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The Gandalfr runes are responsible for Louise and Saito's Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male
Not only do the runes make Saito have feelings for Louise and see her only in a good light, but that they make Louise have feelings for Saito as well. Part of why she lashes out so much is that she's being brainwashed into loving him as well, and is subconsciously attempting to fight it.
  • Jossed. The folks at the Spacebattles forums analysed the canon material and made it clear that all the void familiar runes do is suppress feelings of homesickness. The void mages have to gain the love, affection, and loyalty of their familiars the old fashioned way. Enforcing loyalty and affection is what the normal familiar runes do. If the void familiar runes enforced loyalty and affection, Brimir wouldn't have been killed by his own Gandalfr to keep him from genociding the elves.
  • Yes but what does it mean to suppress homesickness? If Louise is being an abusive bitch he is likely going to want to go home. So does it suppresses the feelings that make him want to go home and thus like Pavlov and his dogs does he begins to think he likes the abuse and the source of it. So if the master is a normal person and not an abusive sociopath they are fine both are relatively well off yes their feelings of home sickness are suppressed but if life is otherwise fine or at least the master is fairly kind to them, all that happens is not wanting to go home and being fine with staying. but if they are cruel and abusive then the spell has to keep suppressing the desire to leave making them think they like what is being done to them and who is doing it to them.
Louise's spells have the side effect of making people stupid.
This explains why:
  • Louise's first spell is to summon Saito. What does Saito do the next day? He starts a fight with Guiche, and continues even when he's losing badly (he won, but he had no way of knowing he would).
  • At his first appearance, Cromwell is content to wield his magic ring from the a safe distance, while he stays quiet. At the end of season 1, he gets a face full of Louise's stupid ray and starts monologuing in front of Tabitha and Kirche where Guiche can sneak up behind him with a big stick.
    • Louise's spell at the end of season 1 had a massive AoE effect which made everyone noticeably stupider for season 2.
  • At the beginning of season 2, when Louise gives Saito the glasses, she blasts him over and over again. Each time, the very next thing he does is provoke her into blasting him again. When they see the princess, it's been a while since Louise blasted Saito so the stupid has worn off, making him at least smart enough not to look at the princess and trigger the glasses. When she does get him to look at the princess, she blasts him with an even bigger explosion — which seems to knock even more stupid into Saito, whose next action is to make a pass at the princess.
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  • Made of Win
Derflingher is a Zanpakutou
When Saito starts using it to absorb magic spells, that's because he just figured out how to release it's shikai form.
  • Funny, but Wrong. Derflinger is an elf weapon. Sasha, the first Gandlfr, who forged Derfliger, was an elf. In the light novels, other elves using living blades appear.

Saito is Keitaro Urashima's cousin
They both have similar superpowers: magical resistance to the Groin Attack and Megaton Punch. Both are attracted to violent Tsunderes.]]

Saito is a masochist
Back on Earth, he never had a girlfriend for too long because they ran away when he told them about his fetish. He doesn't tell Louise because he knows that if he does, she might stop.

Semi-confirmed in the the 8th light novel (according to Baka-Tsuki translations, at least), with Saito's dream:

Tabitha remained expressionless, but like a machine-gun she spat out a string of words:
“Can’t find a boyfriend? Mind your own business! Stuck between the maid and the boob-less mage, you have no right to talk about me. Someone like you, all you need to see is the princess, the village girl or elder sister with big breasts and you instantly have that “look”, really a mess. Then you will say ‘no no, I can’t do this kind of thing, because I am from another world, so I cannot support your feelings.’ But while you talk, your body doesn’t react the same way.”
“You, You,” Saito’s head became red as a tomato.
“A person like you would seriously annoy them both, you make them want to come after you with violence.”
Saito looked at Tabitha’s height and replied, “You, you little kid, don’t talk so spirited like that.”
The girl’s was a head shorter than Louise, but Tabitha’s expression remained unchanged, and added, “Who is a kid? You are the real kid! A brainless person like you who tries to step into two ships with one foot, you are ten years too early!”
Saito suddenly curled into a ball aboard the wind dragon. He had apparently been kicked in the groin by Tabitha. Then Tabitha followed it with a straight kick to Saito’s face.
“I should keep you as a pet.”
“Stop joking!”
“What are you talking about? Aren't you very happy? You like it, don't you? When a loli dominates you. It is written all over your face!”

Other items from our world end up in Tristain
The people in Tristain, when they do laundry, end up with extra matches to their socks. When they look for their keys, they find extras. Nobody in Tristain makes wallets, because it's easier to find them lying on the ground.
  • Confirmed, but usually ignored.

Halkeginia is just a continent that is in reality part of Nirn.
The moons looks exactly like the moons of Tamriel, which could be a clue. And because it would be cool. Look deep into your hearts, you know it's true.

Zero no Tsukaima's Holy Land is still Israel/Palestine.
Consequently, Brimir is not Magic Jesus, he's Magic Moses. We don't know how pimpin' Brimir was, else he'd be Magic Abraham. Brimi... Avram... crap.

“Brimir is a god, I guess. Everyone, in Founder Brimir’s presence… starts saying prayers.”
“Idiot. He is not a god. Brimir was a free person. No, not much… he was God’s spokesman… The nearest entity to it… I think.”
“A great person anyway.”
“That is right.”
“Is this whole mess because this great guys' hometown was taken over by elves?”

This goes with the theory that time passes in Zn T Earth at the same rate as IRL Earth.

The Magic Academy knew from the very begining the Louise was a Void Mage

They kept it secret because 1) Without the Gandalfr she could not use her abilities anyway and 2) They felt that letting her struggle with ordinary magic would give her the humilty to use her powers responsibly when the time finally did come.

  • Technically speaking, every country with a void mage always had one; at the very moment he/she dies, the powers pass to another person with appropriate blood. But that person was incapable of using any genuine spells without having access to any of the founder's artefacts, meaning that the academy had at least a few students in the past who just couldn't use magic and never learned to do it, making it possible that they saw the possibility but thought it unlikely.

Siesta is a ninja
Because she's 1/4 Japanese, courtesy of her grandfather, and because she's a maid. And as we know, all Japanese maids are ninjas. Gramps was actually Japanese special forces in addition to being a navy pilot (just go with it) and when he got stranded in Tristain, he decided to pass his skills on to the next generation to make sure his family would have some defense against these uptight "noble" folks. Siesta is very good about concealing her skills, so good in fact that she looked just like a Damsel in Distress when that Count Mott fellow tried to buy her contract and turn her into his concubine. When Saito came riding in to the rescue, all he really did was save Siesta the trouble of putting arsenic in his tea or her foot to his throat.

Since Tsundere are often violent, and he play it for comedy, no one would notice.

on the other side of the world is Codex Alera.

Fury crafting is just a different type of magic, its been confirmed in the Codex that the people and some of the Critters are from other worlds, like how stuff from are world goes to Zero no Tsukaima world.

Of course this means the Vord are coming, to eat them.

Void Magic is divine magic.
Let's review.
  • The main spellbook (actually the only one we know of) is called the Prayer Book.
  • The spells take much longer to cast and explicitly involve arias, while the regular magic is more or less imposing your will on the world with a thought.
  • The first and last known user of the Void allegedly ascended after death.

Cattleya has a mildly severe case of asthma
She isn't chronically ill, she just has a medical condition which the technology of her world has no real way of treating. Presumably, she would've been able to live a perfectly normal and active live on Earth, where inhalers and steroids are readily available.

Earth and water dragons exist.
Wind and fire dragons are canon within The Familiar Of Zero, while water dragons are a common dragon type in many other franchises. So it wouldn't be that far of a stretch for water or even earth dragons to exist in Halkeginia.

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