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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic:

Whatever possessed Godzilla senior is the Big Bad
While it's established Senior was a more violent personality than his adoptive son, he did seem grossly over aggressive in Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth. In story it's explained by the dinosaur having been possessed by some dark force, driving him into an insane rampage until Mothra hit him with cleansing magic. In the timeline and in Xenilla's nightmare it's shown Senior fought an unknown entity near Attu Island in 1983. That same island is where the rogue guardian was sealed away in the distant past by the prehistoric Mothra. If that same being somehow possessed Senior after being defeated by him, it would explain why Senior was so quick to attack Mothra.

The Big Bad is Bagan
If you're going by this silhouette.
  • As mentioned above, something possessed Godzilla Senior and that caused him to attack Lea's parents. The attack gave Lea nightmarish flash backs. In said flashback, if you look very closely at Senior's eye, you can see two horn-like shakes flanking his pupil. It makes his pupil look like Bagan's head. Link
    • Confirmed.

Xenilla and Destroyah will temporarily join the benign kaiju
Xen's already Ambiguously Evil and it seems the CMC can reign in Destroyah's Axe-Crazy urges for now, so it might be an Enemy Mine situation. Both sides don't like each other one bit but the other villain is a larger threat to either.

Monster X is a Fallen Hero
Him rescuing Starfall might seen out of character for a villain. Unless he wasn't always a villain. The brief bits of back story we get implies he wasn't always in the form he is now and might have been created in the state he is in now to protect prehistoric Xilians from some threat. Basically an alien Super Soldier. Perhaps afterwards he was enslaved by the Controllers and kept under their thrall for so long he forgot who he was? Probably won't get a redemption, but makes you feel sorry for the guy.
  • Basically he's a corrupted, alien version of Terra's guardian beasts.
    • Would support why this unknown benign force in Equestria spoke to him telepathically to keep him from killing a guard.
  • Might be supported if the blog side story, Time and Isolation is from his perspective before he lost all his memory. Seems he was a guardsmen who volunteered to turn into a kaiju in order to ward off some sort of attack.
  • Confirmed... *sniff*

Xenilla actually doesn't hate Junior
He insists on calling Junior a term that shows he thinks of him as family. He saved his life during Final Wars to no benefit of his own and didn't attack him when given the chance to finish his rival off. When Celestia read their emotions, she sensed a lot more negativity coming out of Junior than vice versa. He also didn't harm Junior when given the chance back when Junior was still a toddler despite it being a good time to eliminate a future threat. Xen's fight was with Godzilla Senior, not Junior. He might be a destructive jerk and manipulative bastard, but in some twisted, screwed up way he actually cares about his "little brother"
  • Some support for this could be in the Theme Naming that seems to be going on with Word of God for the kaiju rosters' human names when asked in a Q&A. Xenilla's was Damien Nassir Gojira. Movie influence aside, Damien is traditionally a benign name being popularized by a saint. More notably though, Nassir may be a name unfamiliar to anglo-speakers; but in Arabic it means Protector. Could fit him saving Junior's life in Final Wars.
  • Seems to get more support recently when Blade Dancer saw Xenilla running war simulations of the kaiju factions in a board game. Every time a piece implied to represent Junior fell, he freaked out and reset.
  • Confirmed in one of the most out of left-field reveals in the story. Xenilla had be attacking Junior, but only as a means to toughen him and his allies up to make them strong out of concern for his brother.

The six primary Kaiju each represent one of the elements of harmony
And this isn't so wild really. First off, Mothra, Xenilla, Destroyah, and Anguirus each appeared near one of the Mane six, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash respectively. Secondly, While It was theorized by Mothra and Rainbow Dash that it takes a large blast of Magic to revert a Kaiju, (which does work) Anguirus was reverted by proximity to Rainbow Dash and preforming an act of true loyalty.So, here is the basic list of the most likely connections.
  • Anguirus: Loyalty (the most obvious connection)
  • Destroyah: Honesty (She never lies, you notice that?)
  • Xenilla: Kindness (Wrap your head around that one why don't ya, but he certainly isn't very cruel)
  • Mothra: Magic (Duh)
  • Godzilla: Generosity (Because he is self sacrificing enough to take on an entire horde of Gyaos with no regard to his own safety)
  • Rodan: Laughter (Process of elimination)

Red is going to be the Big Bad of the sequel.
The current Big Bad managing to toss Red through that portal is already a huge Sequel Hook in of itself. The fact that Red even has the capability to tear open dimensional portals when pushed hard enough in the first place shows the demon is just as capable of reclaiming his realm once the current Big Bad is defeated and just as capable of invading Equestria if he wanted. And when he does come, his new army will consist of the former inhabitants of whatever dimension was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Red's arrival and were twisted and mutated into tortured, mindless, bloodthirsty monsters by Red himself.

Best bet: Care Bears

  • If this happens the entire sequel will be a parade of Nightmare Fuel and CMOF.

We're going to get a Kaizer Ghidorah vs. King Ghidorah fight
Not only does this story seem to love the Evil vs. Evil trope, but Kaizer would have every reason to loath King. Monster X has made it quite clear he despises King Ghidorah, and if Kaizer is his Superpowered Evil Side, Kaizer would only hate him more.
  • Chapter 21 reveals that, despite how bad King Ghidorah is, Kaizer is FAR WORSE enough for Bagan to acknowledge that he is a possible threat.
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  • In Chapter 21, Kaizer hijacked Monster X's body, causing a partial transformation and a rampage. The target of the rampage was Kaizer's crazed attempts to find and kill King Ghidorah.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 24 and it was brutal.

The title of Chapter 20 is an allusion to Nightmarity and Kaizer Ghidorah
In Hebrew mythology, Lilith is a female demon who is associated with seduction and nightmares (her name literally translating to "Night Monster"). This is not that far off from the Nightmare force's actions, being nocturnal, causing nightmares; and seducing a host to take it in. Abaddon is the Hebrew name for Apollyon, a highly dangerous demon who lays waste to everything around it; with his name translating to "Destroyer". Given how the story seems to be setting up Kaizer Ghidorah as a Superpowered Evil Side to Monster X, this matches the description.

The Big Bad's actions are going to backfire on him.
In Chapter 21, Bagan has decided to kill Monster X and absorb his Kaizer Ghidorah power for himself. Not only will this cause X to understandably turn on him, but his teammates will turn as well, leading to them allying with Godzilla's team and the Equestrians.
  • Already starting to in an odd way. As of chapter 26, the sirens and Monster X have temporarily teamed up against Enjin.
    • Zigzagged. While the sirens and X were able to destroy Enjin and the other Dark Hunters retrieved X, none of them knew who or what Enjin was so there was nothing for them to trace back to Bagan. To them, Bagan is still their unnamed Benevolent Boss.

The Sirens can use and feed on The Power of Love.
When Aria Blaze was desperately trying to stop Kaizer Ghidorah from attacking her, she inadvertently sang a different song and absorbed red smoke instead of green smoke from him (which she noted seemed to be more powerful), and he briefly saw her as Monster X's late wife. Harmony noted how unusual this is.
  • While not confirmed, her singing did noticeably calm down Kaizer mid-rampage. She thus far is the only character to have ever done this.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 29 part 2.

King Ghidorah attacked the Xilian home world in the past, and Monster X's wife was one of the casualties.
This would explain why Monster X volunteered to transform into a kaiju, why he was feared by his own people (since he shares King Ghidorah's genes and can take on a form similar to his), and why he subconsciously hates King Ghidorah even though he can't remember his wife. Also, while Kaizer Ghidorah was ranting and raving, he screamed, "HE KILLED H—! WH—E IS HE?! WHERE! IS! HE!?"
  • First half is confirmed as of Chapter 23.

Monster X and Kaizer Ghidorah share fractured pieces of their old life's persona.
It's all but confirmed directly at this moment that the transforming kaiju we now know as Monster X and Kaizer Ghidorah was once a normal Xilian, a guardsmen named Praetorian Guard 094. Extended trauma and centuries long isolation in the X form seems to have torn his identity apart into two personalities. Monster X seems to have inherited 094's physical skills (Martial Arts) and personality, but lost his memory. Kaizer Ghidorah, who seems to be able to recall events and faces from 094's life, has 094's memories but had been consumed by rage long ago and went crazy.
  • Confirmed.

The main MLP and Kaiju heroes and heroines are the Decoy Protagonist, the 'Dark Hunters' are the real ones.
If they pull their long expected Heel–Face Turn, the four Dark Hunters (Monster X, Irys, Gigan, and Megalon) are our real protagonists. They'd be the one undergoing the most changes in the story, going from unknowing minions for the Big Bad and then turning against them. Doesn't hurt most of them are Ensemble Dark Horses for various reasons. Just look at this page, a good chunk of the WMG is devoted to Noble Demon Monster X and his story.

At some point, Godzilla WILL fly via his breath attack and/or use the infamous tail slide drop kick.
The story already is not shy about using the unexpected and hijinks, and Junior has been compared to having some similarities to the late Showa Age Godzilla. Given this crossover's mix of outlandishness and seriousness, if it happens it wouldn't stand out.
  • Confirmed for using his breath attack to fly. He does so in Chapter 41 and it's EPIC!

Godzilla Junior will transform into Super Godzilla for the climactic fight against Bagan.
When Bagan finally makes his appearance, Godzilla will be forced to try and battle him one on one for one reason or another. Naturally, much like how it would go in the game, he gets crushed utterly and is on the verge of receiving the coup de grace when Monster X (who, alongside his companions would have either pulled a Heel–Face Turn or is in an Enemy Mine situation with the heroes) transfers his Kaiser Energy (which Bagan himself wanted and saw as a threat) to him in a similar sequence to Final Wars, transforming Godzilla into Super Godzilla and allowing him to fight back on even grounds. In Final Wars, Kaiser Energy can be transferred and in the Heisei series, a Godzilla can absorb another kaiju's energy. In the G-fandom; it's pretty much guaranteed that when Bagan shows up, Super Godzilla is going to show up as well as the only kaiju capable of going up against him.

Controller 011 stopped Kaizer Ghidorah's original rampage by committing suicide.
It's been established that normal Xilians have a degree of empathy links between individuals. In the case of the Controller, 011's psychic abilities seemed to have made the bond between her and Praetorian 094 a.k.a Monster X so strong they have injury Synchronization. When Kaizer Ghidorah finally stopped, the fleeing King Ghidorah saw a cut open up on his chest; causing Kaizer to tumble back writhing in pain. This cut seemed much different than the myriad of other injuries Kaizer incurred that he shrugged off. And if it was on the center torso it be right where the heart would be. Controller 011 survived her fall and upon seeing her husband lost on a rampaging monstrosity, stabbed herself through the heart. The psychic whiplash was enough to knock out Kaizer Ghidorah and might have started the memory issues Monster X has today.
  • Confirmed.

Kaizer Ghidorah mistook Aria Blaze for Controller 011 because of her eye color.
Word of God and background material pretty firmly established that Xilians are normally colored in gray scale, with the only variations being how close to black or white something was. It's noted however that the augmentations a controller undergoes can give them some colors in their facial veins and irises, one noted to be violet. Controller 011 had purple hued eyes and veins and was Praetorian 094's spouse. If Kaizer has all of 094's memories, it make sense that he'd home in on the eyes for quick identification if his wife was the only one of their species to have a certain color. Which is exactly what he did when he looked at the trapped Aria. And what color are Ms. Blaze's eyes again?
  • Confirmed. Tarbtano mentioned this in a post for the illustration for Controller 011.

Celestia is playing matchmaker with Luna and Junior because the latter reminds her of her lost love.
In the IDW comics, Celestia had a romance with the Mirror Universe's King Sombra that tragically ended in King Sombra undergoing a Heroic Sacrifice. Upon learning that Godzilla Junior has many similar traits to her lost love and seeing her sister's interactions with him evolve from distrust to respect with hints of affection; she decided to play matchmaker. Celestia being the Shipper on Deck is her attempt to play a sibling version of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy as she knows Junior is a nice enough guy for her little sister.

If Destroyah faces the Big Bad or his three true minions, she is going to lose, badly.
Her weakness is extreme cold and they have an Evil Is Deathly Cold motif.
  • Which means all her Defrosting Ice Queen note  character development is going to be even more of a gut punch....

The necklace Mothra Lea made for Twilight will take the place of Scorpan's medallion as the final key to the Harmony Chest.
Lea gave it as a token of their friendship as thanks after Twilight showed her that she wasn't alone.
  • Wait? So this means something could happen to Discord so his lesson of friendship doesn't happened for Twilight? Oh, Crap!...

The Xenilla-Mordred comparison is a case of WMG in itself.
In chapter 19, Xenilla compares himself to Mordred from King Arthur. This of course could be an allusion to his attempt to kill his father, Godzilla Senior, much like Mordred killed his father/uncle Arthur. But because of the myriad of different versions to the legend and the interpretations of it, Mordred wasn't always a one note villain. In some cases, particularly ones where Arthur wasn't seen as moral a character as many think of him as, Mordred could be seen as an Anti-Villain or Well-Intentioned Extremist, hoping to bring a lasting peace by usurping or killing Arthur. Which is pretty much exactly what this version of Xenilla seems to be wanting to do, offing his father to safe guard Terra and wanting control because he thinks he's the best guy to be in charge. In many ways, Mordred is the perfect character to compare Bridge's Xenilla off of because any interpretation of Mordred, however moral or immoral, can work for Xenilla too. It's just a matter of finding out which one.
  • Confirmed. A blog says Xenilla's personality was partially based on a heroic interpretation of Mordred.
    • Touché troper crew ;) - Tarb

Harmony's first encounter with the Big Bad will end with her winning a Victory by Endurance
As powerful as Bagan is, at present he still requires vast amounts of energy to act outside his realm, while he intends to attack Harmony in HER realm, were she likely wouldn't experience that issue herself. All she needs to do is outlast him, not beat him.
  • Jossed. While Bagan doesn't manage to kill Harmony, she couldn't stop him either; so the fight itself was a draw. However the damage sustained to Harmony's realm in the crossfire ensure Harmony wouldn't be able to contact the heroes to warn them about Bagan, which was one of his plans the whole time.

The entire scheme of the Big Bad with Monster X, Enjin, and Harmony is a big Xanatos Gambit
The goal of the entire endeavor seemed to be1. Kill Monster X with Enjin and claim Kaizer Ghidorah's power2. Cause a big enough disturbance that it would draw Harmony and her realm in close enough for the Bagan to confirm her existence and invade.3. Kill Harmony.

First one succeeds but rest fail? The Big Bad now has Kaizer Ghidorah's power, a dangerous weapon as his disposal. First one fails but second and third succeed? Oh well, Monster X and the other Dark Hunters don't know of Enjin's ties to the Big Bad, so they'll assume it was an outside force and still loyally serve him. All three phases fail? The crossfire from the battle still would have damaged Harmony's realm so much she'd be cut off from contacting anyone to warn them about the Big Bad. Every outcome still results in a leg up for the Big Bad.

Monster X is going to stop Enjin once and for all, and save Aria Blaze in the process.
Numerous readers have compared Aria and Monster X's situation to that X's old life as Praetorian 094 and The Lost Lenore, Controller 011. X/094 transforms into a kaiju to protect the love interest from an aggressive kaiju, only this time with Enjin instead of King Ghidorah and with Aria in the direct line of fire by merit of being a Badass in Distress. Word of God has stated "Fate sometimes grants people second chances.". This is X's second chance, and this time we're gonna get a Throw the Dog a Bone with it all working out in the end. What happens after? Who knows, but we'll get a nice heartwarming moment in the aftermath. He lost 011, he's not losing the siren.Moreover, Monster X isn't going to fail here if Kaizer Ghidorah has anything to say about it...
  • Confirmed. Thank god...

The Big Bad is counting Harmony out too easily.
  • It's stated Harmony and Bagan are equals, filling the same nitch in alternate worlds, and generally being evenly matched. The big difference is Bagan has a very high opinion of himself while Harmony is far more humble than him. This means that Bagan declaring victory prematurely is much more likely, even if he didn't underestimate her so much as to think anyone other than himself could take her. Harmony's still got a trick or two up her sleeve and Bagan will pay for underestimating her. After all, if he's as intelligent and savvy as he is, why wouldn't his opposite number?

Harmony is a Fusion Dance born entity just like the Big Bad
Bagan was born from a Fusion Dance by Doragon, Enjin, and Mizu. Since Harmony is his Good Counterpart and serves the same role as he does on Terra, it'd make sense she's a fusion being as well.
  • Jossed in a Q&A.

Mothra Lea is going to die.
Tarbtano once said that an important Kaiju character is eventually going to die by the end of the story. Lea is the logical choice, since she can lay an egg before that happens, which will hatch into her replacement.

Alternatively, Destroyah will be the one to die.
Destroyah has 'died' (in a sense) before when Senior killed her, but a part of her surviving allowed her to be resurrected. The same thing could happen again.

The decision to have Mothra Lea hide her true form from the citizens is going to backfire.
When the citizens find out Lea is in the form of a Changeling, there will be panic and they'll call out Celestia and the others for keeping it a secret.

The Elements of Harmony/Rainbow Powers are equivalent to at least one of the Aspects of the Big Bad as would Celestia and Luna working together

Bagan's aspects are fragments of his power, the Elements of Harmony/Rainbow Powers and Celestia and Luna are fragments of Harmony's, and if the estimate Harmony and Bagan were only at 30-40 percent of their full strength when they fought, over half of her total power between them. While it wouldn't be a one shot and Celestia and Luna would need to be working together with their Wonder Twin Powers at full blast, but it'd be logical they could counter the individual Aspects.

Luna and Adagio had some association with Grogar involving their Dark Magic.

Because they fit perfectly into the Seven Deadly Sins motif of his students as Envy and Pride, and both use Dark Magic, which Grogar was a teacher of and the nexus of. And both happened a thousand years ago, which is implied to be when Grogar was causing a lot of trouble through his students.

Grogar and the Big Good have a similar relationship as Gaia and Zarm

Grogar is a Nexus of magic like Harmony and Bagan, but seems native to Equestria. It'd make sense the two of them were once filling a similar role but Grogar turned out evil.

Grogar will have a minion that represent the Sin of Sloth, possibly even his strongest one.

But like Chrysalis and Discord represent Lust and Gluttony in their broader sense than just sex and food, won't simply be lazy. Sloth's most destructive aspect is it's moral and spiritual aspect: viewing idealism, compassion for others, and general goodness as being too much effort. IE, knowing the right and moral thing to do, but failing/refusing to do so because it's too much work. As for why they'd be a high ranking one: Sloth is ranked high on the list of sins.

Grogar has a mental attack like the Big Bad does.

Only in his case, it invokes the ''eighth' and least well known of the Deadly Sins: Despair.

Destroyah will be accused of going soft, and prove this wrong.

Destroyah will face a powerful enemy (probably Legion or Grand King Ghidorah) who will claim that her attachment to the CMC has made her weaker. Then the villain will make the mistake of hurting or threatening them, which will give her the strength to win.

Grogar's reasons for opposing Bagan will be more to do with Bagan's methods than Even Evil Has Standards.
G1 Grogar was a Control Freak to the degree not celebrating his victories on time was considered reason to be banished to the Realm of Darkness. It's make sense that as opposed to Bagan's desire to destroy all life, Grogar wishes to enslave it. Possibly like Bagan, there's a reason he thinks as he does, perhaps he believes in The Evils of Free Will for example. This would of course put Grogar and Bagan at odds because one wants life to be around for him to rule over and the other wants to destroy all life. Grogar doesn't exactly disagree with Bagan doing as he desires to his home universe and is ultimately little better (in fact he might be worse from a morality standpoint), but he can't subjugate all life to his will if there is no life, can he?

Someone will attempt an Enemy Mine with Grogar against Bagan due to seeing him as the Lesser of Two Evils.
From what we know, Grogar doesn't seem to be an Omnicidal Maniac yet, so someone deciding to side with him against Bagan isn't far-fetched. However, it's also possible that they discover to their horror Grogar winning is just as bad as Bagan winning, just in a different way.

King Caesar went into hibernation after dropping off the baby Cadance.
In the climax, he'll awaken and help the heroes.

Godzilla Junior, Xenilla, and/or Destroyah will become Alicorns.
Tarbtano mentioned in a blog that the three are all on a similar tier of power to the Alicorns, but the reason why they didn't transform into them was because it takes power and achieving a form of enlightenment similar to what Cadance and Twilight did. There is time for any of the three to do so.

Mothra Lea will achieve her Armored Form at some point, perhaps as an 11th-Hour Superpower
Lea didn't get her Armored/Eternal forms because Junior helped her defeat Grand King Ghidorah, but according to Word of God she'll eventually get it naturally when she matures. It'd make sense she'd eventually get it in a climatic moment, perhaps even during the Final Battle.

Grand King Ghidorah's new mission is to kill Aria Blaze in front of X.
In Chapter 35, he told Bagan that he knows how to get Kaizer Ghidorah to emerge permanently. After all, he saw how he emerged the first time, when Controller 011 died. So he's planning to capture Aria, return to Zenith, and kill her in front of X.
  • Jossed.

The pink crystal Twilight collected in the aftermath of the Destroyah babies incident will be very important.
It was created by Xenilla to dial down negative emotions like rage and bloodlust. It may be the key to taking down King Sombra for good, as he runs on The Power of Hate.

Dark Magic being powered by negative emotions and the seven deadly sins will be a major threat Grogar poses.

Namely, as the God of Dark Magic, Grogar can use it in ways no one else can, perhaps being able to drastically increase his own power exponentially simply by feeling one of them strong enough (ie, the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets, if he sees someone stronger than him, his envy can make him overtake them eventually). Another possibility is using another's sin and dark emotions to empower himself. This could play a major role in an eventual fight with Bagan, who's shown quite the Sin of Pride and on occasion Wraith. This could play into how Harmony beat him once before: by using her virtues to give him nothing to feed on.

The Big Bad will try his Mind Rape attack in a confrontation with Grogar, and it will backfire.

Remember what emotions that attack runs on: the negative emotions he caused during the Extinction Hour. The psychic part of it anyway. But while for most, this would be extremely overpowering, Grogar is the Nexus of Dark Magic, meaning he probably has the same abilities as the Sirens: to feed off negative emotions to increase his power. If Bagan attempts that attack on Grogar, it's quite likely he'd simply consume it and give himself a huge power up.

Once he's finally awakened, Grogar will be the most proactive of the three.

Word of God states the story has themes of Taoism. Harmony is a more passive force, acting in the background and rarely DIRECTLY interfering. Bagan is more active, but its also similar to Harmony in that it's waiting and having its minions do most of the work. By the Taoist symbolism, it makes sense Grogar, as Harmony's opposite, would be much more active and direct in his action than the other two. This also fits G1 Grogar's character, as he didn't hesitate to deal with things personally and essentially launched a massive siege the moment he was free of the Realm of Darkness.

The second Enijin will backfire on the Big Bad.

Keep in mind he chose Sunset as the host, someone who just needs a push to let go of her doubts and Pony Up. Irys sees her as a close friend, and the Power of Friendship is basically a law of physics in Equestria. Perhaps Sunset will eventually be reached out to and manage to awaken that power and destroy Enijin from the inside out. The bigger backfire could be if she remembers what happened under its control, and thus expose Bagan.

Irys is going to become THAT Irys

It won't be a coincidence that Irys shares her name with that kaiju. Additionally, one interpretation of the kaiju in Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys was that it was the ultimate evolution of the Gyaos. For any reason, she will eventually become a being similar to that kaiju.

Lea can create Aspects of Mothra and Battra as well, she just hasn't realized it yet.
According to Word of God, the method in which she was created was similar to the method in which Reijuu/Bagan was formed by his three Aspects and Lea is also a Terran Magic user. It'd make sense she could do the same thing with her components, but simply doesn't know it yet.

The Leviathan will be recreated another way later in the story.
The Leviathan in the 2018 Halloween special, the combination of Junior, Zilla, Showa and Gojira, is stated by Word of God to be on the same level of power as the Nexuses, including the Big Bad Bagan, which hints at this form having some possible important in the future, possibly as the means of combating Bagan. This of course raises the question of how the Leviathan can be recreated, as the four Godzillas needed for the formation aren't always together; Zilla is still in Terra and at least one of them is dead, so how can the Leviathan be created? Maybe through the help of other Godzillas, like Xenilla, and it may be possible that Senior's spirit could be called upon to help like it was in the battle against Ghidorah and Zilla could be summoned from Terra is the means of doing so is discovered.

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