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In the end, Goldie makes himself king

Midas tells Goldie to "Take everything, my gold, my kingdom for a hamburger sandwich!". Then Goldie says he'll take back the Golden Touch in exchange for everything Midas possesses. This may include his entire kingdom.

Goldie's motive is entirely selfish

When Midas has his breakdown, Goldie still acts smug and insists on taking everything Midas owns in exchange for removing the Golden Touch. Why isn't he showing any sympathy or remorse when he's directly responsible for Midas's misery? Why does he insist on literally leaving Midas in ruins — wouldn't taking away the gold he created with the Golden Touch have sufficed? Why does he remove Midas from power after he learns An Aesop that puts him on the way to become The Good King? The answer: Goldie doesn't care about Midas or his subjects. He only gives the Midas the Golden Touch to torment him and eventually force him into a Leonine Contract: Midas is doomed to starve to death if Goldie doesn't take away the Golden Touch, so he can demand whatever he wants in exchange — which he of course does.


Goldie turned the cat back to normal offscreen.
The last time we see the poor thing, it has been turned gold by Midas. Assuming the first theory is true (and maybe even the second as well), maybe Goldie turned it back for a Pet the Dog moment.

Disney will remake this as a live-action movie.
No Disney animation is safe. Casting guesses:


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