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Season One:

FIDDY is the only one who can stop The Troper
Think about it: he is the only person who can bend The City to his will via Big-Ass Ramps, henceforth referred to as BARs, and will use the BARs in addition to Gangsta Fire to take on The Troper in a final gun fight. This of course become a Curb-Stomp Battle, until Fiddy is on his last legs, after which his power to take people to FIDDY SPACE will allow him to go Kung Fu, Krav Maga, and about seven other martial art styles, all on The Troper, all at once.

Somebody will take this completely Off the Rails as soon as they remember how easy it would be to do it using River Tam.
Hmm, tells the future, knows events she couldn't and reads minds. No mystery can be easily ruined with THAT, right? Well, now I've guaranteed it via pointing it out.
  • Someone actually did join as River Tam, but in the second season.

There is NOTHING left.
In an I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream situation, all other dimensions outside of the city have been eradicated. Everyone and Everything has been viciously killed by the troper. The only ones left are those the Troper decides would be the most fun to torture and play with. That is, until he destroys them too. Then there will be no one but the Troper.
  • So would that make the Troper Unicron?
    • Probably.
  • Jossed, some characters escaped back to their worlds safely.

Alternative to the above, the Troper saved the PC's from death.
So we already know that the Troper can observe other universes and even interact with them to an extent. I figure the Troper likes to watch the various stories that go on in these universes, and even begins to favor certain characters. (much like how we do) But when he sees a lame death coming for a character he likes, he steps in and teleports the character to the city until the threat has passed and he teleports them back. Then one day, (the first game day of the RP) he had to teleport multiple characters in, and before he could teleport them all back, they started to interact with each other. He decides this is really interesting, as so he figures it couldn't hurt to keep the characters in the city longer than he usually would, thus creating the context for the RP.

Many of the Brother Chucked characters have been assimilated by the city.
The City's Alien Geometries and patchwork nature are part of a psychological warfare strategy against the PCs. If a PC loses faith in their effectiveness, the city has defeated them and they are drawn out of the way of any important locations or conflicts, leaving them to wander a sector of the city set aside as an endless maze for them until the Troper decides to make use of them. This state is not necessarily permanent however; at any time, these characters may spontaniously recover from their broken state. At that time Narrative Causality will lead them back into the thick of things.
  • Jossed. The Engineer made it back to his world despite being Brother Chuck ed.
  • Alternately, some powerful entity in the City (and now Extremus) has been kidnapping/eating people and erasing others' memories of them. This entity will become an antagonist at some point in Season 3.5.

Joshua's power rivals the Troper's.
Joshua exists in the city only for one goal: if there will be any situation that require the Troper to be killed, Joshua is the only one who can do it. Because him power level is over 9000! Also it is possible that Joshua become a new Troper after that. Possible variant of that - Joshua is in league with Troper and was asked to kill him if something go wrong. Or Joshua is Troper himself.

The Troper boots out the boring people.
The Troper automatically and discreetly sends PCs whom he either deems irrelevant to the current "plot" and/or boring and inactive back to their home worlds, explaining why we NEVER hear from ANY of the characters from the first three days and why they seemingly disappeared. Other characters, like the Question and the Prince, may have further potential and thus why he hasn't kicked them out yet.
  • I wondered where the hell Rei had got to.
  • Make that never heard from the people from the first FOUR days. The Question and the Prince were booted out.

The PCs are all clones.
  • Jossed by Te Ch. Wait, he did not tell anyone. Never mind.

The PCs are from cloned realities.

The Troper is the Illusive Man.
A figure who smokes all the time, sits with his back to you in a chair, and happens to also be The Chessmaster? Sound familiar?
  • This also works on another level, as the Troper becomes far more awesome if you give him Martin Sheen's voice.

Dimitri will die.
Jossed. And then un-Jossed in Season 2, with Dimitri mind-controlling the City's inhabitants to attack the TGS building and being killed by Subaru.


Season Two:

The Mysterious Figure is:

The G-Man is either in league with the Mysterious Figure or trying to defeat him
  • Think about it. During one of his conversations with Spriggan, he mentions that accepting his offer of recruitment will "increase your allies' (?) life expectancy". This suggests that he has a vested interest in making them survive, possibly because he aims to defeat The Mysterious Figure... or he's a subordinate of him and wants to keep them alive longer for his amusement.

There's an entire race of Tropers.
All of them are a highly advanced race of reality warpers who created these cities as a form of entertainment and/or a way to test their skills. The Troper of the first season seems different personality wise from the one in the second season.
  • Hey, that was my idea.

The Troper will be instrumental in 666's defeat.
Trope-Tan will have to go to him for help, maybe to request the use of his City as a refuge for characters escaping the new one. He'll only agree because 63 is stealing his idea and might destroy the universes that he so loves to play with.
  • Partially jossed. 666 seens to be keeping the Troper hostage in her lair. Still doesn't rule out a role in her defeat, though.

Iroh is Elvis.
You just know it.

666 is a rogue Trope-Tan.
Trope-Tan #666, to be exact. It would certainly explain why we've never seen that exact number running around, and since 63's actual gender hasn't been disclosed yet, it could be female.
  • Confirmed.

666 will appear on page 666.
Although it will only be a brief appearance no characters notice.
  • Jossed

666's goal is to cause the Lemon End
The Lemon End is the worst possible End that could happen to the heroes, something that would give 666 to laugh about if they succeed and survive to see the result.

Spriggan and Two-Bit will have a knife-fight on the roof of a tall building at some point
Because really, it's too awesome not to happen.
  • Thing is, Two-Bit's been killed by Langley. Plus he got Meta in his system.
    • Never mind, he's now gone for good.

The City is the City.
Thus, everyone from that era of Cartoon Network will show up.

Season Three:

Time zones are the Big Bad of this season
You know it has to be true.

Extremus was the empty Memorial City the Troper made at the end of the First Season that expanded to what it is now

The final battle against the Big Bad will take place beyond time and space itself.
No better way to end the MMFRPG than with something over the top.

Extremus is...
Extremus is something more than just a planet; at its core is the oldest, most elaborate Trope-Tan base in existence; hence the presence of a gigantic Conduit. This base, in fact, holds the secret to the origin of Trope-Tans, and the answers as to why the Multiverse is the way it isnote . Over time, the base was abandoned for unknown reasons and its mechanisms went haywire, causing the spontaneous teleportations and covering the base in bits and pieces of the Multiverse, which have over time accumulated into an eclectic patchwork planet, much like a pearl on a sand grain.

The Troper will interfere directly at some point, if he hasn't already
Maybe he doesn't want any competition, maybe he just doesn't like how something is going or will go. Eventually, he'll come to Extremus and do something.

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