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Montgomery Moose grows up to work for Gizmonic Institute.
He managed to create a robotic version of himself. He could be creating all sorts of inventions in the future.

In the canned pilot, the implied betrayal isn't what it seems.
In this theory, the original Get-Along Gang did fall apart and Portia was at least connected to the reason. However, it wasn't an actual betrayal but rather a perceived betrayal that Portia couldn't disprove, whether she was the one accused or the only one who sided with the member accused of the betrayal (possibly Bingo); the tension caused by the "betrayal" splintered the gang and the members went their separate ways, to the glee of the one who caused it, likely the "common foe" mentioned. By the time period of the reboot, Portia is fed up with the distant relationships of all the former Get-Along Gang members and set out to create a new gang to help her bring to light the truth of how the original gang broke up. Once said truth is revealed, the original Get-Along Gang would serve as background mentors to Portia while they try to put their friendships back together.
  • Alternately, the gang fell victim to a carefully planned series of rumors and set ups that splintered and eventually shattered their bonds, with Portia again creating a new Get-Along Gang to bring the truth to light and the other members of the original gang acting as recurring background characters who serve as mentors to the new cast whenever they appear.