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WMG / The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

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Off-screen, the Punisher targeted The Big Hero Six in this story. Guesses as to how he killed them
  • Baymax: EMP.
  • Honey Lemon: Got strangled and hanged with her own purse handle.
  • Wasabi No-Ginger: Stabbed to death during a fight involving his Qi blades Vs. some tech Punisher used to counter them.
  • Hiro: Shot to death with some kind of gun meant to counter his battle-suit and gadgets.
  • Fredzilla: Like how Banner was killed, he was shot in his human form.
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  • Go-Go Tomago: Punisher ran her over with a high-tech vehicle meant to keep up with her battle-suit's speed.

The Punisher was somehow brought back post-story and went on to avenge Matt, now blaming the remaining super-villains for driving him insane and leading him to unknowingly kill Matt

Alternatively, after being somehow resurrected, Punisher relaxes his anti-superhero code and only goes after superheroes who are above street-level in terms of abilities.

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