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     Season 1 
Molly McGee will be a Stepford Smiler

Apparently semi-confirmed- The first two episodes show that Molly is a little self-conscious about her being naturally overly-friendly to complete strangers and warning them away by giving them unwanted hugs and such, and she comments that whilst she has made friends before, she's also lost contact with them thanks to her dad's job forcing them to move away, which is why she displays some nervousness about staying in Brighton in private to Scratch, because she intends to make it the McGee's 'forever home' and doesn't want to mess it up. In "First Night Frights" she actually struggles a lot with her first day of school even without Scrath's direct interference, because her overly-chatty nature means she keeps putting her foot in her mouth around Andrea and thus becomes ostracized at school. If not for Scratch's interference, Molly really would have wound up The Friend Nobody Likes.

Andrea's family is the wealthiest in Brighton, but not Fiction 500
The Davenport's department store is only modestly big, as is the warehouse. And the Davenports' family friend is Greta Gerwig and not, say, Steven Spielberg. But it is noticeably better-kept than the rest of Brighton, which looks to be pretty dilapidated.

The Davenports are likely the richest family in Brighton, but only on the level of "successful business owner" by any other standard.

Molly has a crush on Libby or identifies as LGBT in some way.
  • There are two noteworthy moments in the song remix video that support this idea. The first comes in at around the 0:50 mark, where she's shown being torn up over not wanting to lose her best friend, and it's framed somewhat like a love song. During the last song, My Best Friend's Bar Mitzvah, where we find out Libby's name, Molly is shown to look very fondly at her now that she's become a woman. note 

The curse is that Scratch made a vow to haunt Molly forever
  • But it backfired because Molly actually liked having Scratch around. Scratch eventually got sick of haunting her and wanted to leave, but he couldn't because he'd already made the vow.

Mental Health will be a major theme in the show.
  • With the two main characters contrasting worldviews the show will give several mental wellness aesops, such as how anger is perfectly healthy thing to feel and how forcing yourself to be happy all the time is toxic.

There will be an episode with ghosts guest-voiced by Carey Means and Dave Willis
It wouldn't be the first Disney TVA show to invoke I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine.

A Wham Episode will reveal that Scratch has a Dark and Troubled Past
It's a post-Gravity Falls Disney cartoon, it's bound to happen.
  • It’s seems that “Ghosts are humans who died” theory is confirmed. My theory is that Scratch possibly died a tragic death.

Molly and her family are immigrants
  • She is Ambiguously Brown and mentions moving a lot in the NYCC clip.
    • Jossed. Her dad is Irish and her mom is Thai.

Molly's dad is military
  • Not combat but a supporting role tied to it, which is why they moved a lot.
    • Jossed. He's a city planner.

Molly's dad is moved a lot by his company
  • An alternate take of the above reasoning, constantly being reshuffled to different offices.

The show ends with Molly moving again and Scratch being sad about it
  • He'd finally be free of Molly, but he'll be upset that it is happening. Severing of friendships by leaving is a thing that happens in a lot of these shows.
    • Confirmed. Not as the show's finale, but still.

Ghosts are not the only supernatural thing
  • Take your pick what sort of things are also a thing, but Molly will probably run into elves or dwarves or something. Perhaps a lot of her friends she makes also have such buds. Like 'The Elf and Libby' or 'The Vampire and Bob'.

There's going to be a Break the Cutie episode
  • Something happens that causes Molly's self confidence and optimism to absolutely shatter and the poor girl becomes a sobbing mess. Her parents and brother can't get through to her, so it's all up to Scratch now.. unfortunately, he's not too much of an optimist himself so he has really no idea how to cheer her up, but he eventually manages.
    • Molly's voice actress said the show's more heartwarming moments made her shed Tears of Joy. What's more heartwarming than an episode where the grumpy friend really shows he cares for his companions?

Possible Big Bad or other antagonists if the show has any
While this seems like a more light-hearted series, it still is possible they'll be some antagonist, even if only for a season finale or perhaps more. Some possibilities include...
  • The typical popular jerk at school who looks down on Molly for her quirks.
    • Confirmed it's looks like Andrea will fit this role.
  • A Ghost Hunter who wants to exorcise the McGee house.
  • Scratch himself seems like he'll be in an antagonistic role at least early on in his attempts to break the curse.
  • Another ghost that's bigger, scarier, and is a threat to Brighton
  • Whoever is response for the curse in the first place (assuming it wasn't created by Molly or Scratch).
  • Other Ghosts who don't like Scratch.
    • Confirmed in the form of the Ghost Council.
  • If they don't mind getting dark then possibly someone who killed Scratch and made him a ghost in the first place.
    • That last one doesn't seem to be too likely considering there's an entire species of ghost in this particular universe. Odds are they're probably their own separate species like some other shows make them out to be.
      • Except it was confirmed that ghosts used to be humans who died.
  • A person who tried to exposed Ghosts and become the Crocker to Molly’s Timmy Turner and Scratch’s Cosmo and Wanda.

Molly's father isn't her biological one
  • He's much lighter skinned than his wife or either of his kids, and neither Molly or her brother seems to have inherited his red hair. Odds are he's their step-father after something happened to their real one.. well either that, or he really got the short end of the stick in the gene pool.
    • The gene pool end would make more sense. Dark hair/eyes/tanned skin are dominant traits compared to Molly's father's recessive traits.
    • If that's true, Molly's biological Dad will appear in the series as a ghost.

Molly isn't entirely innocent
She's genuinely sweet and kind, she's not Mandy or anything, but she's just a bit too happy about having Scratch bound to her for all eternity. She may genuinely relish the power and have a fondness for dark things and a scary streak, but being more something like Luz than Mandy.
  • Semi-confirmed. While Molly is all about hugs and rainbows, there are moments that show she forces her optimism to the point of insanity such as in "Ready, Set, Snow" where Molly was the only one who wanted to play outside and briefly goes through a psychotic breakdown.

Scratch's favorite food is Tacos
Hence him grabbing them in the intro and having a reason to be there other than some random effect.
  • Confirmed.

At some point there will be an episode entitled The Ghost of Molly McGee where Molly temporarily becomes a ghost

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers will be referenced in some way.
  • As noted in the main page, Billy Motz and Bob Roth both worked together on that show, so it's likely they might want to reference their older work in some way. It can be anything from just a dog and rabbit in the background who look like non-athromorphic versions of the titular Brandy or Whiskers, or something more similar to the show plot wise with an episode where Molly, Scratch and their family get trapped in the amazon jungle and have to live their until help arrives.

Scratch will feel guilty and stop giving Molly a hard time in "First Day Frights" when he sees that he's putting her in the same friendless, lonely situation as himself in the Ghost World.
  • A little predictable, but a good bet to make. Bonus points if the thing that provokes his conscience is someone teasing Molly calling her "the worst of the worst", or something to that effect.
    • Confirmed, on both accounts.

Molly's going to try keeping Scratch a secret from the rest of her family for a little while
The intro makes it obvious that they know about Scratch eventually, but... i mean, wouldn't you want to keep the fact you've been cursed by a ghost a secret just to make sure the rest of your family doesn't think your nuts?
  • Subverted Scratch met them himself trying to scare them away but Molly convinced her family that he's nice.

Scratch will get attached to Molly sometime within the first season.
  • He even seems to come around a bit over the course of the intro sequence (albeit only when there are tacos). He'll stay in denial for a while until (and likely even sometime after) he finds himself actively defending her a few times.
    • He'll only realize how much he appreciates her when the family moves at the end of the series run, and he too leaves the house to stay with the McGees.

This isn't the first time Scratch was cursed
Perhaps it will turn out a previous victim of Scratch cursed him so that he would be stuck with a person he could not torment so easily until he stops his Jerkass ways. They will appear sporadically throughout the show until the reveal comes.

Forgot to say that personally, I'm picturing an old woman as such.

Scratch’s Origins will reveal Scratch’s backstory
The film, The Ghost and Molly McGee: Scratch’s Origins, will reveal about Scratch's backstory, middle life, including before he met Molly.
  • That was part of DTVA's April Fools joke for 2021, so jossed before this theory could even be written.

Scratch will eventually find out what Molly's afraid of.. and it's going to be ridiculously outlandish
  • Think of Zack Underwood and his fear of flying fish.
    • Turns out Molly has Arachnophobia. One little tarantula is enough to send her into a panic.

The Chairman of the Ghost Council is just a figurehead.
The Grim Reaper-like Chairman of the Ghost Council is just a fabricated construct, meant to intimidate the subordinate ghosts to fall in line. He, or rather it, is just a device used to banish failed ghosts, and serve as a puppet for the real power of the other four Council members.

Molly and Scratch will switch places for an episode.
There may be an episode where magic is used to switch Molly and Scratch’s places turning Scratch human and Molly into a ghost.

One of the episodes will focus on Scratch's Backstory
Given that this show did reveal Molly's reason on why she wanted to make friends, an episode would focus Scratch's backstory on how was joined by the Ghost Council before meeting Molly.

Molly will realize that Scratch is working for the Ghost Council
Given that she is unaware that Scratch is working for the Ghost Council, it is likely in the Season Finale, that she will be heartbroken under the realization that the latter was scaring people in order to make Brighton miserable.
  • It turns out she already learn about the Ghost Council beforehand and Scratch has revealed it in the first few episodes.

Molly will become heartbroken after realizing that Scratch is helping the Ghost Council
Since it was revealed in the first episode, that she left a lot of friends after she moved, she will become more heartbroken once she realize that Scratch was helping the Ghost Council by making Brighton miserable.

  • In the recent episodes, Scratch seems to have told Molly about the Ghost Council, and acknowledges how he must try to ensure his quota meets the Council's standards.

Molly will willingly tell Libby about Scratch
Makes sense since Libby is Molly's first human best friend, she would later introduce her to her other best friend. How Libby will react will however, may not be pleasant.

  • Scratch the Surface has Libby finally discovering about Scratch and it's not dramatic as it seems. In fact, she and Scratch fights for the position on who will be Molly's number one best friend.

Andrea is eventually going to get her comeuppance over time
As the series goes on and Molly and Scratch get up to more exploits and adventures and [in Molly's case] spread more joy, the school, both students and staff alike, will start getting motivated and confident, and so will be more willing to stand up to Andrea and call her out on her horrible personality and stop catering to her every whim no matter how mad she gets, right down to pronouncing her name in the way she utterly despises. It's probably going to culminate where she finally gets some kind of punishent, perhaps from a teacher or principal or even her parents, and may even get something like this:
Andrea: You can't do this to me!
Authority Figure: Oh yes we can, Aan-dree-uh!

Failing that, Scratch can always haunt her.

Scratch's curse on Molly will become a Chekhov's Gun
Scratch will be banished into the Flow of Failed Phantoms only to turn out that Molly's ability to summon him lets her pull him out.

The Chairmen will become the Overarching threat
Given that he was shown looking at the Brighton meter at the end of the first episode, while making a hissed anger, It is likely that he will become a real threat to Scratch.

Scratch was haunted by his own ghost when he was alive.
That's most likely how he became so grumpy and miserable.

The Ghost Hunter will become the Big Bad
The Ghost Hunter will try to capture Scratch, know about The Ghosts, and will try to expose them to the town, including the world.

Andrea will figure out Scratch is a ghost and will try to expose him.
Despite at least only seeing him when the latter accidentally scared her in “First Fright Nights”, if she returned in any episodes of the series, she will figure out that Scratch is a ghost, and will try to expose him to the town.

Andrea will have a Heel–Face Turn and become Molly’s Friend near the end of Season 1
Given that Gloria Sato, Sasha Waybright, and Amity Blight all have turned from bullies to good friends of their respective protagonists, Andrea will likely apologize to Molly for her actions after regretting for what she has done, and will become her friend.
  • "Saving Christmas" really seems to want to suggest that Andrea's Freudian Excuse is her parents. They, especially her father, have the same vices as her (extreme selfishness, Bad Influencer tendencies), which they've raised Andrea to share. Her redemption arc will be to break away from her upbringing.

There will be a couple of Villain Songs
Given that the series is confirmed to be a musical which will have two songs on every episode, it will likely be possible that each of the Villains who might appear, will be having one.

Someone will expose Scratch and Ghosts to the World.
Since most people are obsessed with exposing secrets, Someone will likely expose the Ghosts, including Scratch, to the world.

Molly will figure out why Brighton is becoming a miserable town
In the season one finale, Molly will be figuring out on why Brighton is becoming a miserable town.

When Molly learns why Scratch has to make Brighton miserable...she will make a Declaration of Protection for him.
Scratch is too stubborn to ask for help, but Molly will find out about the Flow of Failed Phantoms punishment. She promises Scratch that she'll do everything she can to both save him from the Council and make Brighton happier. If the Council kidnaps Scratch, she'll go on an Orphean Rescue.

All ghosts in the series were formerly existing people who passed away.
  • A little dark, but if this were the case, then that means Scratch would've had a life of some sort in the past. And the way he died could possibly be a plot point somehow.

The Ghost Realm and Brighton run on a Year Outside, Hour Inside system.
That must be why the opposing softball team scored so many points over the Lemmings in less than a minute.
  • Unlikely considering Scratch is surprised by the scoring.

Carey Means and Dave Willis will guest star as friends of Scratch.

Many theories about how Scratch died
  • Food Poisoning

Molly's grandmother's advice about how to live with a ghost will prove a Chekhov's Gun that ultimately breaks the Council's hold on ghosts.
All the ghosts on the Council and the ghosts they manage appear to be American or at minimum, Westerners; in contrast, in Thailand (and likely other countries in Asia, given how those cultures believe that any creature and even objects can become spirits/ghosts under the right circumstances), ghosts rooming with humans and treated as valued guests or even family members is the norm. It's likely that if a ghost becomes properly bonded to a human or human family, they are able to move outside the Council's power; the Council, knowing this, instilled the system we see of "cause misery or be banished" so that none of the ghosts under their dominion would be able to bond with humans and thus find their freedom. The most likely road is that Scratch is discovered to be living with Molly's family and is kidnapped by the Council and set to be banished; Molly will show up and attempt a rescue but fails and is captured herself, with the Council planning to make her watch them banish Scratch. However, their bond will prevent the banishment; the Council will be confused but Scratch works it out and announces the reason to the room at large. The second season would then be dedicated to ghosts trying to live with humans instead of making them miserable.
  • Related: Ghosts still do scare but they use it in ways that make humans happy (like spooking up a haunted house for charity or morale) or against nefarious types (like having a ghost act as a security system for their adopted family). Meanwhile, the Council is a reoccurring antagonist ensemble, trying to sway ghosts back to the old system.

Molly and her Family will be keeping Scratch as a secret from everyone
Given that Molly tricked Libby into seeing her name while preventing her from knowing that Scratch is a ghost, this might mean that She and her family are going to hide Scratch as a secret from everyone, including the police, bullies, and criminals.

Andrea will suffer a Big Bad Slippage and becomes the main antagonist of season 1
  • Given how Andrea manage to rule the entire school with a simple Death Glare and how Molly has a tendency to humiliate her, Andrea will eventually assume a villainous role that involves her trying to run the Molly and her family out of town in the finale.

Andrea is a ghost in disguise
  • She has blue hair like a male ghost, pink clothes like a female ghost, really pale skin in comparison to everyone else, looks much more colorful than pretty much everything in Brighton (even the McGees who just moved out) and she overall sticks out like a sore thumb design-wise to everyone else in the show.

Greg Eagles will voice the Grim Reaper ghost

Nicky Jones will voice a ghost of a little boy who looks up to Scratch
  • Just like Dana Snyder's previous works, this could be a nice shout-out to Chowder, another cartoon that both actors used to work on.
    • Unlikely, as Jones retired from voice acting soon after Chowder ended, and is now a young man.

Andrea will work for the Big Bad later on in the show
  • Given that Andrea has a rivalry with Molly, she might become The Dragon for the Big Bad of the show.

Libby's dad is dead
  • He doesn't attend Libby's Bat Mitzvah, despite what looks to be his side of the family attending (and being on good terms with Libby's mom). Libby and her mother both go by the surname Stein-Torres, which doesn't suggest divorce (surely Libby's mother would switch back to her maiden name, which is presumably Torres alone). For all we know, in her candle lighting ceremony, she was about to mention her (already deceased) father as she did with her grandparents but once Molly left, her anxiety kicked in and she choked.

Libby's dad is in the Ghost Realm
Assuming the above WMG is true. Ghosts in this show are firmly established to be ex-people, so it stands to reason Libby's dad would be a ghost. Libby will apparently learn of Scratch's existence in an upcoming episode, so a possible episode could be Scratch reuniting Libby with her dad's ghost.

The Ghost Council wants Molly out of Brighton by any means necessary.
They don't care if she's a child, she has to go whether it means forced to move away or even killed.

The Ghost Council never were going to let Scratch into the Elite Ghost Society
They all hate Scratch and knew about the curse, so this was a way of messing with him.
  • Considering that this would have been an OOC Pet the Dog moment for them if they hadn't known, this troper agrees.

Libby will find out about Scratch
In the sneak-peek trailer of “Scratch the Surface”, she is shown following Molly and Scratch, meaning that she will find about about him in the following episode.
  • She did.

Patty is the grandmother of Diane
Well, she does have black skin like most Black American people, and this can also become justified.

Diane is the granddaughter of Patty
Well, she is shown to have black skin like her, including most Black American people, so this can be justified.

The Blinded Boy is related to The Blinded Ghost
The Blinded Boy did show some resemblance to The Blinded Ghost, given that they are both have blinded bangs without their faces being shown.

Kat is related to the Bouncer Bodyguard Ghost
In “First Day Frights”, She was heard saying about Molly being “The Worst of the Worst”, which is what the Bouncer Bodyguard Ghost said to Scratch in a flashback in the same episode.

Molly will help save and free the Failed Ghosts from the Flow of Failed Phantoms
Given that she was shocked once she learned about the Flow of Failed Phantoms in “Scratch The Surface”, This will mean that while she will likely be rescuing Scratch from ihe Ghost Council, and is always helping anyone whoever they have any issues or problems, she may be also helping on rescuing the Ghosts from the Flow of Failed Phantoms.
  • Confirmed. The season 1 finale has her and Scratch sent into the Flow of Failed Phantoms only for Molly's positivity to destroy it, setting all the banished ghosts free.

There will be a team of Ghost-Hunters
If an episode introduces them, it would be a team of Ghost-Hunters who will try to capture Ghosts, likely as a reference to Ghostbusters.
  • Alternatively, given the progress of pop culture, the team will be a bunch of "bros" with cameras trying to get their reality TV show renewed.

The Citizens of Brighton will forgive Molly for keeping Scratch a Secret
Despite being lied to by Molly, once someone exposes her secret about Scratch to the Citizens of Brighton, they will still forgive her for what has done since she has helped them during her time in Brighton, and will still help her.

Unlike certain other Lovable Alpha Bitches, Andrea's parents will be perfectly wonderful people
Albeit, completely spineless too.
  • Kind of confirmed. Mr. Davenport is greedy and selfish, but is shown to have a Freudian Excuse and loves Andrea.

The Halloween episodes will be paired with an episode about Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead.

There will be an episode going into Libby and Andrea's history.
In, "First Day Frights", Andrea made Libby an outcast in the first grade, but in "Friend-Off", Libby was invited to Andrea's sleepover in the third grade. In another show, this could be chalked up to simple Negative Continuity with a side of Early-Installment Weirdness. But this is a show that likes to maintain continuity and foreshadow upcoming events.

As Andrea starts entering Molly's friendship circle, she'll learn that Andrea and Libby were once friends, but had a falling out (possibly connected to the bedwetting at the sleepover), and the episode will be Molly getting them to rekindle their friendship.

Near the end of Season 1, Molly and Scratch’s friendship will be broken
If “The Bad Boy Bobby Daniels” is any foreshadowing, it might indicate that Molly and Scratch will break up their friendship.
  • Sort of confirmed. "The Jig is Up" ends with Scratch being forced back to the ghost world to stand trial and be banished to the Flow of Failed Phantoms for his friendship with Molly.

There will be a Sequel Hook that will set up Season 2
Since the second season of TGAMM was already announced, it’s likely they would set up the second season.
  • Sort of Confirmed.

    Season 2 
Molly can astral project at-will after becoming a Wraith

There will be a power vacuum and power struggle in the Ghost World in Season 2.
The Ghost Council had supreme control over the Ghost World because the Chairman and the threat of being sent to the Flow of Failed Phantoms.

Now that Molly has destroyed both, the Council has no one to enforce their will. Much like a mafia that has lost its don or a dictatorship that has lost its dictator, there will be conflicts in the Ghost World over who controls things. Some of the things that could happen:

  • Ghosts that like joy will conflict with ghosts that hate joy. The Ghost World will be split schizophrenically between the gloom we saw in Season 1 and joy like the kind Molly brought.
  • With no threat of punishment anymore, rogue ghosts won't have any inhibitions from wreaking genuine havoc on the human world (instead of just spreading misery).
  • The Council (and Jinx) won't be keen to give up their power so easily, and now they have a personal reason to scheme against Molly and Scratch beyond a mere petty dislike.
  • Alternately, Scratch, after encouraging the council to relax, will realize that the Council can't follow their bliss all the time and need structure. There will be an election for the new Chairman, and Scratch will run for it.

Scratch will use Molly's reputation of killing the Chairman to get into the VIP section
The next time Scatch gets thrown out, Scratch will bring up his best friend Molly McGee. This will cause the bodyguard to nerviously back peddle and let Scratch inside.

Future Antagonist threats that could become the Big Bad to Molly and the McGee Family
Now that the Ghost Council are no longer threats, with Season 2 coming, there are possibilities who might become the new future threat to the McGee Family, Scratch, including others.

Brenda Song will guest star as an actress who plays an expy of Anne from Amphibia
Word of God says Molly McGee’s favorite show would be Amphibia.

Walt Disney will appear as a ghost.
Sure it would be an indirect Celebrity Paradox (if Walt exists, Disney exists, which implies the show's existence in-universe), but it would be pretty funny.

Possible intro changes
  • Libby is included in the family group hug.

The Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, and Ghost of Christmas Future, as well as Jacob Marley will appear. And for the blackest of Black Comedy, The Little Match Girl will appear as a ghost.


    Ghost Realm 
The Chairman wasn't a ghost, or at least not the same type as the others.
He looks completely different, apparently feeds on misery, and was outright destroyed by Molly's positive touch. This suggests he's more of a spirit or Anthropomorphic Personification of sorrow than the spirit of a dead organism.

The curse resulted in Molly being able to see all ghosts
Molly appears to be able to see all ghosts, not just Scratch or his friends, but all the Monster of the Week kind as well such as the Sob Goblins who have no reason to reveal themselves to her and do not seem to be more generally visible to humans for the purposes of their scaring, such as Howling Harriet.Possibly when Scratch cursed them together, it also gave her spirit sight.

Scratch was Master Shake in Life
Given the VA and Scratch's general demeanor, it only makes sense.

Scratch is a Wraith.
Wraiths, which Molly briefly becomes, are ghosts who've abandoned their physical bodies without dying, leaving them depressed, soulless husks. A man named Todd has repeatedly encountered Scratch. He is a dead ringer for Scratch, and Scratch has stated that Todd doesn't have a soul. The circumstances of his near-death experience might be scored to a shortened version of songwriter Rob Cantor's "Ghost".
  • Adding on to this, both are voiced by Dana Snyder.

Libby was a premature baby
  • When her Mom called her her miracle, it's not just her being cute. This is also why Libby seems somewhat sickly at times.
  • It could also be a factor for why her family seems quite poor - medical bills.

Andrea is a trans girl
  • in the first episode when Molly mispronounced her name she got angry at her. Andrea's name is very special to her.
  • Jules Medcraft, Andrea's voice actress, might be using this role to come out as a trans person.

The show shares the same universe as The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Both involve supernatural beings living with children as a result of a curse.

The Ghost World that Molly and Scratch mention is the same Ghost Dimension that Eda unleashed on her school locker room
  • Eh, maybe they fixed the odd legalese about show crossovers since the Star days?