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There's more to the rumors that Simon started about Gordo than it seems.
Their last conversation leaves huge windows open to interpretation. Did something actually happen between them? Did Simon do something to Gordon? Were the rumors not For the Evulz but out of scorn or spite or to cover up something? Was Robyn's first guess about who was in the car not that far off? She's his wife, the person who currently might know him best, if she jumped to that conclussion, it's telling.

Gordo: Please? "Pleasey-weasy, pleasey-weasy, creepy little fucker." Say "pleasey-weasy." Yeah, "pleasey-weasy." Say it. Yeah, you're sweating now. You know what? You know what you really want is, what you really want is for me to tell you that everything's okay. That it didn't happen. Does it remind you of something? You never did that for me. Fucking asshole.

Gordo is actually the hero. Simon is the psychopathic villain.
The only consistent truth we get over the whole movie is that Simon is both untrustworthy and violent. The clearest example is when Gordo blows off Simon’s weak ‘apology’ and Simon beats him for it. There’s actually more support for Simon doing everything bad in the movie.
  • Gordo bugged the house under his own control, because he didnt trust Simon, after Simon continued to torment Gordo after high school.
  • Simon killed the fish in the pond, and removed the dog from the house, to make the wife afraid of Gordo.
  • In this context, this puts Simon and Gordo’s past in even darker territory. Instead of Simon simply lying about Gordo’s possible sexual encounter with another guy in a car, the truth is Gordo was Simon’s first victim. After the event, Simon moved quickly to discredit Gordo so he couldnt implicate Simon in rape.
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  • Gordo broke into their house and found evidence of Simon keeping his wife under surveillance, as well as drugging and molesting her.
  • Simon’s panicked reaction after the video revelation, wasn’t because Gordo invaded their privacy, it was that Simon was effectively caught red-handed for some of the creepy / dangerous stuff he did.
  • Simon doesn’t like the monkey mask because it represents his true nature: a beast, operating on perverse instinct and treating everything like a zero sum game, where he has to win, and everyone else has to lose... at all costs.
  • The scene at the end, when Gordo says something along the lines of “good people, deserve good things to happen to them,” was the precursor to warning the wife about Simon.
  • Gordo’s line as the hero: “Did I touch her?” = “Did I cut through your web of lies and exposed you for the monster you are?”
  • Gordo’s line as the hero: “You can tell with the eyes.” We dont see the baby’s eyes because they’re irrelevant. Of course the kid is Simon’s. We do however see the wife’s eyes (the ones that really matter) and she... is... pissed!
    • We do in fact see the eyes, although that would not actually be sufficient to tell.
  • At the end of the movie, the wife is aware that Simon is a psychopath and the closing curtain is foreshadowing that she is going to cut Simon out of her life.
  • Gordo’s faked arm sling, makes him a pragmatist. He couldnt approach the house after the initial conflict, because Simon had it under surveillance, and he knew that Simon has no moral restraints to destroy Gordo. The wife is stuck at home pretty much the whole movie because Simon is manipulating her to stay isoloated, so he can maintain absolute control over her life. After Gordo confirmed that Simon is still very much a monster, the only place he could get through to the wife was in a place more public than the house, where she would have to listen to him.
    • An arm sling is not necessary to enter a hospital and won't give you access to somewhere you couldn't otherwise get to.

Simon's not a psychopath. He's just a coward.
One does not have to be a psychopath to do bad things to other people. Simon only thought Gordo was going to get another round of teasing. He had not expected for the prank to go as far as he did. He probably did feel guilty and scared about it, but not bad enough to own up to what he did. After he finished school, he hoped the whole incident would be buried. It's the usual rallying song of bullies to believe that the bullying they inflicted on others was not that bad. Over time, Simon came to believe that this one action did not matter so much, and as for all the other stuff he pulled, that was just "healthy competition."

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