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Possible future modders:
  • Denis Berger/denisolenison, since he made The Leveling Tree relatively early on which is also quite small, but he's mostly known for other idle games.
  • The Paper Pilot, who is probably inevitable due to the large amount of contributions to the fanbase (some big games, developing Profectus, moderating the TMT discord server and forum). Don't think the layer should be one-and-done affair due to different games beyond released over a wide time period.
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  • pg132, who's known for making some huge games in TMT. Will probably be left until very late into the game.

We'll return to the Jacorb layer for a bigger, more fleshed-out version of The RNG Tree.
We may also get a Video Game Demake of sorts of Primordia (2022), a Profectus game.