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Sondra Huxtable is a Key.
That's why she doesn't exist in the first few episodes. The monks hadn't created her yet.

  • She was a replacement for Denise the original/flawed Key. That would explain why Cliff only thought he had 4 children in the first episode. That is why they both look different from the other 3 Cosby kids.

Vanessa got grounded for a month over the Baltimore thing
The morning after, everybody calmed down, and Clair had a more civil conversation, explaining parents need to know where their children are, and a grounding would occur until Vanessa was more responsible.
  • Alternative: Vanessa was grounded for six months, although the conversation was indeed more civil and the same explanation applies: 1. Parents need to know where their children are, and that even if the chain of events that did occur did happen they would have come to their aid. They wouldn't have been happy, and might be very angry ... but at least they'd be there to help; 2. There are reasons why they never would have been allowed to go to Baltimore for the concert, and it was precisely because of what happened (car stolen at one of their stops, all their money gone and tickets stolen from a scalper) and they didn't know how to help themselves, they could have been mixed up in some bad things (such as drug use, violence and other things, particularly since the Wretched had such a reputation for bad things happening at their concerts that they got barred from performing in New York), they could have been vulnerable to much worse (such as being robbed, sexually assaulted and worse) ... and indeed they were fortunate to have had one of the girls' brother's friend help get them home; 3. She needs to pick her friends better, especially the lead conspirator (who had, in previous episodes, gotten her and others in big trouble); and 4. Both she and Cliff love Vanessa, and they are doing all this for that very reason ... and when Vanessa tries to explain her friend's mother lets her do anything and everything, Clair looks her daughter in the eye and explains there's much more to that mother's permissive attitude than what it seems, and that she often sees the results in court ... and that the outcomes are often very tragic. Although Clair's attitude toward Vanessa softens somewhat later on, their relationship remains strained to this day, as this being the tipping point.

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