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Golden Spike is the Big Bad.
He went mad with power and is now trying to discredit the princesses to gain total control over the Equestrian Railway. He was the one who found an obviously novice, but very talented, thief, probably as a scrapegoat. He also knows about whatever evil is locked up north. He might even know about the Crystal Empire and trying to make himself emperor.
  • Jossed

Hunter will have to fight his old friend.
She will be guarding the Big Bad he is trying to apprehend.
  • confirmed.

There will be a coup attempt at the board meeting.
The golems will be used in an attempt to not only force the princesses to sell their shares in ERS, but oust them from power as well.
  • Confirmed

When Sabra finally finds the answer to his question, it will be ''Yes.''

The Diamond Dogs will become a guerilla/terrorist group that will attack Equestria.
Mint is more than a little bit unhinged, showing signs of growing megalomania, and wanting revenge. She will try to copy the Dusk Guard crystal armor to equip the Diamond Dog tribes with, and then send them on skirmishes and looting raids in preparation for a full-scale invasion.

Queen Chrysalis will make an appearance in Book 2.
Mint Tam is heading to the Badlands, home to, aside from the Diamond Dogs, the changeling hives. Her ambition is sure to make her butt heads with them.
  • Jossed: None of the story even takes place in the Badlands.

The two extra cookies are for Luna and Vinyl
The cutie mark cookies are meant for ponies that the giver cares about. Luna is shaping up to be a sort of surrogate mother/older sister for Nova, and if one puts shipping goggles on, Vinyl and him are going to be an item.
  • Without the goggles, they are shaping up to be great friends.

Book 3 will be based around Blade and her relationship with Hunter.
Based entirely on the tentative title (Hunter/Hunted).
  • Alternatively, it will be about Hunter's love life.
  • Not jossed yet, but it's not looking good, either.

When the team goes to the Crystal Empire, they will encounter a certain filly.
Either by chance or deliberately, the team will bump into the crystal fae that Steel saved in Emoticon. She'll become a Tagalong Kid, perhaps even getting adopted by the team.

Nova Beam's living relation
It is revealed that Nova Beam has at least one living relation in ''Trust". I'm guessing it will be a brother/sister and not a parent, just because.
  • Confirmed as a sister in Hunter/Hunted.


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