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John Coffey is from Azarath
His powers are empathic based and in order to heal someone he has to take their pain and put it inside him. Not only that but he empathcially feels the pain of everyone he is near, from minor disease such as Paul's infection, to what Wild Bill did.
Wild Bill has empathic powers of his own.
Rather than healing people like John does. He revels in every physical emotional pain. Not only that but even after being drugged by Paul he was able to get catch John out of his Cell. Almost like he sensed him passing by.
John is somehow related to Abigail.
John was one of God's true miracles, so it would make sense that someone closely related to him would be a prophet for God.
This movie and MouseHunt share the same universe
Delacroix tries to avoid prison time by coming up with a new alias for himself: Quincy Thorpe, and getting a job with the historical society, however, someone within the society eventually finds out about his true identity and past, and has him turned in. Afterwards, the mouse, for some reason, decides he doesn't want to work in Ernie and Lars's string cheese factory, and finds its way to the prisoner, where Del adopts him and names him Mr. Jingles.
  • It would probably make more sense the other way round since the mouse in Mousehunt is implied to be unnaturally old already.
Coffey uses his power to show Percy what Wild Bill did.
Think about it: Percy sheds a Single Tear, immediately empties his gun into Wild Bill, and goes catatonic. He is a petty, cruel, cowardly man who considers himself a badass. When he is shown true evil, he can't handle it. He automatically follows a visceral instinct to punish Bill, then his brain checks out.
Wild Bill is the twinner of Poke.
Both were sadistic and took pride in their crimes.
Coffey's story parallels that of Jesus Christ.
I know it's eye-rollingly obvious, but hear me out. You have someone who's part of a persecuted minority (Jesus was a Jew in a Roman-occupied part of the middle East, Coffey was a black man in 1930s America) and has extraordinary powers. While there are people aware of these powers, they still can't persuade the powers that be to spare him, and
he is eventually executed, partly due to systematic persecution of his group. On top of that, the man who executes him is cursed to remain on Earth for the foreseeable future as punishment for killing a divine being.
  • John Coffey doesn't just parallel Jesus Christ— he is the second coming of Christ. Stephen King said there was a reason he named the character John Coffey, after all. (Hint: look at his initials.)
Wild Bill represents the anti christ or is a reverse of John Coffey.
  • It's not exactly subtle that Wild Bill is a representative of all the known evil or at least the anti christ since John is the second coming of jesus but Wild Bill has the reverse of Johns empathetic healing such as pain inducement (where he can induce pain in others and make it more painful) and pain transferal (where he can transfer a form of pain to another but knowing him this would be rarely used). In the scene where Wild Bill grabs John while they are taking him to the truck. It's unknown if Bill did this deliberately to torment John after overhearing his abilities or witnesses Mr Jingles resurrection or if Bill used his own powers to torture John which also explains how he was able to resist Johns attempts to repulse him via his powers during the scene.

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