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WMG theories for The Death Of One:

This is a possible -non-canonical- ending of the story
Right after her talk with Gendo, Asuka met a stranger called Daniel which said he found she had been treated very poorly and he would like being her friend, helping her and bringing back everything had been taken from her. He also hinted mysteryously he had done the same the thing for other Shinjis and Asukas. Asuka was skeptic, but she accepted her offer.

Then he extracted Shinji from Unit 01, brought Rei back -pulling her from the time-stream a split-second before her death-, united her soul -which was split between her body, Lilith's and Unit 00-, and transported the trio to his own dimension.

Shinji, Asuka and Rei travelled to one of the planet resorts of Avalon and remained there resting and healing for a while. In that world they found several counterparts of theirs:


While they are talking to their counterparts and having therapy Daniel is working on The Death Of One timeline to set thigs right and is getting ready to stomp SEELE. The Super Robot Wars army has offered their assistance, but before travelling to that timeline they visit the "The Death Of One" Shinji, Asuka and Rei. Super Robot Wars Shinji, Asuka and Rei meet their TDOO selves and introduce them to Kouji Kabuto, Ryoma Nagare, Amuro Rei... and very especially Noriko Takaya and Simon the Digger. They also tell the TDOO Children they do not need to fight anymore if they do not want.


The campaign is successfull, SEELE gets defeated, all Evas are destroyed only in case, and the trio is capable to return to their world to try live peacefully from now on.

The End


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