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Lily will end up as the film's villain
  • The original film had newcomer Sarah as the level-headed witch who regrets abusing her powers and is eventually turned on by the other girls. Lily is presented as a expy of sorts to Sarah, but in a potential inversion of the original film's plot, Lily will be the one who is most corrupted by her powers, and the other girls will have to stop her.

Sarah or Nancy will make a cameo appearance.
  • Nancy’s photo is seen in the trailer so perhaps Lily or one of the other girls will seek her out to learn about the past coven, or Sarah will appear to warn Lily over abusing her powers.
    • Confirmed, Fairuza Balk appears at the very end as Nancy, implying that Lily gained her powers from her which creates a humongous Plot Hole with the original.

The ending will set up for another sequel
  • Confirmed; the film ends with Lily meeting her birth mother for the first time, who is revealed to be Nancy, setting up a potential sequel to explore their relationship and how Nancy has developed as a character since the first movie.

Helen was under a love spell the whole time
  • It would explain why she chose to uproot her entire life and move in with Adam so quickly, despite the fact her own child barely knows him and neither she nor Lily have met his children (Helen even tells Lily she knows the relationship is moving fast). It could also explain why she was even attracted to him in the first place, as Adam barely hides his condescending attitude towards women around her, and their personalities and values seem incompatible. Not to mention Adam is perfectly capable of working such a spell, given he's a warlock and thinks women are 'lesser beings'.


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