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YOU'RE in the REAL Truman Show
The director knew you were getting paranoid and suspicious about how artificial this world you're in is. This film was their latest effort to dissuade you from questioning how real your reality is.
  • But not only that: The show is going to be cancelled due very bad audience ratings your show is getting: The show indeed jumped the shark long time ago, and was a Franchise Zombie. The Covid disease is just a CHEAP way to end the show: Masks allowed producers did reduce the number of extras (Diferent shirt, diferent hairstyle and a mask, and an extra can play 5 or 6 diferent roles)
    • This makes a lot of sense! An alien invasion or a Kaiju Apocalipse would need a lot of SFX. Natural disasters are expensive hard to film (You have to break a lot of things in order to film the visit of a hurricane, and you can film those just ONCE) Zombie apocalipse costs a lot in zombie make-up. But a disease? People just go to hospitals.

Truman will return to the show
After living for his entire life in a carefully conditioned environment, he won't be able to handle the real world, or more specifically, the celebrity status he will get from it. He has no real abilities to speak of; they presumably didn't challenge him in school because they wanted him to pass. Even assuming he meets up with Sylvia and that she helps him out, he'll eventually have a breakdown and return to the show.
  • And then what? Sailing off was the point of no return to him. Even if Christof managed to convince him to return, the show would never be the same with him clued in that he's living in a fake world.
    • Christof asked him to stay. He's clearly willing to have Truman return after finding out the truth. Of course, the real question is if the viewers would be okay with it.
  • Similar to Real Life cases of PTSD - many people just wish they could go back to "the way it all was before"... but they have to deal with the reality and find peace with it (after a lot of grieving).
  • Note also that the appeal of the show for audiences was that it was a 'real life' — the fact that Truman didn't know what was going on meant it was unscripted and genuine, which is where a lot of the appeal came from. If Truman comes back knowing full well what the score is, that appeal is completely lost; the new show would probably haemorrage viewers since it'd be no different to anything else that was on.

Truman will star in a more conventional reality show
It's probably safe to guess that even when Truman leaves the set, he's not going to disappear into the ether. He has exited via a service doorway and on the other side is likely to be more studio-owned land. The studio is going to know his movements, plus Truman is going to find himself fairly helpless without them. He doesn't know how the real world works, he will be bombarded with attention and people trying to exploit him the second he shows his face in public, and he knows exactly one person in the real world. So despite some inevitable reluctance on his part, he is going to enter into a deal with Christof and co to produce a reality show in the style of Keeping Up With The Kardashians - not unlimited access like before, but cameras tracking him as he makes his way in the real world to make an edited show.

On the bright side maybe they'll fund some of that adventuring and exploring Truman has always wanted to do as it's sure to be a ratings winner seeing Truman having Bear Grylls style adventures.

Sea Haven will be reused for a sequel called "The Newman Show" with a new protagonist.

Dog Fancy contains real world news, rather than the fake news that the Island would always receive in its paper - which Truman would pick up.
  • One would have to wonder how they'd avoid letting Truman buy it, then, if he suddenly decided to try it out—because everyone else was reading it!
    • It would be a specially-made edition, of course, provided by the publishers as part of the product placement. It would look pretty much like the real-world version, but censored as required by Christof.
      • I daresay the cashier would be able to pick Truman out of a crowd and give him a copy of Dog Fancy with puppies in it.
      • Plus, the show's staff could warn him in some way that Truman is getting close to his shop.
      • And they made it clear that Truman had a fear of dogs, in addition to the sea. His aversion to dogs would make the dog magazine the best place to conceal real news, since it's the magazine that he's most likely to avoid buying.

The Truman Show (the show itsself, not the movie) is trying to attract a Periphery Demographic of Yaoi Fangirls.
  • Because Marlon and Truman seem to have a sizeable amount of Ho Yay.

The show is being filmed inside a Geofront from Evangelion.
  • If you think about it, even the landscape is similar to the Geofront from Evangelion, even the lake is there!

The film states that Truman is the first child to be adopted by a corporation. Does this mean that there are other "shows"?
  • The film says that it's the first one of its kind, suggests that it's the biggest and most popular, but that doesn't mean that it's the only one, just like the Big Brother TV series IRL.
    • Truman was also the first-born of the five unwanted pregancies. It's possible that the other babies were adopted, too, as they didn't know at the time which baby was going be born on cue and wind up as the subject of the documentary. After it became apparant that they were going to use Truman, the other babies were given up for adoption.
    • No, of course not. Don't be ridiculous. It just means that he's the first child so far to be adopted by a corporation. Just like Barack Obama is the "first black President".

Truman has always noticed something wasn't right about his hometown and its people.
  • While it's true that Truman has never known anything but this fake reality, it still doesn't change the fact that because everyone around him are actors, he might have subconsciously noticed that they are fake, but as he has no reference to compare it to, he wasn't able to put his finger on what it is until the accidential mixup with the car radio.
    • Given the scope of the project, it's also probable that instead of the radio mixup suddenly blowing their cover in year 30, little errors like that have been occurring here and there throughout Truman's entire life. The producers were usually able to smooth them over (as we see with the broadcast about the airplane shedding parts after the Sirius light falls, and Truman's subsequent putting it out of mind), but eventually, a few of these events happen to occur in such a short time. The mixed-up broadcast alone may not have set him off, but the broadcast, plus the falling light, the targeted rain, etc, and all during a point when Truman is already in an antsy state of mind. Finally, something clicked.
    • This wrongness about his town might very well have only fueled his desire to leave the island town in the form of wanting to explore the world even before he fell for Sylvia.
  • In a way, Truman is like Neo in that they both have always felt something off about the world that they live in, except that he doesn't have a red pill to help him see the truth, he had to discover it for himself.

Truman has never heard a swear word
  • .... or at least one more severe than "darn" or "heck". The Truman Show is clearly meant to be all-ages programming with a specifically clean, wholesome environment. Discouraging swearing amongst the cast wouldn't be enough, as there'd be nothing to stop Truman himself from letting some fly if he were really angry or frustrated, and since it airs live, they couldn't bleep them. The only way around this would be to explicitly forbid the use of any swear words on the set, perhaps by having the actors trained to reflexively say cleaner ones like "darn" or "heck" in moments where you almost have to swear. Ultimately, Truman can't say the f-word on air because he literally doesn't know it.
    • He asks Meryl "What the hell are you talking about?", so he at least knows that one. But still.
    • Marlon also tells Truman earlier "You look like s***" when he visits him at the store. And I believe there's a few "Oh my God"s sprinkled around there.
    • And Christof talks about his dream of filming "the first televised conception of a human being" or somesuch. So it's not exactly "all-ages programming".
      • They cut sex scenes out, as said by one of the viewers, so I'm not sure what Christof meant by this.
      • You probably don't need the sex scene itself. Conception is an internal process; get the right kind of cameras in place inside of Meryl, if you know what I mean (and remember that Christof made his name filming Truman before birth, so he presumably has some experience with filming internal biological processes, such as you might see on a medical documentary), you can show the baby being conceived without having to show the sex act in graphic detail itself. While the sex scenes themselves are cut out (no doubt to appease the censors), they're still presumably filmed, both externally and internally. It looks like Meryl's about to conceive, cut from the wafting curtains or whatever to a live shot of a spermatozoa penetrating an ovum — bingo, conception has been televised, and the Moral Guardians don't even have anything to complain about.
      • Not workable, actually, as the odds of any particular sexual encounter resulting in conception are low, and the actual egg/sperm interaction happens some time after a couple have finished having sex. Unless Christof planned to film the actual fertilization in a petri dish, and have the resulting embryo implanted in Meryl off-camera, the best he could do would be a sex scene spliced with stock footage of gametes merging.
    • Just on the point of the show being aired live - even on ostensibly "live" radio or television broadcasts there's typically a three-second delay, just in case such eventualities arise.

Other children in Truman's classes were kept out of the loop while on the show
  • Keeping dozens of individual children from spilling a secret that big to one of their friends/classmates would be extremely tricky. An easier way would be to offer parents the opportunity to give their children first-class education in Seahaven for a few years, on the condition that they don't tell the kid about the show aspect until they've graduated, finished that year, etc, at which point they'd have moved out of town or changed classes. Close friends like Marlon would be special projects, requiring intense attention and conditioning not to spill the beans.
    • This fits in with a subtle line of dialogue that implies that Marlon has travelled the world. He may have been Put on a Bus after elementary school, shown the true nature of the show, and then sent back to reclaim his position as Truman's best friend. However, a teenager (since he was shown in high school) would be highly unlikely to willingly go into a show where his friend was imprisoned. On the one hand, they may have used the only actor from Truman's childhood days willing to return to the show to become his lifelong friend, or they may have simply recast the character when his Bus Came Back.

The teacher on the show was extremely stressed out.
Think about it - every educator in the world is watching you - every single class - and evaluating your teaching style.
  • But they're not really teachers; they're actors. Christof probably fed the teachers lines and gave them a script to follow, and any educators in the real world would realize that they're not really teaching meaningfully. I mean, if you see a teacher on a tv show, you don't evaluate their teaching ability (unless it's a plot point or something) because you know they're acting, so it's the same for this.

Some people worshipped Truman.
Heck, a fair chunk of the world economy must have been supporting the guy. Maybe this is yet another reason Christof wanted to keep Truman out of the loop.

That studio light that fell down from the sky was someone trying to kill Truman.
Out of all the lights that could've fallen it was this one that fell so close to him. Someone was trying to wipe him out to free him from his prison.
  • Or to make him wonder. If someone up there didn't have a spare light, there would be no Dog Star... even though there was one last night.
  • And the spotlight that falls is Sirius - the Dog Star - when Truman is afraid of dogs! Funny, eh?

The biggest group trying to free Truman was the Actor's Union.
Truman has been acting 24/7 for roughly 30 years, and hasn't been paid a dime for it. This was even true when he was a minor. This makes The Truman Show a violation of all union regulations regarding salaries, working hours, and working conditions for a member of the actor's union (especially the rules about child actors). The fact that Truman isn't a member of the union (due to the fact that Christof won't let them approach him, because that would cause Truman to learn that he is an actor) makes things worse in their eyes. A major television program is running starring a non-union actor, who is cheerfully working in conditions that no union member would tolerate due to the director controlling said actor's life to ensure that he never learns that he shouldn't be working under such conditions. This is something the union can't allow to stand - if they do, they weaken their position when negotiating the salaries and working conditions for every actor who is a member of the union.
  • The part about Truman not being paid may not be entirely correct, as he most likely receives some kind of salary for his in-show job. It could be that the filming corporation was able to make that legally be his salary as a actor.
    • Which doesn't change the fact that as a child Truman was 'working' far more hours in a week than is legal for a child actor.
  • The in-universe main counterargument would probably be that Truman isn't acting (which they can make a decent argument for — Truman's reactions are genuine, he's just manipulated into following a script he doesn't know exists), and therefore he is not an actor. Couple that to the impracticality of doing this kind of thing for most productions (it really only would work for a show like The Truman Show, and that's a massive investment that only pays off because (to all indications) it doesn't have any real competitors in the genre), and the Actor's Union might have accepted it as a special case that doesn't really set a precedent or weaken their negotiation position that much (after all, you can't just slot in a Truman on the fly, you have to prepare him for the 'role' he's to play from birth).
  • Personally, I doubt that Unionists accepted anything as acceptable. Most likely a lot of people were paid off to accept a lot of legal loopholes. It's okay when he's a baby, because he's not an actor. Then later in life, he's being paid to act as a (what was his desk job?) because he's not genuinely qualified. Like I said, pay-offs.

The dome was re-purposed to film The Walking Dead TV series.
Mostly because of Noah Emmerich's (Marlon) bit part at the end of the first season of that show. Full details are laid out on that show's WMG page.

When Truman left the show, the economy suffered DRAMATICALLY.
Think for a bit about the sheer number of people involved in the Truman Show. All the actors and production crew (cameras, sound, lights, writers, music, traffic, maintenance, weather, makeup, costumes, set design, crowd control, etc.) would be out of jobs. There would now be a giant area of unused coast land that would either become a tourist attraction, or need to be re-purposed to make actual living possible (most of the buildings and homes are probably just glorified boxes with no real inner workings, in order to save money. Remember the back-less elevator?). Not to mention all the investors that had stock in the show. The entire show was run by in-universe advertisement, and if the show is as successful as it says it is, those companies would suffer HUGE drops in stock. The corporation heading the show would probably have to shut down or declare bankruptcy. If the Truman Show was a significant enough part of the economy, there might be riots to bring it back (or just riots in the face of the crumpled economy. It doesn't sound far-fetched, haha.) This could lead Truman to be a notoriously disliked member of society, and have very few places to turn other than to Christof himself, at which point he may need to live with for a long time until the economy recovers.
  • He obviously wouldn't have to live with Christof given the scores of people who'd devoted their lives to trying to free him from the show who would glady take him in, including, obviously, the love of his life, as well as the fact that he could immediately make millions of dollars just by doing an official interview or writing a book.
  • And the dome wouldn't have to be torn down. Considering how popular the show was, it could easily be opened up as a massive tourist attraction, and continue employing the same actors to play their characters for the hordes of Truman-fans who never thought they'd get the chance to see Truman's home town in person. Truman look-alikes could be hired to appear there as well, if the real Truman isn't interested in making an occasional visit "home".
    • Hey, just because one show ends doesn't mean the economy crashes. It's a big show, sure... but I doubt the entire economy crashed - or even the entire film industry. There was a Truman channel. The channel folds. People start watching another channel. You see it at the end; people say "What else is on?"
      • Probably likely the stock market will still take a noticable dip.
  • Think though that there is still loads of money to be made simply from the talk show circuit, the documentaries, the books that will be published about Truman (possibly even an autobiography)...

Christof died of a heart attack right after Truman left.
It took me a few viewings to notice it, but right after the transmission is cut for the final time, Christof slumped over on his screen. He at least passed out to some degree, but seeing your life's work walk away and leave you forever is surely enough of a sudden stress to kill you.

The dome is actually within another dome.
This way, the show's premise can be recycled with the other actors, who were "waiting" - just like Christof himself - for Truman to eventually snap and get out of there, ready to welcome him as "the real people from the real outside world"... and Christof planned all of this in advance, just in case. Additionally, if this fails, there wouldn't be a third dome simply because Christof would be happy with having irreversibly ruined Truman's ability to trust other people, with the second dome inevitably making him even more paranoid. Of course, this theory isn't just this troper being a dick for the sake of it; it is instead a possibility. A grim one, at that, but still a possibility.
  • This kind of hinges on Christof being in this largely-if-not-purely to screw Truman over, though; while it's clearly established that Christof is definitely a Jerkass Control Freak, he appears to genuinely believe he's doing what's best for Truman. For all that Christof's definitely a dick, he's not interested in fucking with Truman's mind or driving him to the depths of paranoid insanity out of spite for the sake of it, as this would seem to suggest — he ultimately just wants Truman to be happy, he just has a pretty fucked up way of going about it. Plus, it also kind of depends on people being willing to spend what would probably be a considerable amount of resources to build and staff an even bigger dome on top of what is already a pretty damn big dome purely as a back-up measure on the whim of one guy, and while people might be okay building the first dome, a second one would probably get people putting their foot down.

Truman will wind up owning Christof's studio.
Christof owes him thirty years' overtime and residuals, which the director had never made allowances for paying off. Between that and the monster civil rights lawsuit Truman has grounds to file against him — a case Christof won't have a chance in hell to win, after he'd broadcast his own attempted murder of Truman to the entire planet — the ex-director will have no choice but to forfeit every cent he owns to the one he's been exploiting.

Truman unknowingly consented to everything.
Truman's co-worker Lawrence routinely visits Truman's desk with a “standard contract” for him to sign. It specifies how much he'll get paid, what benefits he's entitled to, and permits the company to monitor and document his actions should they wish, simply because it's company policy.Unfortunately for Truman, the company he's working for is not the company he thinks he's working for.
  • Truman has been signing similar contracts since he reached the age of legal consent.
  • Which, legally speaking, means he hasn't consented to anything, because consent based on a lie isn't valid.

Truman was provided with real information concerning Fiji.
Once he discovered how far away it was, why would he still want to go there in pursuit of a potential lunatic he might never find? Rationally speaking the best thing for him to do in that situation is forget about her and get on with the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he didn't.

Marlon has a moral conundrum concerning his best friend Truman
On the one hand, he knows Truman desperately wants to know the truth and escape to the real world. On the other hand, Marlon has already done it and it was terrible. He was hounded by paparazzi and pursued by crazed fans to such an extent he decided to return to Seahaven. If Truman ever finds out the truth he'll only make life miserable for both of them.
Truman knows nothing of the internet
In regard to this situation Christof would argue it's in keeping with the thematic style of the show. Seahaven dates back to a simpler time before the world became overly caught up with technology. What he might not say is that it creates a scenario where Truman has to work hard for answers instead of being able to access them freely, and it prevents anyone from outside the show attempting to contact Truman.

The movie version of The Truman Show is a work of propaganda
Intentionally focussing on the negative elements of The Truman Show, deliberately making the cast and crew of the show seem heartless, downplaying the ineffectual efforts of the Free Truman Movement, mostly passing over any benefits The Truman Show may have had on society, and making Truman's situation seem worse than it really was.

Christof became a director with the intent of building a career dedicated to documentaries promoting truth
We live in a very deceitful world. From what we're told at churches, within political mediums, to the sensationalism of advertising and the media, and even the lies we tell one another and ourselves on a daily basis.Christof's early work included a true to life expose of the homeless and later a serious look at parenting which evolved into The Truman Show. The record of a human life the way things should be instead of what they really are. What Christof fails to acknowledge is that by having never told Truman the truth he has effectively tainted his own work and become part of the problem.

Some percentage of the Free Truman Movement are just activists looking for attention.
On the surface they may seem very heartfelt and genuine, and some of their arguments are certainly worthy of consideration, but ultimately they damage their own credibility via their methods. They plaster Truman's face on the sides of buses, they finance themselves through their cause, they help draw attention to the show, and they watch just as passionately (and in some cases more so) than regular viewers.

The Truman Show exists to sustain a stable time loop.
Truman is destined to travel back in time and change a huge historical event. Of course, to ensure that he does go back and make the change, he needs to think that it hasn't happened, to give him the incentive to change it. That could require anything up to an entire fabricated childhood: how can this happen? Fate arranges for a certain director to get an idea... Maybe it's well-known, making people want to watch the growth of the man who changed history, and just happened never to come up. Maybe nobody knows about it. Maybe leaving the dome will create a paradox and implode everything, or maybe another means of censorship will take over.

Sylvia isn't a member of the actor's guild
Railroading to the extent that Truman can only talk to certain people would be highly counter-productive. Perhaps it wasn't Christof's idea. Perhaps Sylvia wasn't a member of the actor's guild, and was thus forced to be a Ghost Extra by union rules.


Truman wasn't the object of the show, Christof was
Imagine it, a 100% real reality show about a gigantic crew of people who live to make another man (who may or may not believe it, Truman being an actor too deserves its own WMG) live his own fake life. It's a show about one man's insane experiment and god complex, with an interesting Show Within a Show. The world outside of "the studio" is just another, much larger and more complex set. Would they ever suspect it if they already thought themselves to be "on the outside" and in complete control? They wouldn't even have to hide the cameras and stuff, it would all be "Behind the scenes of The Truman Show."

In other words, Truman-ception.

Contrary to what was implied, there were preparations for Truman should he leave the show.
Money, transportation and a place to live so he wouldn't have to look very far to get what he needed while he was looking for Sylvia. That's what those contracts he signed every day were about. To make him set for life.

Paul Giamatti's character was a Free Truman activist
He's a mole for the organization. He started off somewhere on the lower rungs and over the years he worked his way up to the main control room. After he gained everyone's trust he started engineering little mishaps to clue Truman into the falseness of his world. The Sirius light falling, the wonky radio transmission and Truman's "father" reappearing were just his latest attempts. We see that when Christof isn't around he likes to play director. He uses this time to distract the rest of the crew from any strange things Truman might be getting up to, like when he dug his escape tunnel. He's also seen reading the classifieds. Why would someone at the most popular show in the world, that's been on air for 30 years and could run another 40+, be looking for a job? Because he knew the show wouldn't be on much longer.

Once Truman is gone, Christof is going to be put on trial
How does something like The Truman Show not violate a few constitutional statutes? Not only that, but he attempted to murder Truman on screen even when it was so very clear he no longer had any desire to stay there.

Everyone on the crew and cast who ever slipped up will get sued for damages.
  • The studio gaffer who should have tightened the bolts holding Sirius's light in place, whoever left the back of the elevator gaping open, the "cop" who called Truman by his name without being told it, and anyone else they can conceivably lay blame on: Christof's backers will file lawsuits against all of them for their role in giving the game away to Truman and thus destroying their perennial cash cow.

There are multiple Seahaven sized studios, and Truman has been to them
  • Think about it: Truman supposedly went on a trip to Mount Rushmore as a child. Either it was a fake set, and they are using Truman's hazy childhood to pretend he went on one, with a clearly photoshopped photo album, or for Truman's sake, they built whole sets the size of Seahaven to take the place of towns, in case Truman wanted to go someplace.
    • Or... Years in advance, Christof planned a special "Truman goes to Mount Rushmore" plotline. He arranged a trip to Mount Rushmore, chartered a small plane with a vetted crew of attendants and pilot, and talked the National Parks Service into leaving the park clear for a day, or even a weekend (during the off-season; the Parks service could have considered the publicity boost worth the inconvenience of weekend's lost revenue). It's a small trip, but a rewarding one, with Truman sedated for the transitions into and out of Seahaven, and Truman never encounters anyone who doesn't already have clearance.

There are multiple enclosed environments such as these, and their existence is what justifies the existence of the show
  • Designing an entire community, with artificially controlled climate that can be regulated with a touchscreen, bodies of water, soil, and housing has applications beyond simply making a reality show about one clueless guy. You could build self-sustaining communities anywhere, even Antarctica, or colonize space. Hell, rich countries with water shortages like Israel and Saudi Arabia would pay through the nose for something like that. Maybe they exist everywhere, and that is why the Truman Show execs have been able to imprison Truman. Because by the time Truman has come of age, there are people who have all grown up in these enclosed environments, knowingly or otherwise. Anyone who has grown up in a dome won't really care if someone else has done so without prior knowledge.

Christmas with the Kranks was a movie made for Truman
The movie had the moral "you should do everything your neighbors tell you, instead of going abroad with your wife and having a nice cruise. Doing that makes you a dick." This movie is legendarily stupid, and not just because of how insane the message is. But it's the exact movie that Christof would make Truman watch. In one scene, Truman is watching Hallmark-style movies that preaches the same moral of staying true to your town. Throughout Truman's life, he's been fed this nonsense to keep him in town. And considering the crap real Hollywood makes, there would be no shortage of similar slop that Truman Show can buy. Maybe they have screenwriters on staff who churn out this material, and then go on to sell these movies to other studios. Maybe Nielsen secretly tracks Truman's reaction to movies, and film university students study these reactions while learning about how not to make mediocre art.
  • Alternatively, Christmas with the Kranks is a transmission from an actual Truman Show-style television program that airs in Truman's world. Likely it's a less successful show from a rival studio that tried to up the ante by having two real people — a husband and wife — amidst the actors instead of just one. The movie shows how the studio is forced to railroad the couple into following their script when they unexpectedly decide not to celebrate Christmas. Obviously this would be terrible news for the television channel and their donors, who want to advertise Christmas products used by the Krank family. That's why the whole neighborhood conspires to guilt the couple into celebrating a traditional Christmas, culminating in the return of their daughter — more likely an actress paid to pretend she's their daughter — returning from abroad with a husband; obviously a contrived last-second rewrite intended to guilt the couple into going along with the Christmas celebrations.

Christof is surrounded by symbolism placing him in the role of the Abrahamic God: "Cue the Sun" clearly echoes "Let there be light", his voice from the clouds, his accurate claim to having watched every moment of Truman's life, and his status as the creator and nigh-omnipotent ruler of the show and by extension Truman's entire world. But Truman lives in a false world, with everyone around him being an actor whose reason for being there is specifically to keep him from discovering the truth, and the true world outside the dome being inaccessible to him. Christof may have made a god of himself in some ways, but he's a twisted, tyrannical one, more closely resembling the Gnostic Demiurge than the mainstream Christian view of a truly good God. The falsehood of the Demiurge's creation drives Truman to madness, just like the corrupt nature of the material world causes suffering in humans. Sylvia represents the Gnostic vision of Jesus, who comes from outside to impart the knowledge to Truman that his world is a lie and that a bigger world is outside.

Christof himself is the star of his own "Truman Show" television program, and isn't aware of it.
There's another dome around the Seahaven dome, and it's filled with cameras that watch Christof every day of his life. The cast and crew of the Truman Show are actually actors whose job is to trick Christof into thinking he's a television pioneer. The Truman Show is in fact a Show Within a Show of The Christof Show, a very meta television program that follows the life of a man in charge of a massive live television project. Building on this, it's possible that Truman is in fact an actor on The Christof Show, whose role is to pretend to be the star of the television show that Christof runs.

Truman goes on to live a real and fulfilling life with Sylvia and Louis
After leaving the studio he will find his way to Sylvia, who was on her way to him in her last scene, they meet and she takes him in while all of the inevitable fall out of the show occurs. No doubt that attempts by Truman to sue/get justice for his entire life being a manipulative lie will go his way and he will get more than enough money to do whatever he likes with his life. Including traveling the world with his true love at his side.The complete picture comes together when "Marlon" comes to his door or they run into each other. Finally able to speak freely with his "best friend", Louis apologizes and says his piece on the matter. Sharing how much the studio had stolen his life as well. However the conversation goes, in the end they come to terms and Truman gets the one other actual connection he'd had from his old life back. And with both of his true companions by his side, no matter where he goes in the world- which will be everywhere - he'll always feel at home.
  • Honestly, this is the most heartwarming addition to this page.

Despite hating lying to Truman, Louis/Marlon stayed to help him.
Louis is clearly conflicted about his relationship to Truman. He wants nothing more than to stop lying. However, he knows that he is Truman's only real friend. If he leaves, there's no one left that cares for him as a person.

With the exception of Marlon, anybody who cared for Truman as a person was kicked off the show or left because of pressure from Christof.

Truman will end up doing porn in the outside world.
Bills to pay + No real skills or support system + worldwide fame = instant porn star.

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