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Michael did forgive Fredo, but he had to kill him anyway.
Notice how even after he gave Neri the signal, he still let him near his kids and house. If he wasn't at least a tad forgiving he'd kill Fredo as soon as their mom's service ended.
  • So in other words, it wasn't personal, it was strictly business.
  • I think it fits with his personality: Ruthless as he is, Michael is still a very devout family man who shows compassion to those who wronged him (Pentangeli being an example, letting him commit suicide and taking care of his family). And let's not forget he screamed Fredo's name when he had his stroke, implying he felt horrible about it.
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  • This is pretty evident by the fact that Michael specified he didn't want anything to happen to Fredo while their mother was still living. As ruthless as Michael is, he would have never put his mother through the pain of having lost two of her sons in her lifetime. For all Fredo's faults, he was still very much loved by his family. Michael absolutely hated himself for ordering Fredo's death.

Frank Pentangeli was in jail during the events of Part I
Everyone knew him and he was trusted enough to replace Clemenza as capo after his death, but the audience never met him during the events of Part I, in which he would have played a large part as one of Clemenza's top soldiers. As a loyal member of the Corleone family until he thought Michael had turned on him he would have gladly gone to jail for a crime rather than turn on the family.

Fredo knew it was coming.
Fredo was fully aware of the fact that Michael was going to have him murdered for betraying the family; He did nothing about it because he agreed with Michael's reasons for doing so and wanted to atone for his (perceived) crimes. When his brother had little Anthony taken away mere moments before they went fishing, he knew the time had come.
  • Perhaps he even arranged the moment it would happen with Michael beforehand, to make sure that Anthony'd be out of the way before it had to be carried out.
  • His prayer on the boat becomes even more chilling with this idea in mind.

Sal Tessio was Fredo's Godfather, Genco Abbandando was Michael's godfather.
While it is made clear that Pete Clemenza was Sonny's godfather, it makes sense that Vito chose Tessio and Genco to be godfathers to Fredo and Michael respectively. Think about it - Tessio and Fredo are pretty similar. They are both the "quiet ones" of the family and they each betray Michael (albeit for business reasons rather than personal). It would make sense that Vito wanted his original best friend to stand godfather to Michael. After all, Vito was adamant that Michael attended Genco's bedside before the latter's death.

Tom knew about Kay's abortion
She was being kept under constant guard at the Tahoe compound while Michael was gone under Tom's instructions. How would she have gotten out to get to a doctor or had one come to her without Tom knowing about it? Would also add a layer to Michael's distrust of Tom at the end.

Michael isn't completely alone at the very end of The Godfather Part III.
When Michael dies in 1997, people like to go on and on about how it's such a tragedy that Michael dies alone. But if one stops to actually think about the situation, it is incredibly unlikely that Connie and Vincent would have abandoned Michael. Yes, in an environmental sense, Michael may die alone, but it strains credibility to believe that Connie was not in the vicinity at the villa somewhere.

It was Mama Corleone.
  • Carmela (Vito's wife) is actually the bad apple in the marriage: all the Corleone boys have terrible defects not present in Vito: Sonny's violence, Fredo's vices and Michael's cold heart. Since all this didn't come from Vito, then it had to be from their mother's side who doesn't appear that much to be noticed as an actual evil person. In a way, she might be the Bigger Bad or even The Man Behind the Man since in the part II flashbacks she's the one who introduced her husband to the first of his "godsons" asking favors.
    • Of course, the other way to look at it is that Vito has _all_ the virtues of his sons, combined: Sonny's violence, Fredo's warmth, Michael's calculation.
    • In the beginning of Godfather II, Connie brings a man to the party for the First Communion of Michael's son. When she asked her mother, Carmela, to help her skip over everyone else to see Michael, she tells Connie to visit her children first before waiting in line to see Michael like everyone else. The way she said it, is the same way Sonny would have said it, if he was alive.

Sal Tessio is related to Vern Tessio
After Sal's attempted betrayal of Michael to Don Barzini, his relatives moved to Oregon in fear of reprisal.

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