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The adults attempted to set up a system for the children to govern themselves, but it got bogged down and was never completed.
Too many parents trying to make sure their own children got an extra edge lead to infighting and roadblocks.
  • Maybe the "King of Chicago" is part of the system.

The plague is still in full-force - teenagers will die. Mankind is doomed.
It's depressing, but a possibility.
  • We can but hope.

The sequel wasn't published because it included sex
Because most of the main characters are headed headlong into adolescence, with no grownups to keep an eye on them.

There are adults somewhere in a hermetically sealed building at the CDC, still trying to find a cure
I'm sure someone thought of something.

The reason the virus spread so fast was because it was spread by children
Just because the children were immune to the virus doesn't mean it couldn't get into their bodies. Plus, the plague could not have spread own if it really was as fast-acting and deadly as it was. Thus, we have a Typhoid Mary situation where the immune children unwittingly pass the virus along to adults.
  • I agree with this. A virus that kills that quickly with a 100% rate should burn itself out, right? If children were immune to the effects, but became unwitting carriers it would make the burnout rate moot. Parents died, childless people stepped in to help with the kids - death, death, death.
  • Some Fridge Horror is this were true and the CDC had figured this out. The only way to save adults would be to destroy all of the children - which would be literally throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The dead kids go to Everlost.

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