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Blanche has Histrionic personality disorder.
She's very melodramatic, absolutely must be the centre of attention, is frivolous and open, and maybe has sort a little problem with... sleeping around.

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Sophia was a figment of Rose's imagination.
You know how, in the first season, Sophia would only do a few side jokes and fade away? Many of those times, she fades away JUST before or after Rose enters the room.

Rose either created Sophia from Dorothy's memories, or created Dorothy as well.

When Rose takes charge in the spin-off, she is more confident and sharp. Sophia is less so and is going senile. Rose used Sophia (and possibly Dorothy) to vent her snide remarks and still seem nice. When she got more confident and closer to her friends, she started to let up on these visages.

  • Not buying it. It's clear that OTHER people see Sophia as well without Rose present (e.g. Alvin, the African-American man who has Alzheimer's, or the con artist who scammed Blanche and Sophia out of a lot of money).

Dorothy had a third child

Or rather, a first.

Michael, despite apparently being the firstborn of a 38 year marriage started by a pregnancy, is only 30ish. Dorothy must have been pregnant eight years before she had him.

Dorothy had a stillborn child when she was young and scared and inexperienced, on the way to the hospital. Overly traumatized, 8 years later, she became pregnant again with Michael and automatically folded the two births together for her mind to heal.

Stan didn't cheat on her solely because he was attracted to younger women; there was her mental condition and the 8 years and the dead child she had forgotten. Dorothy is always angry with Stan because she subconsciously blamed him for the loss of their firstborn without realizing it. Sophia, Salvador, The Zbornaks and Stan all kept the secret from her, knowing that she had been catatonic for the 8 years in between.


This explains why Mama Zbornak disliked yet respected her.

Sophia has probably told Blanche and Rose the truth, possibly while Dorothy was affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — her previous mental problems may have contributed to whatever was happening to Dorothy.

There's a reference to the child Dorothy and Stan conceived out-of-wedlock still being alive. (Sophia remarks that Stan and Dorothy had an "accident" in the car they took to the prom, and that this "accident" still calls her grandma.) Maybe the child that prompted their shotgun wedding is alive, but Dorothy and Stan both refuse to acknowledge him/her. Maybe the trauma of the pregnancy was so great that Dorothy's response was to ignore the child's very existence.

  • Dorothy and Stan had another child, Kate. While it's not clear that Kate is the eldest child, it's safe to assume that she is. Furthermore, Stan's mother explicitly stated that the only reason she acts like she doesn't like Dorothy is that she doesn't want Stan hanging around her trailer home.

Dorothy's daughter was the reason she married.
While it was once implied that Michael was the first born, it was never stated. It's far more likely that his sister was the eldest, especially since her age is never given.
  • They seemed awfully excited about the prospect of her being pregnant when she should have been well into menopause.
    • Hardly. Blanche only hit menopause in the second season and she was in her fifties, at least a decade older than Dorothy's daughter, still plenty of time to have a kid.
      • The family is Italian and Catholic, from the mid-twentieth-century and only one generation removed from the Old Country. They gave up hope when her youth came and went.

Rose is the smart one.
Rose is incredibly smart and witty, the rest of the girls don't understand her dark and incredibly dry humor. See The Cuckoolander Was Right.
  • Rose being pretty smart is canon, Rose is just suffering serious culture shock, Values Dissonance, and being Literal-Minded.
    • It's also implied her learning may have been sabotaged by a Nazi plot. so while she has the facilities to learn quickly and a natural talent for it, it has been undermined.

The entire series is a massive "Back in Miami" story that Rose is telling to friends in St. Olaf.
If she tells her friends in Miami about life in St. Olaf, why wouldn't she do it the other way around? And like her St. Olaf stories, it's long, gets sidetracked, misremembered, and has nothing to do with what her friends were talking about.

Dorothy's father is haunting her, but she's not aware of it.

In one episode, the actor who plays Salvador plays a jester at the restaurant Dorothy goes to on a date. This isn't a coincidence. Salvador is actually possessing the jester. The audience can see him for who he really is, but Dorothy just sees the waiter whose body is being occupied.

Rose and Charlie had an abusive relationship.
Though Rose and Charlie did love each other, there were clear signs of abuse in her stories, flashbacks, and mentioned by her children; in the flashback about Rose's birthday she starts talking to herself and telling a story to 'Charlie' and says to herself "I know I know Shut up Rose.", Charlie also wasn't good with money as per the pension, limited Rose's exposure to the outside world (no television), and in the submissive/air headed role she plays in the house with the other girls it's fairly clear she's used to being kept under other someone else's thumb; she rarely fights back, and when she does it's with either snide subversive remarks, or when no-one else can hear her.
  • There are a few problems with this: 1) it's stated outright several times by visiting relatives and other St. Olafians that Rose has always behaved like this. 2) Not having a television actually makes sense for the era the show was made in, it would have still been seen as a frivolous luxury not a borderline necessity that it is in modern times. 3) Rose often seems surprised at the poor manner in which she's treat which heavily suggests that she's not used to being treated badly.
    • Since when does being bad at balancing a checkbook make someone abusive? Charlie didn't leave Rose much when he died because he was bad with money and quick to give gifts and loans to struggling friends, but Rose lost his pension because the pension fund of Charlie's company sank when the company itself went under. And Charlie didn't keep a TV in the house because he thought it "wouldn't catch on", meaning it had less to do with restricting Rose's access to information (not that she'd actually get much out of having it, much like the rest of St. Olaf) and more to do with being bad at predicting the success of new technology.. which is what you might expect from a man with no business or investment sense.

Miles' daughter Caroline isn't actually his daughter.
She's a Witness Protection agent assigned to Miles' case, and merely posed as Miles' daughter to meet Rose. The real reason that she wanted their relationship to end was because she didn't want to endanger a civilian should the mobster they were hiding Miles from somehow discover his new identity and whereabouts.

Coco moved out so Sophia would have a place to live.
since he never made it past the pilot, and the home burned down, the girls needed a place for Sophia to safely live where they could keep an eye on her post stroke. Coco agreed to leave understanding that not only did Blanche not need him with the other girls living there, but that Sophia's safety outweighed his need for the job. so he moved out, found a cute boy, and raised 2.5 dogs of his own.

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