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This film will get plenty of positive reviews, but will end up becoming a Box Office Bomb.
As opposed to (and possibly because of) Sony's last animated film.

The film will actually turn out to be a tearjerker/drama.
The trailers made it look like a comedy movie, but from what I've seen with other animated movies, that's almost never the case with the actual finished product (for the most part, anyway).
  • Keep in mind that Sony Pictures Animation do generally play by the numbers, as evidenced by previous entries. If they do learn from their mistakes and make a legitimately emotionally engaging animated movie for a change, it would be a game changer.
    • Post release, the consensus is that is somewhat more emotionally engaging than standard Sony fare, but still cringeworthy. Baby steps, I suppose.
While Mary and Joseph are, for the most part, portrayed in their Middle Eastern heritage, Baby Jesus is possibly white.
The teaser trailer doesn't give more than a very brief glimpse of the holy infant.
  • Jossed. Baby Jesus is just as Middle Eastern-looking as His parents.


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