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Sparky will be responsible for George and Nora's house fire.
Sparky still has his old brain, which may contain memories of his old life with George and Nora. He'll try to return to their home, but will accidentally use his forehead laser and start a fire.
  • Jossed. Vin accidentally ignites the fire in issue 9.

Virginia will rebel against her housewife programming.
Just as Vision rebelled against his creator (Ultron), so too will Virginia rebel against hers. Virginia will tire of her bland life as a housewife and become a superhero or supervillain, persuading Vin and Viv to follow suit.
  • Partial confirmation: Victor Mancha accidentally killed Vin, so Virgina killed him in revenge (though Mancha would later be resurrected in Runaways), but then committed suicide. Viv did end up becoming a superhero by joining the Champions.

Virginia, Vin, and Viv will exhibit some of Scarlet Witch's magical powers.
Scarlet Witch's brain patterns formed the foundation for Virginia's programming. Vin and Viv's programming is a blend of Vision's and Virginia's brain waves. Because she draws her brain waves from a powerful magic user, Virginia will exhibit magical ability. Vin and Viv, who received small amounts of Scarlet Witch's brain patterns, will exhibit weaker abilities.
  • Jossed. Virginia, Vin, and Viv only possess the powers of Vision. However, in issue #11, Virginia uses Wanda's memories about how to consume the Wundergore Everbloom petal to see the future. Then Virginia intervenes in Vision's attempt to kill Victor to save the world by preventing Vision from becoming evil.

Virginia will die by the conclusion, thus giving Viv a reason to join the Champions.
We know at this point Vin is dead. Virginia dies, which means that Viv has no other option but to join the Champions to try and win her father back if he indeed is going on a rampage.
  • Confirmed. Virginia commits suicide in issue #12 as a means of protecting Vision. However, Virginia's "confession" claiming that she hacked Vision absolved Vision of his rampage against the Avengers. Therefore Viv's decision to join the Champions is not related to "winning back" her father.

Vision doesn't want to kill Victor
.He will instead forgive him. Either honestly or because he knows that
Victor is kind of person for whom living with guilt is a much greater punishment than death.
  • Jossed. In issue #11, Vision fights his way through the Avengers and arrives at Victor's jail cell intending to kill him.

Virginia and Viv's relationship will be permanently destroyed by the events of issue #11.
Viv will never forgive Virginia for being present when C.K. was killed, withholding the truth from her for months, and killing her beloved Sparky. Viv's disgust and anger will drive her into the arms of the Avengers.
  • Partially Jossed. After Virginia confesses her role in C.K.'s death, Viv angrily smashes the table and phases through the ceiling to her room. Virginia dies in issue #12 before the two can reconcile. On a brighter note, Sparky was also resurrected in issue 12 and has appeared with her in Champions.

In Champions #22, it was revealed that Vision is dying due to the events of Avengers: No Surrender. In Chelsea Cain's Vision series, he will indeed die, and thus Viv takes over the mantle of the Vision. The mini-series is actually about her, not her father.