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Films they might produce in 2021.
  • Mass Murder (The Forever Purge).
  • Maps (Upcoming Uncharted Movie).
  • Casino of the Dead (Army of the Dead).
  • Psycho in a Mask (Halloween Kills).
  • Lightning Tyrant (Black Adam).
  • Ghostslayers (Ghostbusters: Afterlife).
  • Digital Rebellion (The Matrix 4).
  • Supervillain Army (The Suicide Squad 2021).
  • Chi War (Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings).
  • Deadly Tournament (Mortal Kombat 2021).

Films they might produce in 2020.

Films they will produce in 2019.
  • Captain Martian
  • The Dark Rebirth
  • Lightning Man
  • Ice Queen
  • Gambling Is Power
  • Broken Men (A Glass mockbuster).
  • Goddess of War (A Wonder Woman 1984 mockbuster).
  • Evil Clown (A Joker knockoff).
  • Avengers Grimm: The End (Avengers: Endgame).
  • Cyber Angel (Alita: Battle Angel).
  • Infiltration (Us).
  • Demon Savior (Hellboy Reboot).
  • Super Evil (Brightburn).
  • Wild King of Africa (Lion King 2019.)
  • Z Nation: Sheriff Ryan Game Trilogy (Rick Grimes Movie Trilogy.)
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  • Z Nation: Alvin Murphy Prequel Trilogy (Fear The Walking Dead.)
  • Living Toys (Toy Story 4.)
  • Mack Pin (John Wick Chapter 3.)
  • Arabian Knight (Aladdin 2019.)
  • Before the Golden Spy (The King's Man.)
  • Dead World (Zombieland: Double Tap.)
  • Arachnid-Man: World Tour (Spider-Man: Far From Home.)
  • Super-Corruption (The Boys.)
  • Holy Spies (Charlie's Angels.)
  • Machines: Dark Destiny (Terminator: Dark Fate.)
  • Digital Journey (Jumanji: The Next Level.)
  • Police Brutality (Black and Blue.)

Films they will produce in 2018.

Films they will produce in 2017.

Jossed, for now:

Films they will produce in 2016.


Someday, The Asylum will hire more mainstream actors.

Someday, The Asylum will begin to make video games.

Someday, there will be a Z Nation movie.

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