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Jigsaw is descended from Ladd Russo

Jigsaw's real name is Billy RUSSO, is a member of the mafia, and was very handsome before Frank got his hands on him. Ladd from Baccano! is also a handsome mafioso. Obviously, Jigsaw is Ladd's son or grandson.

The Punisher doesn't kill Kingpin, because of lingering mental controls.

When the Kingpin had third rate psychic The Persuader brainwash Frank Castle, he had the guy place into Frank's mind subtle commands to avoid going after the Kingpin. While Frank broke with the overt control, he never did overcome the subtle commands. And so, he justifies reasons not to go after Kingpin.


The Russian (movie version) was the result of a Soviet effort to duplicate the Super Soldier Serum

For which he was a partial success: it gave him extraordinary strength, reflexes, and durability... but also gave him significant psychological problems.

What to expect in the Netflix series...
  • Punisher will still have the dog.
  • Microchip
    • Confirmed. Ebon Moss-Bachrach has been cast as the character, albeit called "Micro".
  • Martin Soap, first as the Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist then a Friend on the Force. And he'll be just as much of a Butt-Monkey as he was in the comics.
  • Joan the Mouse, Spacker Dave, and Mr. Bumpo.
  • Ma Gnucci, especially if the polar bear scene is still used!
  • Carlos Cruz
  • Jigsaw will be the Big Bad.
  • The Russian will be Jigsaw's hired muscle. If not, then most likely as someone hired to take care of him.
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  • Mickey Fondozzi is one of Jigsaw's henchmen, until he gets fed up with his abuse and willingly helps Punisher take him down (but not before Punisher persuade him).
  • Harry Heck. He'd most likely still get killed in the first five minutes after Frank narrates what a badass he's supposed to be.
  • Olivier/Frank Costa will be the Bigger Bad. He might be given a different first name so as not to be confused with the Punisher.
  • G.W. Bridge

Netflix series speculation, based on MCU & info released
  • Billy Russo starts out friendly to Frank, but is bought out by Dinah Madani.
  • The ensuing conflicts destroy Russo's face, and he blames Frank.
  • Microchip appears, but his working relationship with Frank may be more openly contentious.
  • Frank tries to use Karen Page as a media contact, or tries to use her bad habit of turning up with information she shouldn't have.
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  • Luke Cage will appear in a flashback as one of Castle's fellow Marines.

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