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Kelsey Hooper's parents found about Sarah Jane and moved away
  • Explains why she didn't appear in the pilot.
  • Or she was afraid of aliens, and freaked out - decided to stay away from Sarah and Maria.
Rani is the Rani
She is "Very Clever".
  • It's mostly pronounced "Ronnie". Yeah, that's very convincing, Doctor "Frankonsteen".
    • This is a red herring. Clyde is the Rani!
  • She died and regenerated in the Time War and then used a Chameleon Arc to hide, just like the Master. Sarah Jane heard the name - even mispronounced - and became suspicious, hence the reversal of her decision to keep Rani out: she wants to keep an eye on her.
  • When the Doctor first meets her in The Wedding of Sarah Jane he says, "And this will be Rani!" Foreshadowing?
  • Alternately Gita Chandra is the Rani. Yes, she's named her daughter after herself (unintentionally because of she's used the Chameleon Arc).This would maybe also explain why she keeps calling Sarah Jane 'Sarah' : she wants to emulate the Doctor.

The forcefield in Rani's room will be a Chekhovs Gun
  • Jossed? The show's been cancelled.

Sarah Jane being orphaned young is a Chekhov's Gun.
Her real parents were killed by aliens; her real parents were aliens, or her 'Aunt' Lavina found her on the doorstep with a note weighed down by an old pocket watch. If she's a chameleon-arched Time Lord, she'll be Romana, who arranged circumstances so that she'd end up as a companion 'before' the Time War, breaching the lock and changing the way it ended.
  • Confirmed, but not in the details. Sarah being an orphan proved to be a plot point, making it a Chekhov's Gun, but one of a different type. They killed themselves to stop the Trickster.

The baby will be removed from the car by Luke
This creates a Stable Time Loop, and Sarah Jane cannot interfere because of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect.
  • Nope!

The Trickster is a fairy.
Near-magical powers, has to live by rules, has great power when he makes deals, immaterial...
  • He does have some similarities to the traditional devil.

The Piper and The Trickster are members of the same race.
They are BOTH faeries! Along with The Carrionites, They are coming BAAACK!

The Trickster is the Black Guardian.
Mysterious guy with reality-altering powers who hangs around making Faustian bargains with people? Giving his marks little trinkets to remember him by, backed up with some verbal persuasion if necessary? And says "Waking or sleeping, I will be with you always"? C'mon!
  • Well he does appears in black in the second part of "The Wedding of Sarah Jane.
  • Keep in mind that "the Trickster" is a name given to him by a main character (Alan?) not one that he uses himself.
    • Not especially. In "Temptation" he refers to himself in the third person. Something along the lines of "You have given this world to the Trickster".
    • If not the Black Guardian, he could easily be one of his servants.

Bea Nelson-Story from the Eye of the Gorgon episodes is Ace
Think about it. She references "the Professor", which was her pet name for the Doctor. She knows about Sontarans and other Whoniverse creatures. She just changed her name and such. Thinking that the guy in the photos was her husband rather than the Doctor was originally part of her alternate identity and later became what she believed through her senility. Also, some of the pictures did look suspiciously like the Seventh Doctor. We also do not know the circumstances of her and the Doctor's parting of the ways.
  • Jossed!

The reason for the Doctor showing up at Sarah Jane's wedding is to give her away.
If it's legit, then who better?

The reason for The Doctor's appearance in season 3 is to avert Sarah Jane's wedding, which isn't supposed to be happening.
The Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed the Doctor will be appearing in the new season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and also mentions that the wedding of Sarah Jane Smith will be unforgettable. Assuming this is the same story they're talking about, the Trickster (or someone else) has interfered with history in order to make Sarah Jane get married to someone so as to distract her from defending the Earth. The Doctor meanwhile has managed to get hold of one of the cubes that defend you against timeline changing effects and decides to pay Sarah Jane a visit, initially as one of the guests, but then to do the whole "I object" routine.
  • Confirmed. The Doctor shows up to avert Sarah Jane's wedding. And it's a plot by the Trickster. Though he doesn't come armed with one of the cubes and the Trickster doesn't interfere with history, he just sends some bloke. And yes, his plan was to distract Sarah Jane from defending the Earth.

In "The Eternity Trap", The Monster In The Grounds is the same species as The Monster In The Dark from The Order of the Stick.
It's supposed to be scary, it isn't especially bright, and all you ever see of it is a pair of glowing eyes in darkness. The MitG doesn't talk and doesn't appear to be as strong as the MitD, but we can put that down to it being a baby version of whatever species they come from.

The world is littered with organizations like Sarah Jane and the kids
There's no real reason for space aliens to always land within short driving distance of Sarah Jane. The logical conclusion is that they don't. Sarah Jane doesn't live in a place that gets an unusual quantity of aliens at all—instead her neighborhood gets a dozen per year because every neighborhood in the world does. Of course, since the world isn't taken over tens of thousands of times a year, that also means that other neighborhoods must have similar groups of alien fighters (not counting the ones protected by UNIT or Torchwood)Maria probably joined one such group (Team Peri?) after moving to America.
  • Also: EVERY Doctor Who companion that returns to earth ends up forming his/her/their own chapter. And this includes Jack. The Doctor is unknowingly planting his seeds.
  • This Includes Jo's Amazon brigade hence the crossover. We also have Team Ace, a bunch of hoodlums taken under her wing and directed to use their anti-social antics at invading aliens and government conspiracies. If they earn enough trust they get to use Nitro 9 on the job...
  • Sort of confirmed and jossed at once in Death of the Doctor Part 2- Sarah Jane lists a bunch of ex-companions she's researched, and most of them are apparently running charities or doing good work in some way. None of them are mentioned to be openly fighting aliens, but maybe that's all done undercover...
    • Logically if they were fighting aliens they would be secret about it like Sarah Jane and thus her search wouldn't turn up anything (especially if they had something like their own way of keeping their names out of the spotlight). Also, without having a reason to she wouldn't have been searching through Unit/Torchwood files for any mention of old companions. Note she didn't mention Martha and Mickey.
    • Davros confirmed this with his "you fashion them into weapons" speech in Journey's End and Sarah Jane herself provided further confirmation. She says that The Doctor has the biggest family in the world, and she is one of the "Children of Time". Thus, Maria, Luke, etc. are grandchildren of time.

Clyde and Rani will end up Companions
  • They both had nautral chemistry with number 10 and have more experiance then your average new comers to the TARDIS. They will join him for a one off special where Rani will keep asking questions and Clyde ends up snarking at Aliens. Bonus, it will make the Younger Doctor number 11 more older in comparison.

The Parrot is a Time Lord
It's never been specifically stated that Time Lords need to be humanoid, has it? The parrot is a Time Lord and the shopkeeper is his ridiculously human alien super smart companion with possibly a touch of time sensitivity. Plus, the parrot is referred to as the Captain, which as vague names go fits in the same mold as the Doctor and the Master.
  • Jossed. Doctor Who's "Planet of the Dead" and "The Beast Below" has the Doctor respond "You look Time Lord" when someone says that he looks human.

Sarah Jane is a Time Lady
She engineered it so she'd forget, much like the Doctor did in Family Of Blood/Human Nature. She fell into fighting aliens anyway, but is still unaware of her true identity.
  • Revival of the series by regeneration, anyone?
    • Jossed. We've seen her as a child. Granted, River Song in Doctor Who apparently regenerated into a baby, but does that mean her parents that sacrificed their lives either conceived Sarah in the temporal schism or are Time Lords themselves?

In "Lost in Time", the parrot is the White Guardian
Who else would recruit Our Heroes to seek out the scattered parts of a Cosmic Keystone, each disguised as something relatively mundane?

The Shopkeeper in "Lost in Time" was the Element Diamond
Maybe one of the few in existence, flashy and bright he is tasked with the actual balance of Time preventing the more hostile beings escaping via irregularities that occur. The parrot that teleported the group was the shape-shifting member Mercury. They took over when everyone else vanished during the Timewar. They are also scoping out Rani and Clyde to become new Elementals.
  • If they are, Sarah Jane and the gang got off lightly. Humans tend to end up dead, horribly traumatised or brainwiped when they run into Elements.

The Shopkeeper was the Meddling Monk ..
He hides himself from the Doctor. Becoming a sort of preemptive Operative. Destroying small fires, such in Lost in Time before they become out of control . For every Silence will Fall the Doctor deals with, there are a hundred smaller temporal threats he takes care of at the root before they escalate that far. The Parrot is a prototype TARDIS, alive and aware can pinpoint such threats when needed and open portals to them.

Clyde doesn't end up with Rani
Or he does but it doesn't last. One in the Lady in the Attic Clyde picture is seen but not as a husband. And two, they're young. They might have a romance, but first love usually doesn't last.
  • 1) The Mad Woman In The Attic was set in an alternate universe where Rani wished that (in the presence of a Literal Genie) Clyde, Luke and Sarah would leave her alone. And probably erasing them from existence. 2) The Childhood Friend Romance trope says otherwise. (For those kind of romances. Clani has not been confirmed or denied. Yet.)

Clyde will be taken over by another Timelord..
..thanks to that residue Artron energy, and this time, it will be Omega played by Peter Davison as that was his last human form leading to much fan glee. And Clyde will start to wonder if he should have ''Space for Rent'' tattooed on his forehead.
  • Well, as the show's cancelled, I don't think Davison's playing anyone, sadly.

Clyde ends up the 12th Doctor first companion..
She will be played by Ruth Wilson who will be overjoyed to be finally Ginger. However, he will die a heroic death restoring the Timelords under the leadership of Romana back into the timestream. His last words will be..
Clyde : Luke Rani
  • Jossed on both counts

Sarah Jane will die off-screen of natural causes at the end of Series 5, and there will be a tribute to her.
As you may know, Liz Sladen sadly died of cancer in April 2011 at 63, and half of the series, six episodes, three stories, have been completed. They will air on CBBC, and the last episode will be edited so that Sarah Jane dies of natural causes off-screen, and a tribute of her is shown at the end.
  • Semi-jossed. Sarah Jane didn't die (and it says the adventure continues forever), but there was a montage of clips at the end.

Sergeant Benton will deliver the news of Sarah Jane's demise.
In the next series (if there is one), it will open with Luke at University, Skyping with Rani and Clyde, who are watching Sarah Jane's house for her while she's on a mission with UNIT. Then there will be a knock at the door, and it will be Benton (or Mike Yates, but hopefully Benton), telling them that Sarah Jane and The Brigadier died during the mission.
  • Jossed. The Brigadier already got confirmed as dying in his sleep, in Doctor Who S32 E13 "The Wedding of River Song"
  • A modified theory, they'll run the episodes for the next series that they do have already filmed, and then end with this. After receiving the news, the episode will be a combination clip show and tying up the characters' loose ends (creating some ends for drama's sake), culminating in a dual funeral, preferably with all the living Doctors in attendance.
    • Also Jossed.

The Bane Mother is Shuma Gorath

Clyde will eventually learn to fire bolts of Artron energy, much like the Master did.
Or he would have if the show had continued.

Rani and Clyde married, but Clyde died young.
Rani remarried at some point afterwards.

The Night Dragon would have become a recurring enemy had the series continued.
Truckers who lure homeless people into their truck offering them a free ride and a second chance just sounds too good to be true. And when Ellie first mentions it, she doesn't mention that it's a trucking company and seems to believe it's something more sinister.

Had the show continued, Sarah Jane would have adopted a third kid and named him Walker.
Luke, Sky, Walker.

For John Harrison's trial, the prosecutor procured portraits of Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce.
This was to prove that the defendant knew better than to keep slaves.

The whole thing is Clyde's imagination
In Mona Lisa's Revenge Clyde states that K-9 was just one of his drawings that came to life. If so, then why not the other aliens too?
  • Because he intentionally left it by the Mona Lisa, so that her making-things-real powers would affect the drawing.

The Trickster's name is due to Timey-Wimey stuff.
He was referred to as such in his first appearance, liked the name, and so made it so that it had always been his name. Existing outside of the universe has it's perks.
  • It could be an I Have Many Names thing, and this is the name he is known by to the group.

The Shopkeeper was the Corsair.
— at least, Russell T. Davies seems to think so.

The Pantheon of Discord includes...
  • ...The Trickster.
  • ...The Black Guardian.
  • ...The Mara.
  • ...The Sirens of Time.

The Trickster was responsible for the Chronosteel items
  • The Trickster didn't appear in that series and the problem in that episode had his style.

The Shopkeeper was part of a counter-organisation to that of the Trickster
  • The Pantheon of Harmony?
    • This troper's personal theory is that the Shopkeeper and the Captain work for the White Guardian, and the Trickster and his pantheon serve the Black Guardian.

Maria is the granddaughter of Ben and Polly Jackson
Maria's surname is Jackson and so is Ben's. Alan Jackson and Ben Jackson also look somewhat alike (at least they look more alike than Polly looks like Barbara) and Maria kinda looks like both of them.
  • If Alan is the same age as his actor, he was born in 1974. Easily enough time for Polly and Ben to get together and have a son!

The Captain from "Twice Upon A Time" is the Captain on this show.
After he died for real, the White Guardian (see WMG above) gave him the power to shape-shift, and set him to work restoring time. Let's face it, this universe has seen crazier things.

Luke and Sky are genetically Sarah's children with Harry Sullivan.
Luke and Sky do look a lot like each other, they share those same eyes and eyebrows, those grey droopy eyes just like Harry, and those fleek eyebrows of Sarah Jane's. Both also have hair like Sarah Jane's, medium brown and slightly wawy. Harry has the same color but curly. All four of them have a peachy skintone. Luke and Sky also have Sarah Jane's heart-shaped face, but Luke also has Harry's jutting ears. They both have Harry's lips, too. And they both have kind-of combination of Harry and Sarah's noses. Luke has Harry's nose with Sarah's nose tip, while Sky has Sarah's nose with Harry's nose bridge.
  • How would that work regarding the Bane and Ms Myers, both of whom explicitly say that the children are theirs?