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Final Apocalypse is the Distant Finale of The Tale of ALLTYNEX series.
While it's uncertain yet if Final Apocalypse has any connections to The Tale of ALLTYNEX, it's name seem to indicate as such.

Final Apocalypse will focus on ZODIAC Ophiuchus's destruction of the other ten ZODIACs
We never get to play out or even see cutscenes of Ophiuchus taking on the ten ZODIACs other than Virgo and Libra. Considering that the destruction of the ZODIACs led to apocalyptic levels of destruction to Earth's civlizations, this would be a good topic to explore for this upcoming game.

The single most powerful entity in the series is ZODIAC Ophiuchus
Think about it.
  • In ALLTYNEX Second, its core can corrupt even the most advanced artificial intelligence (as evidenced with ALLTYNEX OS) and has the ability to yank out potential host machines from other universes. (as evidenced with Satariel)
  • In RefleX, its core was integrated into a standard Phoenix Mk.2, turning the measly little fighter into a weapon of absolute omnicide. Can you still hear Virgo and Libra crying from the afterlife? Blame this thing.
  • In KAMUI, it returns. Its remains were used as the core of KAMUI-0, and wouldn't you know it, this bastard is the second hardest boss in the game, right behind The Adjudicator itself.

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