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The teens are sent into the film in the Land of Fiction.
Various rifts to the Land of Fiction have existed in the past, so it's not impossible that one could have been created in the theatre under the circumstances depicted. With the characters all trapped in a world that exists completely bound by the narrative laws of the genre it represents, it makes a certain dark sense that the only way they could kill Billy is by obeying the rules and using them against him.

Of course, considering that the Land traps people in it when they complete the story, that raises concerns about whether Max and her friends can ever get out of this mess...

In the original draft of Camp Bloodbath's script, Nancy was the Final Girl.
All the characters from Camp Bloodbath except Nancy seem super one-dimensional, even after they find out they're in a movie. (Except maybe Paula — she dies too early for us to really tell.) So imagine if, in an earlier version of the script, Nancy was the
Final Girl, and thus had more character depth. When the writers decided to go with Paula instead for whatever reason, the script's focus naturally shifted to her. But Nancy retained her Hidden Depths, but she didn't get the chance to explore them until Max and co. showed up.

"You are only a character in a movie!"
And all the movie characters immediately swallow this without a question? (Maybe because they are movie characters?)

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