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Pedro (Beau's former ranch hand who is mentioned but not seen) will appear at some point, and he'll be played by Wilmer Valderrama.

The show already features two alumni of That '70s Show, so why not a third?

  • Confirmed, sort of. After Rooster is offered a job at a corporate ranch, Valderaama plays an employee who works for Ed. He also worked for Beau for ten years, but is named "Berto" or Umberto, not Pedro.

  • Why not add Mila Kunis as another love interest for Colt while they're at it?

Beau will have a heart attack sometime soon, probably in the first season finale.

It's a common sitcom plot, Beau is being set up with high blood pressure, and Sam Elliott is also on Grace and Frankie. If the boys take over the ranch, Beau's role will be reduced, or they could kill him off.

  • Sort of confirmed as of Part 4. Beau has a "cardiac episode."

Beau is autistic.

He is heavily resistant to change, has trouble communicating, is fixated on one particular thing (ranching), freezes up when hugged and is a picky eater.

  • You seem to be describing the Grumpy Old Southerner stereotype

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