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All spoiers are unmarked!

The Venture Bros.

The Universe of the Venture Brothers is More or Less the Wildstorm Universe, Specifically the version that appeared in the series Planetary
The universe is completely occupied by expies that take the place of other characters from other larger fictional universes.

Rusty Venture was cloned by Jonas as a child, just as he clones the boys.
Mr. Brisby told Rusty his father mentioned the fact that he master human cloning, and Rusty had a very adventurous and sometimes nearly fatal childhood. The beds which save the boys memories were built by Jonas and the computer which stores their memories is clearly old and in a state of almost disrepair, matching the Jonas built mainframes of M.U.T.H.E.R.
  • Seems to be Jossed right-off, considering that, at the age of forty-whatever-it-was, Rusty still has the twin he absorbed in the womb.
    • Because it doesn't happen doesn't mean Jonas didn't invent it for that purpose, Rusty just got lucky.
  • Implied if not outright confirmed in season 7. The fact that Dean is a clone comes up during Dean's conversation with 2 in episode 5 and 2 is visibly relieved when Dean confirms that he knows he's a clone. The kicker? 2 thought that Dean was Rusty during their entire conversation.

Hank's going to find his mom in Season 8
More specifically, Hank's going to find his mom. Dean has a different mother, or he doesn't have a mother at all. Hank was conceived naturally. Dean is a clone Rusty made or found in Jonas's lab. Rusty isn't just some White-Dwarf Starlet Stage Mom, he's playing Peggy Sue, trying to give some version of himself the life he never could. It's just that Rusty is a neglectful prick and is really bad at it (but not as bad as Jonas Venture). That's why Rusty treats the brothers so differently.

When only one brother dies Dr. Venture has to kill the other one himself.
Sort of gruesome but it would be the only way to keep the surviving brother from having a traumatic fit. In the death montage Hank dies by himself twice and Dean once. When the Satellite falls on Hank, Dean was right there and had to have seen it. Total freakout. He'd freak even more if Hank just mysteriously comes back So Dr.V would have to "dispose of" the surviving son to keep things uncomplicated.
  • But when one of them dies and the other one isn't there to see, they probably just do what they always do - deny that anyone ever died. The boys aren't terribly quick on the draw.
  • Dean -did- think the people Brock kills are hauled away in "sleeping bags".
  • Brock gave an awfully quick answer when Hank asked how he would kill him if he had to.
  • Couldn't they simply alter the surviving brother's memory?
  • Not at the time, they didn't have access to the SPHINX mind wiper machine at the time the clones were in use.
  • Also a solution is pretty simple, all they would have to do is knock the surviving one out. I'm pretty sure they probably have a couple of the Monarch Henchmen's Tranquilizer Guns lying around. A quick dart to the neck of an unobservant Dean, then place him in bed, with the new Hank. When he wakes up and Hank is there to, Doc and Brock can just hand wave it off as Dean having a bad dream.
    • Also, Doc could easily use the learning beds to implant new memories of the dying twin actually surviving the "death" to overwrite the memories of what actually happened.

Hank and Brock will be a couple by the end of the series.
Hank's sexuality is definitely a subject of confusion. He's attracted to women for the most part but his sexuality has been questioned by Dean and Triana and the Alchemist. He also has a strong bond with Brock, highlighted in Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel, when Hank asks why he left and Brock responds "Hank, I'll never leave you", while Shore Leave stares at them, slack jawed and hands on his hips. They also have a much stronger bond with each other than either of them have with Dean or Dr Venture. When Hank dies in Escape to the House of Mummies Part II, he's shown screaming in pain, though it's played for laughs. It would be the best possible scenario because of Hank's fucked up DNA, better for him to not have biological children.Edit 5/12/18: Patrick Warburton liked my tweet asking if Hank was gay for Brock so there's definitely a possibility.

J.J. is so successful specifically because Jonas never got the chance to raise him.
Despite his name Jonas Jr. represents what Rusty could have been if Jonas Sr. wasn't his father. Rusty inadvertently did his brother a favor by swallowing him. Being trapped inside Rusty kept him safe from the traumatic boy adventurer lifestyle and allowed him to develop as his own person. If Rusty had been born to any other parent he would be just as successful as his brother and the world would be better for it.

The Sovereign is actually the boys mother.
The so called Sovereign is a shapeshifter impersonating David Bowie. For all we know it'd be easy for someone like 'him' to jump the gender barrier.Afterwards as soon as they were born 'he' left them with Dr. Venture out of convenience and probably shame.
  • Basically jossed in The Saphrax Protocol when the Action Man reveals Hank and Dean's mother is a woman named Bobby Saint Simone who is still alive in another state under a different name because Dr. Venture became obsessed with her.

Dr Venture is the Venture Brother's version of the Joker and the reason why Myra went crazy...
(The Dark Knight Version) Not only did the world ignore his suffering they made it their entertainment. Those pills he takes may allow him to repress his horrific memories but is also represses his drive and ingenuity. So if he stops taken them he starts to be able to think clearly but also starts to hallucinate then remember and finally go insane.

As for Myra going crazy it's pretty simple. Just think about it you've fallen in love with the man you've been ordered to protect. He reciprocates your feelings. Down the line you find out that he's been taking drugs and you get him to stop. Suddenly he starts to hallucinate and talk to himself. It's not a big problem at this point so you get him the help he needs. But then his personality completely changes becoming utterly insane. Furthermore he starts to use more of the intelligence and engineerial skills he's inherited from his father. You have to stop him but he's just to cunning and powerful. It literally takes everything you have, every ounce of strength, skill, and intellect to stop him. In the end you accomplish the impossible and he's back to normal but for you there's literally nothing left. Thus in the emptiness of your mind new thoughts start to enter the fray. You've given everything to him that make's him yours body and soul. He notices the change knowing nothing of what caused it thanks to the government covering it up, so his feelings for you start to change and he begins to spend more and more time away from you. Finally those dreaded words are uttered from his lips I want to see other people. And in the confines of your mind you hear that universal phrase if i can't have him no one will


Besides the O.R.B this is the real reason Venture is assigned a body guard because everyone is deathly afraid of the Jester returning...

  • New theory it wasn't his fathers death that caused him to go crazy it was the death of Hank and Deans mother. Their mother was an employee at Venture industry. The hallucinations of Dr Venture Sr aren't because of withdrawal but from the stress of having to take over the company after his fathers death. The stress began to get to him and he started to visualize it as his giant father.
    • The kids' mother is like a down played good version of dr Henry Killinger, she came in calmed him down and helped him get his affairs in order. They were in the process of this when they went through their relationship upgrade. Sadly she died during birth after that Venture just lost it and got worse and worse as the days went on. This is where his relationship with Myra came in she tried to help him out of his depression but nothing she did worked.
  • That alternate version of him was from a universe where the mother never died.
  • The change is gradual getting worse as the days go on. The first thing he does is break Myra convincing her that Hank and Dean are her children. When she was first introduced we saw their relationship from her perspective not what actually happened. From there he gets worse until Myra stops him. The incident was relatively contained which is why so few people know about it. This is also one of the reasons for the new Doctor Ventures personality. He remembers bits and pieces of his time as the jester, he knew he convinced Myra he was the kids parent just not why, he knew he took their mothers death hard just not by how much. He also gained his more jerkassy nature and a pathological need to self medicate.
    • This will be introduced in the next season everything that happened in season 5 causes him to get his act together and stop taking the drugs. And like before he starts to get smarter, gains more business savy as well as all of the other positive aspect of him that the drugs suppresses. Maybe get a scene of him with Nikki fectel apologizing for abandoning her, and telling her to stay away from Hank, her seening what she saw in him in the first place. However other aspects of the jester start coming through such as calling his brother out (like informing him that if he had actually grew up as Jona's venture son the fact that he is deformed means that he would have been locked up never to be seen) basically think of it as a season long extension of The Doctor is Sin without killinger. With Jester finally awakening at the final.
    • Season 7 will be everyone trying to stop the jester. Here we'll get to see more into the real Doctor Venture. For instance though he is trying to make the world as a whole and those that have wronged him specifically pay he believes in true love which will help his brother when sally possible asked him to spare him.
    • Also jester is a kind caring understanding father but the fact that he's ax crazy means that being that time of father is simply impossible. While it's possible for Doctor Venture to be a father the fact that he is cynical and neglectful makes him not a very good one even though he is there.

The O.R.B. storyline wasn't an abandoned arc...
I know a lot of people assume it was but look back over season three,When Col. Venture and the old Guild are arguing about the O.R.B. it is gold,but when Rusty and Billy find it in the museum it is silver...also when Sandow apparently crushes the Col.'s headit is later revealed in season four that he actually destroyed the O.R.B. but you can hear the sound of the O.R.B.cracking.So I think the storyline has thus far gone as is expected and that it will at least earn itself a mention in season five...

Rocket is Sally and Ned's son.
Among other reasons, this may partly explain why she wants to get away as soon as possible and why learning that "Dr. Venture's" urine has tested positive for pregnancy has caused her even greater despair than her abandonment by the latter. Her husband also happens to be one of the few people who knows what Ned looked like before the accident, so any resemblance that Rocket has to his supposed uncle will become readily apparent later on.

Kim will return.
Possibly to arch Triana.
  • Unlikely, given that the creators have come right out and said that "we don't care about Kim!" And, according to Triana in the season 4 finale, Kim has become a born-again Christian.
    • Unless Kim decides to crusade against Triana and her family for occult and witchcraft.

The old guild are the literal ancestors of the current main cast
Think about it. The old guild as shown in the ORB episode has a Dr Venture, obviously Rusty's grandfather. It also has Sandow, who is similar to Brock. We have Crowley, who might just be the same person as Orpheus (master necromancer dodging death is not that much of a stretch), if not his grandfather. We have Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain, dressed all in white with albino hair, an openly gay sarcastic yet cheerful Oscar Wilde, French pulp villain Fantômas... The parallels are all over the place.
  • With the exception of Fantômas/Phantom Limb, it appears that the connections are spiritual/allegorical rather than literal. In any case, Orpheus is a much nicer person than the real Crowley seemed to be.
  • It was already confirmed that Phantom Limb is the descendant of Fantômas in "The Invisible Hand of Fate".

The old guild is the predecessors of the Guild of Calamitous Intent
This is pretty much a no-brainer, considering the remarks made by Oscar Wilde, and the uniforms worn by the henchmen in the flashback. Maybe The Phantom joined forces with Nikola Tesla after Venture Sr Sr's death, to create the modern guild.
  • It was, in canon, a no-brainer.

Is this the last we'll see of #24?
At first I thought that was HELPeR's burning head falling into 21's arm. But seeing it it isn't... So is half of our favorite Hench Duo DeadForReal?
  • Potentially, but there's plenty of reason to believe that that wasn't actually HIS head. Another henchman was decapitated turning on the Death's Head Panoply earlier in the fight, and the fact that pieces of helper weren't flying through the air either makes it somewhat suspect. It's a intentionally ambiguous cliffhanger.
    • Far from intentional, the creators straight-up state in the season 3 commentary tracks that they thought they were leaving absolutely no doubt that 24 was dead (Indeed, they went so far as to randomly interject "24 dies at the end of this season!" somewhere in the commentary track of every episode of season 3.).. The only ambiguity comes from the fact that 24 shares a character model with every other generic henchman, since he was a generic henchman who got elevated by coincidence of being partnered up with 21.
  • This show's way too GenreSavvy to let # 24 die.
  • Actually I think its Genre Savviness that killed him. Plus Bad Karma from the way him and 21 treated Scot Hall. They were perfectly invincible when they didn't take note of their invincibility.
  • Even if he he is dead, perhaps we'll see # 21 attempt to get Orpheus to raise him from the dead.
    • He asked, but Orpheus is unable despite being a necromancer. Turns out the only reason he goes by that title is because wizard or warlock sound too goofy.
  • Why doesn't #21 just get Dr. Venture to make a clone #24?
    • Dr. Venture doesn't have #24's memories recorded.
      • This was addressed though. 21 is fine raising clone 24 as a son.
      • Doc didn't accept Marvel Comics #1 as payment, so he refused.
  • Jackson Publick Jossed any chances of #24's survival. Jackson Publik joked that '#25 (24's replacement) is going to be the exact same guy with an easier to do voice.'
    • Citation. It's the first question on the video.
  • He'll show up again as part robot eventually. And complain about it. 21 will be jealous.
  • In one of the commentaries, the creators joke that all the original Monarch henchmen were duplicates of 24... maybe he has self-replicating powers or a good supply of clone-slugs. Hey, maybe that's why he's called 24, because that's how many of him there are!
    • It's the other way around. The henchmen aren't based on 24, 24 is just the generic henchman they happened to pluck from the crowd.

#1 is still alive.
They Never Found the Body, after all. He'd be the most obvious replacement for 24.
  • Alternatively, #24 will return, but will really be #1 in "disguise".
    • CONFIRMED!! #1 survived and returned as Zero, the primary antagonist of Every Which Way But Zeus. Since he was last seen being chased by a group of heroes and villains, it's not certain if he survived the episode.
      • He did but he didn't survive the one after that.

Jonas Venture Sr is still alive
  • And universe-hopping like Reed Richards' father, Nathaniel (aka, the much lamer name 'Dark Rider')
    • Semi-jossed in Arrears In Science, he's been in the Pro-blem Light as a disembodied head and conscious since the first season. He's now officially dead.

Trianna's friend Kim is going to be the new #24.
Dr. Girlfriend gave her a business card in "Victor. Echo. November." under the impression that she worked for the Guild. As far as we know, she still wants to be a supervillain, but she hasn't actually called Dr. Girlfriend yet. However, with the high, ahem, "turnover" rate among the Monarch's henchmen, we might see their first henchwoman in season 4.
  • No, she's more of a protege for Dr. Ms. the Monarch. However since she is Triana's friend, she may go with arching the Order of the Triad.
    • She was pretty clear about who she wanted to arch.
  • Jossed in "Operation P.R.O.M., wherein it is revealed that Kim left villainy and is now a born-again Christian.
    • Not that this means anything definitive in the Venture-verse. Hammer & Publick have demonstrated that any throw-away lines and brush-off explanations can (and will) come back in spectacular fashion in some later episode. We'll just have to see...
      • Possibly back in a Maude Flanders fashion

Hank is going to be Killed Off for Real.
He still believes that he is the Highlander. He no longer is.
  • Dr. Venture can make more clones, it'll probably just take him a lot longer.
  • Eh. I dunno. I get the feeling that there is no acceleration involved in the creation of clones. Which is why Dr.Venture had so many of them. Meaning, the clones age at the same rate as the boys. Or they aged at the same rate and stop/restart whenever the current boys get killed so that that clones never turn into adults and the boys essentially never grow older.
  • It only took Dr. Venture a few hours to make a quick-and-dirty clone of a boy who died in his Day Camp for Boy Adventurers.
    • However, when all the clones were mowed down by the Death's Head Panoply, Dr. Venture said "Well, there goes my life's work." This, plus the "you only live once" remark, suggests that Doc and Jackson regret making the boys unkillable and want to do an Author's Saving Throw.
    • Furthermore, OSI knows about the cloning now, and Cloning is illegal in the Ventureverse. Dr. Venture can't make any new ones or else OSI will come down on him.
      • Plus, that's why the boys are 16 even though they have been around for 18 years. It's assumed Dr. Venture created the clones a couple years after the boys were born, so they were always going to be close to the same age, but never quite, because they age at the same rate.
  • And 21 wouldn't have told Hank that he was immortal unless he was going to test it later, due to the Law of Conservation of Detail . Give Hank the prize - he is the One!

The "original" Venture brothers are still alive.
There's little evidence for this one, but we don't know exactly how the first ones died. Presumably, Dr. Venture had to set up the cloning machine before the boys died the first time. If the originals are alive, they're probably either out in the world somewhere (and three years older than the "current" Ventures due to the combined time the clones have lost while dead) or they're trapped in the cloning machine, which might be similar to Dr. Venture's orphan-powered Joycan.
  • Are there even originals to start with? Nobody ever fesses up to being the boys' mother, and Dr. Venture himself tap-dances around the question if it's ever asked, Hank mentions early on that he never met his Mother. It's possible that Dr. Venture created both the boys as "test tube" babies (obviously, they still have a biological mother, exactly who is still unanswered).
    • Yes. In one of the recent video interviews, Doc Hammer confirmed that (the original) Hank and Dean were born normally.

No, really! Dr. Venture knocked up Sky during the Season 2 premiere.
He said that they were "going to have a child," but he wasn't clear about how far along he had gotten in this plan.

Brock Samson is Hank's father.
It's been suggested, sort of. It would explain why Brock is so attached to the Venture family and calls them "his family" and why Dr. Venture is grooming only Dean to follow in his footsteps as a super-scientist, buying him a speed suit and all. (It could be argued that Dean is the obvious successor because he's smarter, but really the Venture Brothers are just about equally stupid.) Really, whenever the family splits up, they usually split up into Dr. Venture and Dean/Brock and Hank. Hank looks more like Brock than Dr. Venture, and, if these kinds of things are inherited, Hank's also attracted to Molotov Cocktease.
  • It would fit in with the main themes of the show - failure, especially failure at fatherhood. As it is, Brock's main failure is his inability to score with Molotov, but that still doesn't explain why he's spent so many years squandering his potential on Operation Rusty's Blanket.
    • He himself has stated that he prefers the comparative normalcy to the weirdness and moral ambiguity of his former life as a super secret agent to Molotov when she gave him an offer to run away with her.
    • Pff. Sour grapes. If he didn't have a super-retard baby in a neckerchief tying him down, he'd still be trying to hit that.
    • UPDATE! "The Invisible Hand of Fate" shows that the boys were born before Brock was assigned to Operation Rusty's Blanket. This doesn't mean that Brock wasn't Hank's baby-daddy, but it makes things a little more complicated if he is.
      • And following the airing of that episode, Jackson Public outright denied this theory in his response to a fan question.
  • Random Aside: Brock does have (at least one) son, and it's not Dean.
  • Looks like this theory has been thoroughly Jossed.
  • If he ever does have an unknown kid, it's probably with a random fugly crackwhore (Out of a prank night of booze, where he killed the colleagues for committing such mistake), possibly is a girl, and possibly will have a mullet like her daddy, but nowhere near as manly as him; in reality, she'll be as girly, gentle and nice as somebody can be in this show (if not maybe having a not so nice side), and will fall in love for one of the boys, risking them in the process (after all, Brock will gain some grudging sympathy for the girl, and won't want her with such losers). Oh, and she won't be exactly pretty, since the crackwhore had paperweights in a frame for glasses - she inherited such bad vision - and will have buck teeth like her mom as well (and will use ridiculous brackets paid by her mom's crackwhoring and eventual handcraft earnings). Her failure? Being nice, sweet, and gentle, yet being so ugly that all the jokes at her expanse might push a Berserk Button or two, making her efforts to socialize with anyone impossible. Hilarity Ensues. (She could have been killed off after a couple of episodes, if she never makes success, too.) Oh, and her name would be Tandy, just for laughs.
    • The season 4 premiere shows that Hank has started to resemble Brock since he now has Brock's jacket and has grown his hair out.
      • This has been Jossed time and again, he gets his blond hair from Myra, he isn't Brock's son or clone.
      • Myra has nothing to do with it - what does have something to do with it is two separate indicators that Hank was born before Brock started working for Doc.
      • The above sounds more like bad fanfic than a proper WMG. No offense.
      • Ditto, and I am not referring to the musician.
      • It sort-of does sound like a bad fanfic especially since Brock doesn't sound like the kind of guy who would dislike someone for being nice or girly. Brock killed that one Asshole Victim who wasn't really evil or working for a villain, just kind of a dick. Also Brock seems to have bonded with Dean more so than his dad. I mean, Dean isn't girly and/or saccharine sweet. But he's not really Rated M for Manly either.

David Bowie has some history with Jonas Venture
How else could he have turned the conversation Venture had with Major Tom into the songs Space Oddity and Ashes to Ashes unless he'd been listening in? Perhaps they were enemies and recycling a tragic event of Venture's life into those songs was a way to mock him. Alternately, maybe they were friends and Jonas told Bowie what had happened so he'd write the songs to honor Major Tom.
  • Wasn't he at his key party in "Dr. Quymn Medicine Woman".

Myra is/isn't/milkshake the Ventures' mother.
Her story fits into the established timeline, and she knows things that an ordinary ex-American Gladiator wouldn't know (the learning beds, the fact that the Ventures ought to be older than they think they are,) but it can't be that simple.
  • It's been confirmed in the season 3 first episode that Myra was indeed Venture's original bodyguard when Operation Rusty's Blanket first started. Previews of subsequent season 3 episodes strongly suggest her relationship with Dr. Venture will be further explored.
  • The last flashback episode shows her being carted off while Dr. Venture and H.E.L.P.E.R (Who holds an infant Hank and Dean) look on. That and Billy's remark that he never knew his idol was such a prick heavily suggests that Myra's indeed the boys' biological mother.
    • How exactly does Dr. Venture being an asshole to Billy and Pete prove anything about the identity of the mother of his sons? I thought it was pretty clear from the context that Billy called him a prick because he turned them away. And really, Myra is kind of batshit insane, so I'm not sure if calling the cops and having her admitted counts as being a prick, regardless of whose mother she may or may not be.
      • It was Myra being in the flashback that clinched it, not him being an arsehole to Billy and Pete.
      • ^ All that's been proven true so far is that Myra was once Doc's bodyguard, they had sex once, and she's batshit insane and thinks she's the boys' mother. It's not proven whether or not she is the mother, just that it's possible she is.
  • Confirmed in Season 5 Episode 6 that Myra is not the mother. Doc Venture just told her that so she won't tell the O.S.I. on him.
    • Yes but she already contradicted herself in "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills" when she implies that she HAD given birth to them. She is unstable enough to forget her own story. Plus, Rusty has been known to lie to cover his tracks to the boys. Perhaps he corroborated on that story to lessen the chance of the boy's wanting to track down their mother again. Plus, in Id!Rusty's harem Myra was the only blond woman (aside from Lyndsey Wagner. I don't suppose they will go that route but you never know with this show. :D)and because of Hank, their mother has to be a blond. Also that explains also why Hank is the more physical active one and why he develops the bond with the bodyguards, like Brock and Hatred. Perhaps, he inherited a lot of Myra's personality as well. So just because they did say that, I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that Myra could really be their mother just yet.
      • In "Powerless In The Face of Death", Rusty strongly implies that the woman he lost his virginity to was very unattractive ("You didn't even see her. It was horrific."). If she was the boy's mother, it's very unlikely he'd choose to fantasize about her when he had so many other options to choose from.
      • Jossed by the Action Man in "The Saphrax Protocol," who revealed the boys' mother was an actress named Bobbi St. Simone.

Dr. Girlfriend and Brock have hooked up in the past.
In "Hate Floats," Dr. Girlfriend knows everything about the security system on Brock's car, including a flamethrower hidden in the horn. When the boys ask her how she knows this, she says that she used to do some work with Truckules, who taught her how to hotwire anything. When Hank begins to ask how she knew about the flamethrower in particular, she cuts him off and changes the subject. This implies that Brock and Dr. Girlfriend have some kind of history. If they do, Brock vehemently denies it, as he brings her femininity into question at every turn and is one of the only ones bothered by her deep voice. In another episode, when Brock breaks into the Monarch's cocoon, Dr. Girlfriend asks Brock if he's going to have his way with her, and Brock says that he wasn't really planning to. This exchange still works if they have a history. Maybe Brock hooked up with Dr. Girlfriend before he heard her voice (it would certainly be his style) and now is trying to pretend like it never happened.
  • Unlikely, given that at the end of season 3, Dr. Girlfriend is trying to seduce Brock during the Monarch's invasion of the empty compound because he expressed no sexual interest in her the last time the issue came up in season 1.

Dr. Girlfriend's eggo is preggo.
Whatever Dr. Girlfriend told the Monarch at the end of season 2, it apparently wasn't enough to "change things" much, since they appear to be still together in the season 3 trailer. The most obvious theory is that she's now Dr. Baby-Mama. Either that or the big reveal is something totally silly and anticlimactic. Or Perhaps she's pregnant by Phantom Limb/Monstroso/David Bowie/#24/Dr. Venture/caterpillar Dr. Venture/a Murderous Moppet.
  • I bet it's Dr.Venture's child.
Dr.Venture: Who is Charlene? Only the finest woman in eighteen years to steal my heart. Only the sexiest pile of girl parts to climb mount Rusty.
Dr.Girlfriend: What? I have no idea what you're- oh my god.
Although in season 1 it was made to look like Dr.Girlfriend had not had sex with him. The writers could have changed their minds. If Dr.G hadn't slept with Rust then why would she react like that?
  • Season three ultimately revealed (in a read between the lines manner) that the big secret had to do with why she demanded Monarch give up arching the Venture family. The Council of the 13 found out that Monarch was not a real Guild member and that Phantom Limb, presumably in order to protect Dr Girlfriend from reprisals for associating with Monarch, was covering up their activities whenever Rusty complained to the Guild. They finally got wind to what Phantom Limb was doing and offered to spare Monarch if Sheila would get him to leave Rusty alone...

Brock is not Dermott Fictel's father.
(Of course, the events of the "The Buddy System" overwhelmingly imply that everyone's favorite sociopath sired the bully. Wild Mass Guessers have no truck with overwhelming implications.)
  • Hank is the father! (This theory requires time travel.)
    • That's what I thought too.
  • Dermott is his own father! (If you're going to bring time travel into the mix, might as well go all the way.)
  • Dr. Venture is the father! Because "Dermott" is really a discarded clone of Hank.
    • Alternatively, "Dermott" is the original Hank. This, of course, implies that Myra has the original Dean somewhere.
    • CONFIRMED!!! Dr. Venture is the father and Dermott's sister is actually his mother.
  • Master Billy Quizboy is the father! He fathered the sound-alike kid during the time lost to Laser-Guided Amnesia.
    • Probably a coincidence. Doc Hammer does the voice for both of them, along with, like, a third of the guys (and one of the girls) on the show.
  • Johnny Quest Action Johnny is the father! They have the same hair color.
  • Sergeant Hatred is the father! Again, same hair color.
    • What? Sergeant Hatred is a redhead. And he'd never cheat on Princess Tinyfeet. Not with females, anyway.
  • Hunter Gathers is the father!/mother!/father!/he's joor mother!!! Dermott's mother did tell him that his dad was "in black ops." Maybe she's after the wrong one.
  • Holy Diver is the father! Before he learned to "pray the gay away", he tried to force himself to "become" heterosexual by sleeping around with women. It would pretty much be Dermott's worst nightmare come true, which knowing this show means it's highly likely. Formerly in black ops (along with certain other black things), and the mom would have good reason to lie about his identity...
    • And the next season's plotline will involve Dermott getting sent to HD's Bible camp and discovering the awful truth.
    Holy Diver: Hey, guess what, kiddo, I'm your DADDY! Boom! Yummy!
  • The case is solved! It's really Rusty! He's Dermott's biological father, not Samson. This is revealed in Season Five, Episode 1.

The boys really can turn into Mecha-Shiva.
Mecha-Shiva! Mecha-Shiva! Mecha-Shiva!

The show takes place in the same continuity as The Tick.
I've seen this idea kicking around...
  • No way. The moon in The Venture Bros. doesn't even have a bite taken out of it!
    • Well, they repaired it! Plus, both shows have a minor villain named Pig-Leg (he has a pig for a leg). Solid proof that they are one and the same universe!
  • The Tick would have logically taken place after the Venture Bros. series, since Brock would have to become the Tick... and Hank is Arthur! Yeah!
    • Nah, the Tick is a chaste loon, Brock is quite intelligent, while Hark is a dummy while Aurthur is quite sensible once you get past his moth suit.
      • Hank is the Tick. He's gone crazy from the Venture lifestyle- presumably the same accident that gave him the Tick's strength also fried his mind.

Sergeant Hatred is going to molest the hell out of the boys. Again.
In "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills," it is revealed that the boys were once "touched inappropriately" by Sergeant Hatred and that "most of it was awful." Sergeant Hatred is now Dr. Venture's new arch-enemy, but he doesn't seem to recognize the boys and he's not allowed to get within 50 feet of an "beautiful minor" because of his history as a sex offender. The boys don't seem to react very much to seeing Sergeant Hatred again, which is pretty odd. It can't even be ascribed to cloning-induced memory loss, since Dean remembered him in the second season, after they were most recently cloned. Anyway, once Sergeant Hatred figures out that the boys are actually 19, and therefore no longer minors, all bets are off!
  • Jossed in that the writers decided to pretty much pretend that scene (and the sequence from the season two finale where Hank freaks out when he's forced to sit next to Hatred at the wedding) never happened. And while they did do an episode where Sgt Hatred ran out of his chemical castration pills, the episode revolved around Hatred willingly locking himself up in the panic room and Hank and Dean (with help from #21) luring him out via having Hank dress up as his ex-wife and knocking him unconscious/restraining him properly while they waited for the meds to arrive.
    • They DID have him rape Billy Quizboy, but thankfully they retconned the whole thing as him just cuddling with Billy instead.

Jonas Venture is still alive.
We've never learned exactly how he died. Maybe he just went into hiding, or into space on business related to his last big project. Anyway, it would be perfect if he came back and ended up liking Jonas Jr. more. That would be just about the only way to screw up Dr. Venture's life any more than it already is.
  • IGNORE ME!!!
  • Let's go one better: Jonas Venture is not only alive, he's the big bad of the series. After negotiating the founding of the Guild (in his own living room!), he faked his death so he could run it behind the scenes; he then took over O.S.I by seeding it with Guild operatives. His control of both organizations allowed him to direct the events of "The Invisible Hand of Fate," which won him Professor Fantomos's loyalty and eliminated Brock and Hunter as threats. Phantom Limb's attempted coup was really Jonas' plan to replace David Bowie with a more tractable Sovereign; now that Limb's gone on the run, Jonas has turned to different cat's paws, like Sgt. Hatred...and Dr Mrs. The Monarch. When the time is ripe, Jonas will have the Guild conquer the world - only to "come back from the dead" just in time to defeat them and become a benevolent dictator in their stead.
    • Jonas Venture would have performed his masterstroke by now, if it hadn't been for the interference of the ultimate diplomat, Dr. Henry Killinger. By reuniting the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, he sowed the seeds of the Phantom Limb's failure. Without the backdrop of the wedding, the Phantom Limb would have made his move with much wiser timing, without all of the combustible elements present at the final showdown. Jonas had to switch to a fallback plan, involving his son finding the all-powerful ORB and foolishly activating it...
      • Only for Killinger to nip that plan in the bud by providing Rusty Venture with a much-needed dose of perspective. Killinger's actions led to Dr. Venture treating the ORB with unexpected responsibility. In fact, pretty much the entire series has been a power struggle between Jonas Venture and Dr. Killinger.
      • Is he leading the investors or are they leading him.
      • If this is true and the "alien" from "Twenty Years To Midnight was actualy him, why did he really kill the The Grand Galactic Inquisitor.
  • Season 3 especially has painted a very dark picture of Jonas Sr., as well as the entire original Team Venture. I wouldn't be surprised if the big showdown of Season 4 is the old school Team Venture (headed by a newly returned Jonas Sr.) vs. the new one (Doc/Brock/Hank/Dean, White/Quizboy, Orpheus, etc.) where Jonas Jr. will fall in this struggle is a matter of debate.
    • And here's one extra step; J.Senior will someway find the original Hank and Dean Venture and either ressurect them or craft all the clone brothers into Frankenstein Monster!Hank and Frankenstein Monster!Dean Venture!

Brock's ultimate goal is to kill Dr. Venture.
What Dermott said was foreshadowing - that "his dad" was in black ops, probably undercover to kill someone.
  • Jossed...kinda-sorta. In the episode ORB, Brock almost has to kill Rusty when it seems like he's on the verge of activating the eponymous object, but relents when Rusty states he wants to study it first to see if it's a threat. However his true mission is to kill Rusty should he try to activate it
    • Turns out the ORB was broken a century ago.
    • Totally thrown out the window now that we know that Rusty himself is Dermott's father.

Dr, Venture and the Monarch are related
They have extremely similar features - similar nose, red hair, goatees. One possible explanation is that Dr. Venture Senior is the Monarch's father, explaining his resentment for Rusty - he was the child that got all the love and attention, while the Monarch was the ignored or unknown result of some fling and he never got to take part in the Venture legacy. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Jonas Venture had illegitimate kids all over the place, and we have yet to hear a real reason for why the Monarch hates Dr. Venture so very much. It fits!
  • We know that the Monarch inherited a fat trust fund from one or both parents, and he claims that his parents died in a plane crash that left him to be raised by butterflies. I don't know if this fits or not...
    • Google Ventata NOW for the explanation to this quote from a member of The Council of 13: "Where is my wife? Have you— Honey— Does not compute. Does not com— Who am I? I think the plane is going down..."
  • Easy- he claims both his parents died, but his mother conceived him with Dr. Venture illegitimately, and the father that died was not biologically really his.
  • Remember, too, that, during ORB, the ancestral Dr. Venture was voiced with the Monarch's vocal inflections, only more highbrow and less crazy...
  • Note that the Monarch rarely ever shows his hair (he's only seen without his hood in flashbacks). This could well be to hide the resemblance to his nemesis.
    • Alternatively, they really are related, but it turns out the Monarch doesn't actually know this. The real reason for his vendetta turns out to be something stupid and petty.
      • Seeing as how the ORB storyline seems to be an Aborted Arc, that would be par for the series.
    • On the other hand, though, it could be that Jonas Sr. gave him up for adoption.
  • Maybe the Monarch and Rusty are cousins with an Uncanny Family Resemblance. It could be Jonas Sr.'s father is the one with a son or daughter he gave up for adoption. If we find out the Monarch's real name is Oliver...
    • Nope. It's Malcolm. Can't remember which ep, but they do say it somewhere.
      • It was in a flashback to their college days. The Monarch had blown up the science building in an attempt to kill Rusty, and was gloating from a distance when another student ran up to tell him that Rusty was being blamed, and the blast had taken off Baron Underbite's jaw. The other student called him Malcolm.
  • Season 5, Episode 3 "SPHINX RISING" has Rusty showing the Monarch an old scrapbook with 0 of the two of them on Venture Industry's front lawn as children, with the Monarch mentioning that he doesn't remember any of it and it's his parents in the background talking to Jonas Sr. And in "Spanakopita" the Monarch's parents are shown briefly in a flashback, vacationing with Jonas Sr. in the Mediterranean. It might be worth nothing that the Monarch's mother seems to have similar hair and skin coloring as Jonas Sr...
  • In season six it is revealed that the monarch's father is a Green Hornet {{Expy}} who was freinds with Jonas Venture it was implied that they were swingers so it could be possible that The Blue Morpho was believed to be his father but his biological father is actually Jonas Venture Sr.
  • Confirmed in the season 7 finale, Jonas Venture Sr. had an affair with the Monarch's mother after her husband tells him they haven't had luck conceiving.

Dr. Quymn's "daughters" are really Half-Identical Twins
The one straddling Dean is biologically male, which explains the padded bra (it wasn't just padded, it was entirely fake!).
  • Is this troper the only one who noticed that Drew had cleavage and sideboob in that scene?
    • This troper could be convinced it was the work of a very good push-up bra. Meanwhile, "Drew" is an ambiguous name. And they did say they were not exactly alike. Dean noticed the freckle, but didn't he see?

Dr. Quymn is Dr. Venture's Half-Sister
Is this even a WMG? Their faces look exactly the friggin' same, and it's overwhelmingly implied via flashback that Dr. Venture Sr. and her mother were involved even before the key party scenes. It's a good thing Rusty's an idiot who can't catch a break, or that would have been seriously gross. And yeah, that makes the twins the boys' cousins. Honestly, if this is the worst thing that happens to Hank and Dean this season, they should consider themselves lucky.
  • Yes it is a WMG. Mine is there full sibilings, twins even
  • According to season 3 commentary, she was originally supposed to be teased as a possible mother for the boys, though it was abandoned. It seems unlikely they'd have been related, in that case.
  • I caught onto this half-sibling idea while watching this episode for like the fifth time and now I have to wonder how I never noticed before because it seems so obvious and intentional. I mean the clues from the flashback at just so painfully obvious (more clues not yet mentioned: Dr. Quymn's "father", Col. Gentleman, is a homosexual, and also Tara tries to hug Jonas Venture but finds him as distant and unloving as Rusty did), more important than that is how explicitly Tara Quymn is a distaff counterpart to Rusty and how her family situation is laid-out in the very same fashion. No, the best reason for Dr. Venture and Dr. Quymn being related is that it is appropriately pathetic that Rusty's best chance to mate is with his sister.

The Monarch played Rusty in the Rusty Venture cartoon show and it's why he hates the Venture family!
  • Monarch was the child voice actor that did the voice of Rusty Venture on the Rusty Venture cartoon show. However, for appearances sake, Monarch never got credit for his work as Jonas Sr. (who was in charge of the show) opted to give Rusty credit for voicing himself. Monarch never forgave Jonas Sr. for this slight, and when Jonas died before he could get revenge, Monarch turned his hatred towards Rusty. Similarly, Monarch's trust fund did not come from his wealthy parents: it came from his work on the TV show, as Jonas (in order to keep Monarch from spilling the beans) paid Monarch a good amount of money, which was put into an account which has since grown large enough to finance all of Monarch's villainy and then some.
    • This actually makes some sense since in one episode Dr. Venture said that he didn't receive any royalties from the cartoon.

Kano did not kill Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.
Kano was pretty tight-lipped about it, but that doesn't mean he did it.
  • Yeah, he seemed pretty tight lipped even when Dr. Venture was still alive.
    • Who was the "Great Man" he claimed to have killed?
      • Jonas Venture Sr's father, the one Sandow guarded. He did this as a young man, realized his folly and pledged fealty to Jonas Sr. He never talks when he's on screen, even when Jonas Sr. is alive.
      • Alternate theory: Kano was supposed to kill Jonas Sr's father when he tried to activate the ORB but somehow botched the job. Years later he came back looking for the for it and killed Jonas in the process. Kano takes his revenge and his vow of silence since his failure is what killed Jonas.
      • Sandow. His true pennance is taking over Sandow's job.
      • The Blue Morpho, I refuse to believe that plane crash was an accident.
      • Confirmed. The "Great Man" that Kano killed was indeed the Blue Morpho, but the plane crash was indeed an accident. Kano had to kill the Blue Morpho after Jonas rebuilt him as Venturion and he almost strangled Rusty.
      • Except that Kano would probably know that his attempt to kill the Blue Morpho/Venturion was unsuccessful, as Vendata was a publicly known supervillain for decades and is obviously the same person as Venturion. So maybe the "great man" Kano killed really was Jonas. Team Venture was present at Gargantua-1 during the Movie Night Massacre but not in the cargo bay (as they were there to retrieve Jonas before he drifted off into space.) Perhaps Kano opened the bay doors as revenge for all that Jonas did to the Blue Morpho.

Nikola Tesla took over the Guild and became the Guild Sovereign.
David Bowie played him in The Prestige, and in it he builds a duplication machine that can be used for humans. Perhaps this was basis of the Venture family's cloning technology.

Molotov had sent the assassins after Brock.
Think about it. The OSI had no intention of killing him, yet at the same time their 3 top assassins had been sent after him. Usually assassins aren't meant to bring their quarry alive. Plus, Molotov contacted the Cleaner to bail Brock and Dr. Venture and remove the evidence. Molotov has her own agenda and needs someone capable of handling a few of the rough spots. The 3 assassins were hired to test Brock, and he passed.
  • She did hire the assassins, but it was to kill the assassins. They wanted to off the competition, and sending them after Brock was a sure way to do so. Hell, they flat out say this at the end of the episode.
  • Hunter Gathers was also in on it, intentionally giving Brock misinformation as his Mr. Exposition. That insufferable bastard!
    • Insufferable bitch.
    • That's why he sent them those 2 Ex-OSI agents that were near water, to set things up for the 2nd guy.

#21 will attempt to follow in his boss' footsteps.
  • After a period of Minion BSOD following the death of #24, #21 will get serious about his supervillain career, donning Tolkien-inspired duds and becoming "The Viceroy". Stop me if you heard this one before: Ambitious henchman (Monarch/#21) will don a costume behind his boss' back (Phantom Limb/Monarch) to attempt to steal his girlfriend (Dr. Girlfriend/Dr. Girlfriend) and exact revenge on his arch-nemesis (Dr. Venture/The Murderous Moppets). Given the circumstances, expect The Viceroy to be much less successful than his predecessor.
    • The main point in bold is denied, but much of the paragraph HAPPENED, except with Gary staying loyal to The Monarch until he quits.

Dr. Venture and Brock are the result of a Stable Time Loop.
Dr. Venture did have a child with Sky (see above) and that child was Jonas Sr., who went back in time to become an adventurer and father Rusty. According to the O.S.I. file in "Past Tense", Brock is the child of a single mother and has one brother; no father is identified. Like the Brothers themselves, Venture Sr. fathered "a smart one and an athletic one". Brock and Dr. Venture are half-brothers.
  • This is an awesome theory, but where does Dr. Venture's great-grandfather (from "ORB") fit in to this WMG?
    • Just bump it back a generation or two. (Or two hundred, and Venture The First built the original ORB! Or not.)

The Monarch's obsession with Dr. Venture is sexually motivated.
Tons of Foe Romance Subtext put aside, in "Tears Of A Sea Cow" not only does he screw a robot with Dr. Venture's face, he also dodges the question of why he's so fixated on Dr. Venture very suspiciously. In "Past Tense", which details the time period in which the two became enemies, Venture even calls him a "closet case." And there's evidence for him being bisexual elsewhere in the show (i.e. making out with Stiv Bators, having threesomes with other men), making it all the more plausible. To top it all off, the show has made direct comparisons between arching and romantic relationships. You don't have to be a superscientist to figure this one out.
  • As far as G.U.A.R.D.O goes, The Monarch says that he's "giving it chlamydia", so it's not necessarily sexual; he's just THAT dedicated to hating Dr. Venture. Having said that...
  • "Nice ass, Samson."

The Master is actually The Master.
He's planning on making Dr. Orpheus the next Torgo.

Brock Samson is the son of Doc Samson.
He inherited his father's gamma-ray mutation and the super-strength and Nigh-Invulnerability that comes with it, and like his father, his "hulked out" form is more an idealized human body than a big green monster, and he has full control of it. Also like his father, he prefers to remain in this form at all times... except Brock showed no interest in science as a child, much to the disappointment of his father, and instead used his superhuman abilities to excel at sports. His father disapproved, both because this was seen as unfair to the normal players and because he feared that Brock did not realize the extent of his strength. He was tragically proven right when Brock accidentally killed a fellow player during practice, and this drove the two even further apart, leading to Brock's joining the military and later, OSI.
  • After all, wasn't his name a play on Doc's?

Herr Trigger to return as a cyborg.
A bit of psycho gun-fetishisting assassin, a bit of motorbike, loads of gun implants, and maybe the occasional HEL Pe R part for good measure. Let's face it, he was already pretty unkillable as a human. Can you imagine him returning as some sort of Terminator-like creation? It would certainly be awesome.
  • Not likely. Molotov and Hunter Gathers would make certain he's dead for good.
    • Molotov might have, but Hunter was just The Mole for SPHINX. He might have brought Herr Trigger to his side under the pretense of disposing of him.

The Guild killed all superheroes
The show has no superpowered Protagonists (apart from Richard Impossible; I'm not counting his family, since their powers are utterly useless), whereas it has several superpowered Guild members, such as Torrid. Perhaps the Guild carried out the destruction of all superheroes, so as to protect its members.
  • Jossed. a superhero wrecks up the Monarchs place in season four.
    • Plus: the Guild is pretty much an outlet for bored, rich supervillains to play stupid games to bypass the time. Superheroes make great opponents for a supervillain to match capabilities with.
    • Aren't the Order of the Triad superpowered protagonists?
      • There are lots of super heroes appearing in season 6.

Myra will join the Blackhearts

Female, batshit crazy, still in pretty good shape, knows all the inner workings of OSI - she seems to fit the profile.

Triana and Dean will hookup
Jossed. The Master shows Triana that Dean's love for her will make him even more pathetic than he already is and that them being together will not look good, so Triana chooses to let him down easily.
  • He could be lying for an unknown reason though.
    • Perhaps they'll hook up later after Dean has had some time away from her to mature. The Master said that they way things were going at the present state would lead to the future he showed her.
    • It that would be fitting with his style.
  • Now we can add " Triana will break up with her boyfriend" to the WMG.

Dr. Venture is a clone Himself.
In the same danger prone world that repeatedly killed Hank and Dean, Rusty must have died at some point. Brisby said that Jonas Venture had researched cloning. He did so to replace the dead Rusty. It would explain His indifference towards Rusty as He wasn't His real son. Ditto for Rusty's attitude towards His own children.
  • Maybe the Monarch is an earlier clone or a failed one, given how similar they look I could see the idea that maybe the Monarch was Either an assumed dead clone or something similar.
  • Or maybe Jonas sold a clone of Rusty to some rich childless couple who liked the idea of having a copy of a famous boy adventurer as a son.
  • Linking to the problem below, maybe the last Rusty Clone had an early defect which caused the formation of Jonas Jr.

The cloning process is flawed which is why Hank and Dean tend towards such levels of stupid/oddity.
Jonas created the original cloning device and memory upload process. The show has already implied that Rusty isn't exactly all that good with maintaining his dads old creations, let alone repairing them when they break down. Combine that with a punch-card system for storing and cataloging memories along with gaps of time lost in memory but not in physical growth, as well as any odd body memories (didn't I have a scar here? and similar things) and their actions become more understandable. The issue isn't lack of information or common sense so much as it is that frequently their minds aren't really processing and understanding it the way they should.
  • Word of God says the reason Hank and Dean are starting to visibly age in Season 4 is because they're not being cloned anymore, so there's evidence for this.

The Monarch will take control of the Guild
When the kid gloves come off the Monarch proves lethally effective. He's gone toe to toe with both the OSI and Guild soldiers, putting up a damn good fight against both. Each season he just keeps getting more effective and dangerous. It makes sense that he'll eventually take the top job. After all he is The Monarch.
  • That would mean He would have to defeat the Sovereign/ David Bowie. I don't think even the Monarch could pull that off.
    • No it won't he's already dead.
    • Indeed he is, and there isn't a Sovereign anymore. However, the Monarch is the illegitimate son of Jonas Venture, who is himself a descendant of Lloyd Venture, one of the founders of the original Guild. The Monarch could still very well claim the role of the new Sovereign by birthright.
    Monarch: " My great-grandfather, Lloyd Venture, formed the Guild with pie-eyed dreams of helping humanity and all that crap. I have a different vision! I dream of a Guild where villains can arch someone they really hate instead of just being forced to arch someone who just so happens to match their level! Where we don't have to tie ourselves behind miles and miles of red tape! Where we can show them just how evil we really are!"

OSI is in fact an evil organization.
Let's look at it a bit differently, they allow the Guild of Calamitous Intent to exist because it provides a justification to their existence/funding to any kind of middling probe. They also use the guild as a way to tie up existing protagonists/heroes by giving them a chance to be seen as heroes by the general populace as well as creating a system that funnels the superpowered/super scientist crowd into flashy shows that keep them (protagonists/antagonists) and the public occupied. Gathers managed to realize this through his obsessive digging, in an effort to figure out how far the rot had spread he left OSI and tried to reorganize what was left of the last major power SPHINX and try to monkey-wrench the existing system, possibly setting in action what made Brock a free agent again.
  • Partially Confirmed. SPHINX originally was an evil organization (according to OSI defectors but as a COBRA stand-in they probably were) but was destroyed by the OSI. However, the OSI is very invested in the whole costumed villainy idea, so much so that a number of former OSI agents left the OSI and repurposed the captured SPHINX resources to their own ends and refounded SPHINX as a good guy organization.

Dean and Hank are going to turn into a Cain and Abel thing.
Hank's resentment at being second best to Dean in their father's eyes is going to push him to become a supervillain and begin arching Dean, fulfilling the idea Killinger tried to start with Rusty and JJ.

Kano didn't murder Dr. Venture but sabotaged the cloning rig
Jonas Sr. started fiddling with the Orb, whatever he did killed or severely injured him. He has the cloning tanks set up to transfer him into a new body. Kano killing him directly wouldn't do anything, since a new clone could come in. Instead he sabotages the cloning apparatus. The problem was that he did too good a job of it, he had only intended to degrade it to a point where Jonas wouldn't be able to continue but either ended up having him emerge brain dead or something similar. Kano either leaves Jonas to die or puts him out of his misery and in intense guilt becomes silent. The sabotage to the cloning device might also explain why Rusty refuses to use it on himself and why Hank and Dead are as messed up as they are.
  • Jossed. The "great man" Kano killed wasn't Jonas, it was the Blue Morpho.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent was once known as the Evil League of Evil.
Until David Bowie (then acting as Dead Bowie) staged a hostile takeover, killed Bad Horse, and became the Sovereign.
  • Alternately, David Bowie was the leader of the guild all along; Bad Horse was merely a puppet.
    • Or he was Badhorse.

Batman really exists in the Venture Verse.
There's actually quite a bit of evidence for this. Hank has a true bad ass in the form of Brock to idolize, but he seems to like Batman more. Its not likely he would prefer a fictional character to Brock. In the third season Dr. Venture picks up a ringing phone in the deserted sewers and seriously tries to call Batman. Marvel comics is repeatedly mentioned, but DC never is. The creators want to have him in the series but can't due to legal reasons so they have Captain Sunshine.
  • Batman comics are confirmed to exist in the Season 3 finale. There is a conversation about Batman comics having the coolest villains, one of the characters being a big fan of Silver Age Comic Books.
    • Bear in mind, though, the fact that Rusty Venture really exists didn't stop him from having a cartoon about himself. Maybe in this universe, it's common for real-life heroes to have fictional stories made about their adventures?

All the crap Jonas Sr. and the old Team Venture did will become public.
It would fit into the show's theme where not only did the old team fail to be the kind of heroes the public thought them to be, but that they couldn't hide from the media, leaving them disgraced. Plus it would give Rusty some justice for all the crap he went through as a kid.
  • And no-one in-universe will care. Which would actually be really depressing...

Kano did kill Dr. Venture.
Namely, Jonas Venture's father. Which is why he's so tight-lipped even in the Rusty Venture Show.
  • Jossed. It was actually the Blue Morpho.

#21 will join SPHINX
In "Ghosts" the guy actually knocked Brock fuckin' Samson on his ass, making him one of the few to do it without the aid of a weapon or truck (giving him the honorary title of "Complete Badass"). Do you REALLY think SPHINX would pass up the chance to get probably the only man to ever land a blow on Brock and live long enough for his brain to register that?
  • As of the season 4 finale, this seems to be confirmed.

Triana becomes the go-to magician for a future incarnation of Team Venture headed by Dean.
A Distant Finale to the series will show Dr. Dean Venture, his bodyguard Hank, and resident sorceress Triana Orpheus. No bets on whether or not they romantically hook up.
  • Arched by Dr. Kim, an aging #21 and Schwa Tinyfeet Junior.

By the end of the series, OSI and The Guild will become defunct.

Both organizations have been weakened over the course of the series. The Guild already experienced two attempted coups (a la Phantom Limb) and their greatest weapon, the ORB, no longer works. OSI, meanwhile, has become corrupt, causing some of their most competent agents to defect and form SPHINX. The Venture family, which is symbolically important to both groups, is dying out (since J.J. has no children and the cloning process has damaged Hank and Dean's DNA to the point where they can no longer produce any viable heirs). Many of the big names of the series (Henry Killinger, The Sovereign/ David Bowie, Hunter Gathers, The Master, etc.) have been actively working to achieve and orcastrated the entire series to this end.

The Monarch is a clone of Dr. Venture

So far we have zero info concerning The Monarch's birth parents, also The Monarch and Dr. Venture does share some similarities in terms of personality. Who is to say that Jonas didn't create a clone of his son just incase Rusty doesn't make it. Jonas Venture probably abandoned The Monarch for some reason and The Monarch was raised by the Monarch Butterflies instead. The resentment The Monarch has over Rusty could be due to abandonment issues he suffered from Jonas.

  • We know a bit about The Monarch's parents: They were rich and they died in a plane crash. Monarch actually survived that crash. The Monarch got a large inheritance from them.

Hank and Dean's birth mom will appear in the series finale

If the Venture Brothers ever get a final Season I'm sure the introduction of Hank and Dean's birth mother is being saved so the Venture Family could have that one big family reunion.

Billy will leave Pete White.
Every other character in the show has managed to have some form of development: Brock's joined SPHINX, #21's buffed up, Sgt. Hatred is (at least trying) to battle his pedophilic urges, Dr. Venture has grown much friendlier to Dean, Triana's moved on to her mother's to train...even the boys are growing, albeit Hank more quickly than Dean. The only reason Billy is stuck in a dead end is because of Pete leeching off of him. Hunter Gathers even said as much. I'd be surprised if Billy ended up never cutting the dead weight that is Pete White off.
  • Not really possible since Pete is Billy's ward for the memory wipes. Unless there is an OSI reason for it they aren't going to separate, especially if they need Pete's infrequently demonstrated computer skills.
    • Or Billy's even-less-frequently needed paper encyclopedia skills.

This was originally supposed to be a show based in The World of Darkness.

"Go Team Ventrue!"

But then there was a typo.

  • Or, Triana was meant to be the original star, and there was a typo. "Goth Team Venture!"

Brock is a cyborg.
When Gathers said he was "a quarter Winnebago", he wasn't talking about the Indian tribe. It explains why he's so into his car...

Brock is a Replicant.
Given his ultimate obedience, albeit reluctant, to Dr. Venture. This would be an appropriate caretaker for 2 clones, (Three, if Rusty is one as well.) If he found the secret of the Orb himself, he could be terminated. There was already lots of talk of how he is just a pawn from Hunter. This also explains how he has progressed from a grunting killing machine to a more sane human being, eventually becoming independent by quitting. He is gaining his own personality independent of his directives.
  • While Hunter gives the orders, Molotov could be his caretaker, or "Gaff" if you will, manipulating him sexually to keep him on the right track, but not actually going through because he isn't a real person, or it wouldn't be professional. This furthers the theme of failure if Molotov has had sex with plenty of other people, just not Brock.
Dr. Henry Killinger is not evil
At times ruthless, but not evil. Everything he's done so far has actually done his subjects good (getting the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend back together, showing Dr. Venture the dark path he was on), his plan is to redeem the entire superhero/supervillain system from the inside out

Brock, Sergent Hatred, and 21 team up to form The Order of the Tri-Badasses.
Brock leaves Sphinx, Sergent Hatred gets Captain Sunshine to take over Operation Rusty's Blanket, and 21 has a Face–Heel Turn thanks to 24's ghost. The three of them join forces to fight the entire Guild of Calamitous Intent and use the team name "The Order of the Tri-Badasses" which is suggested by Dr Orpheus. They fight their way up through all of the guild members and the final battle will be against The Monarch, David Bowie, and Princess Tinyfeet.

Twins are a Venture family trait.
Let's ignore any interfering factors about genetics for a moment. Hank and Dean are twins, and Rusty and Jonas Jr. technically were as well. If this were true, it could tie into the theory that Jonas Sr. isn't actually dead: it's his (semi?)-identical twin that died. And, okay, pushing it, but if Dr. Quymm really was Rusty's half-sister as an above WMG hypothesizes, Nancy and Drew would be examples of the twin trait, too. And, as mentioned, they'd also be... Hank and Dean's... half-cousins?

Hank and Dean will revert to their season 3 personalities.
Being mind-wiped every other week is already making their minds buggy. Their minds will degrade from there until they stop functioning, which is going to require an even bigger mind wipe to erase the effects of the previous mind wipes. It will have to go all the way back to before Sphinx moved in next to the Venture Compound, which will coincidentally be sometime in season 3.

Someone is cloning henchmen.
They have to be coming from somewhere. At the rate the Monarch goes through them the Guild would have run out of henchmen recruits by now. For some reason the high death rate isn't turning people away from henching, so either they get resurrected by a Guild Necromancer, or the Guild is being supplied with clones from someone. #21 doesn't know about this because it was in the same memo as the night-vision goggles and functioning wings. This explains #1's sudden return as "Zero" despite being dead and allows #24 to come back someday.

21 will arch the Monarch
Dr. Girlfriend will be inadvertently killed by the Monarch's poor planning and stupidity, leaving 21 to mourn the only way he knows how: by arching the person responsible. 21 clearly feels that the Monarch doesn't appreciate her enough, and that he would do things differently. It's been acknowledged by both 21 and Dr. Girlfriend that the Monarch is incapable of thinking about anyone but himself, to the point where he once simply ran away during arching and forgot about her standing there, leaving her stranded for hours. If The Monarch's bad decisions lead to her being killed, 21 will never forgive his former idol.

24's "unfinished business" was to convince Gary to quit working for the Monarch.
24 doesn't want to see Gary die like he did in service to the Monarch. Once Gary finally decided to quit 24 vanished, having served his purpose.

24 really was a ghost.
Possibly related to the above. Consider that unless 21 has suddenly developed some sort of Extra-Sensory Perception, there was no way for him to know that Monstroso's henchmen were about to attack him and the Monarch in Pinstripes and Poltergeists. And if 24 was just an hallucination, then there was absolutely no point to the scene in Operation P.R.O.M. when 24 talks to the other recently deceased henchman after 21 had already left. As for Orpheus and Mr. Wendal, Orpheus was drunk, so his powers might have been off, and maybe Mr. Wendal was just some dead guy lying about who he was (24 doesn't seem to have gained any significant form of omnisentience since he died). 24's disappearance could be attributed to the above, 21's lack of belief after talking to Orpheus, burying 24's skull, or some combination thereof.
  • Or it really was the actor who plays Mr. Wendal, and 24 doesn't know his real name.

Gary will become the new leader of Sphinx.
With Hunter Gathers placed in control of OSI the current Sphinx has no reason to exist. Everyone working for the current Sphinx will go back to the OSI leaving behind all the Egyptian themed tech. With Gary quitting the Monarch and by proxy the Guild, he will have to start his own organization. Using the recently abandoned Sphinx equipment Gary will remake Sphinx into an evil organization staffed with every minor character from the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and will fight both the Guild and OSI.
  • Except by all accounts (including his own and the wife of his employer) Gary isn't evil. Personally I like the idea that he'll use Sphinx technology to help Team Venture out of the hole Rusty's gotten it into, but this being a show about failure I wouldn't really bet on it working.
    • Semi-Confirmed he does try to restart Sphinx but it quickly falls apart.

Mike Soriyama's robotic duplicate is Ghost Robot.
When Hank discovers Mike Soriyama's body, he says something along the lines of "He's a ghost robot!" Ghost Robot is a robot who died and gained a soul, and the Soriyama bot died.

Monstroso survived the fall that killed Molotov.
He is a big guy. And don't think for a minute that Mol couldn't have survived.
  • This is Doc and Jackson we're talking about, after all. We've already seen they're not hesitant to bring back characters who by all accounts should have been dead. All we saw was Brock's reaction to an explosion.

Dean will start standing up for himself more
Dean: You know what I think? Fuck you!
And that was to the Outrider, Someone who would normally have Dean scared shitless even when he was being nice. After Operation PROM Dean has finally reached his breaking point and it wasn't over a supervillain attack or any of the other weirdness in his life. Normally "If you love someone let them go" is fairly sound advice, but this episode seems to regard it as patently stupid.
  • I've had this though myself. When you think about it, season 4 was largely about Hank, and his journey off the beaten path to being an emulation of Brock. Odds are, Dean will go through a similar situation in season 5, but likely with more tragic consequences and possibly ending in a Pet the Dog moment when we learn that Dean may be having such issues letting go of Triana and his trouble with girls in general stemming from a Missing Mom complex.
    • It's possible he may call up one (or both) of the Quymn twins in an effort to make Triana jealous and honestly end up liking them. They have more in common with him and the only thing that really turned him off was their aggression. They like solving mysteries, he wants to be a Intrepid Reporter, it's pretty much a win-win. This being a show about failure however makes this unlikely to happen.
  • This troper (who has had a bit of a toon-crush on Dean since season one) is convinced that Dean won't just start standing up for himself, but that those final moments of season 4 are the genesis of an epic Face Heel Turn. Hank, over time, has evolved from kind of a jerkass punk into a young man determined to be a badass hero like his mentor Brock. Dean, however - the pansy, bookish daddy's favorite - has been forcibly shoved into super-science and is obviously miserable. Triana symbolized Dean's hopes and dreams (remember, he meets her after asking the Ouija board if he'll find true love) of a normal life with a (relatively) normal girl to love. Losing her is the advent of his turn to super-villainy. His "fuck you" to the Outrider is an epiphany moment - the very antithesis of the boy in season one who was shocked when his brother says "the double d-word."

Molotov and Monstroso aren't dead
I'm certain that I wasn't the only one who felt the finale of season 4 concerning Mol just seemed too well planned. Besides, it would kind be an ass pull to have all that build up between Brock and her just get pushed aside like some random "you missed your chance, sorry." moment. The way I see it; Molotov and Monstroso planned everything in advance (or at least Mol did), and the whole thing of them now being an item, and the escorts being with Mol was just a massive ruse to rattle Brock (which seems to be the foundation of their relationship).Look at these facts:
  • The one woman who Molotov threatens after knocking out Brock seems genuinely afraid of her, even surprised by her appearance.
    • One points out that she'd be just as (if not more) afraid if she WERE one of Mol's blackhearts caught moving in on Brock. Jus' sayin'.
  • Molotov seemed more coy about her relationship with Monstrosso than someone who had decided to move on from her crush on Brock.
  • This is the freaking Venture Brothers, nothing is ever as it seems!
  • Conformed in Season 5 Episode 1 "What Color is Your Cleansuit?" Brock and Shoreleave check out the place where Molotov and Monstroso died or faked their own deaths to find out whether or not they really died. They find something that looks like Monstroso's body. Brock stabs it and it deflates and there's no bleeding.
Race Bannon didn't die, and is moonlighting as Mr. Cardholder
There's a little evidence towards this. Not only do they look nearly identical, but both are revealed to be high-ranking OSI agents. It's possible Race faked his own death to take up the identity of Mr. Cardholder, then, along with Mr. Doe, used his new position to enact his plan to replace General Treister by making him look insane.

Dean will want to be an apprentice necromancer, while Hank decides to join the OSI when he grows up
It's the perfect solution for the boys - Dean gets to be closer to Triana while learning to battle evil, Hank will get to fight supervillains, and both will be action heroes like they've always wanted. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture is left with nothing, which is pretty much par for the course for him.
  • Let's take this one in in separate parts:
    • Dean: Jossed. He aspires to follow his father's path like Rusty did before him.
      • Dean doesn't aspire to follow his dad's footsteps, he's being forced to follow them. He still just wants to be a journalist.
    • Hank: CONFIRMED, more of less. Hank tries to join SPINHX.

#21 will start working for the Ventures and/or Brock
Being a mook used to seem like the coolest job in the world. Less so now that his friend #24 has been killed. The Monarch set the bomb that blew up him and H.E.L.P.eR, but it's entirely plausible that the Murderous Moppets detonated it. Now investigating and/or seeking within the Fluttering Horde is tricky, because the Moppets are still in good with Dr. Mrs., and because the Monarch is basically whipped. Meaning that #21 would have to go to someone else with resources.
  • This is actually confirmed in the early season 4 commercials. 21 replaces Brock with his LARPER crew.
    • Not it isn't, 21 still works for the Monarch. Sgt. Hatred is the new bodyguard as confirmed by the first episode of season four.
  • CONFIRMED!!! Gary worked for SPINHX in "Operation P.R.O.M." and has left the Monarch.

Hunter Gathers is manipulating Brock as part of a Batman Gambit.
Let's look at the history of Brock and Gathers for a moment. From the beginning Gathers seemed to be the one training Brock. During his time in OSI he was the only one helping Gathers dealing with the Guild of Calamitous intent, the others in OSI apparently believing the Guild was dead and that Sphinx was the threat. From then on out we get him giving Brock data but in each case it seems to be designed to twist or push him in certain directions. When Gathers got his sex change it has this whole event that makes Brock feel rather unnerved about most things around him. He gives Brock information about ORB and gives the implication that OSI wants to kill him, using Brock to wipe out other assassins as well as getting him away from the Ventures. Now, we see that apparently he is part of or leading Sphinx with Brock as part of his team following Brock showing what look like signs of shell shock or just being overwhelmed with all that happened.
  • Is it fair to call it a WMG when it's really just a summation of events shown onscreen?

Brock is Dermott's father... and X is His mother!!
Why hide the identity of the mother when She picks Him up from the daycamp, because it is someone we've seen before. I vote for Leslie Cohen (the girl that Mike Soriyama liked in college who Brock totally tapped).
  • Myra is his mother! Their affair is what drove her over the edge.
  • Jossed. Dermott's father is actually Rusty, who impregnated Dermott's "older sister" Nikki when she was a teen.

Nikki will become pregnant by Hank
Nikki is pregnant as a result of her brief tryst with Hank. This will be another tangled knot in the Venture family, and Hank will have no recollection of the part he played with Nikki.

Brock is Dermott

Ok...this one is kinda complicated, but the fact of Brock and Dermott's resemblance is that they're really one and the same. I think that Dermott is the "Original" and his boasting is just that, pointless boasting. Somehow he ends up going back in time to whatever the relevant time would be because of his own douchebaggery and realizes that he needs to actually back up his bragging. Thus the OSI training, real adventure, and realistically a mellowing. Brock isn't embarrassed of Dermott because he might be his son, He's embarrassed because he remembers being that douche in a previous life.

  • Ignores the fact that Brock was a star athlete in college, while Dermott is quite physically untalented.

The rookie Sphinx agent that Brock was working with is #24.
I have no basis for this. I know he is definitely dead, but maybe Dr Venture ended up making a clone, or whatever. I was suspicious when his voice was muffled and unlike other Sphinx red shirts his face was totally covered. If it wasn't for the fact that he was incompetent, I would guess it was #1.
  • We knew #1 was definitely dead too, having been given the honorable "Death By Sampson" and then came back as Zero. This gives the "rookie Sphinx agent is #24" theory some plausibility.
    • Jossed! Turns out it was Molotov Cocktease

The Monarch's birth name is Malcolm Fictel.
The Monarch is arching Doctor Venture because he doesn't believe his former hero's protestations that his cousin Nikki said she was twenty; every attempt Venture makes to explain himself or make things right simply make Monarch angrier.
  • Jossed on two levels. First, the Monarch has been arching Doc since Doc was in college, and Doc didn't lose his virginity until at least two years after that point (he was 24, and should have graduated at 22). Second, the Monarch's birth name is Malcolm Fitzcaraldo.

No, I don't believe that for a second, but it did say Wild Mass Guessing...
  • Maybe she will stay dead solely because everyone is expecting her to come back.
  • Jossed. She returns in Season 5, healthy as ever.

The girls at the prom really were just hired ladies of the evening, and not Molotov's assassins.
Everything I've read has them being too drugged up from Rusty's mutant Spanish Fly to do their job, but I just assumed that Molotov was lying to get Brock off her case.
  • Jossed by the DVD Extras. There's a Deleted Scene where one of the Heartbreakers taunts Brock over his communicator.

Princess Tinyfeet won't be taking Hatred back.
Look at her expressions all throughout the prom, she doesn't look like she's just happily reconciled with her ex-husband, she looks terrified. Something tells me that even though she was cool as being used as a hostage, with the fun of getting stuffed in a trunk and all, she did not expect The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to try their hands at marriage counseling once they got there. And being bound and gagged the whole time it was impossible for her to clear up the misunderstanding.
  • I'd take it one further. Princess Tinyfeet isn't into bondage at all. (At least not as the sub. Earlier incidents with an unknown man and a leather mask suggest possible dominatrix tendencies.) Hatred mentions that she never discussed this tendency with him before. It seems likely that the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch fed Hatred the bondage story knowing it would placate and distract him.
There will be a Whole Episode Flash Back about Dr. Venture's first couple of clonings the boys
Most likely there will be alot of Tear Jerker moments or slight Cerebus elements

The Monarch played Rusty Venture in the Rusty Venture show
Well, it's pretty clear that Rusty in the show, and the real Rusty are not the same kid. The real Rusty has straight teeth, and the kid in the show and kid Monarch have crooked teeth, they also have similure hair. He could have easily got the part after he went back to the city to claim his inheritance, and Phantom Limb sais Monarch has a trust fund, well the money his parents left him could only strech so far, he could have used some of it to pay for Collage, but having money from the very succesful Rusty Venture show too makes sense. Especially since most child actors don't get that money until they turn 18.

Dean will become a Villain and join the Monarch or another Guild Member, maybe Phantom Limb
Considering that now his hopes and dreams for having Trianna have been crushed (and his own stupidity led her to dropping him as a friend). Instead of trying to fight the villains now, he will start to apprentice himself, becoming The Mole at the Venture Compound. Eventually, the series'll end on a Cain and Abel battle between Dean and Hank.
  • And as he starts his descent into villainy, Dr. Killinger's subliminal teachings will start coming out and make him into an egocentric jerk who take what the wants, when he wants.

In the next season the boys will really go off to start their own lives, each with their own body guard.
Brock will rejoin and either stay with Doc or go with Hank, Hatred will stay with whoever Brock doesn't go with, and Gary will join up to protect Dean. Of course they'll still end up with two of the groups or all of them getting together pretty often.

Jonas Jr. is secretly evil
Everything thus far has just been part of his cover. Season 4 will reveal that his space station is equipped with a giant laser and his declaration of Spider-Skull Island as a sovereign nation is so he can exploit Diplomatic Impunity.

Mrs. The Monarch killed 24
She accidentally sat on the switch that activated the bomb inside H.E.L.P.eR, making the entire situation a Brick Joke throwback to when she accidentally deployed the Monarch's wings her ass in the season 3 premiere. This will likely leave 21/Gary facing a difficult situation, does he take revenge on the woman he loves? Or does he finally let go of his obsession with avenging 24?
  • Jossed. Tim-Tom and Kevin, aka the Moppets, were revealed to be the ones who did it.

Season 5 will have a Kick the Dog/Break the Haughty moment for JJ
Someway, he's going to know the full extent of Doctor Venture's abuse to Rusty. He may even destroy his mueseum out of spite.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is a Mike Soriyama robot.
We know Mike could create realistic humans because he made one of himself, capable of holding conversations and having emotional outbursts. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's big un-reveal in the escape pod wasn't that she was pregnant or any such nonsense- she finally confessed that she was a robot. The only evidence backing this up is that at King Gorilla's out-of-jail party, she quips that they're "not getting any younger." The Monarch, for no clear reason, says "one of us isn't getting much older either." Instead of referring to King Gorilla's state of near-death, the Monarch was refuting his wife's statement by pointing out that she has all the time in the world.
  • Judging by her appearance in "The Invisible Hand Of Fate" she has clearly aged a bit.

Dr. Killinger is Satan.
  • Perpetuating evil indirectly? Check. Signs contracts in blood? Check. Can give you anything you want? Check. More powerful than the series' most badass sorcerer, who can't even read the guy's mind? Seriously, how am I the first person to consider this?
    • Related to that, the vampiric investors from "The Silent Partners" work for him.
      • Jossed they're his brothers and he kills them.

Triana will break up with her boyfriend
  • And hook up with Dean

The Monarch hates Dr. Venture because...
  • Because Dr. Venture in their creative writing class was too critical of one the Monarch's "all-too specific poems about monarch butterflies."

We may see more of Alternate Universe Rusty
  • Perhaps the Hank and Dean of the other universe are evil (complete with goatees) and the denouement of the series will be a battle for supremacy between the two factions.

Professor Impossible is correct, Rocket isn't really his son
His wife Sally had an affair with a Namor analogue due to her husband's lack of interest in her.
  • Otto Aquarius, possibly?

The Revenge Society will start arching Dean
Dean appointed David Bowie as the Sovereign, dashing Phantom Limb's plans to take over the Guild. He posed as a girl, got engaged to Baron Underbheit, then revealed himself to be a boy, costing Underbheit his throne. And now he's burned down Professor Impossible/Incorrigible's company while he and the rest of the Revenge Society were inside. They've got good reasons to hate Dean, and it would fit in great with the show's themes of following/living in the footsteps/shadow of your parents if Dean has to go through the same arch-enemy crap as his father.
  • Jossed. The Revenge Society ends up reabsorbed back into the Guild after season six.

The Ventures are all hermaphrodites
That's why none of them seem to have mothers, and why Dr. Venture occasionally lactates: they've got a weird chromosonal condition that gives them certain female sexual traits, including the ability to be impregnated by themselves. Hank and Dean being conceived because Dr. Venture made a mess on himself while masturbating . . . you gotta admit, that'd be this show's style.

Rusty is being phased out as the main character.
Ok, this kind of walks the line between WMG and analysis, but since it also predicts what's going to happen in the future, I think it can go here. In early seasons it was pretty clear that Rusty, rather than his sons, was the main character, and the focus of the show was on his failure. However, the focus has shifted. It's no longer about simply failing, its about coping with failure, moving on, and finding a place for yourself in spite of your shortcomings...and Rusty is the only character whose development doesn't reflect this. Hank and Dean are both beginning to grow up, in spite of their father (Hank in particular demonstrated this in "Pomp and Circuitry," where he passed every test SPHINX threw at him, and they had to come up with an excuse to not accept him). Brock has found roles both with SPHINX and as a Papa Wolf to the boys, even though his assignment to the Ventures was originally a case of Kicked Upstairs. We've seen Sergeant Hatred battling his inner demons, and he's likewise been helping the boys to become more self-reliant (which was Brock's major failing). 21 has Taken A Level In Badass due to 24's death. Doctor Girlfriend and The Monarch are finally in a mostly-happy relationship, and even the Monarch seems to be questioning why defeating Dr. Venture is so important to him from time-to-time. Basically, everyone except Dr. Venture is well on their way to an Earn Your Happy Ending, and by the end of the show Dr. Venture will have little bearing on anyone, as they all take their rightful places.

Alternate Universe Rusty represents a world in which Jonas left Rusty at home.
So, basically, instead of being traumatized, Rusty was desperate for adventure, and bored with his life, which motivated him to aspire for greatness, rather than become a curmudgeon seeking only profit to fill the void left by his lost childhood. His "hit play on broadway" is about his adult life, trying to live up to his father.

Alternative to the above theory
That universe Rusty was like the main universe's Jonas Junior, the super suave and successful son of Jonas Sr. His brother is the unsuccessful jerk the main Rusty become.

Alternative to both above theories...
That universe's Rusty turned out the way he was because of his mother, who could rein in Jonas's unsavory parenting tendencies.

Raven, Triana's boyfriend, will not only be revealed to be a vampire as everyone's expecting, but...
Will find out, at some point, that he has a black ancestor. Causing, or being a result of, a conflict with Jefferson Twilight.

When/If General Treister returns...
He'll be a Hulk.
  • Oh so Confirmed

Hunter will run the O.S.I into the ground
If his time as the head of SPHINX is any indicator, General Treister's hard work to root out Doe and Cardhorlder as moles for the Guild of Calamitous Intent will be for nothing, the O.S.I will probably be crawling with Guild agents now that it's operated by a man who couldn't realize that more than 90% of his organization was made up of moles.

Doctor Orpheus has powers on a cosmic scale
He keeps the invisible threads of reality working, the problem is this means he has to keep every thing at status que, and because of this all though he is in fact the most powerful magic user in the world (the master exist outside of it) his powers are used so frequently and only to keep the universe from falling in to chaos he appears to be a relitivly useless character, its also why most of the magic community respects him so much

going off this it makes sense he would live near a scientist, scientist work to understand how to push the rules of the universe with out breaking them, Orpheus is there that means the rules are enforced and meaning science and magic as doctor venture said slowly become the same thing with different names

Doctor Orpheus will eventually hook up with a Captain Ersatz of Clea.

The Monarch will try to bond with either (or both) Dean and/or Hank to get under Rusty's skin.
With Hank and Dean being treated badly in their own ways by their father, and Dean being rejected by Triana, it might push either one to either seek the comfort of the Monarch, or the Monarch (convinced by his wife) will use this situation to his advantage.

Brock's mother will show up

Truckules is related to Brock
Truckules is half man half truck and Brock is a quarter Winnebago.

Thaddeus Venture's grandfather is still alive

Sgt Hatred's bosom is a side effect of his meds
IRL pedophiles are chemically castrated to curb their urges, and the same is true of Hatred
  • Confirmed as of "OSI Love You"

Hank is in a cycle of having sex with Nikki learning the truth and wiping his memory
Explaining why he said "oh check your watch it works for me sometimes," implying that it has happened repeatedly.

Season 5 will show Rusty getting his life back on track
at least a little.
  • Semi-confirmed. In season 6, he inherits JJ's multi-million dollar super-science corporation and becomes rich.

Triana will be attracted to new goth/emo Dean
But he will reject her.

Shoreleave will become JJ's OSI Bodyguard
Jossed, JJ's dead. More likely, he'll become Dr. Dugong's bodyguard due to the shared maritime theme.

SPHINX will become a Suicide Squad knockoff
Gary cant run it alone and it would be epic.

Gary, Billy and White will work together
Would be awsome

Hank already knows that he's a clone but doesn't care.
That's because he actually IS the Bat.
  • Alternatively, Hank will be more annoyed than devastated that he's a clone
    "I died? Aw, why can't I ever remember anything awesome I ever do?"
  • Double Jossed: Hank is excited by the fact.

SPHINX Commander will be back
Wouldn't be the first time a supposedly killed character has popped back up healthy as ever.

Dean and Thalia will eventually become an Official Couple.

Dean and Thalia had sex.
And Thalia will come back in season 6, a few months pregnant, somehow figuring out that Dean is the father, and hilarity will ensue, because neither of them can remember when she could have gotten pregnant from him.

Or, even better, she uses the services of a sorcerer to divine the identity of the father, and that turns out to be an assignment given to Triana as a test, and she ends up seeing too much of the deed, and things just get aukward.

Oh, and the baby wouldn't have been affected by Dr. Salazar's antidote, so he/she would have four arms and telepathic powers like mommy, but a less pointy head and some hair, courtesy of daddy's non-mutated DNA.

  • Non-mutated? Dean? Didn't someone say he's been cloned so many times his genepool is a disaster area?
    • That was Orpheus' Master, and he's a dick, who's probably not above lying to get his point across. Besides, Ben in the Halloween special said that Dean had no major health problem due to the fact that he was a clone.

Hank can't get that robot costume off.
When it locked up, it also locked on. C'mon, it's a cool suit and all, but he didn't even keep his Batman costume on 24/7.
  • JOSSED: In "O.S.I Love You", it turns out that Hank didn't want to take it off. And then, Hank confronts Molotov Cocktease, only for her to steal the armored suit from him.

Ms. Fictel learned about Nikki and Hank, and she is pissed.
She showed anger when she saw Hank in her home, and after the whole Rusty/Nikki thing, she would think that her daughter knew better than to sleep with someone who is underage. Unlike Brock and some other characters, she was not okay with the double-standard!
  • Either that, or she was pissed that Rusty could potentially gain some leverage over her, due to Nikki sleeping with a (technical) minor. It all depends on whether or not Dr. Venture is still paying child support.
    • I was always under the impression that the agreement was that Rusty would give one big check and then forget about the whole thing. No continuous support that could link the Fictel to Rusty.

Dr. Killinger is the leader of The Investors.
They both have similar manners of dress, keep The Guild in check, and have mystical powers, though Killinger is the only to speak and use truly cosmic levels of power.
  • Jossed. He's the Investors' "brother," either metaphorically or literally, and kills them in a duel.

Gary will join OSI as a superhero, and become a new arch for The Monarch.
The Monarch will not resist the urge to wage battle against his former, "traitorous" henchman. Gary, as always, will call himself The Viceroy, and may even retain his old butterfly theme.
  • And apparently JOSSED, as Gary decides to come back into the fold of the Monarch's operation. However, it seems that Gary will have to deal with a vendetta launched against him by Sergeant Hatred.

Myra Brandish will join the Revenge Society

The Sovereign is Ziggy Stardust.

Vendata is The Monarch's Father.
At the end of episode "Bot seeks Bot", where it appears that Vendata dies, he calls out for his wife, and believes "the plane is going down." According to The Monarch, he lost his parents in a plane crash.

The only other character to fit a similar criteria would be Major Tom of the original Team Venture; he had a wife, and he died during in a test flight; however, he returned from the dead as a haunted skeleton. Vendata (without most of his armor) seems to resemble more Murphy from Robocop.

  • This also could explain why he was built by Venture Industries, Jonas Sr. may have found the crash and did what he could to save Vendata, only for something to go wrong and for him to become a villain.
  • Mostly Confirmed, but it's not Major Tom, but rather a different member of the original Team Venture: the Blue Morpho.

Augustus St. Cloud is a member of the Revenge Society.
Either that, or he will join them. His primary motivation for being a supervillain is revenge against Billy Quizboy (who Phantom Limb might still have some axe to grind with), other Guild members don't seem to particularly like him, and he's received a surprisingly high amount of focus for a character who just recently debuted.
  • Minor correction, St. Cloud was seen as a background character at least as far back as Home Is Where The Hate Is, attending Hatred's party. It's likely Canon Discontinuity given St Cloud's application to the Guild in Season 5, but on the other hand he might have been a second or minion to another villain at the time (which in itself would make a good plot).

Dr. Henry Killinger is helping the Revenge Society
Which would explain his cameo at the end of the next to last episode of season five. He's doing his usual schtick of helping people achieve their goals and the RS is relatively incompetent in its goals. Frankly, we should be afraid of this development considering Phantom Limb's ideas for revenge in season four and how Killenger might help them achieve this.
  • How concerned should we be, though? Remember, in an earlier ep he showed Doc Venture how close he was to becoming a super-villain, thus bringing him back from the brink. Maybe he shows the RS the truth of the old saying, "Living well is the best revenge" and they quietly disband (or at the very least, drop their schemes against the ==Go CI==).
    • I think it is more simple than that, he's going to convince them to fold the Revenge Society back into the Guild of Calamitous Intent.
      • Confirmed his intention was to reform the council of 13.
Jonas Sr. himself had a traumatic childhood.
The guy was never married from we know, and never seemed to stop his adventuring or other work. It's possible that his rep was just a mask for the truth: that he's just using it all to avoid facing his own trauma. Perhaps Jonas' father was was even worse than he was to Rusty.
  • Related : his high school years were terrible. He was relentlessly bullied because of his smarts and he found even the teachers to be 'slow'. That's why he had Rusty going through primary school and high school with a learning bed, because he didn't want to subject his son to that torment.

The Revenge Society are squatting in the Monarch's childhood home.
  • Confirmed.

Dean will get involved with a six year old
Because superscience meets irony.

Jonas tried to activate the Orb.
Just like his father before him, Jonas insisted upon activating it to learn its secrets. Kano, as implied, was the one who killed him, following the order given to every Venture bodyguard. Rusty is the only member of the Venture line to resist the temptation to activate it.

Jonas Jr. will be facing a major failure of his own.
That will be his real test. So far, he's just been a way to rub Rusty's failure in his face. Now he's going to get some real Character Development. There are two possibilities: 1) He becomes exactly like Rusty, proving they're not so different, or 2) He, like every other character on this show, deals with it, and moves on with his life in the face of adversity, proving that Rusty's problems are his own doing, and that Jonas Jr. really is the better man.
  • Related to the Power of Love as Season 6 Theme WMG, JJ will nearly slip into the abyss of Venture self loathing, but Sally will pull him out of it, showing how much difference a stable partner or support group (if we also see Ned and the Captain help) can have on a person.
  • It's 2. In All This and Gargantua Two JJ faces both irreversible death by organ failure, and the hijacking of his crowning achievement, Gargantua Two. Jonas accepts his fate, helps organize the evacuation of Gargantua Two, and sacrifices himself to make sure the sabotaged station doesn't kill any innocent people when it explodes. He even makes up with Rusty, praising his older brother for focusing on friends and family instead of chasing after money and fame- which is completely wrong, but sweet. He even leaves the Ventures his multi-billion dollar company.

The Power of Love will be a major theme in season 6.

The Action Man will die in season 6.
It's pretty implied that allegedly two years have past since Past Tense.
  • In Pinstripes & Poltergeists when the SPHINX (Sphinx!) members were going down their list of sacrifices for joining, Brock says his sacrifice was, "living next to the boys for a year and not be able to tell them that they were safe".
  • It's also implied that season 5 took allegedly a year, seeing as how the opener went through Halloween AND winter at once. Hank even says to Dean in the season 5 finale that, "he's been a mess the whole year" since Dean found out that he and Hank are clones.
So yeah, The Action Man's time has got to be drawing pretty near.

The death of Monarch's parents caused Jonas Sr. to become a Jerkass.
Neither Rusty or Monarch remember playing as kids, and so far Jonas' abusive actions started after Monarch's parents died. The shock of losing two of his friends made Jonas do what he did, partly because he couldn't move past their deaths, and partly because he thought doing so would protect Rusty from dying somehow.
  • When he appeared with the monarchs dad in a video in season six they both came of as jerkasses so probably not the case.
    • Definitely not the case, he actually blackmailed the Blue Morpho into continuing to work for him when he wanted to quit, slept with his wife, and reanimated him into Venturion following his death.

Sterling Archer is Orpheus's Master.
Being a massive dick playing headgames with a poor, benighted slob like Dr O would probably be a swell way to pass the time for the World's Most Dangerous Spy.
  • Maybe the whole Venture Bros universe is something Dr. Kreiger built in his lab.

At some point we'll encounter two Alternate Future versions of Hank and Dean...only they won't be.
This show loves deconstructing tropes, and there's no trope that has it coming more than Alternate Future, a lazy excuse to play with time-travel without any need for consistent writing or real effort at forward-looking continuity. The boys will encounter two badass future versions of themselves, and will get excited...until they're told its an alternate future, and there's no reason to think that they'll ever become badasses themselves...then, as soon as the boys are out of earshot, Future Hank will start laughing "Alternate future! can you believe we bought that crap!" Future Dean will then explain that the illusion is necessary to preserve the timeline, because Hank and Dean can't achieve greatness without having to fully conquer their own feelings of inadequacy, and telling them "you're destined to be badass" would destroy their motivation to do so. This would double as a Moment of Awesome.

The Sovereign is the Thin White Duke
The real (non-Guild) David Bowie is Ziggy Stardust. And they will have a battle at some point.
  • Only for it to end in a tie when Jareth comes in and interrupts with an impromptu dance number.

St. Cloud has lung cancer
Based on the fact that back in his cameos in earlier seasons, he was rarely seen without his stylish cigarette holder, but since becoming a major character, you've barely ever seen him smoking.His final victory will be to reveal to Billy and Pete that they've been fighting a terminally ill man all along, then wander off laughing, leaving them to feel terrible.

The Season 6 finale will be a massive battle on board the Gargantua space station
The Sovereign will play a major role, and there will be references to all David Bowie's space- or alien-related songs and works. And in the end, the station will be destroyed.
  • Jossed. A battle did happen on board Gargantua-2, but it was in a special after Season 5, and the Sovereign wasn't involved. The station did get destroyed, though. Note to the poster below: The Sovereign was involved, but wasn't personally on the station.
    • What do you mean the sovereign was very much involved.

Ranch Dressing really is the cure to the Goliath serum
It smelled like Ranch

The Investors are Greater-Scope Villains
Basically what it says on the tin. The Investors are the true masterminds behind the Guild and are demonic entities rather than super powered humans. It explains why Monstroso is so terrified of them. After all, in order to get a major organization going, you need Investors.

Rusty and The Monarch are cousins
Jossed. They're the real "Venture Brothers."

Myra has a twin sister who is Hank and Dean's mother.
This would explain why Hank looks a bit like Myra.
Hank and Dean's mom is a villainess who used to fight Rusty.
This is why he tricked Myra into believing that she was their mother instead; he didn't want to get in trouble for having a relationship with a villain.Rusty does seem reluctant to talk about their mother, only mentioning her when he was sure they would forget.
  • Jossed, she's actually an ex-actress named Bobbi Saint Simone.
The reason Hank is the Unfavorite to Doc is because Hank reminds him of his mother.
Kim lied to Triana about being a preppy christian and instead was training to be a villain.
She pushed Triana away to protect her, or because she knew she wouldn't approve.
  • The two aren't mutually exclusive, Kim could be a preppy Christian Supervillion
The real Hank and Dean are alive
But are being raised by their mother who is an evil villain and is raising them to be evil as well. Doc cloned the boys because she wasn't going to let Doc near them.
The next couple of seasons will have a recurring focus on the deaths of the remaining members of the original Team Venture
As pointed out above, the Action Man is due to die soon, and the others are getting on in years as well.
Despite all the build-up, the Monarch's past will not be addressed in Season 6
Whenever the show seems to be building up to a major story arc or confrontation, it is either anticlimactically deflated (like the ORB plotline) or shoved into the background (like how the Revenge Society was built up to be a major threat towards the protagonists, yet only had a cameo in Season 5). Now, Season 5 has dropped the hint that the Monarch visited the Compound as a child, and the season ended with him and his wife moving back to his old house. By analogy with the previous plotlines, this will not be addressed at all, at least not for another season.
  • Jossed it was a mojor part of the season.
The Orb was an Apple of Eden
Which means that Sandow really was the strongest man in the world, being able to break a nearly indestructible piece of Lost Technology with his bare hands!
Killinger will return to try and turn Hank into a villain.
While Killenger was giving Dean soft tutoring, he was teaching Hank how to kill someone. This was his first step in pushing Hank to the dark side.
Myra was responsible for One of the boys' many deaths.
In 'I know why the Caged Bird Kills' Brock is searching for the boys and he states that he'll kill Myra if she hurts the boys again.
In 'I know why the Caged Bird Kills' the oni was trying to get Dr. Venture reunited with the boy's REAL mother, but because of Myra it wasn't able to.
The Monarch and Doc Venture are half-brothers
Same mom, different dads. Rusty was raised by his father while the Monarch was raised by their mother.
  • The Monarch claims to have known his father when he was a child, though. But perhaps that was actually his step-father?
  • Which means "The Venture Brothers" could have referred to Rusty and the Monarch the whole time.
  • As of Season six this is so for getting strongly implied with the showing of the trimmed Monarchs beard making him look a lot like Dr. Venture. Also the reveal that The Monarch's father and Jonas Venture Senior were best friends and have been engaged in group parties with each other and Jonas's habit of sleeping with friends wife....
  • Semi-confirmed. They are half-brothers, but because Jonas impregnated the Monarch's mother.

Dr. Henry Killinger and Hunter Gathers are NOT Captain Ersatz-es of Henry Kissinger and Hunter S. Thompson
They are Henry Kissinger and Hunter S. Thompson.
  • "Henry Kissinger" is the identity assumed by Killinger when he offers his advice out in the open, in the "normal world".
    • Alternatively, Killinger is Kissinger's identity when working in the underworld.
  • One of Gathers' earliest assignments with the OSI was to spy on the 1960s counterculture by posing as a journalist and writer, "Hunter S. Thompson". He was so good at it he worked on the assignment for decades. Gathers faked "Thompson's" suicide shortly before his sex change, knowing that he'd have to devote 100% of his efforts to Black Hearts and later, SPHINX, from that point on.
The REAL reason why the Master doesn't want Dean and Triana together
The Master knows that a child of Dean and Triana would be the ultimate product of super science and magic which would fulfill some kind of prophecy (possibly End of the World or taking the Master's place) and works to keep the two apart. Remember, Dean is not an imperfect clone. The Master seems to be trying to convince Triana that Dean is actually a clone of a clone, probably stealing the idea from Multiplicity and she accepts that idea.
There will be an episode about alternate timelines/dimensions
Rusty or someone will accidentally open a whole bunch of wormholes to alternate timelines/dimensions. Bonus points for Billy and Pete arguing over what to call the alternate worlds. Among them will be;
  • A gender-flipped world
  • A world where Brock is a Michael Myers-esque serial killer.
  • A world where Henchman 24 is seeking to avenge the death of Henchman 21/Gary.
  • A Bad Future world.
  • A mirror universe world (which would be deconstructed as the finer points of morality are hard to define and the world's "villains" and "heroes" aren't all that different from this world's).
  • A Crossover with something (Hopefully)
Triana has died. (i.e, she suffered a Bus Crash)
Implied by Dr. Orpheus when talking to Dermott in "Momma's Boys": Dermott jokingly asked if he could have her new number, and Orpheus replied, "not from beyond the grave".
  • That sounds more like Orpheus is being over protective. Would you want Dermott around your daughter?
  • Yeah, considering how much Orpheus loves his daughter, it's highly unlikely that she would die without him addressing it except with a casual line.
In season 6, Doc Venture will become a villain in some way and Hank and Dean will have to battle him.
In season 6, The Venture team will meet and have dealings with—
  • the aliens from "Twenty Years to Midnight"
Major Tom was a junkie, and the one who got Rusty and Action Johnny hooked on drugs
Ashes to ashes, funk to funky/ You know Major Tom's a junkie/ Strung out in heaven's high/ Hitting an all-time low.
When Doc and Brock discover that the boys know that they're clones— It'll just be brushed aside without any emotional confrontations.

Killinger and the Sovereign are both forms the Investors sometimes take.

Killinger has the godlike powers, Sovereign the shapeshifting. They all comprise the core of the Guild's power structure, but as Investors (their true form) they work entirely in the shadows.

  • Jossed. Though Killinger is the same kind of being as the Investors, he is opposed to their goals and kills them in a duel. The Sovereign is simply a human with shapeshifting powers.

The events in All This and Gargantua-2 will lead to Dr. Venture becoming the masked villain killer depicted in the Season 6 teaser.
Given the beard, it's obvious that the identity of the masked villain killer that appears in the teaser is going to Dr. Venture. As for the reasons for it, besides getting sick and tired of having to deal with the villains (especially what happened in the last two episodes of Season 5), the trailer for All This and Gargantua-2 depicts a wrecked version of the Venture compound near the end of it. The wreckage will likely be the last straw for Rusty, who, believing that most of it was the fault of the various villains groups that make up the show, decides to finally take matters into his own hands, and thus becomes a masked vigilante in order to deal with this problem.
  • Another possibility is that the Masked Vigilante is just a character that Rusty made up when he played with the Monarch as kids. All the trauma he's gone through will trigger the memory as a way for Rusty to vent his trauma.
  • Jossed, it was the Monarch.

The Man in Blue from the Season 6 Teaser is Jonas Venture, Jr.
Just before Gargantua 2's reactor exploded, General Treister went back into the cockpit and cradled JJ in his arms, protecting him from the blast. JJ was mutated by gamma rays to the point where his cancers and multiple organ failures are cured. JJ (described by Brock as a "problem child" who doesn't care for the supervillain game) and Treister reenter earth and JJ's stature is either enhanced by the rays or his builds a robot body for himself. The two are determined to rid the world of supervillainy once and for all. With more vigorous leadership at both the Guild and OSI and a new team of troublemakers stoking the flames, Venture Industries will be caught in the middle trying to prevent an all-out open war.
  • Alternatively he was useing Jonas's cloning tech and learning beds, and now his mind is in the body he wouldhave had if Rusty hadn't eaten him
    • OP Here- Looks like the Man in Blue is the Monarch as the Blue Morpho.

General Treister survived the Gargantua-2 explosion
I mean, he turned into the freaking Hulk. How could he not survive?

Nikki Fictel is Hank and Dean's mother.
She had triplets. She believes she only gave birth to one baby because the doctors put her on a bunch of drugs to help her through the labor. Her mother knew they weren't able to support three babies at once, and she was still angry at Doctor Venture for getting her daughter pregnant, so she sent two of the babies to the compound to let him deal with them.
  • Wait, so that means... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! EW! EW! EEEWWW!!!
  • Unlikely since being triplets would mean they were all born at the same time. It has been implied in the show that Hank and Dean are a few years older than they think (I think they asked why the Id's their father gave them said 21?) Probably due to Dr Venture going on month long trips between opening new clones.
  • Jossed, the name of Hank and Dean's mother is Bobbi Saint Simone.

The OSI gave Sgt.Hatred Action Man's super soldier serum
Since it was revealed in season five that Sgt.Hatred was a recipient of a super soldier serum and since Action Man used a SSS back in the day, it could be that the OSI used a half-baked version on Sgt. Hatred. Adding to this, it could be possible that the sarge could be like the 1950s version of Captain America that turned into a villain.

Brock will try to kill Hank...and fail...
I don't know the circumstances under which this would happen, but it seems like a logical conclusion to his story: He gets shafted, because no one's willing to give him a chance. So, Brock will underestimate him, and get treated to his first ever curb stomping.

The "great man" Kano was forced to kill was The Monarch's father.
Before Kano joined Team Venture he was the Kato to the Blue Mono's Green Hornet. Do one reason or another Kano was coerced into assassinating him.
  • Confirmed.

Wide Wale has a grudge against the Monarch because Dr. Dugong was his brother.
We're told that Wide Wale is one of the "Ong brothers," and that he was altered by a Lab Accident. But nothing about his brother. Except, if we go back to season three's "Tears of a Sea Cow," among Dr. Dugong's ramblings over the PA we hear what sounds like "Douglas Ahn, Dr. Dugong." Two brothers altered to be part marine mammal, one a "protagonist" and one an "antagonist" (to use the Guild's terms). The Monarch casually murdered Dr. Dugong, hence Wide Wale's anti-Monarch campaign of stealing Rusty as an arch and having Copy Cat get him in deep trouble with the Guild and his wife in "Faking Miracles."
  • Actually, it's no secret that Wide Wale and Dr. Dugong were brothers. They were mutated at the same time while they were working on a cancer cure together. Whether Wide Wale knows that the Monarch killed his brother does remain to be seen, but it's plausible that if he doesn't know yet he will find out by the end of season 6.
  • Confirmed on all countsin "The Rorqual Affair."

The Monarch will eventually end up Becoming the Mask
Eventually he'll end up enjoying being the Blue Morpho and will undergo a Heel–Face Turn but unfortunately it will be at the cost of his own relationship with his wife as she'd be unable to join him in his new heroic path. Which will result in a horrible fallout between the two as Ms.The Monarch would feel betrayed that The Monarch wasn't open with her about his vigilante lifestyle and would be forced to throw The Monarch under a bus to keep The Guild from suspecting she had any involvement in The Monarch going after guild members.

With his relationship with his ex in shambles the only thing The Monarch has going for is his new life as the Blue Morpho and discard his Monarch persona as its only a reminder of his failures as both a villain and a husband.

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer not only reads TV Tropes but they also read this very WMG section of the series.
Every plot point that managed to pull the wool over our eyes is a result of the creators reading everything we post in the WMG section of the Venture Brothers series and do the exact opposite of where we assume the series would go.

Kano says that he took a vow of silence after "killing a great man".
That man was the Monarch's father, the Blue Morpho. After (or perhaps because) he killed him, Kano joined team Venture.
  • Some prime Fridge Brilliance if this is true: when Kano was introduced to the boys in Season 1, he was described as having hands strong enough to crush a boulder, yet gentle enough to crush a butterfly.

The Monarch is Rusty's and JJ's half-brother
After The Monarch trims his beard, everyone starts to think that he's Rusty when they see him as the Blue Morpho. Now why would that be? Remember the four-way that Jonas and The Blue Morpho had with those two women? Jonas probably got them both pregnant - Rusty & JJ were twins in the one's womb, while The Monarch was in the other woman's. The Blue Morpho marries The Monarch's mother while Jonas marries Rusty & JJ's mother, leaving the two groups to never know the other existed.
  • But when the Monarch watches the video, he says neither of the women are his mother.
    • Who's to say that was the only time it happened.
    • There is one idea: superfetation is a phenomenon where a woman can be impregnated a few weeks into a pregnancy. Since we've never seen Jonas Sr.'s wife, it's possible Jonas and The Blue Morpho both impregnated the same woman.
    • Confirmed.

A Unified Theory
Many of the hypotheses concerning the Blue Morpho and the Monarch's childhood are compatible and make sense together. This troper's Unified Theory is thus: Jonas, Sr. befriended the Blue Morpho and slept with his wife. She gave birth to Malcolm, destined to become the Monarch. (Whether the Blue Morpho knew Malcolm wasn't his is probably irrelevant.) Thus Rusty and the Monarch are half-brothers. The plane crash happened pretty much as the Monarch remembered it, and Kano was the pilot. Thus the Blue Morpho was the "great man" Kano killed, most likely by accident. Afterward, Kano joined Team Venture. At the same time (1976), the Blue Morpho was Robocopped into a Venture Industries cyborg called "Venturion". The cyborg tried to kill Rusty, and later resurfaced as Guild Council member Vendata. Meanwhile, the Monarch has a past with Jonas and Rusty from before the crash. He can't remember it, but it was unpleasant enough that it caused him to start arching Rusty when they crossed paths again in college. Prediction: Vendata himself will reappear to complicate matters before the end of season 6, as will Kano.
  • Confirmed on all but one count. Kano didn't pilot the plane, but he did kill the rogue Venturion, prompting his vow of silence. Both make an appearance in season 7.

Hank will become a supervillain
He's dating a villains daughter, and played on the villains team at the pool party.
  • If this is true, he might end up arching Dean (who seems more likely to follow in their father's footsteps), creating yet another Cain and Abel dynamic.
    • Considering the type of person Hank is, I could see him living by Hatreds old motto "Hate to live, don't live to hate."

The Monarch will kill Blue Morpho
Now that Red Death set him straight, he'll need a way to retire without arousing suspicion on the timing. So what better way then a corps in the Blue Morpho costume? It also has the added benefit of improving his standing with the Guild.
  • Jossed. He just framed his father, the original Blue Morpho, for his actions.

The Blue Morpho will kill Rusty.
Or try to, anyway. Because Monarch's plans are a potent mix of badass and stupidity, he will correctly assume that the Blue Morpho can strike at the Ventures because no one would expect the Blue Morpho to kill Dr. Venture after slaughtering all of Rusty's arches. The Monarch will then forget/ignore that his many, many rivals and enemies would realize that the Monarch has the best motive for killing other villains and the guy they were arching.

The Monarch will become a superhero for realsies.
Right now Monarch's only in it to arch Rusty. But to do so, he's had to kill other villains, all of whom are tied to Wide Wale. In addition, Wide Wale is both a council member, and Rusty's legal arch. Monarch's war on the Guild's hierarchy will result in his exile and attempted execution. Because Monarch never lets anything go, he'll retaliate by going full Morpho, embracing the vigilante lifestyle as he kills anyone connected to the Guild. The OSI may even covertly support him, seeing Monarch/Morpho as a chance to hurt the Guild.

The Snipers will become semi recurring
They have an interesting Romeo and Juliet thing going.
  • And Confirmed

An Alternative Grand Unified Theory

The Monarch's mother is the sister of Jonas Venture, Sr. In the picture where they're together, they have the same hair color and skin tone. The Blue Morpho was her husband, and the Monarch is Jonas' nephew and Rusty's first cousin. Eventually, the Blue Morpho's status as Team Venture's junkyard dog became untenable- it was becoming publicly obvious who the BM worked for, and it was hurting Team Venture's PR. He became a liability. Jonas pressured Kano to engineer an accident on the Blue Morpho's plane. Kano reluctantly complied(hence "killing a great man"- the great man can't have been Jonas because Kano was silent while he was on Team Venture, after BM's death) and Team Venture collected the bounty. Jonas killed his sister, his brother-in-law, and (presumably) attempted to kill his nephew all to preserve his precious public image. To add insult to injury, Jonas made the former BM into a Frankenstein, Venturion, who later became Venadata. Malcolm, later the Monarch, has repressed most of these specific memories, but it's where he gets his hatred of all things Venture.

  • Alternatively, Kano physically killed the Blue Morpho and his wife while piloting them, then crashed the plane to cover the murders. He couldn't bring himself to kill Malcolm.

Rusty Venture will end up Arching his sons
At some point, Dr. Venture will embrace his super-villain potential, and Hank and Dean will be his chosen opponents. Brock will probably serve as his Dragon (to keep Rusty from going too crazy in his villainy), while Hatred will be the Battle Butler to the boys (to make sure they don't forget their responsibilities as science heroes). Like all things Venture Bros., this will be a mix of funny, heartwarming, tearjerker and squick. Heartwarming because Dr. Venture really does care for his sons, and if he's arching them then that means someone else- someone who won't hold back- will have to keep out of it, per Guild bylines. Tearjerker because the Venture family is still trapped in the same crazy, horrible, heart-rending world they've all grown sick of, and they were never able to escape it. And Squick because of all the terrible, terrible Freudian implications.

The Groovie Gang are what Mystery Incorporated would have become if they hadn't defeated the Evil Entity

In the Grand Finale of Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated it was shown that getting rid of The Nibiru entity made the world Lighter and Softer so it stands to reason that if they hadn't defeated it then it would of corrupted them into sociopathic echo's of their former selves. Then once it was fineshed with them it moved on and did the same thing with The Fantastic Four, Jonny Quest, The Hardy Boys and probably many others creating the Crapsack World of the venture bros.

Before Jonas Venture Sr's "Original Team Venture" there was one or possibly many other team venture's featuring the ancestors of the ventures, The Monarch, The Phantom Limb, Professor Impossible, Pete White, Billy Quizbody, Red Mantle and Dragoon

These characters all have established history both personal, such as Rusty, Billy, Pete and the Monarch attending college together with Professor Impossible and the Phantom Limb (I think) teaching or The Monarch being a henchman to the Phantom Limb, and familial such as Jonas Venture Sr. being best friends with the Monarchs dad, The Phantom Limb and Richard Impossible being in Jonas' boys brigade or The Venture Bro's great-great grandfather, The Phantom Limb's grandfather and Red Mantle and Dragoon's grandparents forming the guild of calamitous intent. It would make sense if they were all longtime family friends.

David Bowie was lying about Fantômas usurping Loyd Ventre

If my theory above about Fantômas and Loyd being family friends is right then it seems unlikely he would do this in reality the sovereign was lying because in reality he came to earth a lot longer than the 70's and usurped the guild himself running it for many years changing names and faces every time he was found out until finally settling on a 70's era David Bowie.

The Murderous Moppets are still alive

It seems weird that Henchman 21 would react so strongly to killing Haranguetan when he already killed the moppets quite recently but since they Never Found the Body it could be possible he couldn't bring himself to do it so that means they might come back.

  • Alternatively he may have locked them up and they were eaten like all his other prisoners.

The Grand Galactic Inquisitor was actually a good guy

I realise this is quite an old topic to bring up but it just occurred to me after rewatching "Twenty Years to Midnight". At the end of the episode, an alien disguised as Jonas Venture killed The Grand Galactic Inquisitor insisting that he would have destroyed all life on Earth. This apparently fulfilled a twenty year old prediction that the portal needed to be used at that exact time to save the Earth.

The thing is, the Inquisitor hadn't demonstrated any malevolent intention (he even seemed to take the time out of his day to care for a lost baby). Not only that, the source of this prediction was a message Jonas got from space which an evil alien could have sent just as easily as a good one. Even then, given we have an alien which specifically could impersonate Jonas for all we know that wasn't even Jonas on the tape.

It's quite possible the Inquisitor was actually going to grant humanity eternal chocolate and kittens before he was shot (and the fact that he never got to would fit in well with the theme of failure). He may have even given humanity weapons to fight off a future alien invasion from the other alien's people. The alien killed him in order to prevent humanity from advancing.

  • Really, we only have Jonas Venture Sr.'s word that the Inquisitor was a bad guy.

The Sovereign was another Investor who went rogue for some reason

He shared their traits of shapeshifting, vague but immense powers, and snappy suit.

Jonas Venture Sr. was an alien

In "Twenty Years to Midnight" an alien took his form to kill The Grand Galactic Inquisitor, that aliens backstory was never told. Then in "All this and Gargantua 2" the Sovereign took his form in front of Dr Girlfriend for no real reason since she had no strong connection to him, maybe Dr Venture is the species "default" human form and when The Sovereign came to earth he realized that another member of his species had already made an identity for that form so he settled on David Bowie.

The Sovereign is Rusty's mother

It was said below that it was the boy's mother but if he really attended Jonas Sr's key party's as implied in "Dr Quymn Medicine Woman".

The Blue Morpho Became The Sovereign

The Blue Morpho was 'killed' and soon after the Sovereign appeared. They were both shape changers. The Blue Morpho became the Sovereign when he learned how to shape change his head along with his gender. The guild knows little about he Blue Morpho because the Sovereign hid his past.

  • The Blue Morpho is Rusty's mother. He is also the Monarch's mother. They are twins.
  • The Blue Morpho was accidentally killed by Headshot, who has a superpower/curse that whenever he fires he will hit something in the head.

David Bowie patterned himself on the Sovereign, rather than the other way around

Given the Sovereign's powerful and mysterious nature, he may well have been around for a long time, possibly a very, very long time. At some point, Bowie met the mysterious, ageless Guild leader and decided to emulate his looks and fashion sense.

Dr Mrs The Monarch is Immortal
Dr Mrs The Monarch was a guy who got three wishes from a Genii at some point.1. The first wish was for genius intelligence.2. The second wish was be able to recognize things at great distance.3. Then he thought about it and decided to wish to become a beautiful woman whose beauty would never fade and who could not catch disease or become pregnant. The genii granted the wish but left his voice the same as a joke.
  • The reason she almost never uses her real name or a superhero name is that this would leave a paper trail that someone could use to discover she is immortal, so she simply identifies herself by her current partner.

The Ventures will win in the end.
I don't mean another moral victory, but instead an actual victory. Rusty will come to terms with his shitty childhood and his lack of super-science pizazz. This in turn will allow Rusty to actually focus on fixing up JJ's forgotten experiments properly and making money, earning him some measure of respect from the scientific community. Dean will become a real scientist instead of a super-scientist. His patience, diligence and common sense means that the Venture company will both produce practical stuff like the quiet washer machine, and the cutting edge tech like the mining exoskeleton and the liver regeneration drug. Hank, acting as his brother's right hand man, gets to travel around the world on adventures and crap. Brock and Hatred get to stay with their family, knowing that the boys turn out all right. Billy Quizboy, Pete White, and Pirate Captain get to work for Dean Venture, aka someone who respects their opinions and isn't lazy and greedy. Dermott moves in with his brothers, and acts as their comedic sidekick.

Dean's F-bomb in "Operation P.R.O.M." is him having a major realization about his crush on Triana
During the Outrider's speech, Dean had a realization. It dawned on him that his attraction to Triana was just a shallow teenage crush. At that point, he no longer cares about winning her back. She was never that important to him in the first place. This in of itself upsets him, but for different reasons. He's angry that he invested so much time and energy worrying about her in the first place. He got nothing out of it and he feels like an idiot for even bothering with her to begin with. When the Outrider gives him that asinine lecture about letting go of a person you love, Dean is in no mood to hear it. The Outrider treats Dean like a cretin and assumes he perfectly understands what the boy's problem is. This prompts Dean to say what's really on his mind for the first time in his life.

Additionally, Dean's angst the following season doesn't involve Triana in any way, which supports the idea that this experience helped him get over it.

David Bowie Sovereign is The Man Who sold the world
  • One interpretation of the song is that the singer meets a version or a ghost of himself somewhere and Fake-Bowie probably have the world in the form of the Guild. He probably sold the Guild to the investors but he still want to have control over the Guild

Rocco is in love with Sirena
He gets angry and jealous when she sees Hank in secret.
  • Somewhat comfirmed - Sirena's voice actress said she played her interactions with Rocco imagining "he's probably kind of in love with her".

The Blue Morpho is Dr. Girlfriend
He disguises himself as a female super villain in order to spy on Phantom Limbs and the other villains. During a mission (before meeting Monarch), she gets amnesia. Dr. Girlfriend has no memories of being the masked vigilante. She believes her super villain persona is her true identity.
  • Jossed, the only Blue Morphos are Vendata and his son, the Monarch.

Kimberly McManus is actually Triana's friend Kim
Firstly, there's never such a thing as a throwaway one-liner in the Venture universe. "Falling in with some preppies and moving to Florida" could have been Triana's cover story for Kim going into OSI training. Why OSI? Because with Brock keeping tabs on Hank and Dean's date with the girls, OSI likely found out Dr. Girlfriend was trying to recruit Kim into villainy, found her and convinced her to sign on with them instead of going to the Guild. Couple years of training later and...boom!
  • Deeper voice? Working in a male-dominated organization will do that.
  • Different hair? Likely just stopped dying it and let it grow out.
  • Similar eyes and even similarly-shaped eyebrows.

David Bowie is the Secret President
Through the series, Bowie has been mentioned as either a force for good or for evil. Showdown at Cremation Creek reveals he's the Sovereign, but then it was retconned in OSI Love You that that was just an impostor. So, the real David Bowie is a good guy - the ultimate head of the OSI. This would put the Sovereign's relationship with Bowie under a new light - not just a hanger-on obsessed with the real Bowie, he shaped himself into a "mirror image" of the Secret President. (Of course, that does lead to a birth certificate related problem...)

The "secret president" is Elvis Aaron Presley.
A lot of rock stars have taken up the supervillain life, but the King of Rock and Roll? No sirree, he faked his death so he could secretly serve his country and eventually rose to America's secret leader.

The boys' mother is a porn model
In Assisted Suicide, Orpheus visits Rusty's subconscious and his id is bragging about his "Fantasy Harem": Sally Impossible, Molotov Cocktease, Dr. Quymn, Myra, Dr. Girlfriend, Lindsey Wagner and a pink-haired nurse. Thing is, the nurse is the only one who we haven't seen interacting with him personally. She did show up in the cover of a nudie mag during The Diving Bell versus the Butter Glider. So, the reason Rusty thinks he has a chance with this random woman is because they did have sex, resulting in her pregnancy with the boys. Might even be the reason he keeps the magazine around.
  • Another possibility is the mother is dead, and therefore, was removed from the Fantasy Harem.

The Blue Morpho is transexual
How do you explain Doctor Z performing every known sexual act with him and not knowing it was a guy? I'm guessing Jonas might've performed the surgery, since Blue Morpho was a victim of his blackmail. This may also explain why he had trouble getting his wife pregnant (with the implication that Jonas was the child's real father, no less). Jonas said it himself, "It's almost never the guy." And there is precedent on the show for an infiltration-based sex change surgery - Just look at Colonel Gathers.

Scare Bear is actually Val in disguise
Val joined the Groovy Gang to hide from the Guild after trying to kill Wes Warhammer. After Ted and Sonny died, she donned the Scare Bear costume, first trying to join the Revenge Society, who was set on attacking the Guild, then to try and kill Warhammer again, which is why Scare Bear was seen in Warhammer's happening.

The Monarch is Rusty's cousin
We know they're related, and that Blue Morpho raised the Monarch. So, if Blue Morpho is the real father, Jonas might be his brother. So, the show's name "The Venture Brothers" refers to three generation of brothers: Jonas and B.M., Rusty and J.J., and finally, Hank and Dean.
  • Jossed. They're really brothers.

Season 8 will fully reveal the boy's mother
The show has a good track record of answering questions, and one of the questions is "Who is Hank's and Dean's mom and where is she?" The S07 finale gave us a name, but the next season will have a story line of the boys finding her or her just showing up.

Follow up to previous theory: The boy's mother is just as messed up as Rusty is.
Pretty much all the women who have shown interest in Rusty has been in some way a tad off balance, so its not too much to think that the boys' mother is a human disaster.

The Guild's silliness is intentional, and actually an ongoning Thanatos Gambit
The Guild, and most members, except for rogue ones like the Monarch, are capable of killing their "protagonists", but prefer to play-fight, as J.J. put it. That's because, as revealed in season 7, the Guild makes a lot of profit by stealing the heroes' super-technology. So, they play dumb and harass the good guys, which leads them to develop better machines, which the Guild can then steal. The Monarch was punished for killing Doctor Dudong, a harmless hero who was, basically, working for free in his experiments for the Guild.

The show will have a happy ending
Once all is done, the Ventures will all have succesful lives - Dean will become an Adventurer Reporter, as is his dream, with Hank as his OSI bodyguard. Rusty will reunite with the boys' mother and Brock will, with the help of the OSI, dismantle the Guild. Thus, the show's theme of failure will be turned on its head: It was supposed to be a show about failure, but it failed at it.

Sergeant Hatred had to eat a Labrador Retriever when he joined the Guild
Sergeant Hatred used to be a high-ranking OSI officer. To prove he wasn't just infiltrating the Guild as a spy, they made him eat an entire labrador retriever, which he did. If The Tick and The Venture Bros follow the same continuity, the Guild probably got the idea from The Forehead.

Adventure Time takes place in the distant future of the series
The Land of Ooo is named after Doc's Ooo-ray, which probably started/ended the Mushroom War.

Presto Change-o was actually Richard Impossible after going insane.
At the start of All This and Gargantua-2, Richard adapts the ability to manipulate his abilities in ways he never thought possible. The same ways that Presto Change-O uses his powers. This troper believes that after the events of Gargantua-2, Richard went insane when his wife refused to take him back, and could have undergone a Joker-esque trauma that unlocked the maniacal Presto Change-O identity within himself.
  • He could use his stretching powers to change the shape of his vocal chords, thus explaining the different voice.

The Black Widow is Sirena's mother
She is the right age, they have about the same hair colour, and it would make sense for her to have been in a relationship at some point, rather than going straight from "bride" to "widow."

Jass' first name is Hugh

The Action Man is Billy's real father
I'm thinking, maybe Triple Threat married Jass - as his beard - and was having an affair with Action Man.

The Action Man is Action Johnny's father
It's frequently implied that Action Johnny is a grown-up Johnny Quest. But, after his first appearance, he got a different name. Knowing Venture Brothers as we do, it wouldn't be so surprising if he was the son of Action Man (likely with Major Tom's wife as his mother) - he speaks of his father as a dangerous man, and Action Man was pretty terrible when taking care of Rusty. He also mentioned his father's lab was like a "candy store" for drugs - maybe stuff Action Man had to take to manage side-effects from his Super Soldier Serum.

The Venture Brothers is part of the Tom Strong multiverse, and Doc is one of Tom's analogues
We know Tom Strong can acess a multiverse where different versions of himself have adventures - the Warren universe is based on Golden Age cartoons, so why not an universe based on adult-oriented cartoons?

Doctor Venture is pretty similar to Tom - they're both adventurous scientists, they both take their kids on their missions, they enjoy drugs, both their fathers were obnoxious know-it-alls who performed experiments on their kids and built Robot Buddies that outlived them and still help their children. The Monarch is Paul Saveen's analogue: the hero's half-brother (according to many of the previous WMGs) with a Large Ham personality befitting a Card-Carrying Villain, ofted decked out in a fancy suit and mask and an inexplicable vendetta.

Other analogues are:

  • The Funt twins - Dean and Hank.
  • King Solomon - that monkey Doc tried to teach boxing in "Doctor Quymn, Medicine Woman".
  • Ingrid Weiss - Molotov Cocktease, being a commie instead of a nazi.
  • Timmy Turbo - Action Johnny, similar hairdo.

Season 8
So the way I see it, the show is setting up Hank as being a supervillain after his girlfriend cheats on him with Dean. Hank goes all apeshit and tries to arch his brother. At the same time, the Monarch will get truly sick of the Guild's oppessive rules after they try to tell him HOW to arch Rusty. In the meantime, OSI and the Guild find out the truth about the "Movie Night Massacre" and the connection between the Blue Morpho and Jonas Sr. revealing to them that Jonas was more a villain than his villains were.

Rusty finds out about all of this somehow and finds his son, Hank, trying to arch Dean. Dean then reveals that he wants out of the super scientist business and Hank finally admits all his frustrations to his father. Rusty finally gets it into his thick skull that Hank is his Unfavorite simply because he reminds Rusty too much of himself. The Monarch and Rusty then both come to the same conclusion, that Hank and Dean are turning out a lot like them as a DNA test comes in proving that Jonas is the Monarch's biological father.

Horrified and disgusted by the kind hearted brothers are starting the whole family feud all over again and Rusty finding out he's a clone like his kids are, Rusty rants like a madman and finally realizes that he hates super science like Dean and that his naive dreams of being the bright eyed adventurer like Hank are hopeless. He denounces his father, cuts his kids off from his money completely note , and denounces Dean for breaking the bro code and Hank for becoming a supervillain over his first girlfriend.

Rusty then realizes how it all led to this and breaks down crying. The Monarch hugs and comforts him and asks everyone to leave the room (everyone being the Guild Council, Hunter, Brock, Hatred, the old Venture team, Billy and Pete, and everyone else important). The Monarch and Rusty have a good long talk and finally admit that they have a lot in common and that they are sick of all the petty games and fights especially when they realize they can't remember why they hated each other in the first place. In the end, Rusty and the Monarch quit the superhero/supervillain world and demand to be taken off the Guild's and OSI's arching lists. Everyone is horrified and outraged as this breaks the treaty and, therefore, is unheard of.

When trying to talk them down Rusty denounces his nickname and demands to be called Dr. Venture or Thaddeus while the Monarch demands to be called Malcolm. The two of them decide to work together on the family business and do mostly non-super science stuff for profit with a little super science on the side, you know, baby steps. Someone decries this as foolish and claims that heroes and villains alike will attack them and kill them without the Guild's or OSI's protection. However, Thaddeus and Malcolm put their heads together and trip out the building with their superscience to make the place impossible to assault without suffering a grisy death.

This causes mass chaos as low level heroes and villains are inspired by this show of defiance. The low level heroes, terrified of their new and dangerous lives, kick the OSI out. The villains arching them, sick of being stuck with the small fry, then break away from the Guild to find bigger challenges. The villains rob banks and stage huge robberies to keep themselves well funded and supplied, something that should be impossible, but it turns out that the low level heroes are supplying them with minor superscience miracles and have hired them as their protection.

Suddenly higher level than expected supervillains are causing chaos that the police and military can't handle and the former superheroes are immune from reprisal as the OSI predicts mass protesting and rioting if they raid their compounds. After all, these former minor level superheroes are the ones curing cancer and ending world hunger. The OSI and Guild decide that their only option is drive a wedge between Thaddeus and Malcolm to get them to renew their arching and stabilize the situation. However, the two former big timers see this coming from a mile away and become ever closer and even more determined to stay out of the super business.

As a last ditch effort, Sphinx, as it was under Gathers, will be reformed and take down as many superheroes and supervillains as possible. However, it's too little too late. The low levels working together are too difficult to take down quickly (despite still dying like flies) and they're too many of them. Sphinx is a cork trying to stop up the ocean. Something is going break and there doesn't seem to be anything to stop it.

And what is the grand finale? Well, this trooper doesn't know, but, damn it, the consequences for the Venture Universe will be major once it's all set and done.

Movie Night Killer Theories
  • Hate Bit. Three villains are shown talking to Sovereign after the Massacre. Vendata, Red Death, and Hate Bit. We don't know anything about Hate Bit and it's clear how he would have survived the massacre. He probably doesn't need oxygen. It would Conservation of Detail. He seems like a throw away character, but that's why it would make the reveal that he did it so shocking. It's exactly what the writers would do. As for what his motivation would be, maybe he just "hated" something on the station. If you don't remember Hate Bit watch this video:
  • Vendata, despite the Blue Morpho's insistence that it wasn't him who pulled the lever, he still could have done it. After all, he wasn't the Blue Morpho at the time with his memories mostly gone. He had motive and opportunity.
  • Red Death. Had opportunity if not motive just like Hate Bit. It seems like he didn't do it. After all, him just telling the story would make him a main suspect, so it's unlikely that he would tell the story as a brag then deny he did it.
  • Manstrong. Had opportunity. For more information see this video.
  • The Investors. Could've been disguised as crew easily. Why or how they would do this is beyond this trooper, though.
  • It was an accident. A small collision with the villains' ship caused a malfunction of the bay doors. This happening purely by accident would be exceedingly unlikely for it to happen the same time that movie night was happening so an incidental collusion by the villains sneaking up there during movie night is a possibility. Red Death never took off his helmet, so it was likely that he was in the bay when the Bay doors opened. Someone must've stayed on the ship, found him floating in space, and brought him back on board. Whoever was driving the ship at the time probably caused it by accident. Again, since Hate Bit is the only other survivor shown, it was probably him.
  • Time Traveling Rusty. We saw a brief scene of Billy Quizboy and Rusty time traveling. Rusty pops up on the station to stop the massacre, gets into a fight with Vendata, and accidently falls on the lever, killing his father.
  • It started out as a plot by Red Death, Vendata, and four other up-and-coming supervillains pulling off a Guild-unsanctioned hijacking of Gargantua-1. Vendata confronted Jonas and is the prime suspect for opening the pod bay doors, but he didn't remember any of that.

The Monarch is the original Rusty, or a later clone
Season 7 taught us Rusty was also cloned. So, maybe the Monarch is the original Thaddeus Venture, a test-tube baby grown on Blue Morpho's wife's womb, and the Rusty we know is a clone. In season 1, the Monarch told Hank he was his father, and Hank didn't believe it, so Monarch said it was a lie. It wasn't, he just said that because Hank hurt his feelings by not believing it.
  • Jossed. He's actually Rusty's half-brother.

Both Brock and the Monarch are Rusty's half-brothers
If Jonas really is the Monarch's father (very likely), Monarch is Rusty's half-brother. So, Rusty's mom found out, left Jonas and quickly remarried... Brock's father. It'd explain why she wasn't around when Rusty was a kid.
  • The Monarch is confirmed.

The geeky scout in Jonas' boy's brigade is a tomboyish Doctor Girlfriend
All other members of the boy's brigade have made appearances in present time, except for the black-haired kid in a boy scout uniform. Maybe the kid is actually a young Sheila, who just looked like a boy before puberty struck.

The geeky scout in Jonas' boy's brigade is Bud Manstrong
In ""Guess Who's Coming To State Dinner?", one of the spinning newspapers mentions Bud used to be a boy scout, and was "legendary amongst them". Maybe he was scrawnier as a kid, and bulked up later. It can explain why he was on Gargantua-1 during movie night despite being a kid - he was one of Jonas' sidekicks. The hair matches, and, since the scout is implied to be jewish (one of the creators mentioned he was based on a jewish childhood friend), that would allow Manstrong's mother to fit the Jewish Mother stereotype.

Dermott's mother -actually Nikki's mother and his grandmother - is the boys' mother
The ages work out... when we see Doc talking to her in a flashback, he's balder than he was during the "Invisible Hand of Faith" flashback, when the twins had already been born.So, he was 24 years old when he had sex with her (he does mention his first woman wasn't attractive) so she got pregnant with the twins. It'd explain why Nikki was so into the Rusty Venture cartoon - her mom was dating the star. Her blonde hair also matches Hank's very well.Of course, Rusty, being the class act he is, took advantage of his girlfriend's teenage daughter. She gets so furious once she finds out, she demands Rusty pay her off and tells him she never wants to see him again. That explains why she was so disgusted when Nikki was flirting with Hank - she doesn't know it, but he's her half-brother. In the Shallow Gravy special, Doc is surprised that Dermott's last name is Fictel. That's the new identity she adopted. Then, in "Momma's Boys", Doc admits to Sargeant Hatred Hank and Dean aren't Myra's children. Hatred is unimpressed, so Doc adds that Dermott is his son. Maybe he was adding to the part of the story we don't know yet, that Hank and Dean are from the same family.
  • Jossed, Action Man tells Hank his mother's name is Bobbi Saint Simone.

Hank and Dean have no actual biological parents
... because they are clones of Rusty and Brock who started out as "backup copies just in case" when Brock was assigned to Rusty as a bodyguard, but Rusty became enamored with the idea of having sons and repurposed the clones as such.
  • Jossed. The Action Man confirmed they had a biological mother in "The Saphrax Protocol."

The Black Widow is the Brown Widow's mother
Again, the ages check out. Brown Widow defied his mother by becoming a protagonist instead of a villain, but ironically ended up getting spider-related abilities. (Hopefully, this one is mutually exclusive with the Black Widow being Sirena's mother.)

Doctor Quymn had a relationship with Jonas Venture
I'm guessing that, while in college, Tara had an affair with Jonas Venture. Ginny is furious when she finds her in bed with Rusty, and refers to another man who broke her heart and left her to pick up the pieces, et cetera. That's Jonas. Dr. Quymn's attraction to Rusty is just a reflection of her early attraction to Jonas. Just like Nikki Fictel's attraction to Hank mirrors her previous attraction to Rusty.

The Impossible family won the Halloween best costume prize as the 1978 cartoon version of the Fantastic Four
In "Love-Bheits", Dean mentions that the Impossibles dressed up as The Fantastic Four for Halloween, but Cody couldn't have been out of his stasis chamber without bursting into flame. Therefore, they went as the 1978 Cartoon interpretation of the team, with a Robot Buddy replacing Johnny. The robot Richard built to take care of his son in "Twenty Years to Midnight" took on the role of the "fourth" member.

Watch and Ward's civilian identities are Hansi Kursch and Tobias Sammet, respectively.
It's established canon that a lot of musicians are in The Guild, and the resemblance is uncanny, especially with Ward.

If Hank does become a villain it won't stick
I mean Brock stopped bodyguarding the family, now he's back. 21 left the Monarchs crew, now he's back. The Monarch and 21 became heros, now they're not.It just seems like, barring Hatred, regular pieces stay on their side of the board.

Jonas had a worse childhood

White isn't really white
As in Caucasian. When we see him in his quiz show host persona, the makeup he's wearing gives him a fairly dark brown skintone. So maybe that's really how he'd look if he wasn't albino, and he was deliberately going for a "if I wasn't albino I'd look like this" thing. Also, maybe everyone he knows assumes he's actually white since he's an albino and you can't tell, and he'll be a little dismayed to find out even Billy was actively making a wrong assumption when they've been best friends for twenty years. Maybe if Billy met Pete's family or something... then Pete would tease him about how that's stereotyping, geez! And Billy would be way too apologetic, cuz Billy's a decent guy like that, and Pete would be all, "haha, whatever." It might be funny.

Monseñor is really Ritchie Valens.
We know that Red Mantle and Dragoon are really Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper, so logically the third rock star "killed" in the plane crash would naturally also join the Guild. And Monseñor was the only obviously Hispanic member of the Council of Thirteen.

Scare Bear is a time-traveling Hank
Hank finds The Creep's time machine somehow. Maybe he wanted to find a nice island to go mope on and ends up there. While he's there, he finds the bear costume mysteriously waiting for him. He travels back in time to try to figure out who that weird bear that rescued him was, and puts on the bear costume since it was cold that day and it looks warm. When he gets there, he realizes he was the bear all along... and he has to bring his past self to catch Dean and Sirena to preserve the past and also since he figures his past self had a right to know!

Then he tries to join the Revenge Society since that all felt very Start of Darkness-y to him and he just kinda wants to let it ride and see what happens, but when he's rejected he realizes he's going down too much of a dark path and time-travels back to the beginning of this weird bear-clad interlude, leaving his bear costume on The Creep's island, where his past self found it...

Scare Bear is Henry Killinger
Henry Killinger scouted out the Revenge Society in disguise while deciding if he would help them, then he checked in on Rusty during Warhammers party, then he saves hanks life.First off he appears to be able to teleport & get into places he has no right to. Second he seems to have set Hank on a path to villainy.

Jonas renamed Spider Skull island
Not the most wild guess but Scaramantula isn't the sort of person to name something in english, instead calling it 'Isola del teschio ragno' which Jonas just translated from Italian to english

If we do get a continuation, Sally and Rocket will re-appear
Their status is unknown after Rusty fired most of Venture Industries. Sally could easily be quite pissed off, leading to a storyline exploring how Rusty's carelessness affects others, even if he didn't do much to them directly. Moreover, Rocket could become friends with Power Pack expies, in reference to Franklin Richards, with a deconstruction of Kid Hero to boot.

Just Like Dr Venture, the Monarch was cloned by Jonas Venture Sr as a child, because he died at the compound at some point. Likely due to Jonas Sr's negligence.
  • It would explain many things why the Monarch has no memories of his childhood or playing with Rusty at the compound. (he didn't have a learning bed). The Monarch also has one of the symptoms of being a clone, which is excessive hair growth (as according to Old Ben in the Halloween special. Rusty has another symptom: premature baldness).
    • To further theorise I think it's also why the Blue Morpho finally split from Dr Venture. Maybe his son died and Jonas gave him a clone as a "replacement". It also ties into the memory issues outlined above; the only thing the Monarch remembers about his childhood is the plane crash. Maybe it happened shortly after he was cloned? Though his memory issues could just be mental and physical trauma from the accident.
  • Confirmed. H.E.L.P.eR Model 2 mentions this to Dean after mistaking him for Rusty.

Scare Bear is Hank and Dean's mother in disguise
How else is Scare Bear somehow able to find Hank in the blizzard and know where Dean's dorm is?

Team Venture was lied to on Rusty’s birthday.
When telling the story of how his dad and team venture, specifically action man and kernel gentlemen played an elaborate prank on his 16th birthday that involve him getting pantsed and his groin shrunk in front of a group of women. In all probability Jonas lied to his team and told them it was a growth Ray for the youngest member of the team. Do you really think they’d go along with an elaborate prank on rusty like that? Action man may have messed with Rusty with a toy grenade (and on more then one occasion woke him up with a gun to his head)but still...
  • Theres Atleast a chance he blackmailed them to do it. just ask blue morpho.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is a trans woman.
Hence her masculine-sounding voice.

Rusty didn't do the thing The Monarch hates him for.
He has a tendency to be Mis-blamed for things that result in long drawn out rivalries. Such as disfiguring Baron Ünderbheit, which was really The Monarch's doing or everything The Revenge Society blames him for, most of which he was just there for. Considering no one knows what it is Doctor Venture did to the Monarch it stands to reason if we ever find out it will turn out to be over something he didn't do.

Brock Sampson is another illegitimate son of Jonas Sr.
1) There's no shortage of Venture kids.2) Brock said he never had a father.3) Even if the current generation don't always show it, the Ventures are historically a Badass Family.

The Monarch, Doctor Venture and JJ are triplets.
  • It's never stated how they're related.
  • Plus we don't even know who Rusty's mom is.
  • It's possible that Mrs Fitzcaralldo is their mom.

Jonas Venture has/had a brother, and he did something horrible to remove him as competition.

M.U.T.H.E.R. is actually the mother of both Rusty and J.J.
  • By "Arrears in Science," we know that both Jonas and the Blue Morpho have become fusions of man and machine, with the PR Oblem machine able to hack into the software of the building. Jonas might have done more than two such experiments, and Rusty and J.J.'s mother might have served as a prototype of sorts.
  • Remember how horrified the Triad was of the apparition of M.U.T.H.E.R.? It may have been played for laughs then, but the Triad has been shown to be able to ascertain longer history (I.E., the truth about Dermott's father), and so might have learned about the process through which a woman was essentially locked within machinery and forgotten by her husband and children.
  • M.U.T.H.E.R. might not have been upset about Jonas having psychotropic drugs — she saw him acting as a surrogate parent to a group of children as she was locked up, not even able to contact her own. The unleashing of the psychotropic drugs was revenge for Jonas abandoning her and taking away her humanity, and a means of showing what an irresponsible human being Jonas was.

Tintin from The Adventures of Tintin (1991) takes place in the same universe as The Venture Bros.
  • Tintin has never been referenced which is weird since he's probably the original boy adventurer and might even be related to the Ventures. He may actually have ended up even more messed up than Action Johnny.