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The Draka are beaten in their own timeline in a Time Paradox.
A careful read will reveal that:
  • Samothrace stabilized three gates to alternate universe. Let's name OTL Drakaverse as Earth/1
  • One of the other worlds (Let's say Earth/2) where Samothrace was uninhabited, AND Earth was somehow wiped clean of life with a strange event where ALL life was extinguished with a Bioweapon. In Drakon, Gwendolyn promised to use a bioweapon to wipe the planet clean if she ever died, in an universe where Samothrace wasn't colonized. Coincidence?
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  • Kenneth La Farge, the Keanu Reeves-expy cyborg killed her in the other universe, where Drakon happened, Earth/3.
  • Samothrace now owns both universe's Alpha Centaurian planets, as well as a less-exploited Earth of Earth/2.
  • Draka lost both possibilities of their first extra-universe excursion, and now cannot even stabilize a gate. Defeat is imminent.

The Draka will meet the Daleks and the Time Lords.
You're attacking alternate timelines. Sooner or later you're going to end up hitting the Whoniverse. So, the Draka end up in the middle of the Time War, and suddenly the Daleks and the Time Lords (and their allies) are forced to ally. Could you imagine a full Dalek army led by The Doctor and The Master?
  • More likely the Doctor blowing up the Sol system with the aid of the Alliance, ending the Draka threat to the multiverse once and for all.
  • Perhaps they're the ancestors of the Kaleds? Skaro is actually post-apocalyptic alternate Earth, the Thals are an Alliance remnant that went full-on in a desperate attack to reclaim the planet (or a bunch of slaves entrusted with scientific projects, but developed a resistance to the Servus gene allowing them to hijack important Draka science and repress their masters back into underground bunkers). The Supremacist views of the Daleks was essentially because of Davros trying to revive the ideology of Draka-supremacy and ending up exaggerating it toexterminating all inferiors.

The books are Draka propaganda.
This is the only reasonable explanation.
  • The Draka never made it past the middle east and Central Asia. After they split with Britain and began conquering the Ottoman's and Arabians, the British sought revenge for a large chunk of the empire leaving and used their prodigious navy to smuggle weapons into Drakan Africa and sell weapons to Persia and Afghanistan. The uprisings forced the Draka to a crawl, as they slaughtered the sporadically equipped and barely trained serf rebellions and began locking down the shores of most of a continent and began a great reorganization of Africa. Technology did not explode, but the Draka, keen on the fact that technological superiority is what allows them to exist, did gain nuclear weapons by the 1940s. The rest of the world doesnt care about the fate of the Black Africans, since thanks to butterflies, Hitler never happened and the Great Backlash against racism never tookhold. The only major technological interests are a permanent alternative energy project, because everyone tires of purchasing Drakan oil. After the 1930s, revolt became impossible. Africa, in other words, has become a giant North Korea. A North Korea for whom the ruling class never starves and the working class are bred like cattle for obedience and non violence. Everything else is more or less the same as it is in our world, with the other major powers— America, Russia, China, etc.—mostly just leaving the Draka alone and trying not to provoke them.
    • As a collorary, they are an in-universe Stealth Parody by a disgruntled Citizen writer.
    • In real life, they are basically a backwards tinpot dictatorship barely held together by force, with chronic problems stretching across their whole society, with many kept from leaving the country a la East Germany.
  • Alternatively, they're Alliance propaganda, intentionally exaggerating the Draka as an unstoppable nation to motivate their soldiers to fight. It's akin to World War I-era propaganda showing Germans as apes and showing a hypothetical German victory as leaving only a small piece of land by the Pyrenees to France.
    • Alternateively, they're a series of alternate history books written in-universe as a mirrorverse alternate history wank

The Draka will stumble upon Felarya
They're screwing around with inter-dimensional travel. Eventually, they'll get dumped into the middle of the Felaryan jungle. Then Crisis and fiends will eat them.

The Draka will encounter the Kro-Mags from Sliders
Eventually their dimensional/timeline travel will lead them to meet, and likely become allies. Or possibly, extremely bitter enemies.

Resistance is futile!
There's absolutely no reason one of their moleholes couldn't open into the Star Trek universe, whereupon the Draka will encounter the Borg and learn what it's like to be made into mindless drones.
  • Jean-Luc Picard and company discover that the Borg are now Under the Yoke. Borg Servus are minimally at 7 of 9 hotness, the implants are fashion statements.

The Draka piss off everybody
Take all the "Draka attack X universe and fight Y character" WMGs and combine them. The Draka's dimension-traveling escapades lead them to invade a bunch of universes and wind up fighting the Jedi Order, the Justice League, the Avengers, the Doctor, Starfleet, the Colonial fleet, and SG-1 in the biggest war imaginable. And lose. Horribly.

The founders of the Draka made A Deal with the Devil
It would explain how they managed to achieve so many things in such a short amount of time with none the wiser and how everything seemed to go their way. In addition, they are more or less an evil empire symbolized by a dragon, a common symbol for the Devil.
  • The thing about deals with the Devil is that, one day, you must pay the Devil his due.

The Distant Finale has the Draka taking on The Culture, and losing badly
By chance, a Draka warship encounters a Culture space habitat, attempts an attack and is promptly blasted out of space, but not before relaying information about this new civilisation to conquer and subjugate. This incident also prompts Special Circumstances to send an agent and combat drone to investigate Earth. Being from a culture of essentially space anarcho-communists, the oppressive, hyper-reactionary slave society the pair finds on Earth leaves them utterly mortified, and in true Culture fashion, they decide that there's no way they can allow a society like this to exist, and send a handful of drones their way. What better match for the Draka's Villain Sue than the Culture's Invincible Hero? Given the immense technological superiority of the Culture we could see the Draka being on the receiving end of the Curb-Stomp Battle for once. Faced with the possibility of their first ever total defeat, the drakensis would probably prefer to trigger Project Fenris and all spitefully die to the last man and woman than admit they've had it and surrender gracefully, and the servus would either best-case be liberated (by the Culture thwarting Project Fenris somehow), or worst-case be dragged into oblivion with their masters (but arguably this is a somewhat fucked up species-wide Mercy Kill, considering who the Draka are). Either way, forecast calls for Bittersweet Ending with a chance of Earn Your Happy Ending if the post-American colonists are found in Alpha Centauri and integrated into the Culture.

A Reality-Breaking Paradox causes the universe to implode a few seconds after the Series Finale.
They fucking deserve it.

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