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Many of their songs when put in order form a series dedicated to the formation of a Just Friends relationship.
Several of their songs have clear implications of unrequited love forming out of friendship and eventually reciprocal love, and when put together in a row they can show the development of such a relationship:
  • Forgiven Not Forgotten is about the "pillar" standing in the way of any relationship that is referenced in Love To Love You. It's the woman's feelings for her ex lover.
    But now the memories of the man are haunting her days,
    And the craving never fades,
    She's still dreaming of the man long forgiven,
    But not forgotten.
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  • Love To Love You is about the woman recognising that her friend loves her, but being unable to do anything about it because of her feelings for her ex lover.
    You recognised my barrier to love,
    I know there's nothing worse than unrequited love,
    So I prayed to God that I could give the love you gave to me,
    But something's lying in my way, preventing it to be.
  • At Your Side is the male helping the woman through her pain and hurt of Forgiven Not Forgotten, being there for her as a friend despite his love for her.
    When the daylight's gone, and you're on your own,
    And you need a friend, just to be around,
    I will comfort you, I will take your hand,
    And I'll pull you through, I will understand,
    And you`ll know that I'll be at your side.
  • Hurt Before is the end result of all the pain and hurt, having finally got over the ex-lover, the woman once again moves out into the world.
    You see she's turning the key, unlocking the door,
    Embracing the roller coaster world,
    Stepping outside with body and soul,
    Taking whatever future holds,
    Turning the key, unlocking the door,
    Embracing the roller coaster world.
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  • What Can I Do is the man trying to figure out what he can do to show the woman his feelings but deciding to be happy with their friendship.
    There's only so much I can take,
    And I just got to let go,
    And who knows I might feel better, yeah,
    If I don't try and I don't hope.
  • All the Love in the World is the woman looking for love again, not realising it's in front of her face, believing her friend isn't the one for her.
    Don't want to wake up alone any more,
    Still believing you'll walk through my door,
    You'll reach for me and I'll know it's for sure,
    Then I'll give all the love in the world.
  • Hopelessly Addicted is the woman's Love Epiphany.
    Opened my eyes today,
    And I knew there's something different,
    Saw you in a brand new way,
    Like the clouds had somehow lifted,
    And if yesterday I heard,
    Myself saying these words,
    I would swear it was a lie.
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  • Dimming Of The Day is about the woman believing that her friend no longer loves her.. in effect it's an Unrequited Love Switcheroo.
    What days have come to keep us far apart,
    A broken promise or a broken heart,
    Now all the bonnie birds have wheeled away,
    I need you at the dimming of the day.
  • Hideaway is the woman deciding to simply go for it, taking her chance that the man still loves her.
    It's time to change, throw out the books and start again,
    Break all the rules, fall on your face, don't be ashamed,
    You can't waste more time, 'cause you've been gone for far too long,
    Trapped in his arms, safe without harm,
    Follow your heart, don't be afraid.
  • Runaway is from the male perspective, having realised that his love is now reciprocal, he makes it clear he still loves her and asks her to be sure that she has real feelings for him:
    Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you,
    I'm not alone, tell me you feel it too.
  • Breathless is the first time they make love.
    Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless,
    Tempt me, tease me until I can't deny this,
    loving feeling, make me long for your kiss,
    Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless.
  • Make You Mine is the honeymoon period of the relationship.
    I'm falling deeper everyday,
    So when the night turns over,
    I'll lie with you,
    And when the morning wakes you,
    I'm there for you,
    When the daylight takes you,
    I'll miss you,
    Til you come back home to me,
    And I can make you mine.
  • Summer Sunshine continues the relationship past the honeymoon period.
    Now that you’ve loved me,
    There’s no returning,
    I keep comparing,
    You’re always winning,
    I try to be strong,
    But you’ll never be more wanted,
    Will you make me a home?
  • Looking In The Eyes Of Love is the final part of the story, having finished the honeymoon period, dealt with their UST and spent the summer falling in love, they are now completely in love, and looking towards spending the rest of their lives together.
    Oh, my heart's found a home,
    I've been dreaming of,
    Now that I've found you,
    I'm looking in the eyes of love,
    I can see forever,
    I can see you and me,
    Walking in this world together.
  • If you consider that Love To Love You references Autumn as being the start, and Summer Sunshine is near the end, it's possible that the relationship takes place over a single year, Autumn at the start, then Winter with the woman working through her issues about her ex, Spring being the parts of the relationship where the woman comes to love the man and Summer when they both finally get together.

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