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Will went to Magnus about a cure for Jem.
If this troper remembers the end correctly, then Jem's had an attack not too long ago and his "illness" is beginning to look like it's going to be a significant plot point. Jem has mentioned that the Shadowhunters have been searching for a cure and never found one, but Will refuses to leave off, and it appears now that Jem's running out of time.
  • Jossed
    • Actually confirmed, in Clockwork Princess that is.
Will is a Time Lord.
The cocky attitude and being a weirdness magnet make this guess seem pretty possible. His first encounter with Tessa also makes it obvious. I even this stele is another word for sonic screwdriver.
Will is crazy.
Just an idea that was planted in my head after reading Cassie's blog. It actually sounds pretty plausible, thinking back over the book's events.
  • This could go along with the guess above.
Jem is mad at Will in the teasers for Clockwork Prince...
... because they're lovers and Jem is jealous of Tessa! That, or Will is doing something incredibly stupid that could potentially ruin their relationship. Which, of course, is entirely possible.
  • Jossed. He was mad at will for wasting himself.
Will, not Jem, will die within the course of the series.
Just a throw at subverting the Incurable Cough of Death trope.
  • Actually comes true in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess, although he does die of old age after a long and happy life, while Jem lives on as a Silent Brother until Magnus cures him and restores his mortality.
Magnus and Tessa are Half-siblings.
Both of their human mothers were tricked by a demon who could take on the appearance of their husbands!
  • Well they technically all descend from Lilith so... Although it is implied that Magnus' father is a Prince of Hell, whereas Tessa's is a mere Eidolon Demon, which means that only one of them is really descended from Lilith.
  • Jossed, Magnus' father is Asmodeus and Tessa's father is Belial, so they are not half-siblings and also not descended from Lilith.
Word of God said Magnus may have a new boyfriend in Clockwork Prince.
My bet's on one of the Lightwood brothers, or Ragnor Fell.
  • Or maybe Woolsey Scot, the respectable werewolf
    • Confirmed as of Clockwork Prince
Will is Alec Lightwood's ancestor.
  • Will and Alec both have blue eyes, but the Lightwoods typically are green-eyed.
  • This could possibly indicate that Will marries a Lightwood... possibly Gideon and Gabriel's yet unseen sister?
    • As of Clockwork Prince, Tatiana Lightwood is returning from her honeymoon.
  • Jossed, it's stated that Alec and Isabelle's Tall, Dark, and Handsome looks come from Maryse, not Robert.
  • Will isn't Alec's ancestor, but they would be distantly related, since Alec is revealed to be descended from Will's sister Cecily and Gabriel Lightwood.
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  • It is actually Jace that is descended from Will.
Tessa ends up with Magnus and the scene where she cameos in City of Glass is him breaking up with her.
I have nothing to back this up, but the idea just came to me.
  • Jossed as of Clockwork Princess.
Adele is the name of the daughter Henry and Charlotte will have.
  • Stephen's middle name is taken from William, and Alec's from Gideon. In TMI, Adele is found to be Clary's middle name.
  • Jossed, Charlotte's and Henry's child is a boy and he is named Charles Buford.
Will is related to Howl.
  • They're both Welsh Magnificent Bastards with dark hair and blue-ish eyes who use magic of a sort along with their own wit. And who doesn't want to imagine one of Will and Tessa's children going to Ingary?

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