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Reviews he will never review:
  • Anything from JewWario, for obvious reasons.
    • Additionally, Suede's Pokemania review of Pokemon 4 due to JewWario being in it because skipping the part he was in would piss JW's fans off and talking about him would just depress everyone.
  • Anything from The Mysterious Mr. Enter. Too controversial, especially as of late. These days, even mentioning him in a video is enough to get the whole internet commentary community on your ass.
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  • Anything from Confused Matthew. Reviewer tends to be more positive even when the review he's reviewing is stupid (i.e. Nostalgia Chick: Mulan) but Confused Matthew is just too overly opinionated, too negative at times, and too nitpicky.
  • Any parody reviewer (The Angry Video Game Fag, The Game Fucking Fuck Fuck Fucker Fucking Fuck Fucker, The Third Rate Gamer, etc.) It's just a parody, what would be the point?
  • The Irate Gamer due to being globally panned and vastly considered an irrelevant topic. (despite the fact he's still making videos)
  • The Fanfic Critic due to the fact that depending on who you ask, her videos can be a bit boring at times due to no visual aides.
  • Any vlog reviews for the same reason as the Fanfic Critic.
  • Anything RLM due to he sheer length of their videos and the fact that if he so much as says anything against them, their fanboys will swarm him like wasps swarm a dead body.
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  • YMS.
  • Asalieri again, due to how controversial and negative he was. Not to mention, he probably wouldn't want to get called a rip-off by Asa's fans or attract any attention from Asa himself.
  • Any retired reviewers (Jesu Otaku, They Made Me Watch This) so as to not raise bring up any dead topics and also, finding their reviews might be incredibly difficult.


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