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Sony was hacked by Eminem and/or Rob Lowe.
The film is their way of confessing that they are gay and bald respectively. North Korea has denied hacking Sony, and maybe they are being truthful. Perhaps the threats demanding that the film be cancelled came from Eminem and/or Rob Lowe, who changed their minds about wanting to reveal their true selves to the world.

A remake directed by Ron Howard will be released 10 years after this one.
Skylark said that their assassination attempt is something that people would make a movie about ten years later.

There will be a film focusing on the controversy surrounding the release of this film.
Perhaps 10 years after The Interview is released.

The entire controversy was a hoax.
Many reviews, from both critics and viewers, say that the movie is terrible. Sony knew about this, and realized they had a flop on their hands. So, they crafted the most audacious and extensive hoax in entertainment history. It was a hoax so convincing that even the U.S. and North Korean governments were taken in. And, perhaps in a decade or so, the truth will be revealed in some Sony exec's tell-all.
  • The employees bank account numbers were fake or stuffed with dummy money, their own execs' emails about temper tantrums with various celebs were staged or made up, and their struggling negotiations regarding Spider-Man were unrelated but added in for a touch of detail.
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  • The threats were mostly empty. However, instead of ignoring them, the execs decided to use it to stir up publicity.

This movie will lead to the downfall of the entire Kim dynasty.
Or World War III. But preferably the former and maybe both.

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