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Shimmereen is actually Alvin in disguise.
Why else would she prevent Brendar from finding her brother? She probably made sure that Brendar didn't know what the rare axe looked like on purpose. And that crown Kendar found looked like something that belongs to a royal leader.


General Skelly of all people will not only help Brendar in the season finale, but actually put up a halfway decent against Alvin.

Because while he has beef with Brendar, siding with a literal Demon who's bent on general mayhem (and ending your sworn nemesis before you do)is something even he might have an issue with.Plus, Demons lie like rugs so, even if General Skelly had succeeded the Queen would have locked him the dungeon or worse.


Better to do an Enemy Mine & get some much needed aggression removal by at least, getting a few hits in on the Demon who started this mess in the first place.


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