholding The Reveal to be a cliffhanger (which TV Tropes, for one, does), it's still a cliffhanger because the rest of the group is still captive, helpless, and completely at the mercy of an enemy who might and indeed does kill more of them.
  • Looks like you'll have to ask them yourself to ever get this confirmed...

Negan will cut off Rick's hand.
In the three minute preview of the Season 7 premiere, Negan makes a big deal out of Rick's hatchet and having a "right hand man," then drags him into the RV because Rick still isn't submitting. Negan will either use the hatchet to sever Rick's hand like the Governor did in the comics, or he'll choose not to but the moment will still be a huge Mythology Gag.
  • Jossed that Negan cuts off Rick's hand. Confirmed that it's a huge Mythology Gag, because Negan breaks Rick's will by coercing him into cutting Carl's arm off, and Rick is reduced to pleading that Negan take his instead. Negan is satisfied that Rick is beaten and doesn't go through with either amputation.

Ezekiel keeps the Saviors' existence a secret from his people.
One of the preview clips for episode 2 show a group of Kingdom riders doing something outside of the Kingdom and saying "the folks back home don't need to know about this." It is possible that the Saviors killed one of the Kingdom riders on a scouting mission and that they have to pay tribute to them, but that Ezekiel keeps it a secret to keep up morale.
  • Confirmed. Ezekiel keeps their arrangement under wraps.

Abraham's death, as well as Glenn's was planned by Negan as psychological warfare.
Given the beginning of this season, we get a better sense of Negan's inny meeny miny moe and how he performed it. It's clear from the start that it's unconventional, as Negan starts from the middle, as well as the fact that he did it without having each pick being by individual word (which is typical), and didn't repeat inny meeny miny moe before going into the "my mother" part. Negan, who has killed others in the same way, may know how to select a person he wants to purposefully take out, and how to be able to have the selection end with them. Why, one may wonder, would he have selected Abraham? Simple: the whole thing is a means of psychological warfare, or to better put, emasculating the entire group. He chose Abraham and "played" inny meeny miny moe to not only start by removing the first of the stronger members of the group, but to also mind screw with everyone (it's more horrifying thinking that at random, anyone of them could have been the one beaten to death than just watching Negan just select a person and kill them) all the while removing probably the strongest member of the group. He knew that this would cause at least one of the next stronger members to respond. As a result, Daryl punched Negan and revealed himself as the next strongest in the group. So, in order to break him, Negan killed Glenn as "response" to being punched (if Negan had just killed Glenn without saying anything, Daryl would think, "that bastard killed Glenn" However, by Negan assigning that Daryl punching him was going to be punished, after killing Glenn, now Daryl will think, "That bastard killed Glenn because of me." Now, Glenn's death will weigh on Daryl's mind, possibly make him second guess trying to stand up to Negan again. Of course, this leaves Rick as the last of the strongest members. We see what Negan does to break hi. Negan basically used psychological warfare in order to give the group something to fear, so he could have their compliance and break/remove the strongest members of the group in order to do so. And he practiced enough with other groups to be able to weed out the strongest in order to emasculate the group (this is even emphasized with Negan talking about "popping them off").

Simon will die in the season finale.
He'll have comic Connor's death from the comic, at least in terms of plot function if not the actual circumstances. Taking out Negan's Dragon would provide our heroes with an important and satisfying victory in the finale before the many casualties they'll suffer in All-Out War. It would also open up the way for Dwight to take his comic role as Negan's lieutenant in Season 8.
  • Jossed, Simon is still alive at the end of the season.

The Saviors from "The Well" will get killed by Shiva.
In the issue that will probably be the season finale, Shiva pounces on some Saviors and tears them to shreds. It would make sense if it was Gavin and his crew, as the Kingdom already has reason to dislike them.

Gabriel stole the supplies to offer to the women of Oceanside in exchange for them joining Rick's alliance.
Tara had previously confessed to him once, and would most likely have told him about why it took her so long getting back when she went to him again to be absolved of her guilt for not being there to protect Denise. (She didn't think that telling a priest as part of the rite of Confession would count as breaking her promise of silence.) Because he had obtained the information about Oceanside under the seal of the confessional, Gabriel couldn't tell Rick or anyone else that the settlement was out there, but he knew that Alexandria really needs allies more than it needed those supplies.
  • Jossed. Gabriel was forced to take the supplies for the Scavengers, and Tara doesn't confess to him about Oceanside, she goes straight to Rick.

Richard will be executed by the Saviors.
The Saviors will get fed up with dealing with Richard, so they'll take him inside the Kingdom and beat him to death to make an example of him, but then they'll make the mistake of threatening Ezekiel and will get killed by Shiva. Because the Saviors broke their agreement by setting foot in the Kingdom and killing Richard, and now that his people know about the Saviors' existence, this will spur Ezekiel to join Rick.
  • Jossed. Richard wanted the Saviors to kill him so that Ezekiel would be motivated to join Rick, but his plan backfired and they killed Benjamin instead. Morgan ends up killing Richard in front of the Saviors.

The new group will become the Whisperers.
Like the Claimers, Terminus, and Dwight, they are receiving an Adaptational Early Appearance. As a massive Redshirt Army, they will suffer heavy casualties fighting the Saviors and will drop out of the conflict early on and vanish. They will reappear several seasons later disguised as walkers, having become the Whisperers we know from the comics.

     Season 8 
The All Out War arc will last this whole season.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively, that arc will last for half a season.
Then, the two year time-skip will occur when the show returns for the second half. It would also impress those who want the All Out War arc to be faster-paced than Season 7 alone.
  • Jossed.

Eugene will become good again.
As Negan is doubting his trust in him, this could lead to the comic moment where he escapes with some of the other Saviors (Dwight, Mark, etc.), in order to get back to Rick and feed him vital information regarding the Savior's next attack plans.
  • His science demonstrations in Season 7 might even be foreshadowing. Imagine hundreds of the flammable balloons floating around the Sanctuary and being lit up. And those metal-coated walkers would be just as difficult for the Saviors to kill as for anyone else. Eugene will probably play a crucial role in winning the war and will be welcomed back.

Death predictions this season.
  • Shiva the tiger.
    • Devoured by walkers in a possible Heroic Sacrifice to save it's owner Ezekiel, which is a pivotal comic moment for the latter. It could also save money for the filming budget, as a lot of CGI is required to bring the tiger to life.
      • Confirmed.
    • There is a shot in the season 8 trailer, where Carl is fending off walkers using his hands, while lying on what appears to be a half-eaten orange furred carcass...
  • Morgan.
    • Possibly the Comic!Nicholas's death, where a Savior slashes the survivor's back with a zombie-infected knife. His death could spur Rick to spare Negan and lock him up in Morgan's cell back in Alexandria, which was built in the season 6 episode "Twice as Far".
    • He even says "I don't die" in the season 8 trailer. Tempting Fate, possibly?
  • Jerry.
    • A fan favourite, might take Comic!Richard's death, being shot to death in one of Ezekiel's battles. He is also Ezekiel's bodyguard, whereas Comic!Richard had the same role.
  • Daryl.
    • A possible candidate for Comic!Nicholas's death.
      • Jossed. Nicholas's comic death was given to Tobin.
  • Tara.
  • Rosita.
    • They already killed Olivia in "Hearts Still Beating", where she died before her comic counterpart, who lived longer to be decapitated by Alpha. Since Rosita's comic version also meets the same fate Olivia's comic version did, nothing will stop the producers from killing her off this season in the war early.
  • Natania.
    • She lost her Oceanside leadership, so she might undergo the Shane treatment and die in an attempt to claim that back.
      • Confirmed Though she gets shot randomly by Enid.
  • Eric.
    • He told his boyfriend Aaron that he wants the both of them to survive the conflict with Negan in "Rock in the Road", which raises a death flag for him. Another fact to take into consideration is that he does die in the war against the Saviors, which this season is adapting.
    • One specific shot in the trailer has Aaron crying, with blood on his hands. Could this moment be adapted from this comic panel?
      • Confirmed.
  • Aaron.
    • Possible death swap with Comic!Eric.
  • Simon.
    • In the extremely likely possibility that they go through with the comics and have Negan imprisoned and Dwight take over as the head Savior, Simon will almost certainly have been killed before this point. As Negan's Dragon, his death would also be an important victory for the good guys, possibly in the midseason finale.
      • Confirmed. Negan strangles him to death and his body is now part of the gate in front of the Savior's compound.

The Kingdom attacking an outpost will be its own episode.
The battle from Issue 118, where the Kingdom takes down a Savior outpost but loses lots of soldiers in the process will be a whole episode. Shiva will die and Jerry will take comic Richard's death. Also, the outpost will be the one Gavin and Jared live at, and they will be killed as well.
  • Partially confirmed. In "Some Guy," they take massive casualties by machine gun fire and clear out Gavin's outpost (though Gavin and Jared aren't there and don't get killed), Alvaro takes Richard's death instead, and Shiva gets eaten.

The Saviors will subjugate the Scavengers.
Now that they don't have any groups to get supplies for them, they will try and make the Scavengers their slaves, because they won't continue to treat them as equal allies. Negan will beat one of them to death (probably Tamiel or Brion), and then Jadis will take her people to Alexandria and try to make another deal. Rick will be shocked that they would think that he would even consider trusting them after their betrayal and will tell them to go to hell. This will anger them, and they will get into a battle with Rick's group in an adaptation of the deaths of the Scavengers from the comic.
  • Jossed. They're wiped out by Simon against Negan's wishes.

Eugene will get beaten up.
In the Season 8 trailer, there is a scene with a bunch of Saviors in a hallway and Simon tells someone offscreen "I need to correct you on that point" before moving in to kick their ass. Probably Eugene will try to pull rank and assume he outranks Simon, at which point he will get his ass handed to him.
  • Jossed.

There will be a Flash Forward.
The Stinger of the Season 8 trailer has what looks like Rick waking up out of a coma. This will be shown at the beginning of the Season 8 premiere, a la Breaking Bad, and then will not be referenced again until the finale. At this point, its mysteries (the cane, Rick's new look) will be explained as the two year Time Skip leading into A New Beginning in Season 9.

Heath will return.
His absence and whatever "PPP" means will be explained.
  • Jossed.

Daryl will die.
He is becoming increasingly reckless and bloodthirsty in the war against the Saviors. Late in the season, he will die as a result of this and Rick will realize once and for all that this is not what he wants to be. "My mercy will prevail over my wrath," which he said in the season premiere, will show up again and he will ultimately decide not to kill Negan in the season finale.
  • Jossed.

The second half of Season 8 will have an episode called 'Vengeance'
The sign / slogan of Alexandria says: Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers. The season premiere was called 'Mercy' so an episode in the 2nd half (probably the premiere or finale) will be called 'Vengeance'. It could be about getting revenge against Negan and the saviors.
  • Jossed, although there was an episode titled "Wrath", which is a deliberate reference to the quote "My mercy prevailed over my wrath".

will surviveHe lasted quite a while after he was bitten and he has yet to turn. It's never explained why a zombie bite is an automatic death sentence if it actually was one to begin with. Alternatively, he could just be lucky and be immune.
  • The "automatic death sentence" is supposed to be caused by bacterial infections from the rotting zombie mouths. Although the fact that they should be able to cure a zombie bite with some kind of antibiotics by that logic is never addressed.
  • Absolutely jossed. Carl still dies.

Eugene will kill Simon
He will ultimately redeem himself by killing Simon towards the end of the season. This could take the form of shoving him off the top of a building (like Eugene did to a Savior in the comic, and also similar to how Simon's comic counterpart Conner died) or maybe burning him with the incendiary balloons he demonstrated in "Hostiles and Calamities."
  • Jossed. Negan snaps Simon's windpipe in a fight for leadership of the Saviors, after Negan discovers Simon's plans to overthrow him.

The Season 8 finale ending.
The season will end with a post-credits Stinger showing Negan locked up in the prison cell Morgan built in Season 6. Daryl will appear and kick him a plate of dog food and "Easy Street" will start playing. Cut to black.
  • Jossed.

Surviving Saviors at the end of the season.
It's clear that the show is going to follow the comics by having the Saviors survive as an organization. The ones that will probably survive might be:
  • Dwight - He will probably take his comic role as leader of the Saviors.
  • Laura - She is decent enough, and was only introduced in the comics after the Time Skip.
  • Alden - The level-headed prisoner at Hilltop.
  • Gary - He looks similar to John, the Savior introduced after the Time Skip in the comic. He might go blind in one eye, and would be an example of one of the more hostile Saviors being forgiven and allowed to live.
    • Jossed.
  • Regina - She looks and acts very similar to the comic version of Laura.

    Season 9 
Magna's group will be introduced.
  • Confirmed

Maria Bello will be cast as Alpha.
She was mentioned to be cast in an unknown role in Season 8, but it never came to fruition. Therefore, this could be the perfect time to place her in the show, as the main villain to boot.

Carol will leave the Kingdom by one of the Oceanside boats, in order to do some soul searching.
This is exactly what happened to Michonne in the comics, and since Michonne is happy with Rick, and Carol hesitated when answering Henry's question on whether she would stay in the Kingdom, this could work.

Gregory will finally die this season.
Just like the comics, where he tried (and failed) to poison Maggie. He gets publicly hanged for this, and every fan will love it.
  • Confirmed.

Maggie's, Daryl's and Jesus's attempt to kill Negan will fail.

If the Whisperers arc is adapted:

Enid will take Carl's comic book role, and Lydia will have a Gender Flip.
The two could fall in love, and a near-identical rendition of the comic book romance could still happen.
  • Jossed. Lydia appears as a teenage girl.

Candidates for the infamous 'heads on pikes' scene.
With the Whisperers arc, the defining moment must be translated to screen: the moment Rick discovers twelve people's heads on pikes arranged in a border. This was done by Whisperer leader Alpha, to demonstrate how dangerous she is and to warn him never to enter her territory again.
  • Rosita.
    • That was her comic fate.
    • Jossed.
  • Ezekiel.
    • Same aforementioned reason.
    • Jossed. Henry took his place.
  • Amber (Mark'snote  girlfriend)
    • Likewise.
    • Jossed. It was Frankie who took her place.
  • Jerry.
    • A possible replacement for Ezekiel. If they want to keep the former alive for more "and yet I smile" speeches and character growth, they can kill off one of the last supporting character for the Kingdom.
    • Jossed.
  • Daryl.
    • Could establish huge villain credentials for Alpha, as she effectively murders one of the most skilled hunters in Rick's group.
    • Jossed. He was one of the witnesses.
  • Eugene.
    • This can severely cripple Rick's group, as he is their bullet maker.
    • Jossed.
  • Tara.
    • Confirmed.

Elaborating on the above...
This moment will occur on the last episode of Season 9.
  • Jossed. It happens in the penultimate episode, episode 15.

If the Whisperers arc is skipped:

Georgie will introduce the Hilltop to the Commonwealth.
With her sharp clothing and schematics, she may as well be a spokesperson for the aforementioned group.

Princess will be introduced this season.
If this season has the Commonwealth, the Princess of Pittsburgh should show up.

     Future Seasons 
Beth will be revealed to have survived her supposed death in season 5.
The story where Carl gets shot in the head is instead her story line. She survived but the others didn't realize it and had to abandon her body in the city off screen. The doctor in the hospital saved her. Denise the Alexandria surgeon isn't in the show so it's possible the doctor Beth met is supposed to be the shows version of her.
  • Jossed? No sort of surgery can save a person from having their brains blown out.

From now on, every season premiere and season finale will be on for an hour-and-a-half.
The season 5 finale will be on for 90 minutes. This could set a trend for future seasons.
  • Jossed, the season 7 premiere is only 60 minutes.

Rick's Second Love.
Rick and Andrea become a couple around the Hilltop/Alexandria arc. But given Andrea's death, someone will likely take the mantle of Rick's Second Love (unless the TV adaptation makes him a Celibate Hero). Strong contenders are;
  • Michonne - She's closer to both Rick and Carl here compared to the comics. Her closeness to Rick can also be compared to the closeness of Rick and the spoiler-tagged character's comicbook counterparts before their Relationship Upgrade. Danai Gurira even expressed her interest on the Richonne Ship, so who knows.
  • Carol - She knows him the longest. Also, she's been the one covering for the spoiler-tagged character's role in the comics. The only things that seems to prevent this are her role in the Karen/David murder which leads to him exiling her in season 4 and, of course, her Ship Tease with Daryl.
  • Sasha - Since the spoiler-tagged character's traits were distributed to her and Carol.
  • Jessie - She is technically (read: Romantic False Lead so that the spoiler-tagged character will not look like a rebound girl) Rick's "Second Love" in the comics. She will be Spared by the Adaptation and will be given prominence and better Character Development than her comic counterpart.
    • She underwent Adaptation Dye-Job matching the hair color of the spoiler-tagged character so second theory may be likely by overlapping it with the Expy theory below.
      • Jossed - she is killed by the walkers after Sam is devoured. And like the comic, Rick is forced to chop her arm off because she wouldn't let go of Carl.
  • Holly - In case Abraham does not cheat on Rosita with her in this incarnation, she will be involved with Rick. Or in turn...
    • Jossed, Holly is never given any lines and is killed off in "JSS."
  • Rosita - Because Abraham cheated on her with Holly.
  • Magna - She's basically Rick's Distaff Counterpart. If the show managed to reach that arc, it'll be like Season 8 or 9. Also Magna seems a bit hippyish which would be funny in the Zombie Apocalypse if a Cop and Hippy got together.
  • A Canon Foreigner will fill that role. Likely an Expy of the aforementioned spoiler-tagged character.
  • If, for some reason, the writers/show-runners decided to make him gay, he will end up with either Daryl, Morgan, Tyreese or Abraham.
  • Confirmed as of "The Next World." It's Michonne.

Carol will undergo the Sanity Slippage road instead of Carl like in the comics.
She has the tell tale signs.
  • Confirmed, sort of. She's still sane but she more or less has an emotional breakdown towards the end of season 6.

Morgan will outlive his comic book counterpart.
In the comics, Morgan dies when zombies get into Alexandria after The Scavengers attack. He might end up living up to the end of season 6 or even season 7, possibly during the conflict involving The Saviors.
  • Confirmed, he's still alive at the end of Season 7.

The Scavengers will appear in season 6.
Rick's group will have joined the Alexandria Safe-Zone by then.
  • Seems like a possibility since The Wolves appear to be this show's version of The Scavengers.
  • Jossed, but they appear in Season 7.

The first half of season 6 will focus on the group integrating themselves into the community.
Eventually, people will trust them.
  • Confirmed.

The second half of season 6 will have some focus on the community meeting people from other settlements.
Such as The Hilltop and The Sanctuary.
  • Confirmed; Alexandria makes a trade alliance with the Hilltop, and Morgan and Carol encounter some armored riders in the finale, implying they'll be visiting the Kingdom.

Negan will be introduced in the season six finale.
Setting up the conflict between The Saviors and Rick's group.
  • Confirmed; Negan finally appears on-screen in the finale after half a season of teasing hints about him (and Lucille).

The Whisperers will be introduced before the Saviors. In turn, Negan will be the show's True Final Boss and ultimate Big Bad
Seems to be heading that way. The group who wrote "W" in walkers may well be the Whisperers if many of the theories here are correct. Negan killing a very important character and the group wanting to fight him because of it has a very Final Season-ish feel to it.
  • The part about The Whisperers being the antagonistic group introduced at the end of season 5 seems Jossed. They are The Wolves, who appear to be the show's version of The Scavengers. But that does not Joss the possibility of The Whisperers appearing prior to The Saviors.
    • Jossed; the Saviors are the main threat starting mid-Season Six, but no sign of the Whisperers yet.

Morales or/and his family are in Alexandria.
If my above (Season 1) theory is correct, then the most likely that Rick and co. will encounter him/them is in that place.
  • Jossed. He's a Savior and his family are implied to have died. He is unceremoniously killed by Daryl.

Daryl will be killed by Dwight
.They both use crossbows, and he might get Abraham's arrow-to-the-head death.
  • Well the explanation here is Jossed, Denise got that honor instead. Still, Dwight may kill Daryl in the future.

Dwight will get a death that would satisfy fans.
Because the Daryl fandom is too strong.

Dwight will be The Rival of Daryl.
It is practically bound to happen.
  • Considering that Daryl went hunting for Dwight, and Dwight captured and shot him, their enmity seems well-established.
  • Confirmed

Dwight will frame Daryl for a death.
The people of Alexandria would suspect Daryl because he is the only one they know with a crossbow.
  • Jossed so far; Rosita, Eugene and Abraham also witnessed Dwight kill Denise, and Rick and the others know that Dwight has Daryl's crossbow.

Rick takes on the traits of the people he kills
Or at least the major ones. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Lincoln said that Rick uses the same hand signal that Gareth and the Hunters used. This, coupled with him saying "You can't go back, Bob" (which was something Gareth said) got me thinking back. Specifically to the Season 2 Finale and the Ricktatorship Speech. I looked it up again and Rick (or rather Andrew Lincoln) definitely seems to be imitating Shane's mannerisms. I think there's an interview that say something to this effect as well. Wonder if we could find evidence with other characters? Dave? Tomas? The Governor? Joe?
  • Confirmed in an interview by Andrew Lincoln himself.
  • This was less of an is-this-true WMG and more looking for evidence of things he's taken from other villains. Apparently Rick does the same whistle as Joe, but I don't remember that. He's definitely giving off some Governor vibes as of Remember, and he pops his collar like the Governor always did.

Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva will be introduced in season 7.
In a reddit interview [1], Robert Kirman was asked, "Will we see Ezekiel tiger destroy zombies in the TV series?" His answer was, "I'm hoping so. Season seven?"
  • Trouble with this idea is that it's a whole lot easier to draw a tiger ripping zombies apart than to actually film it, and CGI of fast-moving furred animals is extremely hard to do.
  • Confirmed that Shiva will be appearing, at least, she's in the season 7 trailer.

And, going off of that...

Season 7 will be the All Out War storyline.
People will ally themselves with or against The Saviors.
  • Jossed, The first half of Season 7 is a clear adaptation of Something To Fear while the rest of the season stretches out the March To War Arc.

Season 7 will be the last season.
If so, then Negan will die at the end of season 7 for closure.
  • Jossed, AMC has renewed the show for an eighth season.

There will be a time skip of a couple of years between seasons 7 and 8.
Just like the time skip after All Out War. If they stop production after season 7, maybe they will take a break and wait a few years before reviving the show again, fitting the time skip.
  • Jossed, Season 7 adapts "Something To Fear" and "March To War", leaving it likely that "All Out War" will be saved for the duration of at least the first half of Season 8. It's likely a timeskip will occur after.

Season 8 will introduce The Whisperers.
As in the people who wear zombie skin.

Structure of seasons 6-12 if it is based on source material released so far.
According to this article, [2], the comics have given the makers of the show ideas of what do do up to season 12. If they are stretching everything between Volume 11 and Volume 23, then this could be the structure:

  • Season 6 would have Aaron, introduced in season 5, introducing Rick's group to the people of Alexandria as he does in Volume 12: Life Among Them. The second half of the season would include The Scavengers from Volume 13: Too Far Gone.
    • Jossed. It happened in Season 5.
  • Season 7 would cover Volume 14: No Way Out in the first half and Volume 15: We Find Ourselves in the second half. This season would end with Rick becoming the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
    • Jossed, "No Way Out" occurred and Rick became the leader of Alexandria in the second half of season 6.
  • Season 8 would introduce Jesus and the Hilltop within the first half, covering Volume 16: A Larger World. The second half would include mentions of The Saviors and cover at least most of Volume 17: Something to Fear, ending with the introduction of Negan, who will kill a major character.
    • Jossed, Jesus, Hilltop, the Saviors and Negan are introduced in the second half of season 6.
  • Season 9 would cover Volume 18: What Comes After and introduce Ezekiel and the Kingdom within the first half, and Volume 19: March to War within the last half.
    • Jossed, Ezekiel and the Kingdom will be introduced in season 7.
  • Season 10 would cover half of All Out War, with Rick getting everyone to fight Negan and The Saviors.
    • Jossed, Season 7 covers the "Something To Fear" and "March To War" arcs, leaving it likely that Season 8 will be the "All Out War" arc.
  • Season 11 would also cover half of All Out War, concluding the conflict with Negan and The Saviors.
    • Jossed, as stated above, Season 8 will likely be "All Out War" as season 11 would make for a very drawn-out conflict.
  • Season 12 would begin with Volume 22: A New Beginning, with the Whisperers becoming the major threat during this season.
    • Probably safe to say jossed by this point, with Season 7B being the "March To War" arc, Season 8 will likely start and probably finish the "All Out War" arc, leaving a good possibility that the Whisperers will make their debut here.

Alternatively, the article meant that a few of the latter seasons mentioned will cover what has yet to be published.
Maybe Kirkman has revealed his plans beyond volume 23, which will be used as the basis for later seasons.
  • Confirmed. Kirkman has recently stated in his Letter Hacks that he has plans to develop the comics all the way past 250 issues (at least 40 volumes). Provided the show manages to maintain it's viewership and popularity that long, it seems likely that the showrunners would follow at least partially from the source material if the rigidly comic-like Season 7 is anything to go by.

Season 7 will introduce Ezekiel and Shiva, and Season 8 will be All Out War.
Robert Kirkman did suggest on Reddit that season 7 could be when Ezekiel and Shiva show up. Therefore, season 7 will probably cover What Comes After and March to War, while All Out War would begin in season 8.
  • Pretty much confirmed just by the 7B teasers. Rick and co. are beginning to gear up for their counter-attack on the Saviours in retribution for Spencer's death and it seems like Season 8 is poised for the kill on "All Out War".

Paul from The Oath webisodes is Paul "Jesus" Monroe from the comics.
Paul from The Oath already has long-ish hair and a beard. Maybe he ended up at The Hilltop sometime after The Oath.

Glenn will die when a zombie herd gets into Alexandria after The Scavengers arrive.
The comics teased that this would happen, and it didn't. Maybe it will happen in the TV series.
  • Jossed, although it was a close call. Again.

Noah's uncle is King Ezekiel

Jessie will be alive at least up to Negan's introduction.
Carl may be more capable of taking care of himself, so Rick may not need to chose between the two of them. She might outlive her comic book counterpart.
  • Jossed; Jessie and her sons die in "No Way Out".

Daryl will become the show's equivalent of Dwight.
At some point at the end of season 5, Daryl will have a falling out with the Alexandria community, and will be kicked out, and eventually join Negan and the Saviors. Considering that Dwight ends up helping Rick and co. this could be a possibility.
  • Maybe Daryl will think Negan is not so bad at first but then later get half of his face burned by him.
  • Jossed, Dwight is introduced in "Always Accountable" and has joined the Saviors as of "Twice As Far."

Enid will be revealed to be a spy for another group.
Maybe she sneaks out to give information and/or supplies to an antagonistic group like the Scavengers, the Saviors, and the Whisperers.

Paul Monroe will not be called "Jesus."
It would seem kinda weird on TV.
  • Jossed. He even states that his friends used to call him "Jesus," and everyone uses the nickname.

The Saviors will have a different group name.
The Marauders were renamed The Claimers, The Hunters were renamed The Termites, and The Scavengers were renamed The Wolves. This pattern may continue.
  • Jossed.

Possible new names for The Saviors.
  • The Nails. It would still sound biblical because it brings crucifixion to mind. Maybe even Negan's Nails.
  • The Bats.
  • The Negan Family
    • Jossed, they are indeed called the Saviors.

The Whisperers will also have a different group name.
Assuming that the pattern mentioned above continues.

Possible new names for The Whisperers.
  • The Mumblers.
  • The Whispering Dead.
  • The Dead Faces.
  • The Leatherfaces.
  • The Buffalo Bills.
  • The Skinners.
  • The Tailors.
  • The Gutters. It was raining when they were introduced in the comics, and they probably gut zombies to get the skin off.

Morgan will be the main influence for Rick's decision to keep Negan alive
.Rick allows this to happen in the comics, and Morgan's beliefs about life being sacred may be what drives him to do it in the show.
  • This seems likely so far as Morgan was the one who was building the jailhouse in Season 6 and Rick still wants to kill Negan at this point whereas Morgan has yet to even meet him.

Morgan will be a composite, or replace, of one of the community leaders.
Either: Jesus, Magna, King Ezekial, or Negan
  • Pretty much jossed at least as far as Jesus, Negan and Ezekiel so far.

When/if Ezekiel appears in the show, his pet tiger Shiva will be changed to a wolf-dog.
Since the odds of them getting an actual trained tiger for the show seems unlikely.
  • Jossed by the first Season 7 trailer: Shiva is there at Ezekiel's side, and is a big (CGI) tiger.

Heath and Denise Cloyd will show up as members of the Kingdom.
They're apparently not at Alexandria, and the Kingdom doesn't really have any characters besides Ezekiel.
  • Jossed: Both appear as members of Alexandria.

Season 8's midseason finale will have the ending from issue 144.
Meaning that it will show the heads that Alpha puts on pikes.

If/when the Whisperers appear, there will be one Canon Foreigner.
This one is an intelligent character, possibly with a leadership role among the Whisperers. He acts as a sort of Wild Card, occasionally helping Rick and co. when the need arises. Eventually, his zombie skin gets removed and we see his face, revealing him to be an older version of Tobias from the spin off.

In the show, Negan will actually die.
The decision to spare him in the comics was very controversial. Kirkman has said in the past that he sometimes "corrects" plot developments he sees as mistakes in the TV show, such as killing Shane too early or giving the Governor an unsatisfying death, so Negan not dying might be another one. Also, while it's easy enough to draw Negan into the comics whenever they want to, in TV land that would require bringing back his actor who would have to be paid/may not be available. Once he's no longer the main threat, they might kill him off to give the character a more permanent end.
  • Likely Jossed. The people in charge of the show have made statements about how Negan will be here for the long haul, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has said he's looking forwards to Negan's storylines after All-Out War.
  • Add to that, the cell that he will be held in was being built by Morgan in Season 6.

Someone else will take Nicholas's place trying to save Rick at the end of the "All Out War" arc, causing a Savior to slash the person in the back with a zombie-tainted machete, dying in the process.
The candidates could possibly be:
  • Tobin. In Season 6, he had a character arc where he tried to be friends with Rick, and succeeded. If he does it, this could bring his character arc full circle, dying to save a friend in the process.
    • Confirmed, but he didn't save Rick. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Morgan. If he does live past Season 7, it could have more emotional impact, as he has stuck around for four seasons (minus seasons 2 and 4, as he didn't appear), and is a fan favourite. And as of "Not Tomorrow Yet," Morgan has started building the jail cell that will eventually be used to imprison Negan. Towards the conclusion of the "All Out War" story arc (probably episode 14-15 of Season 8), what would be more epic than a showdown between Morgan and Negan? Negan could break Morgan's staff with Lucille before infecting him with the walker guts. Even though Morgan has been mortally wounded by Negan himself, he will still stick to his Aikido philosophy, and, on his deathbed, he will finally convince Rick that he's right, and Rick will choose to spare Negan's life.
    • Jossed.
  • Dwight. Realizing Rick is a powerful foe towards Negan, he saves Rick's life thus leading to severe punishment and causing Negan to doubt his own followers' commitment and become paranoid.
    • Jossed.

After the war against the Saviors, Daryl will be leader of the Sanctuary.
Assuming that Dwight does not fill the role and Daryl doesn't die.

Sasha will take comic Holly's death.
She's already taken her storyline of being the one Abraham leaves Rosita for, and now that Abraham is dead, she'll want revenge. In the comic, Rick was dating Andrea, and they captured Holly because she was also blonde and they mistook her identity. In the show, Rick is dating Michonne, who is black like Sasha.
  • Sort of confirmed. She dies at approximately the same point as Holly did and in a vaguely similar manner (held captive by Negan and turned into a walker while out of sight) but the circumstances are changed a bit. Rather than being killed by Negan and sent into Alexandria to spite them, she takes her own life so that he can't use her as a hostage, and her walker attacks Negan rather than someone from Rick's group. She is also never mistaken for Rick's girlfriend.

Heath will lose a leg.
As a result of a grenade explosion.
  • He's MIA at this point. Still time for him to come back and lose it.

Negan's backstory.
Negan's backstory from the Here's Negan comic will be portrayed in flashbacks after Negan has been imprisoned (so, probably in Season 9). It may even be a flashback/Day in the Limelight episode with the present as a framing device a la "Here's Not Here."

Outline of future seasons.
  • Season 7: Volumes 18-19. The premiere, obviously, will show who Negan killed. The midseason finale will have Rick and Jesus going to see Ezekiel, and Dwight joining them. Negan will kill Spencer in the midseason premiere. The finale will feature the Saviors attacking Alexandria, Simon will be killed like comic Connor, and Negan will have another lineup, mirroring the season premiere, but will get stopped this time.
    • Close, but not quite. Negan kills Spencer in the midseason finale, and Rick and Jesus go to Ezekiel in the midseason premiere. Dwight doesn't join Rick's group until "Something They Need." Simon doesn't die, and Negan just has Rick and Carl on their knees in the finale, but is interrupted.
  • Season 8: The whole season will be All-Out War. The Saviors will bomb Alexandria in the midseason finale. Morgan will take comic Nicholas's death in the back half. Negan will be defeated and imprisoned in Morgan's cell in the season finale.
  • Season 9: Volumes 22-24. This will be much calmer coming off the back of All-Out War, similar to Season 2 or the first half of Season 4. The alliance between Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom, the Saviors, and possibly others will get some focus, and it'll be building up to the big festival. Gregory will poison Maggie in the midseason finale, and he will be hanged in the midseason premiere. The season finale will end with the heads on pikes scene, and, unlike the Season 6 finale, we'll see all the victims.
  • Season 10: Volumes 25-27. Negan will kill Alpha in the midseason finale. Beta will become the Dragon Ascendant and the Whisperer War will conclude in the season finale.

The Whispers will actually be Walkers that can talk and organize

This will serve to have a villain that isn't just "another post apocalyptic warlord" But instead a pack of creatures that could be wholly inhuman. This change could also make the zombies a serious threat again.

  • Considering that RK still has creative control over most of the show and has flat-out stated in his Letter Hacks that the series' point is to have the people as the main threat, this seems unlikely. People will always be the bigger threat in TWD.

Rick will die in the series finale.
It will be just a plain old walker (possibly played by Robert Kirkman himself) that finally takes down the mighty Rick Grimes. The series will still go out on a hopeful note, as he will pass the torch on to Carl and Judith, and he will pass away peacefully after having said his farewells to everyone that remains.


Daryl is a heavily mutated zombie.
He is intelligent, doesn't rot and doesn't try to eat people, unlike the other walkers. My reasoning is that he has made it this far, so the zombies likely aren't trying as hard to get him. Perhaps he got infected when he killed zombie!Merle.The disease got inside him, but his immune system went into overdrive, mutating it somehow a la Left 4 Dead.

There will be a spin-off titled The Walking Dead's Declassified Zombie Survival Guide.
This show is actually a Stealth Sequel to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, a show in which Rosita's original name was Suzy Crabgrass. This spin-off will focus on the main characters from that Nickelodeon show.

The show takes place in the same universe as Left 4 Dead.
The show starts in the same area as in the game, southeastern US and even specifically Atlanta. Now of course the obvious problem is the lack of special infected and the slower walkers. But my theory is, the specials were incapable of surviving long term do to the damage all the mutations caused. The walkers were more long lasting, but their decay over time slowed them from the relatively fast moving hordes to the slower zombies we see in the show. This would fit reasonably well in the time frame of the show, since Rick wakes up about two months after everything has gone to shit, plenty of time for the zombies to decay to their current state. It would also help explain how the infection managed to destroy civilization, since they didn't start out as just the slow and weak undead Rick has to deal with.

The Tv show will have a "Negan" problem in the future
This is a meta, out-of-universe speculation. I believe the TV show, in terms of keeping viewers happy, is going to have a very tough time with what to do with Negan in the future. The TV show's audience is very different from the comic book crowd, and while comic book fans tolerated and eventually came to love Negan's continued presence, I believe the show will get very heavy fan backlash when Rick lets Negan live at the end of the war arc. The TV show fans are crying to see Negan's blood after he murders Glenn and Abe, and yet as of this writing, he's still alive in the comics and there's more than 4 years worth of comic book story involving him- so they can't just kill him anytime soon. And people will probably get sick of him by... let's say the middle of season 8 or so (which is how long it took people to get tired of the Governor, a season and a half). Needless to say, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will have his work cut out for him trying to get the TV fans to like him enough to avoid this.

There is no zombie virus. Rather it is a necromantic curse that has been placed on the entire Earth by a malevolent entity,similar to Game of Thrones' wights
That's why the CDC was not able to make a cure. Anyone who dies after the curse was placed will also rise as a walker, destroying the brain makes it so that the magic cannot revive them once more.

Negan stands for Now Everyone Gets Along Nicely.
Negan is not just a name, its a mantra that he drills into his followers, not only to keep them in line but to re-establish the rules of a relatively civilized society.

Gabriel will be the one to talk Negan down.
Negan is defeated in the comics when he lets his guard down as he starts to consider forming a trade agreement with Rick. He's shown to be unsettled with Gabriel, and he will actually listen to his words in the show.

In this universe, Valve's Left 4 Dead would be very different
Glenn likes Portal, so Valve is at least still a thing. Since zombies did not enter mainstream culture, they did not make a zombie game but instead they made a game about, I don't know, dinosaurs?

Possible future nicknames for walkers
Because we're not using the Z-word.

The Origin of the Walkers was Engineered, but not to create an Apocalypse
Of all the speculations on what the infection is that Jenner proposed, he left out one cause: that it was engineered. The way it works on a victim suggests that it can bring a person back. Suppose it was someone's attempt to create a means of making a person immortal or just to allow someone to be revived or heal from some major injury? It has all the hallmarks of something gone terribly wrong.


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