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The Clave would want to sacrifice Jace in order to destroy Jonathan.
  • Yeah... but it didn't happen in the end.
  • But what about all the Unfortunate Implications?
  • It actually is highly likely seeing as, in response to a question about what happens when somebody's parabatai dies, Cassandra Clare responded with a "You'll see."
    • As of the release of Clockwork Princess of The Infernal Devices prequel series, it seems like this reply may have referred to Will and Jem, not Jace and Alec.
    • It's still possible that one of them might die. There was a teaser picture of Johnathon/Sebastian saying "Your boyfriend's dead, thought you should know" so it is still possible that Alec could die. Although it could also be for any of the boys in that series. And technically Jem didn't really die.
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    • Jossed. The above line refers to Jordan.
Clary will use the bell to get a favor from the Seelie Queen, i.e., getting Jonathan out of Jace.
  • Confirmed somewhat.
Maureen will return to be a major character in the climax.
Somehow, I don't think Cassie Clare would introduce a character give her a blog without her being influential later.
Magnus will cast off his immortality in hopes of spending the remainder of his life with Alec.
  • Magnus has already said that he wouldn't turn Alec immortal, but the book of white may have the reverse to that spell.
  • This is the most likely scenario for their relationship (especially given how things go in City of Lost Souls).
  • Jossed
Alec has been convinced by Camille to seek out non-vampire ways of becoming immortal, and will succeed
  • Combine with WWG above for the most angst possible.
  • Alec does seek out Camille.... but becoming immortal for him is impossible so he decides to consider turning Magnus mortal.
Clary will really develop feelings for Sebastian
The female warlock that helped "baptize" Clary...
  • Is Tessa of the Infernal Devices. Once the name of a certain person in the story is cut off due to an interruption, you can assume this.
  • Confirmed. Clary's mundane last name is even a homage to this woman.

The whole thing takes place in the past
  • It's actually all a prequel to the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Jace is Skulduggery in life. He and Clary are going to marry and have a child. Alec will become Nefarian Serpine because he's actually still in love Jace and is jealous of Clary. The Faceless Ones are actually the Great Demons of whom Abaddon was one. Jonathan Morgenstern is going to become Mevolent and rebuild the Circle in Valentine's name!
    • One more thing. Simon is Dusk. Also Isabelle will grow up to be China Sorrows.
    • Jossed by the family tree on the inside cover of Clockwork Princess.

Pandemonium is a werewolf club.
  • Think back to the very first scene in the entire series. Simon mentions how DJ Bat is doing a good job. — There's a werewolf named Bat who frequents the Hunter's Moon. When Clary panics about the Shadowhunters she sees, she nearly hits and then apologizes to "a curvy black girl." — Maia's primary physical characteristics are curviness and African American-ness. There's a good reason that the blue-haired demon dude decided to go to Pandemonium as supposed to any other club.

Isabelle will get together with Simon officially, then get help from Alec to turn him mortal.
  • This seems like the most logical and best case scenario for them. The other alternative is for Isabelle to be bitten and turned but that doesn't seem likely and Isabelle would probably not be too happy about that. She might try to get Simon turned into a Shadowhunter it's worked before in the sister series
  • Semi-confirmed. Isabelle does enlist the help of Alec and Magnus to attempt to get Simon Ascended, but only after his immortality and memories are stripped away as the price for getting them all out of Edom.

Isabelle and Max have a different father than Alec
  • Seeing as how both Maryse and Robert have blue eyes and Isabelle and Max have black/brown eyes it makes some sense.

Isabelle has some demonic blood in her
  • Isabelle has black eyes, like Jonathon and doesn't understand how her brothers can easily trust/fall in love. It could just be the advice her mom gave her or she could have some demonic blood in her. Jonathon even said before knocking Izzy out that he thought she was just like him. And where does her black eyes come from anyway? The demon blood used might not even have been Lilith's or as much blood as Valentine used on Jonathon. It could be from a lesser demon.
    • Or technically it could have come from a faerie. At least one faerie was described as having solid black eyes. Also, they can interbreed with Shadowhunters. The Blackthorn family has faerie blood, contributing to some members, like Helen Blackthorn, having non-human physical features like pointed ears. Robert has at least one affair, and Maryse might have as well.
      • Wouldn't she have had pointed ears then?
      • Not necessarily. The faeries are only loosely a "race" and do not all have the same physical traits. Some look almost human, others are as alien as demons. Isabelle certainly has some faerie-like personality traits as well, and an affinity for them (to the point of dating one).

Magnus' father is Lucifer
  • Azazel, a Prince of Hell, goads Magnus by asking why, if he needs Infernal help, he did not just call upon his father. The implication being that Magnus' father is at least Azazel's peer, if not superior.
  • Jossed. It's another of the nine Princes of Hell.

Camille is not dead
  • It seems weird that Camille could fall prey to little girl vampire Maureen. In book descriptions Raphael was not much older than Maureen when he was turned, but has become a major problem for Camille. Nor does it seem likely that a female vampire like Camille would underestimate another vampire just because she was a girl. Maybe this was a plot to escape retaliation from Alec and Magnus for wrecking their relationship?

Simon will die and Isabelle will become an Iron Sister
One of the Iron Sisters told Izzy she would make a good Iron Sister, and considering her dislike of men I doubt she'd mind never seeing them again. Also considering the snippet about someone's boyfriend dying it could very well be about Simon, and since he no longer wears the mark of Cain he has no protection from the other vampires who might want to kill him.

The Herondales are descended from/related to the Joestar family
Both families have a star-shaped birthmark, though apparently for the Herondales it doesn't necessarily have to be on the back of the neck/shoulder area.

The Nay-Theist attitudes of the Nephilim account for the general unwillingness of angels to deal with them more directly
A recurring rationalization for the Clave's seemingly officially policy of not espousing religion themselves is the fact that they have not heard much from angels since Raziel created them. But when Valentine summons Raziel and talks about restoring the Clave to its (supposed) former "glory", Raziel responds that "Glory belongs to God alone". The angels, it would seem, have a much less neutral attitude towards who runs Heaven than the mostly irreligious Shadowhunters. It should be noted that angels can be magically summoned (controlling them is another matter entirely). Yet angels seem to want little to do with the Nephilim. It could be that they find little common ground with them theologically speaking. The Shadowhunters acknowledge Heaven in a general sort of way, but do not hold God in particularly high esteem. The angels revere and serve God, and perhaps find the Shadowhunters' "lack of faith disturbing". The Shadowhunter who had the most direct contact with angels, Valentine Morgenstern, treated them no differently than he did summoned demons — as a tool and a resource. He had no genuine respect for them or for God.

Warlocks and the Fair Folk were the pagan gods of mythology
Think about it: Possessed of (mostly) human personalities, but being Immortal winners of the Superpower Lottery. In ancient times warlocks, along with the Gentry of the Fey, would have seemed godlike to mundanes, and there were no Shadowhunters until around 1000 AD, when the monotheistic religions began to make serious headway in stamping out paganism. Some pagan religions, including Celtic Mythology and Norse Mythology explicitly include the Fair Folk and/or gods that read as a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to warlocks.

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