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"The Sad Story Of Henry" will be adapted as part of "The Stories of War."
Instead of rain, Henry will instead hide in the tunnel during an air raid and stay there out of fear.

  • Jossed for its appearance in The Stories of War, but it was later adapted for a flashback sequence in Books.

Dominic had targeted Lily and James specifically for their close ties to Douglas.
The perfect revenge in his mind would've been to terrorize Douglas's girlfriend (after the events of Strike) as well as James who was partly responsible for his demise and had been on better terms with the Scottish twin ever since. Peter's accident was merely a bonus. He'd get Douglas eventually but not before attacking those he held dear to make him suffer first.

Dominic showed James's guard a preview of World War Two
Just knowing that another conflict's just on the horizon would be bad enough but Dominic would show actual war zones with the casualties and even the concentration camps. No man could take any of that in, let alone stay sane with such knowledge.

In the feature-length special "War," Mickey will be killed during the Blitz.
Unlikely. He appears in the intro with Geoff, who was built in the 60s.


Future episode ideas.
I'll start:
  • Nationalisation: On the morning of January 1, 1948, the Nor'Easters and Midis awaken to a new order for Britain's railways. The LNER and LMS are no more, as are the SR and GWR. They have been nationalized under one banner: British Railways. This isn't much of a problem due to the Nor'Easters and Midis becoming Fire-Forged Friends during WWII, and what's more, The Fat Controller is the new controller of the North-Western Region of British Railways, but the engines are floored by the changes being made. Among them: Thomas, Percy, and Toby are permanently assigned to the Ffarquhar Branch, Edward and Adam are permanently assigned to the Brendam Branch, Diesel becomes the permanent Knapford station pilot, the mainline from Knapford to Arlesburgh is downgraded to a branch line, Henry, Gordon, James, Peter, Reginald, Donald, and Douglas are designated as mainline engines, and Duck, Oliver, Molly, Alice, and Toad are transferred to Sodor full-time. The engines find it hard to adjust at first but soon take to their new positions nicely.
    • Episode title is confirmed, as is the notion of engines getting permanent assignments, but they are well aware of the coming of Nationalisation ahead of time.
  • Closure: After the lucky lamp was destroyed during the Blitz, the Mid-Sodor Railway falls on hard times, and in 1948, is closed and torn up. Thus, the engines are sent elsewhere: Falcon, Stuart, and Duke are sent to the Skarloey Railway (where Falcon and Stuart receive their new names, Sir Handel and Peter Sam), Atlas goes to the Harwick Tramway (and eventually comes to the Skarloey Railway after the tramway closes), Stanley goes to a heritage railway, and Andreas, who finds the Skarloey Railway backwater and is too proud to retire, chooses the Final Firing.
    • Confirmed! Except for Atlas, Andreas, & Stanley all end up going to the SKR with Duke, Stuart, and Falcon. What's more, Stuart & Falcon aren't renamed here.
  • Paranoia: A Red Scare hits the island, and friends begin accusing each other of being communist spies.
  • Modernisation: Sodor is hit by modernization hard when all of the coaching stock is replaced by the new British Railways Mark 1 carriage stock, Wellsworth Yard is downsized, the Peel Godred Branch is electrified, and new classes of diesel are trialed on the region.
  • Manhunt: A bridge is tampered with, causing a crash, which kills several people and injures many others. As the investigation continues, people start to become suspicious of each other. Eventually, it is found out that a rogue barge had hit the bridge, causing the tracks to be misaligned. This then sparks a debate over what should happen to the company that owns the barge.
  • Allocation: With Sir Topham Hatt now controller of the Sudrian rail network, new shed arrangements come about. The former Nor’ Easters and Midis use the remaining time they have before the changes are implemented to reminisce of days past and say their goodbyes.
    • The plot is confirmed, but the title is Jossed, being called Reshuffle instead.

Half the Midis will die in the "Stories of War" miniseries.
Victor recently posted this hint about the miniseries:

Have a gander at my channel art and take note of who ISN'T in it.

By process of elimination, this means the characters who will get Killed Off for Real are Colin, Lily, Adam, and Reginald.

  • Partly confirmed. Colin and Lily were indeed killed off for real.

Toby's coach will have a delayed First Firing.
A First Firing that will prove the "Revenant Theory" to be true, as his coach will introduce herself as Henrietta, who was the wife of the owner of the Harwick Tramway whom Toby was close to.

What was actually in Shed 17.
The preview for the third season premiere "Aftermath" reveals that the non-faceless German engines were actually regular, faceless engines with faces painted on. It stands to reason that Germany lacks non-faceless vehicles.

So what was going on in Shed 17? I'll tell you: it wasn't anything Josef Mengele was carrying out. Rather, it was actually a primitive version of bio-fusion being carried out by Wilhelm Gotze. Germany wanted its own fighting force of non-faceless vehicles, having seen the efficiency of Sodor's non-faceless engines in North Africa. To that end, they built a glut of DRG Class 80 locomotives, hoping some of them would undergo the First Firing. None of them did, and some superstitious Nazi officials who believed the Revenant Theory pointed to God being angered by their actions against the Jews; these officials were later executed for harboring such treasonous thoughts.


What Edward and Adam saw was a massive mound of human flesh that was going to be shaped around brand-new Panzers. Obviously, with the Allied advance across Europe, Wilhelm Gotze had no choice but to abandon it. The concept of "bio-fusion" was publicly announced at the Nuremberg Trials in 1947, much to the shock and horror of the world. Gotze was executed following the trials, and all of his research notes were locked up nice and tight to ensure the Soviets wouldn't try these sick experiments.

  • Personally, my opinion on the matter actually boils down to the Germans' tendency to make use of engines and rolling stock they came across themselves, in a manner not unlike the German Army's tendency to use almost every tank, rifle, and grenade they came across regardless of origin. To this end, they were using captured Non-Faceless Engines to the breaking point with little maintenance (effectively working them to death) then trying to transfer the face to a German locomotive. This was about as effective as chopping off someone's head and putting it on a new body.
    • That said, I'd shudder to imagine being a Non-Faceless Beutepanzer, especially in the desperate, dark days of the end of the war, especially remembering the "Don't shoot, we're Czechs!" line from Saving Private Ryan.

Arthur isn't dead.
The preview for the third season shows Arthur alive and well.

So, what happened? Turns out the story of Arthur was true, but Arthur himself wasn't pulling that train. Arthur was actually sent away for being a horrid engine, and Mr. Zorro made up the story about his death because the other Midis hated him that much.

No, the real engine pulling the train that night was Timothy (no, not the TV series character, the popular fan character).

  • Nope, Jossed.

Peter was framed.
The preview for the upcoming episode "Trial" sees Peter arrested for war crimes. What did he do?

Nothing. Adam was able to frame him for pushing the coach into the sea, and Joey bought it hook, line, and sinker. He did it to save his own hide and saw Peter as the most convenient scapegoat.

Once the truth gets out, Peter is acquitted of all charges and gets a huge apology from Joey, while Adam is arrested for all of Peter's so-called crimes, as well as filing a false police report and framing. In the end, Adam is found guilty of all charges, and sentenced to death by non-compulsory Final Firing, never to be forgiven by his former friends for trying to throw Peter under the bus to save his own hide.

  • Unlikely, since Adam was just as shocked as Edward and Diesel when they heard about it. Plus, Peter sighing seemed to suggest that he expecting this.

  • Yep. Jossed.

  • well actually Adam did die by final firing in "diagnosis".

Why Adam wasn't put on trial.
Adam was shocked that he wasn't arrested for war crimes, but there's a very good reason:

Whereas Peter's actions were premeditated, Adam clearly wasn't in the right state of mind at the time. A future episode will have Adam confront Joey on this, to which Joey will say Adam was declared mentally unfit to stand trial.

  • Actually, it was revealed in Extension that the POW's were actually criminals and the United Nations did not want to experience a backlash from charing Adam, with many investigators deeming Adam's actions a "global service".

  • Through it is still very likely one of the main reasons too.

Instead of Duke being the engine that no one wanted...
It will be Stanley instead.

Where Stuart and Falcon are purchased by an Aluminium company and Duke goes to the Sharloey Railway (though I can't think of a fate for Atlas nor Andreas), Stanley will be the one who is not brought due to the rumors of him being jinxed.

  • Jossed. All six went to the SKR together.

The Lucky Lamp is an SCP.
The third season finale reveals that the SCP Foundation exists in this universe. Most likely, they were looking for the Lucky Lamp, since it always seems to be in the right place at the right time, and wherever it goes, fortune favors the right party.

The Foundation was also looking for traces of other paranormal activity, such as Arthur I, Dominic, and the main characters killed during the miniseries.

Adam will eventually confront Radek over his brother.
He'll ask him if he knew his brother was a career conman. Initially, Radek will accuse him of trying to twist the knife, before admitting that yes, he knew his brother was. Then he reveals he, too, scammed Jewish families by offering them an escape to Switzerland, but was actually taking them to concentration camps, and said he would do it again because the Jews are greedy, backstabbing snakes who want to take over the world and enslave the working class. Unfortunately for him, it turns out the entire confrontation was a sting set up by Adam and Joey, and Radek is arrested on the spot and eventually given the electric chair.

  • Given Adam chose to have his Final Firing and is now dead as of Season 4, this seems to be Jossed. At best this might be a plot point posthumously, or it occurs in flashback, but Adam as far as we can tell will not be confronting Radek over the death of his brother.

The reason the SCP Foundation is trying to get the rights of non-faceless vehicles revoked.
They see them all as a collective SCP (tentatively designated SCP-5000) and want their rights revoked so they can contain them all and then wipe all memory of them from the minds of the populace, believing that vehicles that can talk and operate themselves could be plotting to enslave mankind. However, their plan hits a roadblock when the United States government vehemently objects to this, thus causing an accidental leak that exposes the foundations' existence to the world, and forcing them to shut down while all of the hostile and dangerous SCPs (especially 682) are launched into the Sun.
  • Or rather alternatively, Chaos Insurgency is the one trying to get the rights of non-faceless vehicles revoked yet.

The prosecutor in "Trial" was a Nazi

He was the one who had soldiers occupy the hospital, but was away from it when it was fired upon. After the war, knowing that he'd be charged for various war crimes he committed, he assumed a false identity. He jumped at the chance for revenge and exploited Peter's grief at losing two friends during the war, and only stopped trying to prosecute Adam because it would draw suspicion.

The engines will only find this out when Peter is released early and fills them in on what happened, with the prosecutor being executed for his numerous atrocities.

Godred and his accident will be real in terms of this universe.

With much darker consequences and tragedies, cementing why it was "Made up" in the Reverend's books.

  • Jossed. Goddred doesn't even exist in the series.

Henry & Emily's wedding ceremony will be shown at one point.

Most likely in a flashback. One of the engines (perhaps Peter once he returns from Railgate) will ask for details about how the ceremony went down and either Henry or Emily will give them the full story. Details from the brief explanation given in 'Secrets' (such as the local vicar visiting and the crews acting as witnesses) will be included.

Thomas and Kate will break up.

Thomas and Kate are having relationship issues in season 4 likely stemming from Thomas's hinted commitment issues and Kate's jealous behavior. Whether they will break up temporarily and get back together later or they'll break up for good I cannot say.

  • Based on the Sodor Shorts "Pets" and "Triggers", this is looking likely.

Henry and Emily will adopt kids at some point.

Maybe as an indicator of how far Non-Faceless Vehicles rights have progressed, Emily and Henry will be allowed to start a family by adoption.

Godred and Culdee will be introduced at some point and when they do it will confirm the Revenant Theory.

Godred and Culdee will be built and will instantly have a rivalry with one another, heavily implying that they are the reincarnations of the ancient historical figures mentioned in Mountain and prove that the Revenant Theory is true.

Mavis will debut in Treasure.

The preview for the episode opens with Toby passing by with a train of stone wagons. The episode may open with him arriving at Anopha Quarry, only to get involved in a row with Mavis (who was bought to help an aging Clive) similar to the one they had in canon.

Lily knew of Henry's marriage to Emily.
Henry did seem confused when the others were surprised and asked if he didnt tell them. But there is a chance he had mentioned it to others before like Lily.

This would of potentially boosted her reasoning for her Heroic Sacrifice.

  • Probably a factor in Henry's anger at Douglas as well, too. Whether Douglas knew or not, he was accusing Henry not only of trying to steal Lily, but also of cheating on Emily. Even the first accusation would anger someone.
The rights of non-faceless vehicles don't entirely apply to purpose-built military vehicles.
This is simple enough, and can be explained by something such as a tank having a larger generational gap in capabilities (While Edward can continue to run the line as long as he's in working order, a tank from just 1939 would struggle to compete with a tank just two years younger than it, let alone a decade). Thus, it's unfeasible to assume that the UK still has Cromwell or Crusader tanks still in service as of the latest episode just because they happen to be non-faceless as they'd be hopelessly obsolete compared to a younger tank such as a period mark of Centurion and would be helpless against a Soviet tank.

While only a particularly callous regime might force machines that might be war heroes in their own right to undergo the Final Firing, options would be limited for them. Either they could retire to a museum (and for a tank such as Michael the oldest surviving M4 Sherman this would be a given, taking into account his real life counterpart's residence at Bovington Tank Museum), or be sold on the open market as a 'mercenary' or as military aid. Unlike an engine or car, a tank can't actually decline to be sold or discharged from service for their own sake (consider if a Non-Faceless Cruiser Mk II insisted they weren't obsolete and ended up crossing swords with a T-54). They may receive a pension of sorts which is then used to keep them in running order and take up odd jobs to occupy themselves (or, again, allow themselves to be transferred as military aide), but their time in their nation's military is otherwise over.

Non-Faceless Engines are able to reincarnate into another engine.
  • This hinges entirely on the Revenant Theory being true as this is so far a way to explain Arthur not only looking like, but being the exact same name as the enging that caused the Preston Incline disaster outside of very extrodinary coincidence. Perhaps it is possible for Engines who have perished to come back as another engine at the cost of the memories of their past lives.


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