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Everyone has artificial finger lockpicks.
Seriously, check out McNeely's expression and face at the end of Escape. You know he's getting out.
  • Well, it is an adventure game, but then we move onto the issue of how he'll escape while being at the bottom of the sea... Or would the effects of Inorgazmics somehow handle that?
  • A preview for Stranded, the 4th game, answers one question. He gets out and makes it to land. Just how he gets out is unknown.

Stranded will set the rest of the events of the other Godlimations works in motion.
There are occasional references to other Godlimations games within the others, whose to say this
won't happen?

McNeely is insane
Why would McNeely claim that Dialla is part of the Armor Gamsees? Simpler reason: He's a lunatic. Dialla was never part of the organization, he just made up those cards since he thought them 'destroyed'. It's more likely that she was kidnapped and injected with Imorgasmics. McNeely was just in love with her and thought this would actually work. Unfortunately, it went wrong. This would make things so much clearer, really, instead of the Voodoo Shark explanation we got.