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WMG / The Simpsons S5 E3 "Homer Goes to College"

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Burning Down the Mouse: How did it end?
  • Scenario 1: Somebody (probably Disgruntled Goat) comes in and puts out the fuse, saving Itchy. They escape. The nukes go off anyway when some random animal comes to inspect and makes the foolish choice to light a cigarette. The explosions catch up with the taxi Scratchy is riding in, causing him to burn up while Itchy laughs from a safe distance.
  • Scenario 2: Itchy does indeed get blown up in the most gruesome way possible, while Scratchy gets the last laugh from a safe distance.
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  • Scenario 3: Itchy gets blown up, but the explosions catch up with Scratchy and burn him up as well.

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