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Lee is Kikuchiyo's counterpart, not Chico.
  • Both are somewhat mysterious
  • Both have done something, or do something that they regret and are in or go through a Heroic BSoD during the film, Lee making so many enemies that he can barely show his face, while Kikuchiyo's jealousy of Kyuzo leads to abandoning his contingent of farmers, leading to Yohei's and Gorobei's deaths. Both suffer a Redemption Equals Death in the Final Battle whilst rescuing a group of farmers held up by bandits in a farmhouse.
  • Lee and Kikuchiyo are polar opposites in personality with different motives, so that only makes them similar.
  • Alternatively, Kikuchiyo is a Decomposite Character, and has not one counterpart, but four. His closest counterpart is Chico, who tries to prove himself as a fighter, makes a drunken spectacle of himself, tracks the rest of the Seven, reminds them who they're fighting for and infiltrates the enemy camp. Lee is one because of the similarities mentioned above. Vin is rough, rowdy and womanizes the way Kikuchiyo does. And O'Reilly, who is mostly Heihachi's counterpart as well, develops a close relationship with the village children.

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