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When the heroes reached the Seventh World, the Space Herpe was still lurking aboard the ship.
We saw the end of the dreaded Space Herpes during the last battle, as the ship went through the Time Warp. This is true. But, we also saw the deaths of Nanny and Killjoy. Once out of the Time Warp, when everyone had regressed back to their age upon entering, Nanny and Killjoy were alive and well. There is no reason to think that the Space Herpes didn't regress back to its living state as well.
  • Well you can't really ever get rid of Herpes...

Jason and Maida are exes.
Maida makes it clear that she thinks her captain is a bit of an idiot, at least some of the time. (Like when he jeprodizes a mission to try kidnapping a hot princess.) When she first meets Killjoy she is not quick to let him win her over, giving him stern looks when he tries hitting on her. But by the end of course, she and Killjoy are a couple. She regarded him with caution at first because she didn't want to end up dating another meathead, judging Killjoy by his size and appearence. She later changed her mind about him after he prooved himself to be crafty and a gentleman (he backs off when she makes it clear he's going too far, unlike Jason who keeps teasing Karina). Okay,so there's no solid evidence for this theory. But, Jason as Maida's ex would certainly put a new spin on Maida's amusement at seeing Jason having to suck up to the Frog Woman.

The real reason water is so precious.
It's not that water itself is rare, as that's simply impossible. Instead it's that water safe for human consumption is what's really rare. It's entirely possible that the knowledge of how to purify water, either through desalinization or simply removing harmful chemicals, has become lost to many, and only a few truly know how to actually do it anymore, with the information being a carefully guarded secret to allow a monopoly to exist.

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