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This WMG page contains fan theories for the Fan-Fic called The Return.

    Guesses for the Fan-Fic 

Serious Wild Mass Guessing

The Chibi-Usa of this continuity is the demonic daughter of Ranma and Succubus-Usagi.

Pluto claims that Chibi-Usa is the result of artificial insemination using some of Mamorou's stored sperm, but she's clearly bullshitting her way through that, not to mention Usagi is clearly squicked out by the prospect. The author has teased us with a possible Usagi/Ranma pairing, and made a point of mentioning that there are two methods of creating daughter succubae, one of which involves a rite of some sort (and possibly involving impregnation with a Succubus' tail), but has only shown the quasi-vampiric method so far. Also Chibi-Usa seems to know a lot more than she lets on (including knowing about Ranma), and is a lot snarkier than previously in canon. Conclusion: She is a birthed Succubus who hasn't reached sexual maturity yet.

Mamorou isn't really dead
He's Just Hiding!.
  • Tying in with the above, the Chibi-Usa that exists since Mamorou died is actually him reincarnated as his own daughter.

Pluto will end up becoming a Succubus
Mainly because she is really appalled by the prospect of Usagi becoming one and rather dislikes them, I doubt the author can resist the temptation to turn her into one (that is if she isn't already one and just figured a way to hide it).
  • She's already something, Mercury knows what can kill her.

Queen Serenity really has been reincarnated
And is Eve. Both were/are willing to do what has to be done and have been painted as being incredibly ruthless. Also it'll give Eve plenty of angst about being so ready to off Usagi.

Alternately Serenity has been reincarnated as Genma, just for the sheer Mind Screw value.

Genma, at some point will make a Heroic Sacrifice

He's been on the path to redemption for a while now, and this will result in Redemption Equals Death and give Ranma the final push to become the Princess of Earth.

When a male is turned into a Succubus she takes the form of his ideal woman.
This may be canon and I just forgot, but Nariko is an elegant, but kind hearted, woman. Eve is the very model of the Germanic (or stereotypical version at least) ideal of beauty and power, Morgan is short and cute, and Morrison is pretty much a generic female agent (which fits with his crush on Andrea). Misako/Aurora is a special case due to Alexia's alterations.

The two series share very similar themes and the big plot point in The Return is the possibility of one hostile universe full of Eldritch Abominations exploding into theirs. Kinda describes the Eva-verse really.note 

Just for Fun

Queen Serenity in this continuity was reincarnated as Otto von Bismarck and then David Xanatos
Her plan is still running, even several millennia after she died, hell even worked out how to make demons reincarnate, which apparently is simply not possible. She was probably Queen Elizabeth and Machiavelli too.

The Church of the Assembly of Man eventually get their act together.
And the next time we see them is in Doctor Who where they are fighting the Weeping Angels.


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