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Carter will turn out to be The Twelve's Token Good Teammate
Or at least an Anti-Villain
  • Yep, as shown in "The Twelve".

Lawrence Grey will be Zero/Fanning's familar

Jude Cripp was a sweep, and ended up being The Dragon to Babcock. It's likely that Jude went through the same Mind Rape that Grey did, we just didn't see it first-hand. It's possible that all the sweeps went through something similar. Doyle might even show up as Anthony Carter's familar, even though Wolgast saw him die. He wasn't killed in a way that was as graphic as Richards.

  • Confirmed!

Amy is the keynote speaker at the Third Global Conference on the North American Quarantine Period.
She should probably still be alive in 1003 a.v.

The residents of First Colony met the same fate as those in Homer, Oklahoma.
The occupants of both towns vanished almost without a trace. It's possible that once they'd all lost it, they were taken by the virals to a place like Haven.
  • Confirmed.

Demo Jaxon is alive
Given that they Never Found the Body, much in the same way as Theo.

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