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Verity Carter

To recap, Verity Carter from the Last Train From Oblivion side story is a newfoal that still somehow retained her original personality and free will. There is also the fact that it's explicitly stated in the main story that complete and permanent transformation of one's body to another requires the binding of the transformee's soul in chains. So what is she exactly?

Possible theories:

  • She was the victim of some kind of flawed potion.
  • Heroic Willpower.
  • Something else altogether.

Lyra has the potential to become an alicorn, and the only reason her TCB counterpart didn't was because the evil unleashed on Earth was her fault in the first place.

Not to say this will actually happen, since it may come off as a bit too Mary Sue-ish, but there's plenty to back up this theory. It's already made clear that this story's version of Lyra shares a lot of traits with Twilight Sparkle, and could go just as far in life if she were more disciplined. She even has the necessary genetic predisposition, considering that TCB!Luna explains to Marcus that she and Cadance are pegacorns (hence why Lyra can walk on clouds despite lacking wings).

Given these factors, not to mention being watched over by the Scribe and doing more to defend the principles of harmony and friendship than any other TCB!pony, Ambassador Lyra seems like she should have it made to gain alicornhood. While Cadance herself still hasn't done so due to Equestria's tainted magic, the story does mention that Earth possesses its own latent magical field, which works according to rules similar to those on Equus, and what pony would be more attuned to Earth's magic than one who loves mankind so much as TCB!Lyra?

But if she ever had a chance to earn this privilege, she lost it when she let herself be tempted by Tirek, and her role from then on was to repay her mistake by committing the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Lightning Dust has a vision of Lyra as an alicorn battling Queen Celestia in the third chapter of Last Train From Oblivion.

Kraber's Noodle Incident about "corpses in a vineyard" is that he murdered Francis Ford Coppola.

Seriously, think about it. Aside from being a shell-shocked, barely-restrained psycho, Kraber is also something of a pop-culture geek with a nasty sense of humour. He'd be well aware of the stances adopted by the major figures of the film industry towards the ponies, and Coppola, being a Hollywood liberal, would almost certainly declare himself pro-PHL.

Now, which film is Francis Ford Coppola best known for? The Godfather. And what's the most infamous scene in that movie? The one where the loathsome producer Jack Woltz awakens in bed with the severed head of his favourite stallion. (You can probably see where this is going.) As it happens, Coppola owns the Rubicon Estate Winery in Rutherford, California. It's easy to imagine him peacefully walking past the rows of his vines one morning, only to discover the remains of a close pony friend and drop dead from a heart attack.

And the HLF would call it poetic justice.


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